EPF claim settled but amount not credited or received – What to do?

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After the advent of the online EPF claim settlement process, many of my blog readers complaining that EPF claim settled but the amount not credited or received. In such a situation what to do? Let us discuss on this problem in detail.

Note:-Now you can raise an issue related to your EPF issues using the EPFO Whatsapp numbers. For details, refer the post “EPF Whatsapp Helpline Numbers – Full list of Regional Offices“.

How to check online EPF Claim Status?

There are three ways through which you can check online EPF Claim Status. Before you go online to track your EPF claim status, you must have the below-mentioned information.

  • Your EPF account number;
  • EPF regional office of your employer;
  • Establishment or company code and extension code (if required).

Once you have these three information, then you can easily track the same online. The two ways are as below.

  1. Through EPFO Website
  2. Through UAN Website

The status may look like below (if you checked the status through the UAN portal).

UAN Claim Status

Otherwise, if you checked the status through EPF member passbook status link, then it looks like below.

EPF Claim Settled

EPF claim settled but amount not credited or received – What to do?

You must aware that if you submitted the claim form online, then it usually takes around 2-15 days of time to get the money in your bank account.

However, if you have submitted the claim form offline, then it usually takes around 20-30 days of time to get your money.

Now, what are the actions you have to take to resolve the issue of EPF Claim Settled but amount not credited? Let us do one by one.

# Check the NEFT Schedule

You must aware of the NEFT transfer schedule. For a detailed schedule of NEFT, refer to my earlier post “New NEFT Timings Effective from 10th July 2017“.

New NEFT Timings Effective from 10th July 2017

NEFT payment will not work during the bank holidays. Hence, you have to wait for the next immediate working day to know about the credit of the money.

If you are still unable to get the money in your bank account, then follow the below options.

# Check the Bank Details updated with UAN

Cross-check your bank details which are updated with UAN number. For this, you have to visit the UAN member portal. Then on Manage->KYC  to see your details. 

If you found anything wrong there, then EPFO will receive back such a failed amount within 4-5 days. However, it is your duty to immediately update the bank records.

To update or correct your bank details, submit the reauthorization letter to the Regional EPFO office offline with correct bank details, and canceled cheque leaf. After submitting the EPF re-authorization letter, it takes around 10-15 days to credit your EPF amount to the correct bank account.

Download EPF Reauthorization Form

Do remember that your employer attestation or Bank Manager’s attestation is also required. Once your bank details are corrected, then reapply for the withdrawal and let the EPFO process it.

Note:-Now you can update your bank details online. Refer my post “How to correct/update Bank details in EPF/UAN online?“.

# Complain with EPFO Grievance Cell Online

If you are still unable to get your money, then the next step is to complain with EPFO Grievance Cell Online. I have already written a post on this (Please refer “EPF Grievance Cell -Lodge EPF related complaints online“).

You can use an online grievance if you have a UAN number. On this platform, you can lodge the complaint and also track the status of the complaint. The timeline for resolution of grievance raised is 30 days.

# Use EPFO Social Media

Using EPFO Social Media accounts you can be in touch with EPFO. Better you first raise a complaint with EPFO Grievance Cell Online and then use the social media platform if the issue is not resolved. The social media accounts of EPFO are as below.

# Visit the regional EPFO Office

If the above mentioned all options are not working, then try to visit the concerned regional EPFO personally to know the delay or reason for your problem.

You can find the concerned regional EPFO by visiting the EPFO portal and then selecting the option Our Services->Employers->Establishment Search.

Hope by using the above methods you can get your EPF claim amount into your bank account. Please do share your experience by commenting. This will actually guide other readers of this blog.

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1,343 Responses

  1. Hi I raised claim for Rs 25000, but the payment I received was Rs.16900 after 5 days.
    What could be the reason for this?
    Please help.

  2. In UAN portal claim settled status. Its being for 2weeks…. But amount not credited yet… What can I need to do…

  3. Hi,
    I have transferred my pf old company to new company, old company has confirmed that they have transfered money, in claim status it is showing, claim settled but the settled amount is showing as ‘0’.
    And the amount which i need to get is more than 40k, its been more than 40 days from when old company transfered money.

  4. Hello Sir,
    In 2017, I left a job and joined another organization. I had made a request of pf transfer to my 2nd organization epf fund, which was a trust. Then after 2 years I left the 2nd company and joined another one. During that time I realised that my epf transfer status from 1st company to 2nd company shows the status “Settled but returned “.
    Now, I want to withdraw the of amount. Is it possible? What is the procedure to get the first PF which was returned, because am sure my employer will not help me in this. Could you please guide me.
    Thanks & Regards

  5. Hello sir,
    I have raised a pf full withdrawal claim, but it got rejected and the remark was “contribution Reed twice for two years 2016-2017 and 2019-2020 it need clarification”.

    It’s a problem from the employer side. What to do. They are not helping and i contacted pf office they are also not helping. Please advice me what to do.

  6. I claimed the PF withdrawal and it got settled though I got the message that money has been sent via NEFT within three days but not received a single penny as of not it’s been more than twenty days

  7. Dear sir,
    I had applied for full and final pf on 28th of june, but it still showing under process, how much more time it takes for final settlement?

  8. I have applied for pf claim. The status of claim is showing settled since 10+ days, but I didn’t received the amount in my bank account yet. Also in the passbook the pf balance showing 0. It means the amount sent by epfo has not reversed yet , what should I do in such scenario ?

  9. Sir,
    My bank account was deactivated,and my EPF claim was settled . How many days will it take the amount to reflect back to my of account

  10. I have applied for my Pf withdrawal onlin on 14th june, the claim was settled on 1st July, Recieved a Msg from EPFO that the Funds will be deposited with 3 working day on the 4th of July, 2022.. but i haven’t recieve the funds yet, please guide me what to do…

  11. I transferred old pf to new pf account but my doe was wrong but epfo settled it on 22nd April 2022. And I am waiting for more then two months. After grievance I got reply that epfo has already transferred my balance but it is not shown in passbook. What should I do

  12. Hello sir
    I had raised complaint regarding money not credited in my account after showing claim settled and got a reply from pf grievance portal that I had some kyc issue that’s why it is got rejected and soon My money will come back to my pf account it’s been 7 days and still in pf portal ots showing claim settled not yet I received my money so please help me with that in how many day it will come back so I can reapply again
    Please kindly acknowledge sir

  13. Recently am changed to another branch so ifsc code also changed but in portal am not updated fresh ifsc code. Now am Applied for claim it showing settled but amount not received what can i do sir now.

  14. My claim amount approved 70049 rupees and claim also steeled. Payment received through NEFT after 12 days. But received amount trough NEFT is 63042 rupees. 7007 rupees less credited. I have filled 15g and PAN Number also clearly maintain in it. Whats the region behind it. And what to do to get remaining 7007 amount please guide.

    1. Dear Yadav,
      I think they have deducted the TDS. You can claim it back while filing the ITR.

  15. Hi, starting “0” is missing in my account number updated in KYC. It is approved by my employer. I have raised Form 31 for construction -100% of the amount in the account. Please guide will there be any issue for transfer? Will i get 100% of the amount under form 31?

  16. Dear Sir, today my epf claim has settled.
    But amount has not credited till now.
    My bank balance is in negative (-7500) in which the settled amount has to come. Will negative balance effect the transfer of settled epf amount in my account?

  17. I have applied Grievance Cell Online and got the reply, what i need to do now?
    Dear Member, It is informed you that your return amount is credited to your PF a/c with in 15 days after that you are re-submit the claim.

  18. Hi sir,

    I have applied for the pf amount in may23. And i have received a message as settled money in may 30 so but Still my money is not credited to my account… Can you please explain what problem has there i need your inputs for this

  19. Hi
    I have applied on 23 May and show settled on 30 May, but still money not credited in my account
    What to do?

  20. My pf amount did not receive for 1 month but my pf amount settled message is came..
    Now what can i do

  21. Hi sir I applied PF on 27 may and PF is claimed in my PF passbook also amount debited how many days to get money

  22. Hi Sir, I recently changed my bank branch but while sharing the cancelled cheque in the PF portal for form 19, I submitted the one that had the IFSC code of my previous branch. As of yesterday the pf amount is showed as settled but i haven’t received it and did check with the bank branch and they said they dont see it. Pf status still shows as settled. Is there a possibility it might be stuck somewhere, who should I reach out to

  23. Hi sir ,
    I raised claim for PF amount status says settled it’s been two days and I’ve not received it yet . My doubt is the IFSC that was autopopulated in default was the office branch’s and not the one in my passbook . Will the money still be credited ? Please reply and let me know.

  24. Sir, my claim status shown settled at 14th may, but amount still not credited..Even after that I was applied another claim on 17th may and amount credited within 2 days.

  25. i have updated new bank details in EPFO portal, employer approved on 7th may 2022, its been 11 day over but amount not yet return to my pf account ,
    will you please suggest me what should i do…

  26. Sir I applied pf on 5th May 2022 the claim status settle on 13th may 2022 but not received any payment my account till now. Kindly help me.

  27. Sir i have applied for both PF & pension at same time. I got my pf amount but not pension why? Please help
    In online it shows both claim are settled

  28. Dear sir,

    My pf claim is settled but amount not recwived in Bank account due to Bank account is inactive. What can I do plz help

  29. Hi I submitted request for partial PF withdrawal on 4th May . I read that it takes under a week for processing . Its 11th and it still shows under process . I have applied online . How many days do I need to wait

  30. Dear sir,

    I have applied 3 days back for pf advance claim ,it’s showing claim I settled
    But money is not credited to bank account ,I have updated wrong IFSC code ..is money will credit to my bank account please advice

  31. I have submitted a claim and it shows that the claim has been settled and the amount has not been credited. I gave the bank account details incorrectly please help

  32. Sir my pf got settled on 2nd may and today is 5th May till now i haven’t received my money in my bank acc. My bank acc is also correct. Plz help me what to do

  33. Hi sir my claim status is settle on 2 may but I didn’t received money kindly let me know what can I do sir please help me

  34. Hi sir My claim is showing settled and send money via NEFT on 28 April but still I haven’t received any money what to do sir?

  35. Respected sir
    I have claim pf advanced on 8th April… today portal will show settled but nothing showing in my account .
    Can u inform how much time to take for credited the amount.
    Uan no. 100027679646
    Please do the needful as soon as possible.

  36. Sir i applied for pf withdrawal on 8th May today when I opened my pf passbook it was showing 0 amount and in portal it is showing under process what does that mean…. And also my pension is also under process but I can see my amount in pf paasbook

  37. Hi sir My claim is is showing settled nd send money via NFT on 22nd April but still I haven’t received any money what to do

  38. Hi,

    My pension claim is settled but in the remark column it shows as:
    CLAIM STATUS Settled
    REMARKS Status N/A

    There is no neft information available. Should I wait or is there something wrong?

  39. Hello sir I am Madhura sanjay kadu
    Sir, I had applied online for pf sathi on 31st March 2022. I have settled my pension But the amount has not been credited yet and PF is still showing under process

  40. Hello,Sir Claim on 4th April Settled on 6th April ..But till now didn’t receive money in account ..what should I do

  41. My transfer claim status showing pf transfer is settled but approved amount is zero.
    I am unable to track my pf amount of previous employer since its trust. Passbook not showing in epfo portal. What to do now.

  42. Sir I had claimed online on 16 March
    And at 18 March claim has been settled
    But still I didn’t got my money so cross check and found that my account was wrong one digit is missing but money already deducted from EPF account.
    Did my money will go to wrong account or it will be returned back to my EPF account?
    If it will return then how much time will take?
    Sir I have raised grievance but there is no response.
    Already 12 days gone but money did not return yet.
    What should I do?

  43. Hi Sir, i have claimed for my PF online on 17th march 2022 and till date it shows under process, could you help me with the further course of action ?

  44. I sir I applied pf full settlement ,my claim status is claim settled but today I got message as amount revert back to PF OFFICE. for what reason how can I get my money back

    1. Dear Deepeka,
      At first approach the EPFO through Grievance cell to understand the reasons for reversal. Then reapply.

  45. Sir I had claimed online on 16 March
    And at 18 March claim has been settled
    But still I didn’t got my money so cross check and found that my account was wrong one digit is missing but money already deducted from EPF account.
    Did my money will go to wrong account or it will be returned back to my EPF account?
    If it will return then how much time will take?

  46. In portal its showing amount has been settled on 18 th March but still I didn’t get the money bank account everything is correct

  47. Sir i am applied claim against form 31 . In 17 th March and epfo settled the amount in 18th march. But till now I can’t received my money. What’s should I do please guide me sir

  48. Helo sir..I claim my PF amount March 5th and I got amount claim settled msg 7th March ..but still now IAM not receiving my amount sir .. what can I do sir ..plz guide me sir I need your answer plz reply me skr

  49. Helo sir … I claim my PF amount March 5th .I got claim settled msg March 7th .but still not receiving my amount what can I do sir ..plz guide me sir .. plz reply me sir ..I need your answer sir

  50. Dear Sir,
    I have applied for PF claim under reason Construction of House on 19th Feb. Today is 11th March. It still shows under process.
    I saw in some cases the pf amount settled in 2 to 15 working days.
    Should I wait for few more days or should I go fir grievience?

    Thank you

  51. Hello Sir.. I have applied for of on 24 Feb 2022 and in pf portal it is reflecting as claim status settled and transferred to my bank account on 4th March 2022 through NEFT.. but cross-check ed with bank no amount is been transferred till now.. please let me know how long it will take to get debited to my account

  52. Sir, i have applied pf advance in 18th feb 2022 and i got message from epfo amount is credited after 3 working days but it has gone more than 15 days still didn’t get my money to account but epfo shows claim was settled what can i do

  53. Hello sir my claim settled on 25 Feb 2022 i got message on Monday morning it will be credited on account on 3 working days.,But it almost more than 3 working days can you please guide me what to do next ??

  54. I applied for my pf amount on 15th February but till March 4th i did not receive. Still how many days it takes to credit the amount

  55. I applied for PF amount by 19c but half of my money credited. My previous employer told me it will come later. Should I wait and how much time it will take for remaining amount

  56. Sir maine final pf claim form 19 & form 10 dono fill kiye the 8 feb 2022 ko but aaj 14 feb 2022 ho chuki hai aur Status under Process show kr rhaa hai.
    plz help me sir main kya kru it’s Emergency sir

  57. I claim form 31 on 6 feb and on 11 feb status is showing settled but dint receive the money in my account.
    Sir guide please

  58. I have applied for withdrawal my pf amount on 19th dec 2021, nd it’s shown under process But till now I didn’t get the amount in by bank account..its an emergency…try to do something….its been more than 15 days
    how I’ll get the amount ?

  59. Namaste sir -Present i am working with A Company previously i worked with B & C company.
    For my EPF balance amount transferred from present company from B Company and it’s transfer completed and i received in my pass books same way i put a request previosely to B=C companies also.
    Present C company Balance debited in pass book last week(27/12/2021) still its not credited in A or B Company shall i wait for some more time?
    Where that amount will credit.
    Or will suggest to any other solution.

  60. Ok Thanks. Will figure it out. Had another query on this. My purpose of Advance EPF Withdrawal is to deposit some Money in my Home Loan Account, so i can close it early. I did not find Home Loan Repayment Option in Online Claim Form, hence chose ‘Additions / Alterations of House’ Option. Would you know what is the process for EPF Claim for Home Loan Repayment purpose? Is it not available in Online Claim?

  61. Hi Basu,
    Need some guidance from you on a Form 31 Advance Claim that i made few days ago. My Claim Status showed Settled on 02 Dec. and NEFT was sent to the Bank. Since, i did not receive the Amount even after 10 days, i raised a Complaint in EPF Grievance Portal. That Case was Resolved stating as Claim Settled, but i reopened it again stating Amount not yet Credited. When i checked my Claim Status now, it is showing Settled but Returned on 09 Dec. I know the common cause for this is Bank might have returned it due to mismatch in A/C details. But, my Bank A/C Details are Correct in EPF Portal and is KYC Verified. Being an ICICI A/C, the initial 3 ‘0”s of my ICICI A/C are not mentioned in my EPF Portal, but i read that is acceptable and should not be a cause for not getting Credited. Can you share your insight on this on why it might have got Returned and my next steps to get this sorted? I am already speaking to my Bank RM to check why they rejected as well i updated the same in the EPF Grievance Complaint and awaiting response.

  62. I have applied for withdrawal my pf amount on 12th dec, nd next day it’s shown claim settled & payment has been sent by NEFT on 13th Dec, But till now I didn’t get the amount in by bank account..
    So pls suggest me what is the issue, how I’ll get the amount ?

  63. I have applied for withdrawal my pf amount on 9th dec, nd next day it’s shown claim settled & payment has been sent by NEFT on 10th Dec, But till now I didn’t get the amount in by bank account..
    So pls suggest me what is the issue, how I’ll get the amount ?

  64. Hi
    I applied for my pf both form -19 and form-10 shows claim setteled. And i received form-10 amount but my form-19 amount not received.it shows returned to epfo. I also send them asr form offline but no reply from them. My bank details are also correct. Please help.

  65. Hello sir….
    I applied pf amount it is showing clime settled. My doubt is how much percentage amount i will get.
    Please tell me.

  66. Hi Sir,

    I had applied online claim on 1st Nov. Then on 12th Nov I got message that my claim is under process.
    On the passbook portal, it shows an amount as withdrawal on 25-Nov-2021. So I sent an email to the regional EPFO. There was no reply.
    Today on 30-Nov, I see the status as “Claim Settled”. But I haven’t received the amount in my bank account. The bank details are correct and my UAN and Aadhar is linked.
    Please guide

  67. My claim status shows “Settled but returned”. I filed a complaint with EPF Grievance Cell twice and they provided me with a “copy pasted” solution to check my bank details. I have checked and re-checked by RBL bank details a dozen times and they are correct. What am I doing wrong ?

  68. Hi,
    I have received the confirmation message that my pf amount has been settled and would be credited in my account in 3 business day. I have not yet received the money.

  69. I have applied for my PF withdraw but when I checked my AC no there is 0 missing in starting.
    EPFO has settle the amount on 15th nov but so far its not credited in my account.
    Will it be in my account or return to EPFO??

    1. Dear Varun,
      In my view, it will credit. If you still have doubt, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  70. Raised an form 31 claim on epf site (27 sep) and because of some wrong bank details the withdrawal amount although settled but the neft was returned ( 4 oct). The returned amount is now appearing in the passbook.
    Raised a fresh withdrawal request (28 oct) on epf site but this time they have cancelled the claim stating –

    Please suggest what to do now

  71. I applied online pf withdrawal on 21/10/21 but its still showing under process. Its been 8days. Pls tell me how many more days it will take to reflect in my bank account.

    1. Dear Vikrant,
      First of all there are no such timeline set and the second thing I am not the authorized person to know your status.

  72. I have claimed covid pf for 3rd time as first time pf was settled but returned back to pf account as bank account details were incorrect. I have corrected my details and claimed it second time and received the money to bank account but the amount is very less. Will I receive it third time as 1st time the money went back pf account?

  73. I have claim 10th sept 21 and I have received this message on 21st sept 21 your claim is sattle but til date my of adv. Amr not received my a/c with neft.
    I have checked my KYC details is ok
    Plz tel me what I do?

  74. Hi ,
    I have applied pf amount 13th September and my claim settled on 17th September over NEFT but still money not credited my account I checked everything my bank account details are correct and when I have last settled it correctly and timely created amount via NEFT now it is delayed any reason?

  75. I have applied for PF on 24 august 21 and got message your online claim settled on 28 august 21 will be credited within 3 working day
    but there is no name on check which I uploaded and claim status showing it’s settled so will I get PF amount

  76. Hi sir I have given for pf claim it’s shows that claim settled but when I check my bank details in kyc starting digit 0 is missing but last 5 digits are crrt will money be credited or not?.. If not wat to do next

  77. Dear sir,I had claimed for pf transfer on 26 June 21 and claim settled on 01 juty 21
    In old member I’d passbook updated but current member I’d passbook still not updated.
    Please tell me that after how many days it will be updated or please suggest me what I do?
    Please help me sir

  78. Hi,

    I have raised a transfer request from my 1 pf to another pf account, The claim was settled on 12 May but amount is still not credited. I raised a grievance to both the pf offices but there is no proper resolution. The new pf office grievance states that they did not receive any receipt of amount, once they get it, it will be credited, But it has been more than 2 months. Please help.

  79. I applied for PF advance. But on 09th July’21 I got a message that shown my PF advance is settled and also credited in my account in three working days…
    But still now amount not credited in my account…
    Now what will I do?

  80. Hi ,
    I requested for PF transfer my previous company to new company. PF amount transferred and showing in passbook. But still claim status showing as pending at previous employer. I requested my previous company to update the status. Its almost 3 days still status is same. Because of this I am not able to withdraw my of

  81. Dear sir,

    I have transferred my PF amount from Exempted trust to unexempted and I submitted form 13 through online to my previous employer for the same I got message also stating that amount has been credited to you of trust account / concern RPFC bank account..

    Here the question is amount is not credited and also WHAT IS RPFC BANK ..WAHT THEY WILL DO …
    I’m expecting your solution ..

    Thanks in advance

  82. Sir I applied for pf transfer but that amount was stucked between to establishments and after 1 year epfo returned that amount in old establishment id but know when i tried to withdraw or transfer that amount,epfo is saying that amount is already transferred but that amount is showing in my old id..please help

  83. Dear sir,
    I requested advance pf money it shows claim settled but i realized i have give a wrong bank account number what should i do now

  84. My claim amount returned. I have sent my reauthorization form with my bank statement ,till they asked for copy acknowledgement ,where I find my acknowledge copy.

    PARA DETAILS Monthly Pension – Member
    CLAIM STATUS Settled
    REMARKS Your Claim has been Settled on – 24-JUN-2021. Pension Payment Order No is N/A

    The claim settled on 24th June 2021 but PPO number N/A What does it mean? Total Amount Approved is showing 0. Need to get arrears of two years as i my father will be completing 60 years next month. What shd i do now?

      1. Sir,

        After applying Monthly Pension form – Form 10D I have received this status. Does interstate transfer of EPF account causes delay? He was working in Mumbai but currently staying in Belgaum Karnataka. Does account transfer happens fro Mumbai Bandra to Hubli EPF office karnataka?

  86. My claim status shown settled,also showing amount transfer via NEFT at 25.06.2021, but still amount is not credit in my bank account,now what to do.

  87. hi this is shrikant
    i just submit my pf withdaw form 10cand 19c both form rejected
    resone is
    Your Claim has been rejected due to : 1) BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER NOT IN KYC PLZ CLARIFY
    but my bank account number is in KYC so how it is rejected
    plz guid

      1. I applied for PF advance. But on 28th June 21, I got a message that shown my PF advance is settled and will be credited on 3 working days, but the amount is still not credited in my account. I checked the details and everything is correct and it’s been really long I am waiting for the amount to be credited. I have no idea what to do? Can anyone help?

  88. I, Digvijay Singh Solanki, my UAN No. is. 101256380266.
    I have applied for PF Advance due to Covid 19 outbreak, and my online claim has been settled for Rs. 3802/- on 22/04/2021 by EPFO but I have not received a claim amount in my bank account due to change in IFSC Code in my bank account due to OBC bank merger with PNB bank.
    I am attaching herewith the latest cheque photo of my Bank account linked with EPFO.
    Kindly look into the matter and process the transfer by correcting the IFSC code and re-initiate the fund transfer.

  89. Dear Sir,
    I have applied PF claim under COVID pandamic option in June 1st & the amount has also approved & i got a message that the amount will be creditted with in 3 days. But when I received this message my bank account has been closed due to some issue. So, immediatly i have updated my another account details in KYC in EPF portal.
    But, when i checked the claim status, it has mentioned that my claim amount has settled with the closed account. So, what should I do now..?
    Should I wait till the money back to my PF account and shall i re claim..? if so, will I get the same option to claim under covid option..?

  90. I have left my 10+ year job on June 2020. I requested for total EPF withdrawal (Form 19) on 19th May, 2021. On 8th June, 2021 I got a rejection mail saying that “HIGH VALUE CASE CONFIRMATION NOT RECEIVED INSPITE OF OUR MAIL “.
    I want to know to whom that confirmation mail was sent? I have not received any mail (provided in my profile). Was it sent to some other agency – like past organization etc.
    Kindly help for the way forward.

  91. I have apply advance claim in gurgaon pf deprtment on 10 may . The status is under process .what should I do

  92. My Scenrio:
    Say I worked in A and B Companies and now I moved to C.

    I initiated PF tarnsfer from A to B which shows settled a year back but amount didnt get settled to B.

    I initiated PF tarnsfer from B to C which is setlled and sucess.

    Now I followed up with B as there is delay in receiving Annexure K, B didnt receive PF transfer from A. Now issue is fixed and amount received at B.

    Now how can I transfer this amount received in B to C.

    Any help?

      1. Thank you, I am not able to raise request again through online as I already raise earlier.

        Getting this while trying to do so: Transfer claim request is already submitted for previous account.

        Any help?

            1. Dear SRT,
              You are asking me as if you parked your money with me or EPFO is under my control. I can only judge or guide based on what EPFO rules state. I can’t force EPFO to work fastly for you 🙂

              1. Sorry my mistake, I should have asked the question other way aroud.
                Any idea how much time EPFO will take to open option to raise the transfer request again via protal?
                Do you think any action needed from my side at this point.

  93. My Pf transfer claim was settled on 12 May but I still did not receive it to my account. It was a claim from my one pf account to my other as I changed my job.

  94. I have claimed epf for covid 19 it is showing status as under process. When I am reading passbook, withdrawal amount is reflected but the withdrawal amount is showing only 25% what I have claimed. Can you let me know why it is showing very less amount or it will update the passbook once whole amount is released. As per rule I can claim 75% of total balance or 3 times of basic.

    1. Dear Rifzi,
      Read the rules “Employees can obtain an advance from their EPF balance up to three months’ salary or wages plus dearness allowance, or 75% of the balance standing in their account, whichever is less.”

      1. Yes sir I know that rule I have also mentioned in last line. but what every amount I have claimed that is totally under the rule. Once more thing I have transferred old PF balance few days back is it due to that reason?

  95. Sir in kyc bank IFSC code is wrong how it is verified ok and my employer approved then amount was settled but returnd and the amount back to pf office then in how many days it will reflect in my PF account so I can raise a request again.

  96. I have received msg from pf account satted but amount not received yet.can you check your side of any issue .
    Msg Received by PF department on 18 may 21- Your Online Claim Form-31 ( PYBOM210450108391 ) is Settled for Rs. 10800/- on 10-05-21 and will be credited within 3 working days in bank A/c ending with 9446.

  97. I had applied for advance of withdrawal of old company whr I hd worked for 2 months. And reason was covid pandemic. Bt it GT rejected yesterday. Reason last three months wages nt received. Nw I have applied again with reason illness. Will it GT approved and settled me?

  98. Hello Sir,
    I have applied for advance PF withdrawal on 23rd Feb, 2021 and on 25th Feb, 2021 the claim has been settled but till now the amount didn’t get Credited to my account nor PF account.
    I tried to call PF Head Office many times but I didn’t got any response.

  99. Hi san, am requested for pf advance on april 04th 2021 and claim was settled on 05 april 2021. But still I don’t receive the money in my bank account, claim status shows as claim was settled, what should d I do as next step. Please give me a suggestion

  100. In pf passbook withdraw is showing, claim status is still under process…in how many days it will credited in my account

  101. claim settled at 24 March21 , but amount not credit , then again i got status at 8 April (Settled But Returned) still not returned in my PF account ,
    again i have applied PF at 18 April and settled at 20 April . but now 27th April still amount not received ,

    have applied PF two time also amount deducted from pf account , but (Not credit in my bank account/Not returned in my PF account)

  102. Hi Sir,

    I have applied PF claim online , got settled on 23rd April, but still not credited into my account.
    Online it is showing settled.
    Verified all the account details 2 times.
    How many days it will takes get the amount into my account. What step do i need to take further.


  103. Hi sir, I have applied for my pf advance in online and the claim status is settled through NEFT but my problem is my bank account is not active.

  104. I requested for my PF amount and I had to add a new bank account in KYC. I added it but 1 digit in my bank account was missed, still, my bank account was successfully added and approved by my employer, when I applied for the claim that said your claim is approved and will transfer to the bank account within 3 business days. However, I never received the PF amount. Can you please suggest how should I proceed? I realized my bank account was incorrect so I requested for another KYC update and that is pending with the employer.

    Please susggest.

  105. Hi Sir,

    Can you please tell me if the amount was not settled and the amount back to pf office then in how many days it will reflect in my PF account so I can raise a request again.

  106. Dear Sir,
    I have transfer My brother 2 pass book old uan to new uan number still befor 1 month 10 days .he is under process .
    How can u slove the problem.
    Plz sir kindly Clear.??

  107. Hi sir
    I am Abhinav Arora 10th of this month I apply my of. On 13 april my 19 form is settled.. But my 10c form is under process.. Last year due corona after lockdown… When we rejoin our company they transfar our previous epf account to another epf account.. Employer and employee share is mention in my passbook.. Bur pension share is not mention… Previous epf account I work allmost 2 years.. Please guide me sir

  108. Sir my claim show settled on epfo website and also show that payment done wia neft on 8 april 2021 but still not credited to my bank account. And in previous claim i received money in same account and in current situation I’m also check for bank details and other info all info was correct. What should i do now sir. Help me

  109. Dear sir my I applied pf settlement and oension settlement also
    form19 and firm 10c at 11/4/2021 and those two also status is claim settled but in the remarks field form 19 shows payment sent via neft but in the remarks field form 10c is shows only N/A any problem or it will settles

  110. My claim isbsettled on 5 of april.but still the money is not credit my my account.even the customer care number is not reachable since last 10 day’s what’s to do

  111. This is really good work from basava clearing all dpubts for ppl. Appreciated
    my claim got settled on march 24th2021. But bank account number doesn’t have initial two zero(epf use to truncated this in 2015-16 ). So i shld reapply once it gets returned? Or submit reauthorization ? How long it takes to get the status updated to returned?
    When we r suppose to start reauthorization or reapplying?(y because status is still showing settled).
    And none of customer care or in social platforms they answers. And for grieviance….im not getting otp :(. For sure privitization is a must for future generations

  112. Claim settled through NEFT on 26/03/2021. How long will it take to reflect in my bank account . Because till now it was not credited. Please help me further

    1. My pf is settled on 28th January 2021 but amount still not credited to my account now what I have to do please reply.
      Generally how much time it will take to credited to personal account?

  113. My previous employer already update my KYC verified and that is continue.but will it necessary to update with my current employer

  114. Hi,
    I’ve applied my pf amount on 6th march
    I haven’t received it yet.
    It’s been more than 15 days.
    What to do? Status shows under process.

  115. Dear sir ,my husband died on 11/4/2019.Upto 2020 employer told they will follow it .But upto now I didnt get total settlement ment .Now message came from PF showing my claim settled for rs 5151/- with pension for family Zero .And epfo not telling anything about the EDLI insurance

  116. Hi sir.
    I have raised a pf transfer request from exempted trust to unexempted. Now status showing accepted by field office. Should i have to submit Annexure-K to anywhere or wait for the transfer done. If yes then how and where.

  117. Hi Sir,

    I have applied for my PF on 2016 and when I received the message about my clearance that time my provided bank account got closed.and after that due to some issues I am unable to contact with PF office now when I am trying to do it online my PF account showing settled. but I did not recived any amount.Please help me what I need to do now.

  118. Hello sir. I received my claimed amount but with 300rs reduction.. I claim 18000rs but received 17700 why sir?..

  119. I raised claim for full PF & pension withdrawal on February 23rd 2021. Still showing “under process” after 15 days. Are there chances it will be rejected. If not, how much longer will it take to be approved and credited to my bank account?

  120. The amount has been return to my pf account but the amount is not reflecting in pf account . I had register the complaint but still the issue is not sort
    Can u plz help me what to be done in such situations. I had visited the pf office they had said to get the letter from previous firm which is not possible to get the letter
    Plz help

    1. Dear Prakash,
      Amount not reflecting in your account is an issue with EPFO but not with your employer. Hence, better you raise an issue with Grievance cell and also can question the same way to EPFO Office.

  121. Sir my name Dhirendra Kumar form 19c setteld but not credit 1 year ho gye asr form epf office me koi bhi jama kar sakta h docoment ke zorox jama kar sakte h

  122. Hi Sir My name is Praneeth and I applied for the pf amount on 24 Feb and it was under process still now but as per the passbook update the amount was debited on 03-03-2021 but the claim status is still in the process and amount was not credited to my account, please do check and help me on this.

    UAN: 100472609001

    Please do check and help me on the status

  123. Hi, Even me this same — I have applied my EPFO Online Claim, its more than 3 days, still i have not received the amount, but in EPFO Claim Status showing settled amount but today Saturday when i will get my amount

  124. Hi Myself Nithin

    I have been for my final settlement of EPF I have received with my PF amount but not received with the Pension amount when I raise the complaint through epfo grievance they informed me that the amount is returned so I have submitted the REISSUE FORM by its been more than 2 months I have not got any update till now is there any possible ways I can reach someone to solve this issues its long time i have been waiting for the solution

  125. Dear sir
    I have trasfer my pf amount to my bank account but my pf amount not trasfer my bank account.
    Than I have gone epfo office they advices me you fill form 13 than your amount trasfer
    Please advice this is correct ya no

  126. I my pf is settled on 23rd February 2021 but amount still not credited to my account now what I have to do please reply

  127. I applied pf on 8th Feb’21 still. Amount is not credited in my bank account status reflecting is “underprocess’

  128. My claim settled 17/02/2021
    But amount not credited my bank account
    Please solve my problem I am checky bank details all correct

    Uan 100796781825
    Name Tukuna

    Please check and solve my problem

  129. Hello Sir,

    I have applied for a OnlinePF transfer from my previous employer to current employer.

    However after 20 days claim status shows as rejected with the below reason.


    Kindly advise what steps do i need to take and whom do i contact to resolve the issue

  130. Hello Sir,
    I had applied for online PF withdrawal and is rejected with following comments. Can you please help to understand what went wrong here?


    I left my last job around 2 years back.


  131. hi i am nitin from ajmer i just found that my claim has settled yesterdaY BUT not recieved amount in my account what to do ?
    and kindly tell me the contact no. from which i can contact directly to the epfo deparment i tried many time at the no. which has given on contact section on portal but it didnt connect

    1. usually it will take up to 3 to 4 days to reflect amount in bank account after settlement done , so don’t worry it will come to your account.

  132. Hello sir..

    My Pf amount sattle on 4 Feb 21….today is 13 Feb 21 but still not received in my account..what should I do sir..???

  133. Dear Sir,
    I want to inform you that I already claim for my pf amount but still now it did not credited in my bank account also I change my bank account second time please help me.

  134. Dear Sir,

    My PF claim got rejected due to incorrect bank account no. how many days it will take for the amount to be credited back to my PF account.


  135. Sir ,my claim is already settled and i got the msg as well that the amount will be credited within 2-3 working days on 27 jan still the amount not credit pls suggest what to do sir

  136. Dear team,
    I have applied for pf its showing claim settled (updated today) in pf portal but amount not credited and how many days it will take to credit.kindly requesting to update as soon as possible.

  137. Dear Sir
    for withdrawal pf amount message is showing that amonut will be transferred by NEFT on date 22 Jan 2020.
    but still amonut is not credit in my account.

    Can it take some time?

    please let me know what shoul i do for next step.

  138. Dear Sir
    I submitted a claim for PF withdrawal (Form 19). The claim status shows my claim has been rejected and the reason provided on the EPFO member passbook website is “has been rejected due to : 1) OK 2) CLAIM ALREADY SETTLED”.
    Could you please advise?

  139. Hi Basavaraj,

    I submitted claim for two of my previous organization.
    I received claim for my last organization but for my earlier organization they had transferred into the last organization.
    When I am checking status of my claim online, I am getting this message :
    “Your claim [claim id] has been settled on -Date. Amount and Service Transferred to : [ Member ID of my last organization].
    I reached out to my last company however they are saying they did not receive anything in their account.
    Please assist how should I get my PF amount now.


  140. Hello sir, actually in my pf account amount gets deducted from the pf passbook but the money not credited in my bank account the claim has fully settled on 30Dec and today is 12Jan, ive raise a grievience and today i got this message, but the resolution is weird like its, “amount processed Rs.***** Wide check no. ***** But check return. Your are requested to reissue performa attested by employer along with cancel cheque for claim settlement.” Can you please explain what is the actual process i have to follow on email which i provided.

  141. Hi Sir,
    My earlier organization was TCS, I have received the annexure K document mentioning the cheque and transfer details. It has been 4 years since I have received the document, But I have not received the PF money in my UAN and im not able to track with EPFO website. Sir, Please explain me what to do to transfer my PF money to be reflected in my UAN.
    On enquiring my current HR, they have asked to reach out to regional EPFO office with Annexure-K document. Please share your valuable thoughts on the same

  142. Hi sir…i have claimed my pf amount of 50k and i received only 2300…i checked pf balance it was more than 80k..
    I tried again the next month of 23000 and i received only 2300…i am very confused…i am unable to get in touch with any of the officer in pf…
    But my ifsc code has changed after i claimed..is this change has anything to do with the settled amount….please help sir

  143. Hi sir my name name is mohita
    in my pf portal shows that amount is settled but its nit credited in my acc because in a mid my acc was frezz due to some issues
    plz let me know wht should i do now my acc is unfreez plz my contact is 9643540995 i ask from bank also but they didi nit give any response

  144. dear sir
    i have cliam for advance pf on 20/12/20
    claim settled msg come on 24/12/20
    but amnt not transfer yet.
    pasbook photo uploaded have no ifsc code
    so this may be a reason for not credit of amnt.

    or if reject than amnt re- transfer in epfo acnt in how much days.

  145. I have two PF account from two different companies but UAN number are same. I transfer the amount from old PF account to New PF account. Status is showing is settle ( Service and amount is transfer to new member on 29 july 2020). but in new PF account balance is not showing. What I will do please help me out.

  146. Dear sir,
    I have two PF account from two different companies but UAN number are same. I transfer the amount from old PF account to New PF account. Status is showing is settle ( Service and amount is transfer to new member on 18 Nov 2020) but in new PF account balance is not showing. What I will do please help me out.

  147. Dear team,
    I have applied for pf its showing claim settled in pf portal but amount not credited and how many days it will take to credit.kindly requesting to update as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

  148. I raised PF transfer request on Feb 2020 from non-exempted trust to exempted trust via EPFO portal. In June 2020 i got a message that anount of Rs.XYZ has been settled and services have been transferred to Exempted trust. But on inquiring and sharing Annexure K with my company they said that they still haven’t received any such amount. Till date they didn’t received the amount. On raising grievance with Epfo(Bandra), they shared the UTR# which i shared later with my company, but was of no use. Any idea why such discrepancies with my PF amount?

  149. Hi Sir,

    My final PF was settled in the month of June,2020. The amount has been debited from my PF account but it has not been credited to my account yet. I have tried to reach the EPFO in all possible ways (social media, grievance, email and whatsapp) but they are not doing it. My details were updated correctly and yet they asked me to submit the re-issue and yet nothing. Is there anything else left for me to do. I live capital and the office is in Maharashtra. I cannot visit there physically. Please help!

  150. Sir,
    I was settled my PF in 2016 and my PF and pension amount credited into my SB account. In 2017 I check my UAN account still there was showing some amount. My ex employer paid contribution ( AUTO APPENDIX BACK PERIOD ). I try to withdraw and transfer my PF they were rejecting my claims. I raise grievance also they called me and said that it was not your money it was showing by mistake. But they were paying interest also to my PF amount. Is there any solution.

  151. Hai actually I applied pf advance last month and i got message also 29th sep amount settled but till now amount is not created my account I already maid complaint also around 17 18 day finish why amount is not credited and all kyc is correct and pls help me wht to do next I contact also epfo office no one is answer phone and I already sent mail also not responding

  152. I applied PF on 9oct and i got msg that pf amount settle and it will credit to account but its 15 days done amount not credit yet . what to do

      1. i raised the issue in EPFO Grievance cell but its 6 days done not proper communication came from their side. what next to be done

  153. Dear Sir,

    My form 19 is having status “Claim Settled” and i got a message saying amount settled on 05-10-20. But i haven’t received the amount yet. Should i wait or raise a grievance?

    Also my form 10c got rejected with the reason, “Claim Rejected CLARIFICATION REGARDING TR – IN”. What should I be doing for this?

  154. My PF Claim status changed to Claim Settled on 30/09/2020. But still i didnt receive the amount. Should i wait for few more days.

  155. Dear Sir,

    My claim status shows Claim Settled and Dispatched Date is “01-OCT-2020” through NEFT. Could you please suggest if I have to wait for some more days for the amount to be credited into my account?. All the Accounts and KYC details are correct.

    1. i raised form 13 on November but not able to send it to my past employer now i can see its showing approved amount is 0 and its settled.could you please let me know what i need to do

  156. I apply for pf withdrawl of both form 10c and form 19 on 17 September but i get the amount of form 10c on 29 september still didn’t not get amount of form 19 but claim get settled. Please assist what to do in that case. All bank kyc details are correct.

    1. Sir, I have the same issue. I applied for both form 10c and form 19 on 27 September 2020 and i got the amount of form 10c on 01 Oct but still didn’t not get amount of form 19 which was settled on 30 Sept. Please assist what to do in that case. All bank kyc details are correct. (ICICI bank)

  157. I have applied online form 19 & 10c.
    My form 19 was settled and credited to my account on 9 sept.
    But my form 10c was settled on 25 and didn’t credited to my bank account today is 1oct.

    My account no was wront in the The msg i received from epfo regarding form10c settled and will be credited to ac no ending xxxx.
    For same i have fiiled grievance on 25 sept and today they replied that contact your bank.
    And bank is saying there is no neft pending.
    Pls suggest what to do now , how get mt amount.

  158. Sir, please suggest me what should I do ?
    I have applied both form 10c and form 19 on 16sept 2020 . because I had left the company Dec 2019 , and both form are showing settled but only form 10c money was credit in my bank account through NEFT on 25 sept 2020 Friday 5:30pm and Now today is 29sept I haven’t got any money of form 19 till.
    My bank account in icici bank.
    Thank you!

  159. Hello,

    This is an excelled article, thank you so much!

    I’ve the same issue i.e., “Settled but returned”. My bank details are perfectly accurate in all the required systems – UAN portal, cancelled cheque leaf while submitting the claim, PDF file that gets generated after submitting online claim. I’ve seen the below remarks in UAN portal for my claim. 17-Sep-2020 exactly happened to be a holiday for ICICI Bank.

    In this case, do I need to do anything from my side to follow up or the EPFO will automatically process the claim deposit on the next working day i.e., today (18-Sep-2020)? Kindly clarify.

    “Your Claim [Claim Id – XYZ] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT has been returned on – 17-SEP-2020”.

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        I’ve submitted a grievance in EPFO portal. Will keep you posted, hope they resolve it soon and re-process the fund transfer. Please let me know if I need to do anything else; I read somewhere that re-authorization letter needs to be submitted to correct the bank details but, in my case, it’s all correct.

          1. Dear Basavaraj,

            I haven’t received any response from PF dept to my grievance but, I had also started an email thread with them. They responded to my emails. Background is – I was on a break from work for 7 months (Nov’19 to May’20) and got a new job in Jun’20. I’ve applied for PF withdrawal by submitting Form 19 on 4-Sep-20. Because of claim status issue of “Settled but returned” when I sent emails to them, they are now telling me that they won’t process the PF transfer to my bank account as I’ve already started working. They are asking me to submit Form 13 so that both PF & Pension funds get transferred to the current employer UAN/PF account. Is this an usual direction or rule that we have to follow? I.e., can we not withdraw from our previous employer once we start working with a new employer?

            Please suggest what I can do next.

              1. This is a very strange constraint. I’m trying to withdraw the PF balance from my PF account that is associated with my previous employer and not the current employer PF account.

  160. Sir,
    My company mistakenly updated only 10 digit instead on 12 ( they forgot to write “00” in starting of A/C no.) of my account number, and my claim was settled on same A/C number. thus amount not credited in my account. I tried with grievance and social but not getting ant positive feedback.

    Currently I am not in country, Should Re-applied again with updated account number ?

    Pl. Help me…

  161. Hi sir, I have submitted claim for withdrawal of pf amount and after that so many days amount was not credited to my account so I had checked with of pf office they told me amount transfered then I found account no. was wrong after that i have updated correct account no. in kyc but still my claim is showing settle on old date and my amount is not yet credited in my account. I m getting same reply as claim settle even after raised the new grivience request.please advise

  162. Dear sir
    I applied for pf withdrawal the claim was settled. But my problem is that I entered only 5 digit account number as per my old pass book and attached the same copy. And now I realized that the account number should be 15 digit for NEFT In such case is my claim amount credited to my pf account without doing anything.

  163. Hi sir, I applied for pf total amount withdrawal, i raised form 10c and form 19 on 4th aug, the form 10c got approved and received the money on 24th aug.. But my form 19 is still showing under process will this get approved or should i contact the pf office..

  164. Dear Basavaraj,

    I had a big issue when my online transfer request showed claim transferred from ex to current employer and status as “SETTLED” but the actual amount was not credited. I fought through the old EPF office and got to know that there was some issue in Annexure K and wrong data was shared by my ex EPFO. Thus, I wrote back to the ex EPFO and got the PF re-accounted back to my ex-employer PF account.

    The problem is that now when I try to push for an online transfer claim from my ex employer, it shows that transfer request has already been initiated and I am unable to get the transfer sorted since the online status still comes as “SETTLED”.

    Please do help; I dont know how to get the PF transferred now.


  165. I have applied for covid advanced PF for 1.7 L having PF ac balance of 2L but got only 45,000. Is that possible they will release another payout of pending amount? If not why they paid only 45000 even when i have properly applied my claim and have enough balance.

    1. hi Bro, you have to apply form 31 for 75% PF amount, covid 19 is only for emergency fund only not PF advance govt. will split to settle everyone. they will settle through everyday allocated fund . you can’t claim more than 75,000 through covid 19 form. however you can ask any amount as you wish. but they will settle what they actually going to settle

  166. I have raised my pf claim, claim was satteled last 17 of August but money was not credited in my bank account even my kyc detail is correct

  167. Hii ,
    I have claimed my epfo amount, at that time bank details were not mentioned but claim settled in 3-4 days, Now i have updated bank details correctly but not recieved amount in bank account or in UAN

  168. hi Basava Raj,

    I worked with HCL technologies from 2010 to 2013. HCL holds a PF trust and they have settled in 2016 and issued Annexure K which shows transferred to my current organisation. When i check my PF account i could not see the transfer reflecting in my account.

    1. Whom should i check now on where the check or funds lie. I have Annexure K from HCL with Check details etc to EPFO
    2. Will i be eligible to claim interest from 2016 to till date.

  169. Hi Basavaraj,

    I recently applied for pf withdrawal of 2.5 lakhs, from my of account with a balance of over 3 lakhs. Today I recieve a msg stating that the Online Claim is settled for 45 thousand.
    It is less than my one month basic or 75% of my pf balance.

    Can you please explain wat is this case and how to get the required claimed amount.

    Thanks in advance

  170. Hii
    I applied for pf withdrawal the claim was settled on 4/08/20 i received a msg saying the ammount will be credited in 3 working days its been more than 10 days this happened before in july when they said that the bank details are wrong again this time the same thing i confirmed the bank details everything is correct.
    What should i do next please help….

  171. EPFO informed by mail that your PF settled, amount sent via NEFT, but it returned from the bank with remarks invalid receiver IFSC code, but bank said, its IFSC code is correct, also checked by me to same IFSC,it is correct, but EPFO mentioned it is wrong, please suggest what i do, RBL bank, branch Gandhi Maidan, patna, IFSC code is RATN0000301.

  172. Dear Sir,
    I worked in company A & B for 8 yr. 4 months. Then I was Unemployed for 2 yrs. Then in company C I worked for 5 months. I transfered my PF accounts online through One PF- One Member option from Company A to B and then to C.

    But I didn’t do anything for EPS (Form 10C). Recently I applied online for PF withdrawal using Form-19 successfully. But when I try to withdraw EPS (Form 10C), system says that ineligible because my service is either more than 9.5 yrs or less than 6 months.
    My doubts are:
    1. My unemployment period also counts in calculating total service, so its more than 9.5 yrs.
    2.Or is it because I didn’t fill Form 10C from previous employers & and my last service is less than 6 months?
    3. Since there is no option to apply for EPS withdrawal after 10 yrs, how will I get EPS Scheme Certificate?

      1. Dear Sir,
        Since I didn’t fill Form 10C from previous employers, should I apply through my previous employers and submit the form to respective EPF branches?

  173. Hello sir,my name is roop my pf status is settell in last year july 2019 to till date but pf not credit to my bank account ,and also not reversed in my pf account ,i am regularly complaint threw grevience but no result ,i also vistt 3-4 time in Chandigarh office but during the lockdown they are not help
    My uan no.100021953835 .kindly help us

  174. I have applied both form 19 and form 10c, form 19 amount is credited and form 10 c claim settled but returned. What could be the reason and what should I do to withdrawal form 10c amount.

  175. Hi Basu,

    My EPF online claim status shows “claim settled” after 3 working days post I submitted my claim. MY doubt is, in which stage it will ask me to submit the relevant docs as I applied the pf for site purchase. So if the claim settled, then no docs needed now? and the amount will be credited to my account without any doc further needed?. If so, how much time it will take now to see the amount in my account. Also is there any way to get the status of the claim.


  176. My claim settled on 11 june but amount did not come…raise lots of grievances but no answer or foolish same answer..amount will come shortly …they did not give a neft details also

  177. Dear Sir,

    I had submitted the transfer request of accumulation of PF/EPS from previous employer account to present employer trust account. And in online status showing the update, claim has been settled and transfer to present company trust account (EPS account). It was happened on 31.12.2019, since January following up with present employer and they replying that amount is not credited to company account. And in other way when I have raised the grievance in epfo portal regarding non transfer of PF/EPS accumulation, they shared the status that it was settled on 31.12.2019 and for same annexure k shared. But still present company stating that amount is not credited to their company account.
    Therefore request you to kindly advice how handle the situation to get the money and status from RPFC office as well as present company.

    grievance raised many times and reply is same from section office and RFPC that its settled and transferred to company account.

    Prasenjit Banerjee

    1. Hi Prasenjit ,
      I had faced the same issue before. I received Annexure K stating the amount is transferred from source PF account to the destination PF account. My PF office said it has not received the amount. I was not getting any proper information from the EPFO and PF office said it is all dependent on EPFO. I was left with no choice other than to raise an RTI(Right to Information) against EPFO. I received a proper information from EPFO and I was very much surprised the see that the amount was erroneously transferred to EPFO and not the Trust, inspite of giving proper instructions in the EPF transfer form. So if you are not receiving any proper inputs from either the EPFO or your PF office, I will suggest to raise an RTI against the concerned EPFO. Once, you are sure that you have the correct information ask your orhanisation to help you in re-issuing the cheque. Please update here if you happen to solve it

  178. Hi sir I requested for my pf withdrawal using both form 10C and 19 .But on status both requests are shown settled but my 10C request has been credited in my a/c .Form 19 has not credited having more money .What can be reason and what should I do to get my money in account. Thanks

    1. Hi sir if someone close this salary account and the claim get settled and he did not get credit his claim becoz his salary account is close than what he do . Plzz reply and guide me . He got msg that his claim is credited on this close salary account what he can do .

    2. Hi Promod

      Please let us know when the 10 C is raised and when it is credited. My claim is approved on 7th july waiting for amount to credit to bank account.

      Thanks and Regards

  179. Hi Basavaraj Sir

    I had raised claim settlement through Form 10-C for EPS withdrawal. After 3 weeks i got an update saying that I need to fill Form 19 as well as Form 15-G. I am not sure if I need to submit these additional form as it is not mention anywhere.
    I only need to withdraw the EPS amount and not the PF amount. Do I still need to fill Form 19 as well as Form 15-G ?


  180. Sir i have applied for advance of covid 19 and my claim has been settled on 5 th june but till now i have not got the money in my bank account and also not in my pf account right now its shows the status settled and my bank deatils are also correct

    Sir i have also file the grievance but in final decision i got this mgs ‘It is to inform you that your grievance is under consideration of this office and the grievance will be resolve shortly..’ and then grievance has been closed

    So sir kindly advice me what to do

      1. Sir i have till now my money has net been credited in my bank account or not returned in my pf account please kindly help me

        Its getting more than 16 days and the situation had not been cleared please tell me what to do

    1. Hi, bro same thing happened to me. In the pf portal, it is saying claim settled but six days gone. Money not credited to my account. Let me know what you are doing to resolve this issue

  181. I’m applied pf sir,claim status is showing settled but returned,why sir what is the problem sir can u help me sir

  182. Hi All,
    anyone can help me that, i had applied for advance from my EPF account and same got approved. But amount was not credited to my bank account due to incorrect IFSC details. Later i had been updated & trying to reclaim which amount already been approved. Went to EPF office in Mumbai personally from Hyderabad, they checked the details & replied that to submit reclaim form with company HR sign & seal. Submitted the physical documents to EPF office by our company persons, but already EPF officials been stopped the receiving the physical documents from the account holders & replied that should resumit claim from online for reissue of amount. Not seeing any option to reclaim in online & i have raised the Grievance but couldn’t get proper reply.
    Can any one help on my query

    1. I had also applied for advance and i also got the settlement update but it got reversed to my PF account, I tried reaching them out through email, they reply saying that i will have to re-verify my bank account details and same should approved by your employer, later i did the process which they had asked for and also i had reapplied for the advance but again it got reveresed to my PF account, I am also not getting any solution.

    2. SIR,


  183. My claim has been settled the money has been deducted from my pf account but not credited in my bank account. In the portal i found out that the bank account was wrong. I corrected my KYC details online. But it has been 19 days but the money has not been credited back to my pf passbook.

          1. By missing I mean the money has not been credited in my bank account nor it has been added back to my PF passbook. In the portal it is written that NEFT has been issued and cheque has been sent on 29th April. But due to wrong account number it has not been credited, I have updated my KYC with the correct bank account number in the portal but i do not know where my money is.

              1. I have done that. Three times. They said NEFT has been issued on 29th April that’s it. I have corrected my KYC details online. Should i raise another claim? Or can reauthorization letter be sent online?

  184. Dear Sir,

    I have applying Advanced PF Against Covid-19 Seceond Time. First claim is already credit in my account.
    Me i know? If we can applying for 2nd Time So It’s Possible Or Not?
    Please sir Tell Me.

    Thank you !

  185. Dear sir, i have apply for PF advance , my claim is settled but amount is not credits, i also file gravience online they suggested me to apply offline through reissue form ,is there any this type of form

  186. Dear Sir,

    I have applying for my Advanced PF Against Covid-19 on 13-05-2020. And When I will check my status is it sattled my not Received in my Account.
    So Please Sir tell me. Whatcan i do now? Because it’s urgent

  187. I Jyoti Shukla claimed pf advance for covid 1 9. On 9/05/2020 I received a msg from epfo that my claim is settled and amt is credited via neft.But still I am not received amt in my account. Kindly suggest what can I do . Its very urgent.

  188. Dear Sir

    When I am checking my Cliam status it is showing under process but when I am checking the passbook the amount is deducted but the amount is not reflecting in my account

  189. Sir, I apply covid-19 advance but my claim status was settled but returned. Now what can i do to amount credit to my bank account.

      1. My Advance Covid-19 NEFTamount returned on 07-04-2020, but still now PF passbook that amount wasn’t updated. when they amount was updated..? or i can apply one more time…!

        1. Dear,
          I’m ALREADY Applied Pf Sir,Claim Status Is Showing Settled And Settled Date (11.07.2020) But Not Reflect My Account,Why Sir What is The Problem Sir Can U Help Me Sir

  190. Dear sir,

    My name is Ankush kumar and my PF number is 100758094063. My claim has been settled and I got message amount has been credited via NEFT on 04-05-2020 with claim I’d JHJAM200550001107. But amount not credited in my account till now. Sir please do something it’s very urgent. And please solved my issue.

    Ankush kumar

      1. My name is Ankush kumar and my PF number is 100758094063. As per you I did wait till Monday but amount has not credited in my account till now. Sir i am in lock down. This amount is very urgent for me. Sir please do something. And release my payment.

  191. Sir, my pf was settled but not credited in my bank account…I was raise complain in grievance… They suggested me to apply offline process..Now my question is 4hat what are the form have to fill up…Kindly help me sir

      1. My PF Claim Settled but returned, amount which is deducted from PF account that will reverse to PF account or need to submit any Form
        after returned i have submitted the Claim form again. it has rejected. previous is returned then why my form was rejected.

        what to do next

  192. may I know which application (hard copy) to be submitted to EPFO office in case of housing loan settled but returned as acct no. was wrong?

  193. Dear Sir,

    i have online withdraw my epfo account but the account already settle but amount is not recived in my account and epfo claim track status result is that your amount transfered by NEFT on 1st of may but still i have not received my amount so please tell him what i do .

    1. Hello Sir, mine is also same issue as above, the pf claim is settled and payment sent via Neft on 01 may 2020 , itself, but money still not credited. Kindly guide me

    2. I am also getting same issue & no answer from EPFO Site on mail & all the call center number & regional offices number is not working.

        1. I covid 19 claim settled and neft date is 20 th April. But still not received money. Today may 11. My passbook deducted amount same 20 th. My bank account updated correct and approved by employer so pls help me sir. Also I raised compliant to grivance in 28 th April. But not received closed proposal.

  194. pf settled on 22/04/20.but still amount credited
    I have logged complaint in EPF i Grievance.how many day will take for response

  195. Dear Sir,
    I have applied covid PF on 21/04/20.its is showing on line amount smelted trough NEFT on 22/04/20. I have verified KYC Documents. every thing is fine.

    But Its not credited to my account.
    Please help me

  196. Hello sir,
    I applied for partial pf amount of covid 19 on 28-april-2020 it shows claim settled on 29-april-2020 through NFET.I mailed them but no response sir what should i do in this case?

  197. Hi, I have applied for PF advance. On 23rd April 2020, have received a SMS stating the amount would be credited in 3 working days.
    Still not received the amount.
    Please note, all my bank credentials are perfectly correct.

    What do I do?

  198. Dear sir

    I have applied on 21st april . And also on 23rd we have received message from epfo we have credited into 3 days but still I have not recevied the amount fro pandemics covid-19
    Pls advise

  199. Dear Sir

    I did raise a grievance yesterday again since the old one was closed. What could the issue be here.

  200. Hi, this is in regards to a claim I raised on 30th March and I received a confirmation sms on13th the claim is settled on 8th April. Amount had to be credited in 3 working days it’s been 25th today still no response. Raised greivience they closed saying check my bank statement. The bank details are correct which I shared with them. No responses on emails. Where would the amount be since I haven’t recieved it yet

  201. Dear Sir,

    I Had applied for PF COVID – 19 Advance, and claim status showing, Advance Settled but RETURN on 20th April 2020

    now what should I do sir

  202. Dear sir,

    I had applied for Covid -19 Pf partial payment I claimed it & got message that got settled through NEFT it got credited on 17 April 2020 . But till now it not credited in my account. Then I checked the details I observed that there is a mistake In IFSC code. My salary account is SBH which is now SBI & IFSC code not updated. Instead of SBI it’s Been SBH in PF KYC. Now I can’t submit physical documents to PF office to reclaim as no one from HR team is in office, all are at home. So pls help me out how can it will b credited in my account through online.

  203. Dear Sir
    I am not able to withdraw from my first member id because of 2nd has been settled .I have 2 member id under same UAN.


  204. Dear Sir
    I have raised an issue with the grievance Cell I am
    Also going to the Pf office in kr puram
    Sir one document was showing starting a 0 missing in my bank account. Number
    Is that the issue the transfer has been delayed in the bank because I received the message of the covid claim on 14th April
    Or will there be an issue please help me our sir I am really worried

  205. Dear Sir
    I had applied for Covid -19 Pf partial payment I claimed it on 12 April
    On 14th April I received a message it will come to by bank account in 3 days via neft
    But it’s been 9 days now I have still not received it
    I checked online it’s says the same

  206. have applied for pf withdraw on 5/Jan/2020 ,but the still showing in under process
    Kindly give me a suggestion for that issue
    UAN: 101185646169

  207. My name is Kunwar Biruly and my UAN No. 101086918882 and claim ID is JHJAM200250007946 and claim dispatch date : 27-FEB-2020, claim status setted there but amount is not credited in my bank account. What to do?

  208. I have applied for pf withdraw,but the result is my pf transferred to my new account

    Your Claim [ Claim Id – ] has been Settled on – 04-MAR-2020. Amount and Service tranferred to :

  209. Hi Sir,

    I am getting message from FPFOHO on monthly basis and stated that contribution of Rs due month has been received but Sum is showing same as last month, Could you please let me know is there any time duration to calculate sum like quarterly or yearly …etc

      1. Hi Sir,

        Every month PF amount is deducted from my salary and added to my PF Account , In PF Account total amount is same for Dec and January.

        For example in Dec my PFTotal amount is 1lkh and January contribution 3k has received (got message from EPFOHO) then in Total PF should be 1.03 lks but in message total showing 1lkh only.

        my query is there any delay to add monthly amount to Total?

  210. my epf settled 12/2/2020. And second msg Claim settled and 13/2/20 payment send n e f t still not credited.. How many times or days I am waiting

  211. Hi Sir,

    I have raised PF advance claim on jan 31 2020 and claim settled on portal on feb 19 2020,but amount not yet credited to account,also i found one zero missing in my account number but it have attached the bank passbook document while claiming,will the amount credit to my bank account or return to PF account,also i araised in greviance portal, there the current status showing as:

  212. Hi sir my pf is settled on 30-12-2019,but did not receive money.However my bank account number was I correct in UAN.I have changed the details n got approved by my employer on 7th Jan 2020….but it shows settled n did not return money to PF account….pls tell me what should I do…..It’s almost more than 1 n half month

  213. Your Online Claim Form-19 ( MHBAN200150086509 ) is Settled for

    I received two separate message stating that your online claim form -19 amount settled & in next message form – 10C amount settled on 13-02-20 and will be credited within 3 working days in bank A/c ending with 0061, But only form – 19 amount credited to my account on 14- 02-20, But form -10C settlement amount not yet credited to my account, So raised the complaint. But what is next if the issue is not resolved

  214. I have rasied PF transfer from my old employer to new employer and after 40 days it got rejected with the reason as below

    CLAIM ID MHBAN191250056132
    CLAIM FORM TYPE Form-13 (Transfer Out)
    PARA DETAILS Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in other region or to Exempted Establishments)
    CLAIM STATUS Rejected

    kindly tell me what needs to do

  215. I have applied advance pf and it has been settled on 12 feb 2020 i got a sms amount will be sent via NEFT within 3 working days but it is 18 feb 2020 amount not credited in my bank account. Please suggest when it will be transfer in my bank.

  216. Dear Sir, PF advance claim has settled and amount sent via NEFT on 16th January, but the amount is not credited to my bank account. I checked my bank details online on EPFO site and found that initial two zeroes are missing in my bank account number. I have updated my bank account number online now. So do I need to submit form 31 again or the amount will get credited to my bank account automatically. But for applying PF withdrawal again, the amount which was not credited to my account is not credited back to my PF account passbook. Please advise what needs to be done to get PF amount credited to my bank account.

    1. i have a same problem , how many days did it take for the amount which bounced to credit back in PF account ?
      Please do reply .

  217. What does claim is pending at AO level mean? My claim is due from last 40 days and i received this response on grievance

  218. I have raised an advanced claim form on 21st Dec 2019 and it is still showing under process. I raised a grievance a couple of days ago for the status. I got a reply that my claim was approved on 13th Jan and will be credited to my account soon

    Just wanted to check:

    1) The status is still showing under process – is it normal
    2) It has been 40 days since raising the claim so what should I do
    3) If the claim is approved, why status is under process

  219. My PF Claimed was settled on 13/12/2019 but not deposits into bank account due mismatch bank details but still not refund amount Deposit into PF Account.

  220. Dear Sir,

    I got Massage like your PF settled but amount not credited to bank account , after that what will happen the ammount wheather it will credit to bank account OR return to PF account ?

    thank you

  221. I have registered grievance cell online for partial withdrawal amount but message says “under investigation”. how much time it will take generally to resolve this issue. Is there anyway i can get updates and amount into my bank.


  222. Sir I have applied for my Friends EPFO amount, the status showing as settled but amount not credited. This process going on for a month and i have checked with pf field office they suggested to check a/c no.. I have checked and the mistake was that a/c no. in pass book was with 0 and I have not put 0 and edited the bank details with zero i.e, done today(27-01-2020). Now what is the next process? Thank you sir.

    1. I have registered grievance cell online for paritial withdrwal amount but message says “under investigation”. how much time it will take generally to resolve this issue. Is there anyway i can get updates and amount into my bank.

  223. hello,

    I have applied for online claim and same has been accepted by field officer. Now It is showing claim status is SETTELED but Total Amount Approved is 0
    I can not see current passbook because it is Trust and I did not receive any sms from EPFO as well.
    Please let me know how to go about this situation now.

  224. hello,

    I applied for online claim and it got accepted.
    However the money is not credited to the account.
    On checking the details again, I realised that the IFSC code is incorrect for my bank account. The personal details cannot be edited on the website. Please let me know how to go about this situation now.

  225. I have applied form 31 on dec 26 2019 My PF claim status shows settled and NEFT done on 1-jan-2020. I have not received the money yet. ? so what we do sir please suggest me…

  226. hi sir, I applied pf through online, status showing settled but I didn’t get money. So 2nd time I applied now it’s showing rejected because claim is already settled
    What to do sir.

  227. Hi ,have applied for advance pf ,I got a message this morning written that u will be credited your amount 5000rps in next few cuming days …..bt the concern is I have requested for around 50k as a part of and the messages show only 5k will get credited ….??????????
    Help me out what will be the concern in this ? Will I get full amount or 5k ????

    1. Lot of us have questions on timelines in this thread:
      23 November 2019: Applied for partial withdrawal
      26 December 2019: Received message that PF claim approved. Online status still shows ‘under process’ for next few days. Passbook shows amount has been deducted!
      6 January 2020: Received another message that says along the lines “Settled on 6th Jan and will be in account in three days”
      8 January 2020: Done! received the amount in my bank account

      Note: Timelines seem to vary widely between instances for each of us. we should presume an average of 40 days to minimize our disappointment 🙂

  228. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for my PF on Dec 6th 2019 and its showing that its been sent to field office on 07/12/19 but its still showing in Pending Status. Do you think its useful if I go to PF office and check? Also, is there a way where the process can be speed up?


  229. I applied partial withdrawal of my pf amount on 02/11/2019. in epfo site it is showing under process but i sent mail to emplyoeefeedback, I got reply your claime setteled please contact to concerned pf office,now what I should do my Regional PF office in mumbai I am in banglaore.

  230. My claim is settled against form-31. i got the confirmation msg from EPFO that the amount would get credited in my bank account within 2-3 working days. But i am worried about the bank details where the account number starts with 00 but in KYC the account number do have these leading Zeros. Would the transaction still get thru ?
    With the claim document i had attached the copy of Cheque which has the correct account number, can you please tell which account number would be used for this NEFT transaction ?

    1. Same thing happen with me john , can you please tell me , what happen then , how do i solve this issuse?

    2. Hi john even my account number starts with 00 but in KYC the account number was not having 0 already. can you tell me was your money deposited into bank account?

  231. My transfer claim is SETTLED, but the total amount approved is ZERO and also the passbook is not reflected with the transferred amount. I raised the transfer claim from TRUST to EPFO Hyderabad. The TRUST had sent the HDFC Cheque to EPFO Hyderabad. Can anyone know the reason? Please do the needful.

          1. Is this an answer? Atleast reply what EPFO guidelines say. All your answers are like … hard to say, can’t say, better to wait.

              1. hi, today i received below comment after raising the grievance. Any idea how longs does it take from now on?
                “The transfer-in amount has been received and credited to your present account, the same shall be appeared in member pass book in due course.”

    1. Exactly same status for me. I had raised transfer request in Nov and it is showing approved amount as 0 in passbook with amount as settled. At epfo udaan page it is shown as accepted by field office. Don’t know how long it will take.

  232. My claim is pending last two month. It has been claimed on September 2019 , but not credited to bank account. Now EPFO saying to fill reissue form and send to head office. Can you please help me to get the from and fill out from. I don’t know how to fill and which is important which is not important. Kindly suggest.

  233. I got this msg, Your Online Claim Form31 (SABIR *********) ha been approved for ****/- on 05-11-2019 and shall soon be sent to your bank account. But Amount still not credited. My All details are perfect plz help…

      1. Hi sir,
        I have sent the Annexure k and cheques to Dehli PF office on 15june 2019 but till today the amount is not yet updated to current account.
        Raised epf grievances multiple times but responses received technical problems or NDC not updated.
        Request to suggest way forward.

    1. I also Same problem I have applied form 31 on Oct 30 2019 still it showing under process what is the expected date to be settled

  234. I got this msg, Your Online Claim Form31 (KDMAL *********) ha been approved for ****/- on 01-11-2019 and shall soon be sent to your bank account. But Amount still not credited. My All details are perfect plz help

  235. Dear sir,
    I applied for PF advance form-31 on
    14-oct-2019 status-Under process
    On15-oct-2019 status-send to field office
    On 24-oct-2019 status-claim settled
    I have received message form EPFO on 25-oct-2019 Claim settled and payment sent via NEFT on your bank account.

    Still, I have not received payment in my bank account.

    I have also raised one issue on EPFO portal is in under process

    Please guide me what should I do

  236. I got this msg, Your Online Claim Form31 (KDMAL *********) ha been approved for ****/- on 01-11-2019 and shall soon be sent to your bank account. But Amount still not credited. My All details are perfect plz help…

  237. I got the message 26-oct your amount was approved and credite with in 3 working days. But amount was not credited in amount but in pf portal it showing claim was settled, please help me

  238. I am applied the pf 16-oct, I got the message 29-oct your amount was approved and credite with in 3 working days. But amount was not credited in amount but in pf portal it showing claim was settled, please help me

  239. Hi,
    My claim status is showing as settled in EPFO passbook. However, amount approved is showing 0 and nothing is reflected in my current company PF account, Please suggest

    1. Hi, Is the amount is reflecting now in your current F account? I am currently facing the same issue. How long does it takes? Please share the info.

  240. Hello Sir ,

    My pf claim was settled and returned due to IFSC code mismatch . I have changed my IFSC code in KYC with employer approval . The returned amount is still not reflecting in my pf account . Can I re apply through online or send a authorization form or wait until my amount is credit back to PF account and then re apply .

    I have raised a request in EPFO Grievance Cell Online and yet get a reply .

      1. Hello Sir ,

        Thanks for response
        What is minimum waiting days for the returned amount to refund back to PF account ?

    1. Did you get a solution for this. I have a similar issue amount still doesnt reflect in my PF account and reauthorization letter submitted twice but didnt helped. Its been almost 3 months now the amout was settled and return by bacnk

  241. Dear sir,
    I had applied for the online claim of form 10c and form 19. I got an approval from epfo and told the amount will be settled by next 3 working days by neft.. The settlement of form 10c had got settled the next day but the firm 19 is not yet settled.

  242. I have applied for advance PF withdrawal on 04 sep 2019 and it is showing under process.
    when I get the amount
    04/10/2019 18:49.

    10/10/2019 15:38

    Under Process

  243. Hello sir,
    I applied for epf on 20th of sep…still amount not credited in my account…I got a message from umang on 14th of Oct
    that you claim has been settled. Still amount not transferred in my account.

    Can you please suggest on

      1. Hello sir,
        i claimed on 20th september, but today morning I got sms in my mobile that claim has been approved. So kindly let me know what it means?

  244. Hi there
    I placed a request for the PF amount to be transferred to another account but that account was already showing settled now when I am trying to claim the amount it keeps getting rejected
    Is there anyway I can claim?

  245. Dear Sir,
    I applied for epf on 09-Oct-2019 in online and i have received msg that your case is settle on 14-Oct-2019 but amount not credit in my account..What can i do ..Please give me a suggestion

  246. DEAR SIR

  247. Dear sir
    I have applied pf transfer online but due to wrong bank ac number NEFT return . I also check amount return show in my passbook . Because of i going to aboard thats why i cannot fill form offline . sir suggest me how can i recive my pf balance my family need it .

      1. Dear sir
        Sir NEFT return back in my pf account . Now suggest to me how to claim pf withdraw online or offline . Because i go abord so i donot use offline option

  248. Dear sir,
    Please reply

    I applied for epf on 29th of sep…still amount not credited in my account…I got a message from umang on 6th of Oct
    that you claim has been settled. Still amount not transferred in my account.

    Can you please suggest on

  249. hi sir i submitted online claim on 20th sep 2019 and on 09th oct 2019 epfo portal showing current status Claim Settled but in member passbook it is showing Under Process and in passbook amount showing 0(zero) please help me what to do

      1. Dear sir,
        Please reply

        I applied for epf on 06th of sep…still amount not credited in my account…I got a message from umang on 6th of sep
        that you claim has been settled. Still amount not transferred in my account.

        Can you please suggest on

  250. Hello sir, i have applied my partly pf withdrawal on 6 th sept and its 1 month and i have not received the settlement.and while tracking it shows under process.could you please help me that what will be the issue or it take longer time to settle.

  251. Hello Sir.
    Thank you for this wonderful blog!
    My partial claim was settled on 16th Aug 19, but due to incorrect IFSC it returned, same is now reflecting in my passbook balance.
    I have submitted the reauthorization form on 18th Sept 19, the online portal says under process receipt date 26th Sept 19.

    Para Deatail says : Resign, but this is a reauthorization of a partial withdrawal, is this normal to update resign.

    By when can i expect the money now that, i have submitted the reauthorization form, also necessary changes have been made to bank details and approved by employer online.


  252. Your Claim [ Claim Id – MHBAN190650046615 ] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT on – 01-AUG-2019. But still 2 months over still amount is not credited to my account

  253. Hi Sir, I have transferred my old pf amount to my new pf account on 2017 November and it has been settled on December 2017 however still the amount is not credited in my new pf account. i tried grievance to get the answer from pf department however they are closing the request without proper information. can you advise how should i follow on this

  254. Hello Sir,
    I have given instant account cancel check..
    and which Name is updated in UAN KYC bank account there is my name in bank detail and now i am not able to update online please help me.

  255. Dear Sir, I do an online fund transfer from old member to new/current pf account on 10.05.2019, this claim has been settled on 19.05.2019, i got received confirmation msg from EPFO by SMS, but amount not yet credited in current pf account , i personaly visited Delhi EPFO to raise a complaint for the same. i visited depatment to department cash section to EDP section and accounts section, officials checked and confirmed that they haven’t received transfer fund from chandigarh EPF office, and provided ledger and advised me to contatct chandigarh office and reprot for technical issue on transfer, then i contatcted chandigarh epfo office and they provided me annexure k for transfer proof. i lodged greievance on EPFO website. but till date not received and solution yet. please help me how to get the work done.

  256. I have done claim from epfo site and i recieved amount as neft and just after few minutes it got reversed.i contact bank he said it mistake done by epfo they have written your wrong name.what to do now

  257. Hello

    My claim status showing settled, Payment sent via NEFT on – 20-SEP-2019 but still didn’t get amount to my Acc.

    can i wait or something else?

      1. sir how many day wait same problem here sent via neft 26 sep-19 but credited amount in my account

  258. Hi Sir,

    My PF amount was settled on 18th Sep via NEFT but still amount is not credited to my account.

    Do I need to raise the PF governance or do I need to wait for couple of days


      1. But how long shall we wait and why simple NEFT process takes so long in case of PF, is it not the same banking system that they follow?

  259. Dear sir I have applied pf claim online 25 Aug 2019
    Now claim status shows claim settled sent nefton16 Sep 2019
    But in bank credited only 10c amount not 19f
    How many days to get another claim amount

  260. Hi Sir,
    I am Transferred my old pf to my current employer and status is showing transferred also showing withdraw in previous employer passbook but not showing in my present employer passbook I am reased complain on EPFO grievances and filled RTI but reply from EPFo is your of settle in your present account now what I will do please assist

      1. Sir my epf claim status approved payment settle under process .But after claim I watched my attached latest cancel check ifsc code change please suggest me

  261. sir, my claim settled but not credited in my account due to error in my a/c num. i have submitted my application in regional office 2 month ago. they told me your money refunded in your epfo a/c . how can i check my refunded money

  262. Hi,
    I have submitted for advance PF withdrawal on 03rd Aug 2019 post transfer of my pervious company pf amount. Now it’s almost 42 days still claim status showing “Under process”.
    I have visited my EPFO office, they are saying my old pf amount is not yet updated in new pf account. But I have received the text message of old pf amount transfer confirmation and transferred amount is showing in new pf passbook also.
    I have raised the grievance online on 08th Aug 2019 and grievance status now (14th Aug 2019)is received the grievance.
    What I need to do next. Please guide.

  263. Hi sir, I’ve submitted pf claim status shows as amount has been settled on aug 29 n sep 3 via NEFT but amount didn’t break get credited to the bank so I checked bank details in EPFO starting 2 Nums are missing of my bank acct n while I’m trying to register grievance I’ve selected PF member the name entered UAN Num n then security code as shown in image clicked on get details so got a pop as records not found

  264. Hi Sir,

    I have raised a claim in EPFO portal through online and right now the status is showing that my claim is settled and NEFT has been done on the date 22nd of august ,but there is an issue just now I’m checking my KYC in EPFO portal and noticed I’ve given a wrong Bank account Number(one number is missing),what should i do? kindly help me out.

      1. Hi Sir,

        Thanks for your help on this , mismatched in IFSC code and not in bank account number.however i have raised a complaint with with EPFO Grievance Cell Online . Normally how many days they will take to respond?

          1. Hi Sir,

            However i am still waiting for response on Grievance from PF office ,yesterday while checking my pf account on online i have noticed NEFT RETURNED to my PF account and updated in passbook as well,sir what is the meaning of this? shall i apply again on online now? your answer is much appreciated.

              1. Hi Sir ,

                Really sorry for back and forth on this , this could be my last question 🙂

                yesterday i have received an email from grievance registered and it says ” With reference to your grievance Number approved for an amount is transferred to your registered bank vide cheque no. ________ ,but the cheuqe returned to this office, you are requested to forward reissue proforma through your employer along with cancelled cheque having name on it for taking necessary act” , but amount is credited to my pf account and it is reflecting on my passbook as well, Now should i need to continue as said in Grievance email or is it fine if i just apply again on online?

  265. Dear sir,
    I claim my pf amount. its show settled but not recived in account till date.and the claim settled date is 21 Aug ..
    please help me what can i do now..?

  266. my pf status shows settled but amount not credited. My account no is same but I have changed my bank branch from surat to Chennai IFSC code is changed before applying it I have checked with my company HR they said it wont be a problem now what should I do