How to get Encumbrance Certificate online in Bangalore?

How to get EC or Encumbrance Certificate online in Bangalore? Encumbrance Certificate or EC is one of the most important land document. Many of us used to visit the registrar office and apply manually and wait for 1-2 days to get it. However, now the Government of Karnataka made it simple to apply it online and download it.

Encumbrance Certificate is not only required to verify the past records related to property but also it is an important document you have to submit with the bank when you apply for a loan.

What is Encumbrance Certificate or EC?

Encumbrance Certificate shows a piece of evidence that whether there are any dues on property both Mortgage and Legal and the title of the property is clear and marketable or not. It contains all the transactions in respect of the said property. Encumbrance is basically a Charge / Liability / Lien which is created on the property, which is held as a collateral or security against the debt that is not cleared/paid as on date.

In simple term, Encumbrance means whether the properties have any lien on them, whether attached by the court, whether mortgaged or sold etc. by the owner of the concerned property.

Do remember that EC or Encumbrance Certificate itself not guarantee you that it is the valid single proof that property is legally valid to buy. However, it is ONE among many documents which you have to verify.

Few transactions may not reflect on Encumbrance Certificate and they are as below.

# Equitable Mortgage Deed

Suppose, the property owner deposited the title deed (property sale deed) with the bank and availed a loan, then such loans may not reflect in EC. Because in many cases such Equitable Mortage Deed is not registered with concerned sub-registrar office by lenders (banks). Hence, it is hard to find any loan on such properties.

# Old Encumbrance Certificate

When you are verifying the property documents, even if you find EC of a few days old, then don’t trust. Because within a single day, the existing owner might sell the property to someone else and showing you the old EC. Hence, you have to be very cautious while dealing with and understanding the importance of EC.

# Private Deals

If a property owner entered with some other party to avail the loan on by mere agreement and kept his original land papers with the lender, then such transactions may not appear in EC.

In simple term, any transactions that get registered with Sub-Registrar Office (whether it is selling, lien, mortgaged, attached by the court or sold to some other party or not) will reflect in Encumbrance Certificate. However, any deals or transactions that NOT registered with the Sub-Registrar Office will not reflect in EC.

How to get Encumbrance Certificate online in Bangalore?

Now let us understand the procedure to get the Encumbrance Certificate online in Bangalore.

Step 1-Visit the Kaveri Online Services. Here if you have not created an account, then you have to first create the account by clicking on “Register as a new user”. You have to provide your personal details to register like Name, Date of Birth, Address, PAN, Mobile number, Email Id etc.

An activation code will be sent to your Email Id and also an SMS to your mobile number. Input the code and click on Activate tab. Once this is done, then you can log in to Kaveri Online Services easily and change the password.

Encumbrance Certificate online in Bangalore Login

Step 2-After login, click on “Online EC” tab for getting the online EC.

Online Encumbrance Certificate

Step 3-Now you have to first select the date range from which you need the records of property by referring the sale deeds.

Along with this, you must also fill the details like property type number, property type (Agriculture Land or Non-Agriculture Land) and also the property boundary lines with the measurement of the property.

After filling all relevant data, check ‘Send OTP to view Document’ option. An OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. You have to enter that OTP to view/download Property Encumbrance Certificate online.

Fill Online Encumbrance Certificate Application

Step 4-Click on ‘View Document’ to download or print the required EC. You can view the EC online without paying any free at the free of cost. However, if you need the digitally signed copy, then you have to pay the fee.

Step 4-Now if you wished to download the certified copy of Encumbrance Certificate, select the option ‘Check to apply for digitally signed EC’ option after providing the OTP and then click on ‘View Document’. Click on ‘Proceed’ option at the end of the online PDF document and pay the required fees.

Encumbrance Certificate Online Payment

Once you pay through their Unified Payment Gateway, then your transaction receipt get generated.

Step 5-Then you have to click on “Refresh payment status” button.

EC Online Payment Details

Step 6-Your online EC application will be submitted and saved under ‘Pending / Saved Application’ section for further processing. Your application for EC will be sent to the concerned authorities and will be digitally signed.

Ec Application Online

After selecting the relevant EC, you can download the digitally signed EC for your usage.

Blog reader Mr.Guest updated this for the benefit of other readers “One should click SUBMIT button after making the payment. SUBMIT button is located below EC application. You can reach EC application through the Saved folder. I did not do that for a week and it was stuck. After I clicked on the button and submitted the application for digitally signed EC it took 2 working days.”

If you still have a doubt regarding this process, then let me know your difficulty.

The biggest advantage of getting EC online is that you no need to pay the additional cost which few AGENTS or officials itself ask for. It is completely free from bribe and cost-effective. However, I have to see how this will be served to the need with time-bound manner.

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  1. I have applied for EC online on 18th april, still i have not received any updates and it’s showing the status in the website like ‘Allocated To FDA/SDA from SRO’, should i need to visit sub-register office for further process?

  2. Hi, I live in Electronic City phase-2 which falls under konappana agrahara village panchayat, but now it’s upgraded to ULB and not able to find details of property on kaveri portal. When I try under e Swathi it’s popping up alert as property is upgraded to ULB and now when I try on e Aasthi under Bengaluru urban it’s not showing konappana agrahara, kindly help

  3. When I tried Kaveri online services on 1st April 2024, “Bangalore” or “Bangalore Urban” district does not show up at all in the options. It appears that only other districts of Karnataka are right now serviced through this website.

      1. I am also facing the same issue no. Only “Bangalore Rural” is available in the district list. Anybody has a solution for this? I need to apply for EC urgently.

  4. Every time I try to log in, after I click submit, I get (error occurred while sending OTP, please try again later). How do I solve this problem.

  5. Hi , This is very helpful article , really appreciate your effort in doing this for public. Was trying to get EC for my property in bangalore. when I try to register in kaveri portal, it says there was an error in sending OTP to my mobile. Is there any way we can try to get this resolved?

  6. I am trying to search EC from 2015 to 2023 then it shows few other properties in between along with mine, how to filter so that it will show only my property.

      1. Dont worry if more properties show up. Try to filter as much as possible to have only your properties and then submit and make the payment. The officers will filter from their end and send the correct EC. I took a chance and submitted on 27th Dec and on 30th Dec I was able to download the e-signed copy with only my property details mentioned!
        Now my only doubt is, can I also visit the office and collect a physical copy or am I eligible only for digital copy through this method?

  7. Thanks for yr very nice explanantion.
    I tried search on builder name(Prestige Whitemeadows) as well as purchaser, Pratima Ritwik.
    Every time it gives an error ‘Error: Unable to save application’
    My flat no 4052, Prestige Whitemeadows on Whitefield main road.

  8. I have filled the EC form but the “Click here for e-payment” does not work. It takes me to the mode of payments but nothing further. Let me know if there is a way to resolve this issue or any alternate mode of making the payment.

  9. Hi Basunivesh,
    there is no mention of what is the use of online Encumbarance Certificate form.17, from Kaverionline of Sub registerer Office.
    it can merely used for Showcase purpose, information purpose only( Esigned or not esigned).
    if at all, it is usefull somewhere, What is the Validity of this document once it is generated.

    1. Dear Bhakar,
      I know the issues. They just merely launched such facilities but stay away from providing as their major side income will stop immediately.

  10. I applied EC and submitted with payment. Current status is “EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded”

    But when I go inside the Application, I don’t see any download button. Is there any other way we can download or am I doing anything wrong.

  11. Thanks for this but after we get message that EC document is signed and uploaded , After that i am not getting option to download the certificate .Actually there is no image or steps given to Downloand the EC here . If anybody has found the download option below please cleary mention the steps .

  12. BBMP offices or any other government offices do not accept this online EC.
    They expect us to get the one from the Sub Registrar Office which normally we can get only after giving some bribe or commission money to the people at the registrar office

  13. If there is a site of this size then tell me how to take EC, east to west 11.09+12.09/2
    North to South 11.89 to 12.09/2

  14. Excellent post Basu!! Thank you sharing.

    I did try it but got confused as there were a lot of options to search EC documents.

    I had following specific ask from bank

    1. EC reflecting all registered transactions in Form 15 in respect of site bearing number XXXXX
    2. EC reflecting all registered transactions in Form 15 in respect of appartment bearing number XXXXX

    Need help to understand on how to get these specific ECs online

  15. Hello Sir,

    Everytime we are clicking on Download E signed EC, it shows a page stating ‘you do not have the permission and click below to login again’. This is going in loop. Any help will be appreciated.
    Changed different browsers as well.

  16. I submitted a request and got form17 EC. BBMP only considers form 15 for khata transfer. Looks like form 15 is only given when a EC request is submitted in the sub registrar office. Has anyone been able to get form 15 EC online?

    1. Same here. Search by name gave Form 17 . Search by property number gave Form 16. Will apply in SRO. Hope SRO will not search with this portal.

  17. Where do I download the EC from. I got the SMS that EC is prepared and uploaded but I can’t find anywhere on Kaveri website to download signed EC. Please share the screenshot of the section on website to download it from.

  18. Sir,
    I have applied for an online ec
    But the application status is still not available
    What should I do sir
    I have done the payment for the applied ec but still the application status is not available
    Can u help me solve this issue

  19. Hello Basu

    I am seeing status as EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded and got sms stating ec application is been prepared. Please let me know to how to check whether the ec is being uploaded.

  20. I submitted for EC a week ago, it is still in submitted state. As I old replies that it is taking 3-4 days to complete the process. Any idea? Any number to reach to follow up with them?

  21. My application shows the status as – EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded, but can’t find any option to download the EC anywhere.
    I received a notification as well regarding the same as an SMS.

    Do you know how can I download the EC, since am unable to find any option anywhere to download the EC

  22. Dear Sir,

    Kindly resolve the clarification below
    It says “The Selected office consists data only from 25/4/2004. From Date has been reset to 25/4/2004”. As a result; I did not either find the Index entry data as well for my property. So this means that EC data for Properties registered during the years 1995-2000 are not available. So if we need to apply for EC for properties registered during 1995-2000 then if I will have to check at the respective sub-register office only?

  23. My application shows “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded” for last one month. No download option either. Did anybody faced this issue?

  24. I searched my EC with property details my Site number . it showed 13 properties with index . All are same Site number but different Khata number . out of 13 index. only one i have to select.
    how would i select only my EC.

    It giving me an option to digitally sign and pay for the application. Which one it will take ?

      1. Dear Sir.
        I am able to see and Identify my Entry there. I am saying that there are other 12 entries as well.
        I am not finding a way to select only My entry there and proceed for EC application.

  25. Hi
    I had made the payment and then when I was digitally signing , It said some Application error and it crashed so finally I have made payment and not finding any references here on how to proceed.
    How to proceed further

      1. Hi
        I get status as below

        “EC Preparer signed and Uploaded” ..
        How to download the actual paper from here.


  26. Hi sir,
    If we want to apply for the ec for one year validity for katha transfer, is it possible via online?
    If so yes, then can you plz tell how

  27. Sir
    I have recently closed my Home Loan and thus want to remove Bank name from my EC. Kindly suggest if it can be done online .

  28. When i am trying to login, it says account expired and asking to create new account. When i tried to create new account, it says mobile number already registered.

  29. I’m trying to get EC. But getting an message ” error in saving application details”

    Please help

  30. I searched my EC with property details . it showed 13 properties with index . out of 13 index. only one i have to select.
    how would i select only my EC.? is this a bug in the application

      1. My Application is stuck at CC Preparer Signed and Uploaded, for a couple of days and I do not see a Download button next to it or anywhere else.

  31. When Applying for EC , dimension of site is like (9+8)/2 , EC field doesn’t take in this format. Also if you search with site number it list all the sites in that number. How to filter it or do exact match.

    1. Try using the date filter. If no other user has registered their property on the same date, then you can set the date of registration in both From and To dates of the range to get just that 1 match. You could also use the name field to filter by buyers/sellers of that name. I first filtered by the buyer name and then checked the index list to verify there was no other registration on that date and used that to run the filter again to get just 1 exact match.

      1. I agree if you select for particular date , what if we want to take EC for ten years??? We have to give date 10 years back. So many sites with same number but different layout. what ever you give in next , behind sites number it doesnt matter , it gives all the list. Any how thanks for the reply.

  32. Sir I applied for online EC and the process took many days to reach EC comparer signed and uploaded but I’m not getting further step to download EC

  33. Hello Basvaaraj, Thanks for the amazing article.

    I have a problem and was wondering if you could provide guidance. I bought a flat in Whitefield in 2017, but was away for years since then and could not apply for Khata Transfer or pay the property taxes. Now, when I tried to pay the taxes online on BBMP portal, using the last paid receipt from previous owner, I see that the property still appears in the name of old owner. Now, I want to pay all taxes and get the Khata Transfer done. Could you please guide me on the steps for getting this done? Thanks!

  34. Hello,

    I raised a request for an EC on 14-Apr-2021. This morning I received a notification that the document was “EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded”. I logged into the system and do not see an option to download the file. Any pointers? Assistance will be much appreciated!

  35. Sharing the latest timeline of steps involved for benefit of others :

    1. EC Application Submitted – 3/3/2021 10:33:56 PM

    2. EC Application Accepted – 3/6/2021 9:42:13 PM

    3. EC Report Prepared – 3/6/2021 9:42:35 PM

    4. EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded – 3/10/2021 2:52:45 PM

    5. EC Certificate Signed & Uploaded – 3/10/2021 4:03:18 PM

    Download Signed EC Report button becomes available only after step 5 ( which appears as submit button in previous steps ). Later I found out that it took a week due to some server issues at sub-registrar office. Otherwise it would have taken lesser time.

  36. Dear sir,
    My application status for Online EC is still : EC Application Submitted from past 2 weeks.
    Is this normal? When can i expect the Digitally signed EC online?

  37. Hi Basavaraj

    It’s been 4 working day I submitted for esign it is still in submitted status. How long will it take get esign

  38. I have bought a new flat from a builder in Bangalore and have registered it on 5th Feb 2021. I have recently paid the TDS for this unit as well. Now, I wanted to confirm that do I have to pay the property tax for the FY20-21 OR will it be builder’s responsibility to do the same for this FY?
    Since I will be owning the property for <60 days in the current FY, so wanted to check whether my liability to pay the property tax will start from next financial year 21-22. Thank you!

  39. Dear Sir
    This article is very helpful.
    Could you help me please, I bought a property In Bengaluru,
    EC shows two entries, One is from builder to my Name. and Second shows from my Name to Bank name. Is this okay, or some issue in property ?

    Whereas for my friend, with diffrent bank and diffrent builder in Bengaluru but for her, There is only one entry from Builder to her name only, She took the loan as well


  40. Nice Article.

    can you help me the process of removing MOD\Lien from the property ? I.e. we completed the homeloan and bank gave us a letter. It need to be submitted in registrar office. Can you help me with the process please ?

    1. Dear KJ,
      You have to personally visit the registrar’s office and submit the clearance documents submitted by the Bank. Accordingly, they will remove the lien. It is like a new property registration process (without any cost).

  41. Hello,

    I have registered in Kaveri website and logged in successfully.. after half an hour i am unable to login.
    Also i have created one more account with new credentials. But still issue is the same.
    Kindly provide the solution.

  42. I am trying to get the EC for a flat in the apartment, can you help me how to input only the flat number and get EC only for a specific flat?
    I could see it for entire apartment area.

    If I put only flat number, I see 25 properties with same flat number in the entire region (hobli). is it possible to filter out only for the flat which i was looking for?

  43. Hi

    I have applied for online EC and status showing as Signed and Uploaded(Even I received SMS)

    However I am not able to download the EC from View application instead it is routing to Application ->Index

    Where exactly we need to download. I have tried every possible ways to get it done. please suggest me something.



  44. 0n 11/27 i made successful payment of 40 rs on the online portal but i am still yet to get the digitally signed copy of my EC.
    Prior to this there were few payment failure and one of them still shows as pending, is that the reason behind the delay.

  45. Thanks for the information sir. What to do when original partition deed is lost? Is certified copy obtained under Online CC as good as original deed? Can Certified copy be treated as original deed?

  46. Hi

    I have applied for online EC and status showing as SIgned and Uploaded.

    However I am not able to download the EC from View application intead it is routing to Application ->Index

    Where exactly we need to download. I have tried evrything.

    Best Regards,

  47. Hi Sir,
    Is there any general timeline to process EC online, like 2 weeks etc?
    I am in urgent need, but dont want to go to office given Covid situation. Is there any alternative way to get the EC? through some agent etc?

    1. Has this been fixed now? i have applied Online EC and even after 8 days it is still in submitted state. Any idea how long will it take for signed digital copy?

  48. Hi Sir,
    I have done search for the property for the perior from 2004 to 2020.I got the EC for 2019 transaction and able to see that in EC ,in 2007 also Transaction was there which is not showing in search result in online.
    Does kaveri website shows only last transaction in the search result?
    Can you please help me understanding the below statement that is quoted in kaveri website?
    “View Index Information,System will display only Book 1 transactions”

  49. I have paid the fees for my online EC. from the past 2 weeks it is stuck saying “EC comparer Signed and Uploaded” it’s not going any further. plz help

  50. Dear sir,

    I am trying to get EC for my site, entering all details correctly as appear in my previous EC, I keep getting ” Alert: Error occured while processing the request, Please try again later… ” Is it because I am accessing from outside india ?, tried with several options still no use.

    can you please advise what could be going wrong, I tried searching property by ‘property number’ and also tried by partyname still no use.

    Thanks Satish

  51. I have submitted the online EC application. The ‘For Information Only’ document shows no encumbrance and it also does not show the property details. Will the final digitally signed EC contain all details of the property. Or am I seeing a blank EC because I did not submit my property details correctly?

    When filling up the application form I entered the property Katha no as xxx/xxx/xxx as it appears in the sale deed. All other details also were entered as per sale deed. Did I make a mistake in form filling?

  52. Dear Sir,

    I am a query on my EC, we did a transaction on our property early this week. Will KaveriOnline take some time to provide the updated EC as I still do not see the new transactions updated, when i extract a copy from KaveriOnline.


  53. Sir,

    I have couple of queries to search EC for my newly (in March 2020) registered flat :

    1. I am able to search EC online using my flat number but it is also showing records of flats in other block with same name. How can I narrow the search to only my flat ? I tried Khatha No, Survey Number but nothing is working.

    2. In my EC record, I am not able to see updated transaction details with my name which should be present as registration happened in March 2020. My builder is saying that entry in EC will change only after Khatha transfer. Is this the case ?

    Any help with these queries will be greatly appreciated !

  54. Dear sir,

    I have submitted application for digitally signed EC by making the online payment on 29th June 2020 and the status shows “Application submitted” even today 2nd July 2020. This is for Yelena Halli village near Begur, Bangalore South.
    Can you please tell me when can I expect. I was calling on the numbers received on sms after submitting the application, but no one picks.


      1. I think there is a delay due to the lockdown and less staff due to covid. I submitted an application on 9th July, still waiting for the digital signed copy. Still in EC application submitted mode.

  55. Dear sir,

    I have downloaded the “online EC and Registration sale deed” in kaveri online for free of cost. It shows water mark “For Information only”. Can I use this document as proof for land dispute cases in court (legal purposes)? Or else I can download digitally signed copy or Can I visit sub registrar office and take seal and signed copy? Please clarify what type of above 3 documents I can use it for legal purposes in courts.

    Thanks in advance

  56. Hi Basavraj,

    Your site came as a blessing. I am really lost in applying for the EC. Our builder took the Sale deed with them and has said a scanned copy of it will be provided in 10-15 days. I do not have a range of dates. So I tried using the name option. However, not sure how to fill in the date. Please help.


    1. The information provided was really useful and thanks for sharing the same.

      Can you please let me know how to register the apartment for the first time property tax registration

  57. HI, i had applied for online EC on Kaveri website and application status says ‘EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded’, but i dont see option to download the EC, i only see ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page and a PDF with ‘only for Information’ watermark, but it doesn’t show any of my details, PDF is all empty with message ‘Nill Encumbrance for this period’.IT doesn’t show my details or my property details. What should i do? where do i down load it, i have waited for 2 days to see if i can get a ‘download’ button,please suggest

      1. I’m having the same issue. No option to download. This cannot be a coincidence. If you can show where that download link was visible, we may check again. Please help.

          1. Dear Basavaraj, thank you for the response. I know you are not from Kaveri support. Whatever you do it highly appreciated.

            Today, I received another notification that it has moved to the next step. Preparer > Comparer. There might be other intermediate steps before the final document is prepared. If you know these steps, please share.

          2. Dear Basavaraj,

            Can you please post the screenshot of the actual download link? I have the same issue as others here, the status says ‘signed and uploaded’ but there is no way to download.

  58. Dear Sir, I am applying online for EC for home loan purpose.. It will be digitally signed. Will bank accept it as valid document ? My agent says the one with seal and signature only is valid. Kindly reply. Thanks.

    1. Hi Manajeet,

      Banks do access digitally signed copy of EC. Even I have done the same for my home loan. Also I will suggest to check with Bank directly rather than the agent (even if you are going through an agent for loan).


  59. Hi, I have submitted EC online.I have done payment and transaction done successfully.problem is that its not navigated to kaveri site and not able to see that request.I have bank reference number and challan amount and reference to proceed on that.

  60. Hi,
    I am trying to apply for EC but when i am giving my name, it is not searching my details.

    Can someone pls help me if there is any customer care email whom we can contact.


      1. Hi,
        I am trying to apply online for last couple of weeks, but its not giving me any result. It was giving the result in Feb but not now.

  61. You saying “As you can see here, it’s been pretty swift. I started an application on 6/7/2020
    As of this evening, 6/10/2020, the final EC certificate has been made available for me to download.”

    My question is after how long you got the downloadable EC certificate . My status shows EC certificate Signed and uploaded. However, When I am opening the document, there is no button for download only Submit button is there. When I press it, it says application submitted.

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        I did not get your answer to my query. I have mentioned, my application is in “Prepared and Uploaded” status. But there is no way I can download the application as it is not reflecting also there is no Download button from where I can download the document.

        My question is – Does Kaveri Online support team make the download button available in the system once all formalities are over for the user to download the prepared document?

        1. I am facing the same issue, although I have applied the EC by paying and clicking on submit button still the button is available and on clicking again it says it is submitted. However, I got the SMS after few days as “Signed By SDA and Uploaded” but still there is Submit button but not the download button. Don’t understand if there is technical glitch the concerned government body should resolve instead just leave it with this shabby state which is no use. Pitty for the Citizens!

  62. I have applied EC on line on 8th of June 2020, but so far I have not received digitally signed EC Please guide be how many days it will take

  63. I need an EC for my property in Bangalore South. In the Kaveri website (, I only find Bangaloure Rural and Bangalore Urban, but not Bangalore south. Per document, my village is Doddakallasandra village. I think this is only visible if I choose Bangalore south, which is not available in the website. Can anyone help me with any guidance?

    1. Further, I went ahead by choosing Bangalore Rural as district, and choosing Doddakallasandra as village (even though this was not in the menu, it still accepted when I typed this village name). And after entering site no. sy no. etc. finally it threw up an error as “Alert: Error in saving application details” . I am not sure whether it is because of my entry or the site isn’t working properly.
      Any assistance is much apprecited

  64. Folks, for anyone wondering what the sequence of events is –

    1. EC Application Submitted – 6/7/2020 1:44:44 PM
    2. EC Application Accepted – 6/9/2020 7:01:42 AM
    3. EC Report Prepared – 6/9/2020 7:01:52 AM
    4. EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded – 6/9/2020 7:03:00 AM (You’ll receive a text message at this point)
    5. EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded – 6/9/2020 4:00:53 PM (You’ll receive a text message at this point)
    6. EC Certificate Signed & Uploaded – 6/10/2020 4:23:59 PM (You’ll receive a text message at this point)

    As you can see here, it’s been pretty swift. I started an application on 6/7/2020
    As of this evening, 6/10/2020, the final EC certificate has been made available for me to download.

    1. Currently they are saying, that they stopped issuing EC from the past 15 days due to some problem in the software.
      is it true? bcoz the timelines mentioned by you is just days back.

      1. Sir, I had applied for EC on 02June2020, after filled all points I could see my EC application for what I want, but after received I have surprised that, in that I got Msg like ” No records Found”. what to do pl. help me.
        I also want yout suggestion for filling in size for flat. what I have to enter for Ex: 1185 is flat size , how to enter, my carpet area is 783.
        I wanted to avoid go through builder and also I don’t want to give bribe.

    2. Dear Basavaraj,

      I applied for an Online EC on May 19th and received it on May 20th with correct property details, market value & registration number in EC certificate. When applying for EC, I selected a shorter duration period. So I applied for another Online EC on May 21st and before proceeding verified that my property details are appearing correctly and then paid the amount. This time I received the EC on Jun 8 (after ~17 days) and surprisingly my registration details are not present in the EC. My first EC says ‘Namuna 15’ and second EC says ‘Namuna 16′.

      Now when I try searching, it am getting “NILL encumbrance for this period’ message. By any chance do you know why this is happening ? I am trying to shift my home loan to a different bank and I am in the middle of this process. Thanks in advance.

  65. Hi,
    I am planning to buy a flat in resale but not able to see the details of registry transaction in EC. EC is coming nil. Flat was registered in 2012 and it has its sale deed available on kaveri portal when I search under CC using registry number.
    But in EC I am not getting any details.
    Please suggest.

    1. i applied for an EC online and here it shows EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded , but how can i download it. there is no option to download it?

  66. I have submitted application for EC. I got the following message ‘Your Application having number JAY-EC-A-166488-2020-21 is been Signed By SDA and Uploaded. For any Queries , Contact : ‘080-22220979′,’080-22220951′,’080-22220953′,’080-22220939’. However when I view the pending/saved application, it is still showing submit. There is no download button. What to do?

  67. I had applied for EC on 1/6/20. I could see my previous EC under the payment status in saved EC application post payment. I had opted for digitally signed EC. Today I got a SMS message that my EC is approved. In the timeline the status is EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded.
    When I login, I am seeing that the PDF says (Nill Encumbrance for this period.)

    I had just transferred my home loan to another bank. Please let me know what the issue is.

  68. One question I have : EC form Generated for me has Form 17 mentioned and not Form 15. Is Form 17 is also considered as EC document?

    1. Hi Mr. Basavaraj and Mr Rajan, I had applied for the EC and got the signed EC as well, from Kaveri portal. But, as mentioned by Mr Rajan, it is form 17 and not form 15. Now the form 15 format is needed for Khata Transfer, as per the sakalakar website.
      Hence, a doubt, if this form 17 of downloaded EC will serve in Khata transfer work or not, because, I found a user stating at one of the portals that the form 17 of EC is not being accepted !! Any help from you both would be appreciated and how to get the form 15 then?!

        1. Dear Basavaraj,
          What to do in case my online khata transfer application is rejected saying “submit EC Form 15”? What is the way out?


            1. Thanks Basavaraj!
              My case was i got the EC online. It was form 17. Then applied to online Khata transfer using the same. But, after 30 days the application is rejected saying EC form 15 need to be submitted. I am not able to fine Form 15 online. But, while the govt has made EC form17 online, why BBMP is not accepting is something i am not understanding.


  69. Highly substandard service, the whole day I tried to get my EC online, at every stage it pop-ups with “error saving the application” try again. Finally at the gateway for payment even after generating OTP and entering it in the banks portal the final message “error try again”. Finally, I gave up.
    Maybe the Kaveri Online service has not added the bribing window to clear the file.

  70. Hi Sir, I have submitted online EC application on 10th April’2020. But the status is still showing as Submitted. How long will it take to get the signed EC?

  71. I am using all options available online but unable to find my EC. Finally I get it using the converted khata option. There along with many other properties, mine is located. I got the digital signature without my property listed and BBMP is not accepting. They are asking me to search using CD number option which I am not seeing in the portal. Please help.

  72. Sir
    I need nil EC for my flat no 101
    What is the old property number ..?
    It’s new appartment and still we don’t have Katha number .
    We can apply only on syno ..?

  73. Hi Basavaraj,

    after filling details and search getting no details on EC and showing “NIL EC”
    how to get the details on EC is there any mistake ?
    plot 1st registration was done in 1999 and recent registration done by 2017 so because of 1st registration before 2004 its not showing or what actually.

      1. Sir i pay the certain amount amount is deducted from account but when i click to payment status it shows error what we do

  74. How many days does it takes to get ec online? It says application submitted, but wen do I ll be able to download? Please let me noe

  75. Hello Sir,

    I’ve applied for an EC for my property and have made the required payment/submitted the same. Right now the status is shown as “EC Application Submitted” and there is a “Sakala Number” also allocated.
    Its been more more than 15days and I dont see any change in the status of the application.
    How to escalate or whom to reach out to get the right support ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  76. Hello sir, my property was registered in koramangala office 15 years back. Know I need EC. DO I have to go to koramangala Or can I get the EC In any sub- registrar office. (Eg: begur, silkboard, jaynagar).
    I stay in kodichikanahalli.

  77. How do I get the EC for certain period when I download EC it is only one day EC. Need EC for the period from registration to today’s date

      1. Dear Sir, First of all thank you for taking your time and responding to all of these queries helping so many people. I found this link when I was desperately waiting for the updates after making the payment to get EC. I have made the payment few days back and when I wanted to check the updates by clicking the “view application” under saved application it keeps throwing error message “an error occured while processing your request”. This has been happening from last 2 days. Is this something common? Any other option to check/follow up? Thanks once again for your help!

          1. Sure thank a lot sir, That issue still exists.. Will wait for few days and reach out to the Sub registrar office.

        1. Dear Sir namaskara, Yesterday I finally received an SMS that EC preparer signed and uploaded. I logged in today, went to saved applications, selected service type EC and found Application status as EC preparer signed and uploaded yesterday 11.50 pm. Timeline shows the same. However the pdf below says, old one “only for information” and not the signed one. Can you please help if there is any other place to download? OR does it take time to see the uploaded file? or some error uploading by the person which may result in me physically going to the sub reg office? Thanks so much for your time in helping everyone.

  78. Good Day,

    I registered with Kaveri Portal, but unable to login with my credentials.

    1) I tried to reset the password and login again, this also failed.
    2) I tried to unlock the account and login again, this also failed.

    BTW, I also tried to reach out the Kandaya Bhavan support numbers none of them seems to be working and there is no response upon calling.

    Please assist me as to what’s wrong in my approach?

  79. Hi Sir, My application is in “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded” status, but still when i click on the “view application” and scroll to the bottom, I still see a submit button instead of Download button. I even got an SMS confirming its ready for download. Please advice.

    1. Sir I have applied for Encumbrance Certificate online, all the details required are available I have submitted to after paying the fee, but still I have not received the Digitally signed copy please help to procure the same.

  80. Last November I closed loan and registered relinquishment deed between bank and me. Property transferred from bank to my name. one day EC issued by registration office. Yesterday I downloaded latest EC online but this entry is missing in Encumbrance certificate. This transaction was done 3 months back. What should I do?

  81. Is it necessary to search by Property number and submit? Or Can i also search by Party Name and submit the same for digital signature? Will that be valid too for Khata transfer?
    The reason being on choosing the Property Number, East – West / North – South measurement needs to be entered which is not present in the sale deed as its a flat.

  82. Hi, I have applied digital ec on 5 Feb and paid fees too….but still no update . Anyone know when i can expect EC and will they via email ?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj, Today I got message “EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded” . But do you know how and from where need to download singed copy.

        Mukesh Maurya

      2. Hi Basavaraj, Today I got SMS and current status in portal “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded”… But don’t know from where to download
        new signed copy ?

  83. I’m trying to search the EC by entering property details. Upon receiving OTP and clicking “Download for Information Purposes only” , the PDF file returns a blank page with no entries in it. Pls advise.

      1. I too got same error, what you do is select the option “apply for Digital signature” and click on proceed, before you make payment, it will show the property and owner details, if all looks okay you can proceed further for payment.

  84. Hi
    In my sale deed the area of our property is mentioned as total area, whereas in application it asks for north-south and east-west dimensions.
    kindly help me how to overcome this issue.

    Thanks & Regards

  85. HI.. I have submitted the application for EC. As per the procedure, digitally signed application was uploaded. But i could not download it.
    As there was no download button.
    Is there any option to visit any nearby sub registrar office for a site in Kogilu village.
    Kindly reply.

  86. Hi,

    I want to get the Online EC and followed the steps mentioned by you. For me details of the property are displayed fine, but “Check for digitally signed EC” is disabled. How to get the EC now?


  87. Hi,

    I had submitted EC online in November but never got any confirmation. The current status on Kaveri Online is – EC Application reverted to pay additional search fee. How to proceed on this? Please suggest.

      1. Thank you. I had applied for the online EC on Jan 23rd and it was available for download on Jan 27th. Somebody said that EC with signature and seal is only valid for transactions and online EC is only for information purpose.

  88. When searching for EC, iam able to get when searching with party name
    But my details arent listing when searching with the property number.
    Any idea what could the reason.

  89. I had applied Digitally Signed EC Online in Kaveri Online Services on 13.01.2020 by paying requisite fees. On 17.01.2020 I received SMS that ÿour Sakala Number ********* is approved. On this day, 20.01.2020 when I viwed the same in Kaveri Online Services, the application status was still in submiited. Digitally Signed EC is still not available.
    How long will it take for me to download?

  90. Submitted the EC application after paying the fees online. In Pending/Saved section message is as below:

    BSK-EC-A-274725-2019-20 10/01/2020 15:39:20 IG0EC0000013191
    EC Application Submitted

    Its 3 days now. How will I know when the EC is generated?

    1. HI,
      Got my EC. The download procedure is as below:
      Once Message/SMS comes that “You can download the Signed EC from your Application”
      login to Kaveri Services Online – Pending Saved Applications – Service Type – Select OnlineECApplication – Message “EC Certificate Signed & Uploaded” will be displayed in APPLICATION STATUS – Then click on VIEW APPLICATION – Scroll to the bottom – Click on DOWNLOAD SIGNED EC REPORT
      The EC Report will be downloaded

            1. Hi Basavaraj,

              Can you please tell me what I am missing? I followed all the steps, even after two days I still don’t see DOWNLOAD SIGNED EC REPORT button or link

                1. I also face the same issue. Donot see button to “DOWNLOAD SIGNED EC REPORT”.
                  Have you got any solution to this problem?

  91. I have made the payment. The amount is deducted from the bank, but its not updated in the application and payment receipt also dint generate.

  92. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have submitted for online EC on 31st dec 2019 and now its status is “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded”, but i cannot find any link to download the same.
    Please help me

      1. Once Message/SMS comes that “You can download the Signed EC from your Application”
        login to Kaveri Services Online – Pending Saved Applications – Service Type – Select OnlineECApplication – Message “EC Certificate Signed & Uploaded” will be displayed in APPLICATION STATUS – Then click on VIEW APPLICATION – Scroll to the bottom – Click on DOWNLOAD SIGNED EC REPORT
        The EC Report will be downloaded

  93. Hi sir… My name is Mohan from bengaluru, I’m finding it difficult to login to the kaveri online service web, even though I’m typing the correct details but it shows as wrong

  94. kaveri online services – online EC – show the dates only from 1/4/2004 to till date. so When I provide my property details, it say – Nill Encumbrance for this period . How to get EC for properties that are registered in 2003. Please advice

  95. Hi Basavaraj,

    Could you please confirm me that anyone have got/downloaded so far signed copy of of EC form online Kaveri website. what is its success rate?
    I know that if it does work within 30days, we can give complaint by calling to SAKALA no. does it work?

  96. Hi ,
    I have successfully submitted the Application after payment. I’ve applied for Apr 2004 to Dec 2019 duration.In how many days digitally signed EC will be available to download ?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for prompt response. Now it is showing EC Report Prepared, but not able to find download option. If I’m opening the file under View Application section, it showing the unsigned copy. Please help me to download the signed EC.

  97. Hi ,
    I have successfully submitted the Application after payment. In how many digitally signed EC will be available to download ?

      1. Thank you.
        I received sms stating EC preparer signed and uploaded. Can you please tell me from where will be the uploaded EC?? From where can i download digitally signed EC copy ? I don’t see any download option. Please guide me.

        1. Hello Manik, Were you able to download EC ? I am also not able to find EC even after the status is ‘uploaded’.

  98. when I try to search after entering all details and OTP am getting error “Alert: Error occured while processing the request, Please try again later…”

  99. Dear Guest,

    I have made payment and submitted application successfully on 14th Nov2019 but still EC is not available for me. Could you please tell usually how many days it take to upload EC with digital signature.

  100. I applied EC online(KAVERI) on 13/11/19 and still Application status showing submitted. On 22/11/19 ,I received SMSfrom SAKALA that application for Issue of EC is approved from Dept. INSPECTOR GENERAL OF REGISTRATION AND STAMPS. But digitally singed copy still not uploaded in kaveri website. How long i should wait…

    1. Hello Laxman, Were you able to download EC ? I am also not able to find EC even after the status is ‘uploaded’

  101. Hi All,
    Do not use this service for EC.. It just eats up your money simply.. I have made payment 4 times in vain. The application is designed so badly that the from Payment Gateway it does not return to main application.. It sucks by throwing an unknown error.

    Same response from all the best browsers in the world..

    Better pay the brokers in the RO & get the job done and its guaranteed service, instead of going through the pain of loosing money in this portal.

    An unfortunate portal user

    1. Hi, even I got this issue, but we can actually get the application from the option by clicking the menu Pending Applications >> Saved Applications >> From the dropdown select OnlineEC Application >> you can find your submitted application form, there click on the icon which is under the column View Application, you can get the application that you have paid for, check for the payment status by clicking Check payment status, if it is success then you can submit the application. Hope this helps.

  102. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have chosen an under construction flat to buy. I want to download its EC. I did not see flat No or oter details to enter in your above blog. Can you please help on how to get it?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj. I got it. My application status is “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded”. Where do I need to click to get this EC downloaded? I am not getting that link anywhere.

          1. Thanks again Basavaraj.

            Actually, I am trying to get an EC for a particular flat of an under construction project. What is giving here is for the whole piece of land, and not for that flat.

            Is there any way to get EC of a particular flat which is under construction? Please guide.

  103. You will receive many SMS from KAVERI system. One of them is intimating that your application has been signed and uploaded. At this stage the copy to download is not yet made available. Wait till you get the SMS which has the clear message “Your application has been uploaded. You can Download the signed EC from your application”. This is when you can download your online EC.

    1. Did you manage to download ? Same problem with me i am not able to download infact i don’t see anywhere which says DOWNLOAD.

  104. I see the status as “EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded” but the button is still submit. I can see the “For Information” preview but no digitally signed button. Please help.

  105. I lost paying 192rs received a message saying “EC Certificate Signed & Uploaded” but the certificate is totally blank don’t know whom to approach online its waste of time also I lost my money better to go to sub registrar office and apply.

  106. I have been trying to get online EC but without success. Only when I choose ‘search by party name’ and give purchaser name will I get the entry. Can you tell me why I get wrong search results even when all entries are correct? Should the boundary entries match 100% -both text and case? I tried to callthe landline number given on one picks up. Can I have your number so I may call you to get help ..Thanks

  107. Hi Basavaraj,
    I submitted request in Aug, now Sakala number was created and the status of Application is “EC Application Submitted”. I guess i need to wait till the status says EC uploaded etc. Right?

      1. Where it is? I didnt find it anywhere.
        Its been More than 20 days its been told like EC has been Uploaded. But Still cant find where they have uploaded.

      2. Hello Arjun, Were you able to download EC ? I am also not able to find EC even after the status is ‘uploaded’.

  108. Hello, Issue in reflecting the payment on kaverionline.

    1. I had paid via credit card, internet banking and the money got debited couple of times and the kaverionline error processing. after 10 attempts, i could successfully pay for 4 times but the payment page did not show the transaction.
    2. then i visited the bank and paid it as cash at SBI. got the acknowledge copy from the bank.
    3. Step 5 showed that i need to pay the money at bank within 7 days. after paying money, it went blank. no reference number, payment status or acknowledge receipt. it says i need to make payment.
    4. reached [email protected] and confirmed that the money is credited to the challan successfully, which we can check online in their website under search challan but they are not responsible for the money reflecting in kaverionline
    5. tried reaching the email ids provided in kaverionline website, not of much help till now.

    Is there anyone who can help. Thanks -Raja

    1. Dear Mr. Basavaraj and Mr. Raja,
      I am also in a somewhat similar situation. I have made payment twice for EC through kaverionline, but could not “submit” the application after the payment. So, the two payments that I have made is stuck and also I have not been able to apply for the EC yet. I am not sure if this is happening because I am using Google Chrome! Am I supposed to use some other browser? Also, is there a way to get back the two payments that I have made?

  109. Hello Basavaraj Sir,
    Thanks for this lovely portal.
    Quick query: I am trying to submit online EC application. The EC for the property is till 20th July 2019. So I am trying to fill it from 21st July 2019 till date (As I bought the property now). But the search result always shows me ‘Nill Encumbrance for this period.’.
    Can you help me to understand this sir?

      1. Yeah I tried that as well sir. But same result when I try to download the pdf using ‘Download for information purpose only’ button

  110. I have applied for Ec on 5.9.19 for 10 years and in sakala it shows as approved and received sms also yesterday. But EC is not uploaded. Where will it be uploaded. In Sakala or Kavri online Saved application. From where can I download.

  111. Yes, now able to submit. Again as Basavaraj Sir mentioned lot to be improved.
    Did any one downloaded and how long it took to get the document for download?

      1. Hi Kam, I dont know how long they will take. Basavaraj need to answer this. What is the next step after submitting the application?

          1. Hi Basavaraj,
            I submitted on 5th Sep itself. But still i didnt get the digitally signed EC. Could you assist on this?

  112. I paid cash at the SBI branch via SBI challan a week ago and when I checked on the site yesterday, it still showed cash not paid. So i paid again online via credit card and I got an online receipt for the payment. New search results showed nil records, while a week ago, it showed me the right record for the property. I also tried to open the saved application from last week against which i had paid (twice now), but I repeatedly got Error while submitting. Looks like the website is not responding to and the submit function is still not working. Is there somewhere we can complain about the website issue?

  113. It is more than 1 month since I applied for an EC. It looks like the software is incomplete. At least there should be a provision to inform that your application is under process after receiving the payment through Kajane? Thinking that the application is stuck I kept reapplying that the statement shows more than the number of EC what I need!!

  114. Hi All,

    I am trying to apply EC. After the payment while submitting it says error in submitting application.
    Kindly advice…

  115. Hi All,
    I am trying daily from past 5 days, I am still giving same error – “Error in Submitting Application” while trying to submit.
    I have made payment twice. Doesn’t know when this website will work properly. Lets hope for the best.

    Arjun PL

    1. Hi Arjun,
      Even I submitted in now. I got “payment success” status and a receipt. However, the application form says “error in submitting application”. Also, the payment field has “check status” which upon clicking is leading to a different page which is giving the status, however, not updating back to the main page. Kindly put a note here once you get a success status.


  116. Dear viewers,
    This blog is lot of help for first timers. But looks like bbmp sites are not being maintained properly. As you see several users have paid amount and unable to submit their requests. Wait for some comments on successful try.

  117. The worst app created by the Dept with an intention of approaching office by public. I tried more than 5 times , though I filled all the data and clicked for otp. But it took lot of time to send otp .But when entered the otp immediately the error displaying ‘timed out’?. Tried several times but efforts in vain. Can’t able to hire the better knowledgeable IT people for simplified app for getting online EC!. Hope the concerned will look in.

  118. Hi, I applied for EC and submitted the application by paying fees. I got the Sakala number and checked that the application is approved. Can you help from where can i download the certificate because it is still showing as application submitted.


    1. I also have the same problem. Status of my application says EC report prepared and uploaded but I don’t see a place from where the report can be downloaded. It’s been a week now. Tried contacting the listed support numbers but no response

      1. Thanks Basavaraj…I went to SRO, applied EC offline and got it…
        My recommendation is not to use this website for online EC..The helpdesk numbers and emails of Kaveri online services are waste..

        1. What is the process and time required to apply for EC offline (since the online portal is having issues for past several weeks).

    1. Hello Kiran,
      Any update on the issue? I am also stuck with the same problem for two days. Sent an email yesterday and it bounced back. I tried calling their published phone no. Nobody answering the call.
      Any other ways?

  119. Hi,
    I made payment . And i tried to submit the application. Its giving “Error in Submitting Application”. Tried several times. Its giving the same. Please help me out.

  120. Hi All,
    I tried applying for EC and paid the money online. But while submitting the EC, I get Error. Now i am not able to Submit the application. Is there any customer care for kaveri website?

  121. Hi Basavaraj,
    Thanks for sharing this information and process. I did apply and can see the Sample specimen EC. I have paid the required fee and while submitting it say Error in Submitting Application. Any suggestion on this matter.

      1. Hi Sir, mine is also says “error in submitting application” after payment done and while submitting. what needs to be done? No sakala number generated.

  122. Hi! Mr. Basavaraj

    Thanks for sharing your experience with online EC. I have also applied for EC and submitted the application. Now the status of my application is “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded” but I am not seeing anything to download. Whether do I need to wait further? Its been one day after submitting the application.

  123. Hi Basavaraj, This is a great service, thanks a lot.

    I am looking for EC for property registered in 1971. Can you also help on how to obtain EC for it?

    Thanks in advance.

  124. I did not understand how to download the signed copy, after getting a message from “Kaveri Services” that my EC has been upload.
    Can you please explain this. Thanks.

  125. i have applied for the EC on kaveri onlie services ,
    made my payment and received confirmation ,

    the application status shows ” EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded on 3rd Aug only ”

    But not clear where to download the Digital signed EC doc
    Please suggest , I am able to download only index ( for information doc )

    1. hi Balaji, same problem for me also and I could not download. Please let me know how did you download if it worked for you.

    2. HI Balaji,
      were you able download the signed copy? I am not able to locate the download option. can you please help me? thanks Narender

  126. Hi I have an issue were in when i am trying to give the details,after entering the OTP when i search i am getting Nil details.Tried entering the PID number,House no but nothing seems to be working.Not sure on how to proceed can you please help me in this

  127. – Applied for EC
    – Did e-payment (Rs 60)
    – Submitted the application
    – Record available under “Saved Applications”
    – Sakla number generated
    – Application status – “EC Application Submitted”

    But, still the document is not digitally signed, as I don’t see any sign of digital signature.

    Please suggest.


      1. Yes, I have seen on other documents, some kind of logo or signature information appears after its digitally signed, which is missing here.

        This document looks same as I had downloaded before payment.

  128. Applied for EC on 14/07/2019 & CC on 15/07/2019. Did e-payment for both. Still no Sakala number allotted. Could there be a problem?

  129. Thank you so much. I managed to apply & also pay fee for both EC & C early this morning. Payment gateway shows payments success. However my application is not yet seen in Saved Application section. Is there anything more I have to do?

  130. Have greatly benefited by this thread. Patience is the key
    Sharing the timeline of my application:

    EC Application Submitted – 5/5/2019 3:11:52 PM
    EC Application Accepted – 5/9/2019 12:01:40 PM
    EC Report Prepared – 5/9/2019 12:02:13 PM
    EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded – 5/9/2019 12:04:45 PM
    EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded – 5/13/2019 12:26:12 PM
    EC Certificate Signed & Uploaded – 5/13/2019 1:25:41 PM

    The download button got activated only after the last step.

      1. @basavaraj.Hello, I followed all the above steps when I go to pending and saved applications it says in timeline application not submitted.when I try to submit the application it says error in submitting application . However a sakala number has been generated. Should I do the process again.

        1. 1. Check whether you have paid all property Tax 2. Resubmit the application. I have also faced the same issue in that timeline. Don’t know what exactly was the issue after I paid this year property tax, the same application got submitted on the next day.

    1. Dear Kibriya,
      Thank you very much for sharing the above details, which was of immense help to me to download the EC

    2. Hi Kibriya I am trying this process online. However, payment page gets stuck / frozen or takes gets held up. Any suggestions please

  131. Hi Basavaraj,
    I tried fetching the EC for my plot in Banashankari 6th Stage 4th Block. The village name I filled was ‘Banashankari 6th Stage 4th block (4H + 4B + 4C)’. In the EC, I receive two sites with same number one in 4th block other in 4H block. How can I request for only the one in 4th block? Looks like the portal is using only village name and site no and not the boundaries and measurements for fetching the EC details.

      1. Dear Basavaraj Garu,
        I also tried today. The report displayed is blank without any details. I was about to opt for getting signed EC by payment. Could not make the payment as the form is blank.
        By the way, Could you through some light on what is Namuna 3 Register, K.M.F 25 (Rule 53(1) a form??
        Best Regards

  132. ‘DOWNLOAD SIGNED REPORT’ is the final EC download process it took 7 days final status in Time line final status will be ‘EC Certificate Signed & Uploaded’

    1. The EC Status shows as “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded”. Is this the final step. I don’t find any download option.

        1. It took 13 days for me. But today I got an SMS that the EC is uploaded. But If I login I see the application status “EC Comparer Signed & Uploaded” But I don’t see the option to download. @venkat where did you get the “DOWNLOAD SIGNED REPORT” link/option.

  133. I followed these steps and submitted application on 8th June 2019. Till date (more than 7 days) I have not got the e-signed copy to download. Timeline also states “Apllication submitted on 8 June 2019” and has no further entries. What is the next possible step?

  134. How to download digital signed EC? Already paid the amount online and received confirmation SMS regarding downloading digital signed EC. When I logged in my account don’t see any digital signed EC

  135. Has anybody done it for Prestige Sunrise Apartment? I don’t understand what to fill in the property details. There are schedule and then there is schedule a, schedule b and schedule c. Dont know which one to fill. I tried to fill something and it showed me blank EC. So I assume I did not fill it correctly. Can somebody help how it is done for apartments/flats?

      1. Hi Bassu,

        Thanks for replying. I am currently not in Bangalore so I am unable to go to any sub-registrar office. So online would be best option for me as I need to do Khata transfer. Also, for EC is it required to go to that particular registrar office or any office in Karnataka can do it?


          1. Hi Bassu,

            I spoke to my apartment builders, they said that if I give them EC, they will do the khata transfer and I don’t need to come to bangalore. I am not out of country and can visit karnataka if required but want to avoid if possible.


  136. Hi Basu,
    It takes 2 days to get online EC.
    In your article please add that one should click SUBMIT button after making the payment. SUBMIT button is located below EC application. You can reach EC application through the Saved folder. I did not do that for a week and it was stuck. After I clicked on the button and submitted the application for digitally signed EC it took 2 working days.
    Thanks for the article.

  137. Hi,
    I keep getting this message when I try to search EC:
    Alert: Error in saving Application Details
    Have tried several times full day today.
    Any suggestions.

        1. I got the same issue, tried it with different browsers, no luck so far. One question do we need to fill the previous property details?

  138. hi sir how to get BDA NOC for BBMP limits land. I have site in Gottigere, the buyer is asking for BDA NOC. Where can i get the BDA NOC sir

  139. Hi Sir,

    Since bank people wanted EC, I had applied it online. Now the bank people are saying they cannot accept digitally signed EC it seems. Bank people are saying like online generated EC are not checked properly.

    Can you suggest me what have to do now?

  140. Hi .Is there any specific format for entering syrvey or khata should we enter as x/y or x-y ?

      1. I think instructions on filling the filed should be more clear. I tried several times, but cannot find any encumbrances in Kaveri website. But when I tried in Record of rights website, I am getting an affirmative result.

  141. After submitting the EC application, I got a message that the EC is signed and uploaded. When I login to the portal, I am not able to locate the place where to download the document from. Under Saved Applications-> Online EC Application there is no clickable link to download the document. Can you help to understand how to down the EC document.


  142. I am not able to get the EC for my Flat. For property number type which option should I select if I have to mention the Registration number. or the stamp duty paid number not sure. The number which is mentioned at the time of registration on each page

  143. Hi Mr. Basavaraj
    Thankyou for this post. It was really informative.
    I am unable to get it for my flat. I have OC, pid, sale deed registration number, survey number and an old EC but no matter what I select under property number type and property number, i get invalid property details everytime.

    Can you please help me out? I think I am selecting the incorrect property type. Please help.

      1. Hi will they provide the EC till date. For example if i bought the land in 2005 will the EC shows from 2005 till 2019. while searching(not digitally signed was checked only common search was given) the EC was only showing for 2005. its not showing like 2005 – 2019. if i check the digitaly signed copy and make the payment can i get the EC from 2005 to 2019. can you please help on this

          1. Hi Basavaraj, appreciate your response. Can you please elaborate about offline and online. Yesterday I gave normal search not payment search from 2005 till date(2019), but it was showing only EC for the only year 2005 (2004-2005) that’s it. To get EC from 2005 till 2019, what should I do. Can you please help me on this Mr.Basavaraj

          2. Sir, in normal search for EC I gave from 2005 – till date (2019). But it’s showing only for 2005 the purchase date on EC. But it’s not showing till date. I mean only for 2005 it’s showing and from 2006 it’s not showing. To get till date do I have to pay the payment.please help me on this. In normal search it was showing only for year 2005 .the year I purchased.but it’s not showing after 2005. Do I have to check digital signed and pay the amount.if I do this will I get till date sir.i mean from 2005 – 2019

              1. Sir, I know the process how to fill the question is will I get the EC from 2005 till 2019 if I fill all the details. I am concere
                Pned whether I get the EC only for 2005 or 2005 to till date 2019.

                  1. Thank you for your patience and quick response sir. Appreciate your help to the public this is really a great thing by taking your precious time to answer to the public.

                    1. sir, i got the EC from 2005 till date. Thank you for all your cooperation and assistance.

  144. My property type is Apartment, but When i filling the form perticular place asking site dimention but in Apartment we will get only total area (Ex -1500 sqft), please guide me how to fill the perticular site dimention portion

  145. I have OC and Khata for my apartment. In the online portal it is asking for east-west and North-south dimension.But in the sale deed it is not is only mentioned the super build area and undivided share.
    Please suggest how to get this?

  146. am unable to get any detail on the EC after entering the required information asked for. It just shows nil encumbrance without mentioning the property details. Pls help..

  147. i have a newly registered apartment,
    if i enter the katha number of the land, its not listing my flat specific EC.
    what should i do?
    We have not received OC and my flat does not have katha

  148. I have submitted the EC application yesterday and i have not got still, but my friend said she got in 1 day

      1. in the message they have provided 4 helpline numbers, but not even single number is being attended…BLUNDER!!

          1. Hello Basavaraj, thanks a lot for putting the above instructions together for us. I was able to apply online EC following your directions. However, I do not see any SLA on the Kaveri website or have received an acknowledgement from the website. It appears this facility need an upgrade to include SLA and some workflow kind of information. Anyway, thanks again for your effort in putting this blog together for us.

      2. still i have not got the EC, it has been more than 10 days…I personally went to concerned sub register office to sort out, the staff there replied it will take more than a week coz server is down!! and insisted me to do offline, this is so rediculous….on side i paid my amount online and on the other hand still i have not got any response.Please help me

  149. I want to get the EC from october 31 till date. When I enter from Oct 31,2018 and to date to the current date, it is giving me all the details of whoever has purchased the house between these dates. Is it right?

  150. Sir,

    I am not able to make payment to get EC document digital signed, its timing out and tried all the fixes to resolve the issue. Looks like this issue is happening only for this site. Is there any other options to get the EC.

    Could you please help.

  151. I got an SMS that EC has been prepared, signed and uploaded, but I do not know how to download it. I have checked all menu options on Kaveri but I am unable to find out from where I should download the uploaded EC

      1. Yes, but it is not there. In the Saved Applications, I am able to open the application and see the Timeline and somebody named Basavaraja has signed and uploaded, but location is not known. Do you know what to do next?

          1. Thanks. I went to the sub-registrar office yesterday. It appears that the EC preparation and signing is the first step and the supervisor also has to sign, but since the supervisor is on leave, it will take a few more days. The link to download will be activated in Kaveri after the final signature, which might take upto 7 days after application.

            1. Thank you! I faced the same issue and was unable to find the link to download. Will not wait for their supervisor to sign.

            2. I submitted the application online on 4th May. On 10th May, I see the status as “EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded” but after that no progress till now. I am still not seeing any download option. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to make the EC available for download after it is signed and uploaded?

  152. Wow, it really worked well!! Thanks for the info. By the way when can i download the EC which is digitally signed?

  153. Dear Basu,

    I am unable to get any detail on the EC after entering the required information asked for. It just shows nil encumbrance without mentioning the property details. Pls help…

      1. Dear Basu,

        I am being trying since 5-6 days with the same result. Tried with different permutation. Kindly help me Mr. Basavaraj

  154. Dear Basu,
    Thank you for this helpful blog. I have 2 questions:
    1. There are no details of East to West measurement and north to south measurement in the sale deed. Where do I get them from?
    2. There is sale deed execution date in my sale deed which should be the from date in EC. What would be the to date?

    1. Hi Aastha, Thank you for this question. even i am looking for the same. Even in my document i do not have north to south and east to west measurement. Did you get any proper answer from anyone? please do contact me 855333592three

  155. Hello,

    Same here, EC status showing ‘EC Preparer Signed & Uploaded’ but there is no download option. Can someone help me or for anyone it got resolved?

  156. Thank you for sharing the information. I applied for EC and got the update now saying its signed and uploaded. However there is no download option! I can upload the snapshot, but didnt find the option to upload.

    1. Just confirmed with the Sakala customer service. there is no option to download the signed EC.The feature is work in progress. you need to go to the sub registrar to collect the EC. Useless KAveri services. Waste of time

      1. Dear MMZ41,
        If as per them, there is no such option, then how come few downloaded using the same platform? Either they don’t know what is actual issue or they just force you to go for offline.

  157. Thanks a ton sir for sharing this information. Why is it asking for IFSC code while registering and there is no provision to enter IFSC code anywhere.

  158. Hi, there is no Download option under Pending/Saved Application tab other than Saved Application option. Though the Application Status for EC under Saved Application Details is “EC Prepare Signed & Uploaded, D N SRINIVASA 2/15/2019 12:33:34 PM)”, there is no option to download it, please let me know if I am checking the right place?

  159. Thanks for the guidelines on how to get it online. I followed this procedure and everything went smooth. However, after online payment, the bank screen reverted me to Khajana. But at that time it showed session expired. Amount got debited in bank, but the Kaveri online screen did not come for Refresh payment button.What should I do now to get the EC? (Amount already paid)

  160. Hi, It says the EC is signed and submitted but I think you are missing the download step in your explanation. it would be good if you can show where we can find the download button or how the interface looks like

  161. Hi Basavaraj, I am trying to apply for EC online for my flat (Apartment) using Kaveri Online Services. I have keyed in all the property details, boundaries. But it is asking for East to West measurement and North to south measurements which are not there in the schedule of my sale deed. The total area in square feet is only mentioned in the sale deed. For flats in an apartment there wont be any details about east to west and north to south measurements mentioned in the sale deed. I cannot skip these 2 fields as they are marked as mandatory. Appreciate if you could help me how to bypass these 2 details.

  162. I had applied for the EC online. I made payment. But i could see a blank screen. EC Preparer has already approved – but still i see a blank screen. Do we need to set up any changes to view : Note: 1) If Plugin is not installed please click here to download plugin 2) Plugin settings read here . Please help . There is no help number for Kaveri online. I got an sms and they have given 4 numbers, nobody is responding. Do we have any email ID? Can I get the EC through Email? thanks and regards

  163. The article is very helpful to get the EC certificate online.

    I have recently cleared my Home Loan, I need to get the EC transferred from Bank to myself. Can you please share the process for EC transfer. As I was under the assumption that only EC document is needed, whereas the Agent is asking to make deed and re-register at sub-registrar office.

  164. sir i applied for online EC on 10th of this month still when i open pending application or saved application status show application is submitted.
    how much time is required for obtaining EC

    1. Prabhakar, Have you got your EC. I have submitted it on 24th Jan and it says “prepared and uploaded” but still nothing.

  165. In the online ec checking screen in the last it is just showing as send otp but after entering otp we can’t able to view the document

  166. Thanks a lot for your detailed information. It’s very helpful. However, after filling up the details EC is showing as blank. Hope I have to contact Kaveri support. Is there any contact details for dedicated customer support

  167. I had filled all the details and paid the necessary fee, Status show as “EC Been Prepare” from last 2 days. is it still pending?

    1. Have you received your EC? i submitted it on 24th Jan, it is still showing “prepared and uploaded” but when i go to page, it shows old one with “information only” tag.

  168. Dear Sir,

    Can i get EC in any banglore one ? Any idea? For BDA kempagowda phase 2 sites ? Becz i don’t see in kaveri online .plz suggest alternative if any.


  169. I had filled all the details and paid the necessary fee. I am unable to submit.But, could see the appilcation as saved under pending section. Does that mean that it will be processed automatically in the due time without any further submission ?

  170. I tried applying online EC and made the payment as well. But when I am trying to submit the application, I am recieving the error to unable to submit. Is anyone facing the issue ?

  171. I want to take EC for apartment. I was able to get from sub registrar office but not from kaveri. Not sure what needs to be filled. What should be given for “Present Property No. Details” and “Property Number Type”

  172. I have the absolute sale deed and an older EC, but i’m not able to fetch any details. Can you suggest a unique ID (present in the sale deed or EC) which can be used for “Property Number type”

      1. Hello Basavaraj Sir,

        While processing EC in the preview it had only 1 page with no details, but some how i made the payment as i am not sure in the preview how it looks. However, after msking the paying, i went to saved application to submit. But it is throwing an error everytime. It says “Error occured while processing the request”. Please help.

          1. I had applied for EC, didn’t pay the fee, but it’s showing nil encumberance. Which is not possible as I had purchased property during the period mentioned

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