Basunivesh Completed 7 Years!!

On this 11th December 2018, BasuNivesh completed 7 years of journey. I started this blog on 11th December 2011 when I was about to complete my CFP. 

BasuNivesh completed 6 Years

There are many ups and downs during these 7 years. However, when I look back, I found that many ups rather than downs.

Let us first review the blog growth in terms of traffic and social media counts.

BasuNivesh Blog Statistics as on 11th December 2018

I am happy to share you that blog growth is in steady phase. Readers count increasing and giving me a strength to write more and more.

However, I stuck to my monthly 8 posts since the beginning and never give up that publishing habit.

# BasuNivesh Pageviews per month

I consider December month data to verify and found that each year it is slightly decreased compared to last two years. The reason is that Google updated the search parameters. But I am getting constant stream of visitors and that is the best sign (especially social media).

BasuNivesh Pageviews

# BasuNivesh Social Media Presence

There are around 4239 Facebook Page followers.

Along with this, I BasuNivesh has Twitter followers and Google+ followers also.

Some other data of BasuNivesh

Alexa Rank World-78969 (Lower is better) as on 11th December 2018.  +*-

Alexa Rank India-5359 (Lower is better) as on 11th December 2018.

The Alexa Ranking remained around 5,000 for India that is a good achiement for me.

Twitter Followers-1276.

What can you expect from BasuNivesh in future?

# We launched the Fee-Only Financial Planning Service

Yes, as I promised last year, I have already launched the fee-only financial planning service in June 2018. 

I have already acquired around 80+ clients. You can refer my page for complete details of this service. 

Refer the below link to know more about Fee-Only Financial Planning Service.

Fee-Only Financial Planning Service

# Consistent Writing

Yes, even though in my busy schedule, I set myself to write a consistent 7-8 blog posts a month, which I am managing since 7 years. 

# We are looking for genuine readers share

Daily I receive many offers like paid content or link building strategy, where the companies are ready to pay me the money I ask for. However, I stayed away from such paid content.

But it does not mean that I will not allow the readers to share their personal financial knowledge. They are free to share their unbiased, original and helpful content always.

# Planning to go to grassroots level population for financial planning

Financial Planning as many felt is only required for rich and educated. However, it is the most important need for those who are unable to understand the concept and unable to read such topics.

Hence, through an NGO, I am planning to go the villages, poor, uneducated and to the grassroots level of population to spread the awareness of financial planning.

61 Responses

  1. Basu,
    Best wishes on completing 7 years of Basu Nivesh.

    Your blogs have been really informative. One of the best part of your blog is that you reply to almost all the comments and that too so quickly.

    It is heartening to know that you are planning to work with an NGO to increase financial awareness among the poor. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. ALL THE BEST.

  2. Congratulations Basu

    Blogging in itself is definitely rewarding for those who are passionate about writing and connecting to the rest of the world. Yet, for every blogger, there are some moments that stand out over others. These are some moments that blogging has given you that you will always cherish.

    Keep writing and always be a ‘Rainbow in someone else’s cloud’.

  3. Dear sir

    Today only I saw your blog and it is really informative to those persons like me. I need your advice regarding the investment in icici Prudential insurance.
    Plan name. elite life super
    Payment annually 200000. 5 years, maturity in 10 years with RS 2000000.
    Pls advice me is it a good plan or suggest me to invest on other plan benefit to me. Am an NRI.

  4. Congratulations Basu Sir, on achieving this milestone. I chanced upon your site on internet few years back and have been regularly visiting your website and reading your blogs. You write in simple-to-understand language, very informative and are doing yeoman’s service to society by sharing knowledge and information to all who seek your advice, irrespective of their status or strata they belong to.

    I have learnt a lot from you and looking forward to learning more in the years to come. All the Best, Sir.

  5. Congratulations Basu sir, I am following you blogs from 2013.
    I got lot of basic financial information from your blogs only. I understood what is insurance, what is investment and difference between them.
    I understood that everyone needs financial planning and we need to do but how to do is something which i got from reading your blogs only.
    I would like to mention that none of us are thinking you should mandatorily write 7 to 8 blogs per month, so even if its lesser or more we still read. So finaly decision is yours. Please continue and keep us educating the same. Wish you all the best for your future.

  6. Hi Basu
    I am ardent reader and follower of your blogs since 2012 when I first hit your site while surfing by chance. Your great initiative of spreading financial awareness has benefitted tons of people across the globe.
    I take this opportunity to congratulate you for another Milestone.
    May you be Blessed by HIM in all your future endeavor.

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