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This blog and its  content , archives  and images is Copyright © 2011-2018 by BasuNivesh. All rights reserved. If you are interested in linking, quoting, or reprinting articles from BasuNivesh in whole or in part, please do read our copyright policy:

Cut and paste of entire/part of posts are strictly prohibited and will be taken very seriously. That is copyright infringement. Also prohibited are full translations of our articles on separate websites or blogs.

You may not republish articles/full or part posts from BasuNivesh without direct written permission from us. Feel free to quote anything from this work with a link to it as a source, but keep in mind that this is copyrighted material.

Always provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the article where the quote is from and do not use techniques (like rel=nofollow) that try to hide credits from search engines. Copy quoted material exactly, enclose it in quotation marks, and mention BasuNivesh immediately before or after the quote.

All trademarks within are property of their respective holders.

Although the author believes the contents to be accurate at the time of publication, no liability is assumed for them, their application or any consequences thereof. If any misrepresentations, errors or other need of clarification is found, please contact the author immediately.


All the content on this blog is solely for the reader’s general information. This blog contains our personal commentary on issues that interest us. Unless otherwise stated, the views expressed on this blog are our alone, and not the views of any firm/blog/website/person with which we are in any way associated. Nothing on this blog is intended to be a personal advice and reader is himself/herself responsible for their decisions. Any links that appear on this blog are purely for your information. We are not making any representations as to their content or, in fact, any other matter concerning them. Merely because a link to a third party site appears on this blog doesn’t mean that we have reviewed the site and approve it or its content.

We do not control any third party website, and we are not liable for any technological, legal or other consequences that arise out of your visit or transactions there. Your use of third party websites is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use for such sites. This means that we are not your agent and will not be a party to any contract you enter.

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