All about BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018

BDA called for 5,000 sites claim as a new year gift to all individuals who are looking for properties in Bangalore. Let us see the details and eligibility with respect to BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018.

Bangalore Development Authority 2018

BDA Kempegowda Layout Location and Layout Map

Where is this BDA Kempegowda Layout located in Bangalore? It is situated between Mysuru Road and Yeshwantpur, along NICE Road. The exact location may differ as I am just sharing the Google Map. If you need more clarity, then check the same with BDA.

Who are eligible to apply for BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018?

# You should be domcile of Karnataka for at least 15 years prior to the date of registration.

# Applicant must be 18 years of age on 31st January 2018.

# You are not eligible for a site if you have already been allotted a site/house/flat or any other type of accommodation on ownership basis by BDA, KHB or any other House Building Co-Operative Societies or any other agencies.

# You are also not eligible if either you or your family (Spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, sisters, and brothers of such person who are wholly dependent on him) own a site/house/flat within Bangalore Metropolitan area.

# You are also not eligible if you acquire a site or house in subsidized price in any part of Karnataka or anywhere in India.

BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018 Price

# For 20X30 EWS category it is Rs.900 per Sq Ft.

# For 20X30 sites it is Rs.1,800 per Sq Ft.

# For 30X40 sites, it is Rs.2,000 per Sq Ft.

# For 60X40 sites it is Rs.2,200 per Sq Ft.

# For 80X50 sites, it is Rs.2,500 per Sq Ft.

Do remember that this is the basic cost. You have to additionally bear the cost of Stamp duty and registration fee as per the applicable rates.

Number of sites available under BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018

Below is the list of the number of sites available under BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018 (this includes the size of each site and also the initial deposit you have to pay).

BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018 Details of Sites

Note:-1 Meter = 3.28 Feet and 1 Sq. Meter=10.76 Ssq Feet.

You notice that there are around 1,000 sites of 20X30 EWS category sites, 500 20X30 General Category Sites, 2,500 30X40 category sites, 700 60X40 category sites and 300 80X50 category sites.

Hence, in total under BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018, BDA planned to sell 5,000 sites.

Last date to apply for BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018

Application forms are already available from 28th December 2017. The last date for applying is 9th February 2018.

Other details of BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018

# You can get application forms at authorized bank branches of Canara Bank, Corporation Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Syndicate Bank, Vijaya Bank & Yes Bank. These branches are located in Bangalore and also across Karnataka state.

# 50% of the total sites are available for General category. The remaining 50% of the sites are reserved for various categories like SC/ST/BC/Govt employees/ Persons with disability etc.,

# The initial deposit payable by you will not carry any interest. However, this will be adjusted towards the final payment of site value. If you do not get the allotment, then the amount will be refunded to you without any interest.

# Sites will be allocated based on seniority of the applicant.

# The purchase will not be complete SALE DEED. But it is a 10 years (in my view) Lease Cum Sale Deed (Check with BDA about years because they have not clearly mentioned the tenure). Hence, you are not allowed to sell the property for 10 years from the date of allotment.

How to apply for BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018?

# Visit the authorized bank and pay the applicable registration fee.

# The bank will issue a Registration card. You can then obtain the Application form at the bank (application fee is Rs 400 for general category and Rs 200 for others).

# As per the required initial deposit, draw a DD/Cheque in favor of BDA, Bangalore.

# Submit the completed application form along with the DD/Cheque at the branch of the bank where you have obtained the application form.

# The last date for submission of filled in application with initial deposit and registration fee is 9th February 2018.

# After receiving the applications, the BDA will announce a ‘Provisional list’ of successful applicants.

# The unsuccessful applicants can raise objections (if any) on the allotments done.

# Once this process is completed, BDA will announce the ‘Final List of Allottees’. Those who get the allotment will have to pay the remaining dues as per the BDA rules and can proceed for Lease Cum Sale Deed.

# For those applicants who do not get the allotment, BDA will issue the ‘refunds’ (Deposit amount). 

BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018 -Should you apply?

# BDA sites are worth to purchase in Bangalore if you are planning for your own usage. Because they develop the sites with well planning.

# No risk of documentation and legality as it is the Government organization.

# This is not the complete SALE. But a Lease Cum Sale agreement of 10 years (exact year not specified in the advertisement). Hence, you are not allowed to sell the property for the 10 years. Hence, by doing this, BDA completely avoided the speculators or the buyers who are planning to purchase for the sake of INVESTMENT.

# The location is far from IT companies. Hence, this may be a bit negative of this layout.

# You can go ahead and apply if you are planning for your own use but not as an INVESTMENT.

# Process may be lengthy (may take a year or so). Hence, you have to be ready.

# There is no perfect disclose of how the allotment process will be. Hence, this creates some ambiguity in the minds of genuine appliers.

Finally, I suggest you to go ahead and apply if your intention is to own a site and built a home for your usage but not for investment. Because lock-in of your money due to lease cum sale deed is the biggest hindrance for me.

Refer complete notification:-Download BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018/

103 thoughts on “All about BDA Kempegowda Layout Notification 2018”

  1. Will I get back my deposit amount of 4 lakhs if I reject the bda site in auction even though I am the highest bidder?

  2. Mr. Basavaraj, quick question, I was allotted and bought a KHB site before I got married and it is registered in my name. Can my husband now apply for a BDA site in his name?

    Also, (Spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, sisters, and brothers of such person who are wholly dependent on him) – Wholly dependent means financial dependence? Does this clause apply if the spouse is working too and is financially independent?

  3. Hello Basavaraj and others, Does anybody know the PAN number of BDA? This information is required to pay the 1% TDS at the bank or online.

  4. Hi Basunivesh,

    Site s allotted to me,for going next step i wanted make sure the site allotted to me doesn’t have ligitation. how can i check? Or whom do i need to contact for more details ? .
    Becz today i have read the newspaper prajavani paper for the ligitation on suvery 132 which falls my site too under same suvery i need your help on this ..kindly do the needful by suggestion.


    1. Hi Harikrishna,

      To know whehther your site is under litigation, i would suggest you to follow the below steps.

      1. Identify the survey number of your site.
      2. In bhoomi website check the RTC details.
      here you will be getting all the ownership details of the land.

      provide your
      a. District
      b. Taluk
      c. Hobli
      d. Village
      e. survey number details

      you should be able to fetch the RTC details.

      3. if your survey number is acquired by BDA for formation of Kempegowda layout then, in the RTC it should have mentioned.

      “BDA acquisition in progress”

      4. In case if BDA is not acquired the said survey number, then you will not see the details that i have mentioned in 3rd point.

    2. I would recommend you to visit LAO(Land Acquisition section) in BDA and verify whether your allotted site survey number has any issues.

      if there is a stay order/WP/OS you need to asopk BDA for reallotment.

      hope this will helps you

  5. If my dad sells KBH site under his name. Am i eligible for applying BDA site ?

    Is there any way can i apply for BDA site ?

      1. If my dad sells KHB plot. Then i am eligible for applying for BDA site.

        Is there any way can i apply for BDA site ?

  6. Hi.. My father own a KHB plot somewhere in karnataka. I don’t have any govt allocated land/house in my name in bangalore nor anywhere in karnataka.. ……
    But i have private property plot in my name in some part of karnatakta. Can i still eligible for to apply for BDA site ?

  7. BDA has already published provisional site allotment list, as per the news we are expecting final list to be published on next week or max by end of this month.


    1. Vijay,

      Can you please share me the details where they have published scrapping of NADAPRABHU KEMPEGOWDA LAYOUT project.

  9. Hello Sir,

    I have few questions to ask.

    a) IS n’t these sites overpriced considering its government/BDA sites and the location ? Almost 40 kms from city ?
    b) How valuable is this investment according to you ?

    1. Dear Adarsh,
      a) DEFINITELY YES. But there are many who feel that this is worth investment. Because according to them real estate is the best investment in India.
      b) Never enter into real estate as an INVESTMENT.

  10. Sindhu Pattisapu

    can you please let know if it is good to invest in KNS Anirvan. Can you please let know the reasons for yes or no.

      1. Sindhu Pattisapu

        How good it is to invest BDA approved plots in KNS anirvan ?

        I am new to this place. I need your inputs.

        Can you please provide reasons to take or not to take ?

  11. what is the next date to apply for kempegowda layout is it announced in 2018 or next academic year pls update

  12. Hello Basavaraj Sir,

    I am an aspirant of BDA sites .But I came to know about the latest applications bit late and missed the deadline of 27th Feb .So any idea when there will next applications open

  13. A

    Sir I am not getting seniority list please send me seniority list.
    How they will select in seniority list.

  14. Hello sir,
    Please be informed that seniority list which announced on 07 Feb 2018 in which my dad name is reflecting as 2 nd attempt whereas it should be 7th attempt .this year also we have applied for site in which we have added all old documents …does they consider this year allotment list or next year allotment list…or they are going announce one more list before allotment ?

  15. My father had many years back applied for a site in the Arkavathi layout .. After everything they said they have no sites to give although we were given allotment, as a compensation we were given a site at the Nadaprabhu Kempegowda layout… But now they say that the transfer form is lost etc..
    For the last 3 yrs these ppl at BDA have made many people’s life miserable.. Balant corruption and threating tactics are used.. I feel bad for my Father who has been going every week for 3 yrs now and requesting for his site which he has been alloted but not give.. How can we trust this BDA.. I request all applicants make some sort of association with a good lawyer.. else .. be lucky .. because by being honest and sincere you will not get a site and you will be wasting your money and time.

  16. Hi Sir,

    I have applied for residency certificate in taluk office. we are from Karnataka including our grand parents.
    but in taluk office they told they can not give the the residence certificate for more then 10 year, will that be an issue at the time of paying DD or allowtment

  17. Hi
    I had applied previously three attempt for BDA sites only, now i have applied for fourth attempt, but in seniority list it is showing second attempt. What should I do and whom to meet. Kindly guide me I am having all proofs for every attempt. I am waiting for your reply.

    1. Bhagavan uvaacha

      The seniority list shows number of attempts prior to 2015-16 attempt. Now 2017-18 is your fourth attempt. So please read the text in the seniority list properly.

  18. Hi I had previously applied for bda sites only kempegowda layout previously not attempted before that 3 attempts done, but in seniority list published my name not found. Whom to contact ? I have all records for the previous attempts . If I apply now it will be my 4th attempt

  19. Hi Basavaraj,
    My parents have had previous attempts which date back to 1987 and 1988 but the BDA seniority list doesnt have records for these attempts in their list uploaded on the bda site will BDA consider these attempts

  20. I have taken the BDA form to apply for a site. Application has sections like Domicile Certificate to be signed by MP/MLA/ revenue officer etc., then Section for employment certificate, Caste Certificate, Income certificate etc.,

    I am applying under general category, I require two clarifications,
    1. For domicile certificate I have an Affidavit by a notary, still is it required to get the Domicile Certificate section filled and get the signature of one of the persons mentioned in the application
    2. As I am applying under general category, is it required to get signature for all sections like Caste, employment, income certificate or these sections are meant only for the applicants who are claiming reservations under that category

    Can anyone provide clarification, is there a help script for filling the application

  21. I was allotted with BDA site in Arkavathy Layout (30 X 40), but it was cancelled due to dispute. Since the site cost has now been increased to Rs.23.00 lakhs I cannot afford to buy. But anybody interested in purchase BDA site with my registration, may call me for further details. My mail ID “[email protected]” and my mobile number “9900194160”.

  22. Hello Basunivesh,

    what are the other documents we need to attach while submitting the main application form?
    like Domicile certificate, cast certificate?

    i am currently working in Netherland form past 3 years, am i eligible?


    1. Kiran-As per the notification, you must be resident of Karnataka prior to the date of registration. If that satisfies the condition, then you can go ahead. Regarding documents to be attached with application form, better be in touch with Bank.

  23. Basunivesh, Quick question to you. My old friend and his parents has moved from Hyderabad to Bangalore and staying there in Bangalore for more than 15 years. Are they eligible for this scheme ? They fall under low income group. I could not get much info on the query they asked me. By any chance are you aware ?

  24. sir, i have PRAN under APY. Can i open NPS and generate another PRAN if i join another company ?
    Do i need to keep APY even if i join public sector bank ?

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