How to change the address in LIC Policies?

How to change the address in LIC Policies? Many of you might be purchased the LIC policies. While buying the policies you might have given the address which is now changed.

For a better communication between you and your LIC branch, it is always best practice to update your contact details like address, mobile number and email with your policies.

This will actually make sure that you do not miss any updates LIC usually send to you. Hence, updating address is also one of the most important aspects of this.

In my earlier post, I have shared with you all about how to update your email and mobile number with LIC. Refer the same “How to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online?“.

In this post, I will try to share with you the process of how to change the address in LIC policies.

How to change the address in LIC Policies?

When you google it with the keyword “change the address in LIC policies”, you find that many websites mentioned that you can change the address ONLINE also. However, in reality, change in address in your LIC policies as of now can be done through OFFLINE mode only.

# Change the address in LIC Policies – Online Process

As I told you above, many websites mentioned that change in the address facility is available if you log in. However, this is not true. Refer the below image for the same.

change the address in LIC Policies

Even though address edit option is available under the Profile tab, refer the notice displaying. It states as “The address added and displayed here are for information purpose. This address is not used for communication purpose. Please contact your servicing branch in case you want to change or update your address in policy records.”

Hence, in no way you can update the address using LIC’s online facility. The only option now left is using offline mode.

# Change the address in LIC Policies – Offline Process

The process to change the address in LIC policies using offline process is tedious to many. Because you have to visit the home branch or your servicing branch ONLY. The steps are as below.

  • Visit your home branch or servicing branch.
  • Write a letter to LIC Of India by mentioning the policy number to which you want to change the address. Also, you have to state the reason for the change of address.
  • Submit letter along with valid address proof and if possible it is best to attach a photocopy of the policy.
  • They will verify the address proof and accept your letter.
  • Wait for the updates. If they are so fast in updating the address, then make sure that it will be corrected in your policy document also. This will clear the doubts.
  • If it is not an immediate process, then you have to wait for their updates.
  • Once it is updated, you can cross check the same by login to your LIC portal and under profile.

30 Responses

  1. After changing the address as per the procedure you mentioned above, will I get a new policy certificate with the changed address?

      1. Sir, Can you kindly explain the new updated address will be endorsed in the lic policy. the new address will be typed and signed and will be stamped.
        2. Or the updated address will be hand written and sealed.

        Also, kindly explain weather the new adress endorsed policy document can be used as government proof of address for the new address.

        Kindly clarify sir.

  2. This address change etc is a cumbersome process at LIC , where the customer is not given any consideration . Policies were taken many years ago and the servicing branch may be in a remote town, where there are no relatives also now . If the policy holder is an NRI and has no address proof in India , can he give the address of his close relative in Mumbai – with the address proof of the relative .
    As it is there is never a reply when an e mail is sent – in my case , I had sent the request for change of address via e mail – . there was no reply from LIC office regarding the action taken – their phone numbers are very difficult to access through – very rarely does someone come on the line . It is a frustrating experience.

  3. Sir, iam lic consumer I needsto change my address as I am Transfer from previous location mentioned in the lic polic y

  4. Sir, How to I find the servicing branch? I have moved a lot, and the LIC is still in a very remote area. I want to change the address, but cannot go to that remote area, as we were there for a very short period only. Is there any way to do it without having to go that very branch?

    1. Dear Aishwarya,
      The home branch or servicing branch details are usually mentioned on policy bond. Otherwise, you can contact the nearest branch to know about the same. If you are unable to reach the home branch, then the best thing is to transfer the policy from the home branch to your nearest branch by sending a written request to the home branch.

  5. For updating address we need to visit branch office. Why LIC is not having facility to update address through online.

    As we have already login detail, then why should we visit the branch for updating address and all.

    1. You can change address online through your profile. and write a application and along with address proof and id proof, scan and email it to lic branch and address will be changed. they have standard email ids like [email protected]

  6. Can you please do a post on updating policies for a person becoming an NRI due to 3yr internationational assignment? Thanks.

  7. Basavraj ji you are known as an anti Lic.because what you have reported here today is not justified.through eservice lic is providing certain facilities not all.have you ever tried through email sending valid documents and ask for any correction.

    1. Sanjaya-I am not against LIC but against few who miss-sell. Now regarding email communication, do you have instances that your address change accepted if policyholder sent through email? Or is there any communication in this regard? If so, please share and then I will update that option also.

    2. But my doubt is that the option may I serve you better I customer services not present or available in the lic website,but how you are able to provide this facility.when I opened the homepage and click the customer service according to your way, it does not show anything like this. I do not understand it. Please answer it
      As soon as possible.

  8. Now a person can also send an email to his/her servicing branch of LIC along with a scanned copy of a written request letter for change of address duly signed, self attested copy of valid address proof . The address will be changed as requested. The policyholder can also visit the nearest LIC branch office for the same, however Name Correction etc. is only done at the servicing branch only as of now. The email id for the branch is [email protected] ( the branch code can be checked from the policy document or any lic premium receipt) for example the email id for Dwarka, New Delhi branch 12N is – [email protected] .

      1. I am a Development Officer working with LIC for the past 26 years. Yes, LIC is entertaining request for change of address, transfer of policies etc, through email provided the Policyholder provides a scanned copy of request letter duly signed by him / her along with self attested copies of valid Identification & Address proof.

    1. Hi Sanjay,
      I have forget my signature which used for polciy purchase time. Whether it will create any problem t change the address.

  9. I had been through this process recently. One needs to visit the Customer Zone (there are many in major cities like Mumbai) which are listed on their website. I had to fill a Form given at the CZ and submit self-attested proof of address and ID. The same is updated in 2-3 days though I didn’t get a confirmation letter or email from them about the same. I logged in into my account on LIC website to verify the same. Sadly, despite being one of the largest firms in India, LIC doesn’t have a toll free number for their policyholders to get information on such basic services. Most PSU firms, be it Banks or such insurance firms lack in customer service and one needs to visit their Branch / office for any changes or information regarding their policy. Needs to change !

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