4 EPF withdrawal changes effective from Feb 2016

On 10th February 2016, the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, made few amendments to EPF withdrawal process. This I think will create some introspection to those who used to be frequent withdrawer of EPF.

Let us see those four changes in detail.

Note-How to combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online?

EPF Withdrawal Changes 2016

1) You can’t withdraw EPF full balance before attaining the age of 58 Yrs.

After so much of revolt by employees unions, the Government finally withdraw all changes. It is now clear that the old EPFO withdrawal rules will be followed. Below are the current rules as of the press release. 

You are allowed to withdraw the EPF amount including employer share in below conditions ONLY.

# On retirement from service after attaining the age of 55 years.

# On retirement on account of permanent and total incapacity for work due to bodily or mental infirmity.

# On migration from India for permanent settlement abroad.

# On termination of service in the case of mass or individual retrenchment.

# On termination of service under a voluntary scheme of retirement.

# On ceasing to be an employee in any establishment.




2) You can use the same EPF account for future employment (even after withdrawal).

Earlier, when you apply for EPF withdrawal, then automatically it consists of employee share, employer share, interest on that and EPS share as per the length of service. After that, such account is treated to be terminated.

As you can see from above first change, you no longer allowed to withdraw fully. So the account will be live until you reach the age of retirement. Hence, you can use the same account for future jobs. I mean you can continue the same EPF account once you join the new company. This automatically transfer the EPF account.

Also, with new UAN feature you can continue the same old EPF with just quoting your UAN to a new employer.

3) Retirement age increased from the current 55 years to 58 years.

Earlier the retirement age for EPF was 55 years. From now onward, it is increased to 58 years. I think this is a good move. Because all other rules related to investments consider retirement age 60 years. So EPFO moving towards that.

4) You can withdraw 90% of EPF balance once you reach the age of 57 years.

Earlier the retirement age of EPF was 55 years. So one is allowed to withdraw 90% of his or her balance at the age of 54 years. This means one year prior to retirement. Due to increase in age of retirement, it now changed to 57 years.

A detailed post on EPF withdrawal and advance was written by me earlier. Refer below link for the same.

These moves, I may say are acted to restrict the frequent withdrawer. Instead making them to force for long-term contribution and create a wealth for retirement.

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  1. Sir, I am joining my service in BSNL 23 August 2004 but not deducted epf till August 2014. I have become member of epf from 1 sep 2014 ,but my training pd was 12 July 2004 to 21 August 2004 and deduct the epf for this pd.so ?hat can I do for 10 years pd my epf not deducted from my salary. And also my question is I am eligible for higher pension. Please help me.

  2. I worked with a private IT firm until Feb 2018(6.1 years) which is an exempted trust and then joined in another organization . Unfortunately or fortunately they created same UAN number after submitting my old UAN. I want to withdraw my PF from previous employer which is under exempted trust.

    1. Will I get my full refund or 100% if I apply for PF withdrawal now?
    2. I tried to withdraw online but am not bale to. Getting error PF is under trust and asking to contact Trust.

    Thank You.

      1. Thanks for quick reply Basvaraj.
        procedure to withdraw PF?
        If i opt for withdraw, how many days it will take to process.?

          1. Hi Basavaraj,

            From previous employer i got relpy as below.

            Please note that as per PF ACT, PF amount can be withdrawn under the following situations:
            1) Not working in any organization in the near future.
            2) Working in an organization where the PF Act is not applicable.
            3) Going abroad to work once resigned.
            4) When an employee attains the Age of 58yrs

            I didnt follow in any of above points.
            1. So didnt have any chance to withdraw ?
            2. Only i need to transfer. ?

            Please suggest.


  3. Hi ,

    I have submitted my previous company’s UAN number to current organization but they created 1 more UAN for me.
    Can I withdraw previous company’s EPF contribution now?

    Even I tried to transfer PF after validating all details in previous and current account but getting error “Detail of previous account is different than current one”

    Please help!!! or give me contact detail of EPFO head office / any inquiry office so i can ask them to help me on this

      1. I tried to lodge complain on Grievance cell online but it’s giving error every time “Entries marked with * are mandatory”.

        FYI : I filled all detail on that Grievance cell.

        — EPF process must go to private company , life IRCTC manage by TCS then their services will be better —

  4. I am moving to abroad and I want to close my PF account, but they are saying that after 9 years & 8 month of service, it will be rounded of to 10 years & we can’t withdraw Pension amount, they will provide scheme certificate which is redeemable after age of 58 years only.

    Is it possible to escalate matter to higher authority in EPFO office & they can sort this out by allowing me to withdraw pension amount as well ?

    Can anyone guide me in this matter ?

  5. Hello Sir,

    I left my previous company in December 2015. After I joined new company, I was told that my PF amount will be transferred. They took my old UAN number. recently since everything became online, I logged in to check and I don’t find the previous company’s contribution.

    Later I realized that there are two UAN Number. Now I want to withdraw the full amount from the previous company. However they are mentioning that I can only transfer and cannot withdraw.

    Kindly let me know how do I withdraw the amount?

  6. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for online advance PF claim, but it has rejected by the EPFO.
    There is no reason mentioned on the portal, how i can know the reason.


      1. Sir,
        Actually option for advance “construction of house” is enable now that’s why I could apply but again they have rejected the claim for insufficient member service.

        I have put on grievance as well but no reply from them,

        anything else what i can do, plz suggest…


  7. Hi,

    I am planning to move abroad permanently and i have read in many blogs that I can withdraw my PF immediately with this reason and it takes approx 15 days to credit my money in my bank account.
    But, the visa office asked me to prove that this PF can be withdrawn at anytime. I went to the PF office but just received a balance certificate.

    Can you please give me the link to Official website or document which explains this process. I need to send them a mail urgently.

    Please help me with this

    Thanks in advance .


      1. Actually I have to show that I have sufficient amount of funds with me to immigrate. For this, the funds with me should be liquidated at any time and are free of debts and liabilities.

        As a result I had shown my PF also, as that is acceptable proof of fund for immigration. But the VO mailed me again that he need a proof from PF that the funds can be liquidated anytime I need.

        To respond him, I just need the procedure and timeline to get my fund “while moving abroad permenantly”. If there is any document related to this on the govt or PF websites, I want to provide him with that link and explain him the procedure clearly.

        I hope he will satisfy with my explaination.

        Note: I already got a letter from PF office, but that doesn’t explain anything about my funds liquidity.

          1. Sure, thank you sir.

            I had also mailed to the my regional PF office. I hope they will get back to me with some info.

            1. Hello Nivesh and Basavaraj,

              I am in the same fix. I’ll really appreciate if you could answer the following questions

              Did you receive full Employee and Employer share of PF or only 90%?

              How much time did it take for money to arrive in the bank account? How long before the interview with visa officer should I apply for withdrawal from EPFO ?

              I am going to end my employment in April and not joining any other organization hereafter in India. Which reason in any would result in quicker release of funds – On migration from India for permanent settlement abroad or On ceasing to be an employee in any establishment. Does any of these reasons exempt me from paying TDS on my withdrawal even if I’ve been in service for less than 5 years?

              If TDS will be applicable in my case, I believe it is best for me to apply for withdrawal post March 31st 2018, so I can claim the refund of TDS amount on my tax return for 2018-2019. Am I correct?


                1. Thanks Basavaraj,

                  Can you also advice on point # 3 and point # 4. I am unable to get a clear answer on point # 3 specially.

                  Nivesh, will wait for your response for point # 1. Please advice.

                  Thanks again,

                    1. Certainly, as long as I can claim the refund. I am just afraid of losing the money since PF withdrawal will put me in a higher tax bracket when combined with my annual salary income. Rather I’ll claim the PF next year when there is no income.

  8. Hi,

    I’m an NRI currenlty, and my EPF is with previous employers private trust. Its been 3 years I moved out of that company, how do i check and transfer my epf fund to EPFO portal UAN.
    At the moment i don’t know how to check balance under private trust.

  9. Hi.

    I joined my first company on 28Aug 2013 and Left that company on 9 Jan 2015
    Then i joined 2nd company on 12Jan 2015 and left that company on 24 April 2015 because of medical reasons
    Then i joined my 3rd company on 15 June 2015 and from then i’m working in this same company.

    Under the clause of continous employment of 5 year for epf withdrawal. Will my 5 year complete in Aug 2018 or Oct 2018. Since i have gap of 2 months in 2nd and 3rd company?

      1. Thanks for information.

        And same would be applicable for EPS withdrawal as well. right?
        My current EPF is private establishment.

          1. Thanks again.

            Apologies. One more question.

            If i take leave without pay till august and i resign after that. Will that be considered under continious employment?

              1. Hahaha.. yes.
                Actually i’m doing something else and things are in place right now.
                Taxation will be near 30% and thats huge. I’m just trying to save it.

                So when i say age of account. In case of LWP.. my account will still be active and on Full and final settlement something will go into my account. Right?

  10. Dear sir
    I am working in abroad from Novembe 2017 . My uan is active and I haven’t withdrawn the amount.
    My question is, am I able to continue contributing to my account by myself.
    If yes Pls guide me.

    Thanks in advance for your valuable reply.

      1. Dear sir

        Shall I keep the amount till I reach the 57 or withdraw it.
        Please suggest me .
        Also is there any scheme for NRI to save in EPF

        Thanks in advance

  11. Haii sir ,

    I was worked for a company in 3 yrs and shifter to other company but both UAN accounts are different and I want to withdraw my first companies PF amount
    PF amount was around 40000 and
    Pension amount was around 2000.
    At the time of claiming Only PF amount through EPF site (My PAN was not verified) at this time it was showing that if the PF money cross 50000 need to pay the tax of around 34% .
    This Tax is applicable for Only PF amount or both Combine (PF and Pension).
    Please give the clarity on it.

  12. Hi Basavaraj,

    1. I worked with a private IT firm until June 2017(4.6 Years) which is an exempted trust and then joined in another organization . Unfortunately they created new UAN number even after submitting my old UAN.

    I want to withdraw my PF from old UAN which is under exempted trust. Will I get my full refund or 100% if I apply to for PF withdrawal now?
    I tried to withdraw online but am not bale to. Getting error PF is under trust and asking to contact Trust.

    Thank You.

      1. Shri.Basavaraj.

        Undersigned was in continuous employment since 1990 till Jun 2017 – 19 years in PSU & Balance about 8 years in 3 Private Companies.
        Had transferred the EPF to all companies and the total corpus of around Rs.40- Lakhs is with my last Employer – who have been own Trust for managing the EPF.

        Have following Questions pl. :
        a) Is it advisable to keep the EPF with the current employer, being a Private Company – Currently, I am working as an Consultant and hence not in direct employment.
        b) Will the Interest be paid continuously, till I withdraw as and when I want.
        c) Is the Interest be taxable, – not being in employment now.
        d) If it is beneficial to withdraw, do you have any suggestion on similar investment opportunity – Being my retirement saving, security is the main focus with interest around the PF rate.

        Will be thankful for your learned opinion.


        Anand Raj.
        11th Jan. 18.

  13. Hi Sir,

    I worked in an organization for 38 months till Aug 2017. This organization managed the PF contributions through a private trust. Upon leaving, i was told that if i place a request for withdrawal, a tax of 30% will be charged and the remaining amount credited to my account.

    I have now joined a new organization in Dec 2017 which is a member of EPFO. I have been alloted a UAN in my new organization. I am in the process of submitting a PF transfer request form to my previous employer through my current employer. My query is- while doing the transfer, will the previous organization transfer the full amount or will it be post deduction of tax? If tax will be deducted, what will be the tax percentage?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

      1. Hi Sir, My previous company just informed me that under the rules set by their private trust, there will be a deduction of 9% during the pf transfer. Is it allowed under the rules?

  14. Hi Sir,

    I withdrew both EPF and EPS and total contributory period is 4.7 years. Reason for withdrawal is permanent settlement abroad. TDS deduction was at 10% as PAN was provided.
    Are both EPF and EPS amounts credited after TDS considered as my Income for this FY when I do IT return?

  15. Hi Basavaraj,
    Request your inputs on my below 2 queries.

    1. I worked in company ‘A’ from Jul’02 till Feb’08 (PF contribution period 67 months). I joined company ‘B’ in Feb’08 and applied for PF withdrawal in company ‘A’. I got my full PF amount (Employee Share + Employer Share + Interest) and Gratuity in my bank account. That time I was not aware of EPS.
    Now, I realize that neither EPS amount was withdrawn nor I took scheme certificate to transfer EPS.
    Ques 1: So what should be my steps now to get EPS amount for 67 months (Rs. 541*67=Rs.36247/-) from company ‘A’.

    2. I am planning to quit company ‘B’ in Jan’18 after completion of 9 years and 11 months. I am going to join a start-up which does not provide PF contribution.
    Ques 2: Does it makes a difference if I quit after completion of 9 years and 11 months or full 10 years from PF/Gratuity/EPS withdrawal perspective.
    Ques 3: Since start-up does not provide PF contribution, Am I eligible to withdraw my full PF corpus (Employee Share + Employer Share + Interest) and Gratuity from company ‘B’.
    Ques 4. Am I eligible to withdraw EPS corpus from company ‘B’ in case of 9yrs11 months or after completion of 10 years.? If I am not eligible to withdraw, how would I keep a track of this amount and when can I withdraw.

    Thanking a lot to you in advance

      1. Appreciate a lot for your quick response.
        In case of Ques 1, can you guide how to submit EPS transfer request, i.e. in company ‘A’ office or in EPFO office and which forms to fill.
        Further since I am quitting company ‘B’ also and joining a start-up which does not have PF scheme, transfer won’t be successful here. So what shall be done?

          1. Hi PKG,

            Could you withdraw your EPS ( Pension ) amount or they provided you Scheme Certificate ?

            I am moving to abroad and I want to close my PF account, but they are saying that after 9 years & 8 month of service, it will be rounded of to 10 years & we can’t withdraw Pension amount, they will provide scheme certificate which is redeemable after age of 58 years only.

            Can anyone guide me in this matter ?

  16. I am working in MNC and will be completing 10 years in Feb’18. My PF corpus is around 22 Lacs including employee share. I have gratuity of approx. 6 Lacs. Now, I am planing to join a startup in Jan’18 but startup company does not have PF scheme. So can I withdraw my PF corpus and Gratuity or not upon joining the startup company?
    What happens to corpus if I am not able to withdraw as I would not be without job for 2 months.

  17. Dear Sir,

    EPF Transfer has been completed but now it is showing the tenure of present job only i.e. since July-2017 and It is not showing me as eligible for PF advance, plz suggest what to do.

    I want to withdraw PF Advance for home construction…


  18. Hi sir,

    I have been working in a concern for 4.9 yrs..but I had loss of pay for 6 months due to maternity leave..so my pf deducted for only 4.3 months..am I eligible to withdraw my part amount of pf..or have to complete 5 yrs in the company

      1. Sorry sir, one more doubt after completing my 5 yrs of service..do they consider my loss of pay leaves for pf withdrawal…else I have to apply after compensating my loss of pay period..to avoid tax

  19. Hello Sir,

    I worked for 1 year in Pvt. Limited company. Know i am outside country & dint have plan to come back. How can i withdraw my PF amount. I updated my Aadhar & Pan number but who will approve that ? Cna you please help

  20. Sir I worked with a pvt co for 4 years and shifted to new co (PSU) and gave my UAN no of previous co to new one. After 2 years now my pf and EPS of previous is not reflecting in new co statements. Please suggest me if I can withdraw my complete pf and EPS of previous co and if not how do I get the same transferred to new one.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I have joined new establishment after working more than 5 years with previous one, now i would like to withdraw full or partial amount from my PF account, is it possible after transferring the previous account into new?


      1. Thanks for your kind reply…

        Sir, I didn’t transfer yet but want to… my question is .. 5 year of service with previous establishment will be allowable for partial withdraw of PF amount or not for buying a new house…

        DOJ with Prev.Estb. – 1/5/2012
        DOE with Prev.Estb – 6/7/2017

        DOJ with New Estb. – 7/7/2017.


  22. I worked 6 years in a limited company and my PF was credited in my EPF account. Now I joined in public sector company where they are having own pf trust and pf is crediting there. Can I transfer the EPF balance to the PSU pf trust?

  23. i am submitted on july 2017.dnt get my amount..its covered 3monthes period..i am wroking in 2year of the Company.please help.the rule is 3months right.

  24. Hi Sir,

    I have moved from x (2 years 11 months) company to y (1 year 11 months ) company and also i have transferred my pf account from x to y. Last 3 months before i have resigned from y company and i have withdrawn my pf amount and also i got amount. But i have not received x company eps amount which is around 30000/- but service has been transferred from x to y. Kindly suggest how to approach.

  25. Dear Sir,

    I worked with a company for 2.5 years. After resignation I raised request for PF withdrawal. But I don’t know about that for two month there will be no transfer in PF account and I give same UAN details to my present company. So PF account in continuation. Can I withdraw my PF completely or partially…Please mail me on my email I’d.

  26. I have been working in nalco. I resigned from the jobs for personnel reason . Then applied for withdraw of pf . Company paid me only my contribution. Told me you are not eligible for company contribution. I worked 29 years for company but I am not eligible to get company contribution. I could not understand the rule.

  27. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have completed 11 years in a company in Bangalore. I am planning to purchase a land (20 cents) in my hometown in kerala.

    My question is, can I withdraw PF for purchasing land from another individual? Because I am not purchasing the land from a builder or housing society. It is owned by a individual person.

  28. Hello sir,
    I was working in one organisation for 10 years. I left Job due to some personal problem. While I applied for epf and Eps withdrawal my Eps claim denied due to worked for 10years. I don’t want scheme certificate what to do
    Pls advicee

  29. Hello Basavaraj,
    I have applied for PF withdrawal with my payrol company (where I worked for 2 years) on 15th Sep which is managed by its own trust. I understand it takes 2 to 3 weeks for settlement. However they are saying that it will take 45 to 60 days for settlement. Can you kindly confirm if that’s the case or should I reach out to them asking for quicker action.

  30. Dear Sir

    Thanks for the blog and information . My situation is as follows:
    I have been working in India since 2005. I will be migrating to uk early next year. Currently my PF is within my organisation’s trust . My questions are;
    A) is it mandatory for me to draw the money OR can I allow the money to still remain in an account and access it only post retirement
    B) can I take that money and add to the retirement fund abroad ?

  31. Hi Basavaraj,

    Your article was useful and it will be great in case you could clarify my query.

    I worked for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) from July 8, 2008 to January 17, 2014. The PF was handled by SCB Trust.
    I joined Aditya Birla Finance (ABF) on January 20, 2014 and retired on June 30, 2017. I transfered my PF balance from SCB Trust to PF account when I joined PF. I applied for withdrawal and PF authorities have settled my account after deducting Tax.

    My query is: Whether Tax authorities are justified in deducting in tax as I have been in continuous employment for more than 9 years and when I switched job, I transfered the PF amount.

    Thank you and your response will be appreciated.

  32. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I am working with a firm for 3.6 years , I am getting married and moving to a small town where there will be no job opportunities , so I guess I will be unemployed till I figure out some income generating option . I want to withdraw my EPF . Is that possible and also I can withdraw whole amount or only my contribution part of EPF. How do I go about
    withdrawing my EPF I have my UAN & AADHAR linked

    Thanks & Regards,


  33. Hi Basu,
    I was going through your blog and found it to be very informative. However, I was not able to find a link showing criteria under which a NRI can withdraw EPF in India.
    I have been working for the same organisation since December 2007. I moved to Germany on n expat contract in 2013 and continued contributing to Employee Provident Fund in India till June 2015 when I moved to Singapore on a local contract. I then submitted the EPF form for withdrawal(Non Adhar) 2 months back via my organisation in India. The HR informed me that they rejected my claim saying that PF withdrawal for foreign worker is allowed only after retirement at age 58 which sounds very strange as I have read numerous blogs which say otherwise that as a NRI, you can withdraw the amount anytime as Long as you have no immediate plans to go back and a valid proof of your work visa abroad.
    Can you kindly guide me on what are the facts and is there a link or Section of PF withdrawal rules which I can share with my HR for them to challenge EPF Office in Trivandrum?

      1. Hi Basu,
        Thanks. I don’t doubt your blog but the EPFO rejecting my claim makes me think they are not aware of their own rules.
        I will raise it via grievance cell. Is it the full amount I can withdraw or there is some restriction? What I didn’t mention earlier was I was with one sister concern of the organization from 2007-2013 and then moved to another one from 2013-2015 when I withdrew the pf amount from the first sister concern accumulated till 2013 (one pf account number) and then I let the amount from 2013- 2015 accumulate with interest till 2017 with the second sister concern (different pf account number) Does this cause any issue in terms of tax liability or withdrawal restriction?

  34. HI,

    I need to know if the immediate withdrawl of pf is not allowed by the epfo? For example, if i submit the request of pf withdrawl immediately two months after the date of exit then do the epfo have any reason to deny it?


      1. Hi,

        I submitted the online request for pf withdrawl a week ago and on Friday it showed ‘claim settled’ . But I dint get any amount in my account.

  35. Hi Basavaraj

    This is regarding the PF withdrawal for my Wife

    She has worked for 4.8 years and then had to stop working post pregnancy

    It has been 3 years post her resignation and she wants to withdraw PF (so total 4.8+3 = 8.8 years since starting her PF account) . What are the tax implications for the same. There has been no PF deposited since she resigned



  36. I had worked with a company for 5.5 years, Now am working with a company where we dont have PF contribution. In my UAN my DOJ and DOE is not mentioned from previous employer. How can i withdraw amount?

  37. Hi Basavaraj, hope you are doing good.
    I worked with organisation ‘X’ from Feb 2011 till Feb 2015, and was transferred to organisation ‘Y’ in March 2015, as part of outsourcing. I have the letter of transfer from org X. I transferred my PF from Org X to Y, and I have my UAN with KYC details updated and approved.

    I migrated to Australia in March, was on LoA and have formally resigned from my organisation this week.
    My queries;
    1) Will my PF be taxable?
    2) Am I eligible for Gratuity?
    3) If I am eligible for Gratuity, what will be the taxable amount?


  38. Dear sir ,

    I worked two years for an organization. Now I will be leaving India in a month. Is there any procedure to withdraw my PF . Do people still have to wait for 2 months if they go abroad ?


  39. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti

    Request if you can help me with the following :-

    I left my last company Accenture 3 years ago, I worked there from 2010 – 2014 (4 Years 2 months) and then got a job in Singapore for last 3 years. I want to withdraw all the PF without UAN number (as I dont have it) what all I can withdraw. Am I allowed to withdraw all the components to 100 %

    EPF (Employee and Employer Contribution)

    What is the process to complete the same

  40. Sir
    I worked for PSU for 4 years now I joined state government PCS job where we have NPS system. Can I withdraw my epf amount. One more thing I have not seeded my aadhar with UAN. Will it causes any problem in withdrawal.

      1. Thanks a lot for quick response sir
        Is it possible to withdraw through employer without seeding aadhar or I will have to do that first
        Pls clarify
        Thanks again sir

  41. Hi Basavaraj,

    I worked for TCS, India since 9 years and 9 Months on an Indian passport. After that I got my British Passport in the month Sep 2016 and TCS, India declared me as International Worker. Later on 16-Feb 2017 I left TCS, India.

    Now I settled in UK as permanent resident with British passport with my family.

    When I am applying for PF withdrawal, TCS is saying I am International worker with non-SSA and can not withdraw my PF until age of 58.

    As I worked for 9 years and 9 months for Indian Company on Indian passport I should be able to withdraw my PF. and from the date I have been declared as International worker that PF amount TCS PF trust can keep it for 58 years.

    Also I am no more working for Indian employer and left TCS permanently and settling abroad then I should be able to withdraw my PF.
    Also If I was declared as International Worker then it was only for 5 Months time.

    Please assist.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        TCS is still stick to their statement I can not and saying only after age of 58.


          1. Basavaraj,

            I really appreciate your quick response in detailed, Thank you so much.

            Is there any email address or contact to raise Grievance to EPFO.?


                1. Hi Basavaraj,
                  I have raised grievance and also mentioned URL explaining section 14 related to leaving country and settling abroad rules http://www.epfdelhi.gov.in/pensionscheme.asp

                  TCS reply is still looks same. Also they ar saying that pf is managed by TCS trust and not with EPFO.

                  Lets see whats next

                  Hemraj Thakre
                  074321 44958

          2. Hi Basavaraj,

            Today having discussion with TCS. But in todays 1st call they are continually saying this is just for SSA country people can only withdraw PPF.

            Do you have any specific link saying nin-SSA employees can also withdraw if settling abroad.

            +44 7432144958

            1. Hemraj,
              I am in a similar situation. Worked with TCS for 14 years and have got US permanent residency. At the time of converting me (immediately after I got my Green Card) as a Domestic employee from being an EXPAT, I chose to maintain my PF funds with TCS, which was a mistake I regret now.

              Have you found a resolution to your case? Has the TCS FFS cell agreed for full PF withdrawal?
              Can I call you on your number to get more details?

              1. If i won the case, i will inform you then all who worked for TCS INDIA but deported to foreign country all will get their pf for sure.

                Currently TCS is not accepted whereas EPFO has already replied to me that i am elligible to furnish my pf claim.

                TCS has replied by to epfo regarding the same reply I received. They have not got any reply from them.

  42. Hi,

    I am aware that a person immigrating does not have to wait for the mandatory two months period to withdraw his / her EPF amount, by providing copies of his/ her Visa and Job offer letter.

    I need help on the TDS rules on EPF withdrawn prior to completion of 5 years under the following scenarios.

    1. On account of the employee immigrating abroad or

    2. If he is immigrating abroad to work with a subsidiary of the company he was currently working with in India.

    Also if TDS @ 10% is deducted on the EPF amount withdrawn, is the entire PF amount considered as Income in form 26AS, thereby increasing your overall tax liability that given year?

    1. Alan-For EPFO, it does not matter for what reason you are closing the account. The TDS rules apply equally for all who withdraw money. Yes, your EPF will be considered as an income for that particular year and accordingly they deduct TDS. However, TDS will not stop your tax liability. If your income falling under higher tax bracket, then you have to more tax (including the tax already deducted as the TDS).

  43. Hi ,
    I have left my previous job in Bangalore in July 2016 and after and now joined a job in Chennai with a different company, I have a new UAN here even though I have submitted my ex- employer’s payslips. Also when I checked the UAN online it was showing some other details, can I withdraw my previous PF? Please advice.

  44. Hi

    I was worked in private company for last four year and contributed to my EPF account.
    Now I have joined in govt job where they have NPS account. Is there any way to cancel my old EPF account and withdraw all amount.

  45. Hello,

    I was working in a PSU for last 4 years and Now joined Cent Govt where NPS provisions are applicable, if withdraw the EPF after one year in order to complete 5 years, whether tax exemption benefit will be granted to me??

      1. are you sure, because rule says ‘continues 5 years service should be there, if any legal provisions to support your opinion please link it. Thanks for feedback.

          1. Thank u for quick feedback, i worked for 3 years and 8 months ( i.e. from 27 June,2013 to 28 feb, 2017) in PSU and from 1 march i joined in Central Govt Group-A service. waiting fro your suggestion.

            1. To the best of my knowledge the Tax exemption will work only on completion of 5 years of service under organisations covered under EPF.
              Else minimum 10% deduction (if PAN submitted)

  46. Thank you for your post. It’s very useful. 2 question though:
    1. I worked with a private IT firm until June 2014 and then moved to Canada further studies and now work full time here. Will I get my full refund if I apply to for PF withdrawal now?
    2. The salaried bank account that I had was a joint account with my mother. Can I use that for PF withdrawal. I read online that it cant be joint. Will I have to open up a new account and use that for PF withdrawal?
    Thank you

  47. I have workedin an organization for 3 months. So, the? PF of those 3 months will I get or not?????? Please reply soon…

  48. Hi Mr. Basavaraj

    I am an american and am also an employee for an indian company for the past 1 year. I’ll be leaving india in the next few months and permanently settling outside. Can I withdraw my contributions? What do I need to get from my employer to make this possible?

    Thanks for this informative post

  49. Hi,

    A quick query – I was employed with a private sector bank earlier (till Sep 2014) where the PF funds were deposited in an exempted trust. In my current organization, PF is transferred to an account maintained with the EPFO.

    I have been trying to get the PF funds transferred from my previous organization’s exempted trust to my account maintained with the EPFO, but due to some issues I haven’t been able to do so.

    Now, my worry is can my previous employer stop paying interest on the accumulated funds at some stage? If yes, what is the threshold when this will kick in?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best Regards,

    Vaibhav Bansal

  50. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,

    I am an international worker from Syrian Arab Republic, I was working in an Indian orgin company since two years.
    My country is not under SSA and I have submitted my PF documents for closure of my PF amount. I have been rejected and informed that I can only withdraw my PF amout after attaing the age 58 years and I am 38 years now.

    Is there any way that I can get my PF amount?
    Kindly note that the comapny I work with is completely shutting down now.

    Best Regards,

  51. What is the existing process of online transfer of EPF from one employee to other. I initiated a process in which I got an approval from my existing employer about the process, but after that it never moved forward, but its long time the OLTP website is not working, will you please how to do it now or is there a way to complete the transfer process. Thanks.

  52. Hi,

    Are any additional documents required to attach with the PF withdrwal form other than Form 19 and Form 10C for someone who has not joined job after resigning from company for serving for 5+ years?
    Is filling Form 15G required to save from TDS deduction on PF in case of not planning to work ?


  53. Hi.. I am working with a company since 4 years and on 16 feb 2017 i got transferred to other country within same company. So in this case how can i withdraw my PF?

  54. Hi,

    i am traveling to abroad in next month i.e. 17th March and my last working day in present company is 10th March. is it any option to withdrawal my PF amount before i am traveling to abroad. Please help me.

  55. Hi Basu,

    I have a query on PF withdrawal. Is it possible to apply PF withdraw online. If possible could you please provide the details for the same.


  56. Hi,

    1. how much time does it take for pf amount to be credit in my account after i have applied for pf withdrawal?
    2.How to track the status of my pf withdrawal application so that i can know that my pf withdrawal is in progress or there is something still remaining from side to be completed?
    3.does the amount get directly credited to my account or i have to go to goverment office to take the check of pf amount?

  57. Hi ,

    I moved to abroad, as per new condition if employee migrated from India for permanent settlement abroad can able to withdraw PF balance.

    So, if I apply for withdraw and in future if have to return to India and need to work in india, What would be the circumstances ?

    Thank you in advance !

    Best Regards,

        1. Hello,

          2 more question
          1- Is the amount is taxable ?
          2- If I want to put PF account in ideal state for almost next 2 years. would it be any problem ?

  58. Hello Sir,

    I resigned from my last company in March,2016 and moved to Australia to settle with my husband after my marriage and haven’t joined any organization here. I have served for 3 years in one company and 2.7 yrs in another company and got my PF transferred from first company to second company . Now I want to withdraw my PF amount . My PF amount is approx 2.3 lac ,
    would TDS be deducted on my PF?
    Can I withdraw my PF without any TDS deductions?
    Do I need to wait for 5 years for withdrawal(As I completed 2.7 yrs with my second employer)?


      1. Thank you Sir for your response.
        I have few more questions:

        Do I need to furnish any documents to support my movement to Australia(Visa)?If yes , then where do I need to provide these documents?

        Do I have to fill form 15 G ?

  59. I have relieved from my previous company after 9 yrs of service and i have submitted the EPF withdrawal in my previous company and have joined in the current company with 1 week of break inbetween.

    Am i eligible to withdraw?

    My previous employer will process the PF withdrawal only after 2 months of relieving.

    Thanks in advance.

  60. Dear Sir, I want to give false DATE OF EXIT for previous employer in pf form 11, (uan, estd. name, pan, mobile no. will be true) , what will happen? As per the screenshot in manual, only name & dob is verified against uan by the present employer. plz confirm me. Thanks.

  61. Hi,
    I moved to USA in 2011 and would like to withdraw my EPF balance. I don’t have a UAN number alloted, can you please advise on how can I withdraw my EPF?


  62. Hi Basavaraj

    i am on a long term assignment abroad since the last 6 months and i thus believe i can withdraw my pf?
    Also what happens if i return to India ? Will my employer be a new pf account as i would have already withdrawn amount from this account? Thanks.

    1. Prasanna-You can withdraw if the your current employer is not from India. Even after withdrawing money, you can continue with same EPF by sharing with your new employer. Otherwise sharing the UAN number of old.

  63. my age 58 + my employer deducts my pf every month .when i can withdraw my pf amount with employers contribution and how?

  64. Hi,

    I have resigned from the company after 6.4years of service and joined a startup company. New company we don’t have the pf contribution. My queries are

    1) Can i withdraw the pf amount.
    2) If I withdraw the will the amount is taxable.
    2) If I am not withdrawing whether interest will be earned till I withdraw the amount.

    Thanks in advance.


  65. Hi Basavaraj, hope you are doing good.

    I need your guidance and advice on PF withdrawal.

    I got my PR visa for Australia and I plan to migrate mid-March 2017.
    I work for an IT organisation and I would be on LOP (loss of pay) starting March 2017, for 3 months and would be migrating to Australia and then find a job there. Once I get a job, I would resign.

    Is it possible for me to withdraw the entire PF amount (including employers contribution) while I am still on company rolls but on LOP or do I wait till I resign.

    I would need the PF fund to help support me in Australia while I pursue the job hunt.

    Please suggest.


      1. Thank you for the clarification.
        One more query, will there be any tax deduction on the PF amount and if yes what %


  66. Hi,

    I have worked for 4.5 years in one company and joined another company and working there for 1 year. (So total 5.5 years continuous service and still in service)

    Now I am planning for higher studies abroad after three months.

    Can I withdraw my full PF (employee + employer + interest) now ?

    Please advice.

      1. Thanks for your advice.

        One more doubt . Can I withdraw while in service or do I need to resign first ?

        Please advice.

  67. Hi,I am trying to check my Pf balance of my Last’s previous employer,not able to get the balance,the no.is TN/MAS/0085342/0000092.please help me to know the exact status..Company is telling they have submitted my withdrawal form in PF office.Please share my PF Balance and the ststus.

      1. It seems a no; because since 15 days I have tried umpteen times ensuring internet connection. Thought you would probably know the status. Thanks.

  68. Hello I am working for a company for about 4 years and not quitting and relocating to outside of India. Can I withdraw my EPF? Am I subjected to any taxation? I am OK to leave the money in the account if can avoid taxation. I am not sure when I will be coming back to India.


  69. I am switching my job outside India(not permanently) and do not want to withdraw the PF amount. Can I just leave the account with my previous employer till I get back to a job in India? Please suggest a way out.

  70. I left employment from a company after 17 years for a start-up and my superannuation fund (LIC P&GS) is lying idle. I have not withdrawn the amount as it would attract tax.

    Can I withdraw when I turn 58 (I am now 44) without my previous employer’s signature as he may not exist then?

  71. I worked in a company for 17 years and left the company for doing a start-up and it is now over three years since contribution to EPF stopped. I am now 44 years old.

    My previous company is taken over by another and has changed its name. May not exist after a few years.

    My questions are:
    1) Will my EPF balance continue to earn interest if left dormant?

    2) If I decide to withdraw the whole amount in EPF can I withdraw it without signature from my previous employer in case he does not exist or succeeded by another name?

    3) Is a dormant account too difficult to handle if you leave it till retirement age?

      1. Thank you very much for the straight and prompt replies.
        It would be nice if you can point to the EPF Act or Rule which enables these.
        Under (3), what is the procedure to withdraw balance in EPF without past employer’s signature?

        Thank you again.

          1. Thanks.
            I am not eligible for UAN as I left my job on October 1, 2013; UAN came about only after that.
            What would be the form for withdrawal without employer’s signature?


      2. Sorrytroubling you again.

        Now the PF PRO says no interest on PF balance beyond three years of unemployed status/non-contribution status and advises to withdraw with employer’s signature. Very discriminatory. Is there any scope for redress?

        Shall be thankful for a considered reply.

          1. Thanks for reply. The Grievance Online says no grievance will be entertained unless UAN is mentioned. UAN is not allotted although a registered letter was sent requesting UAN some weeks ago.
            What should I do?

            Thanks in advance,

          2. Also can you please give reference of recent notification on interest accumulation till 58 years of age? Is it dated after November 15, 2013?

  72. Can I keeep the amount in EPF account even after 3 years after retirement and will it continue to earn interest or will the interest stop after 3 years

  73. Hi

    I worked in XXX company and resigned in 2014 and my salary account was kotak and its displayed in UAN portal as well. So this sep month, i have updated the UAN KYC bank details to HDFC and it got approved in UAN on sep month itself. And then i have submitted the withdrawal form 10c UAN and 19 UAN (i.e without employer signature) in OCT but it got rejected saying

    Rejection letter is under dispatch.”

    The Cheque that i have submitted for the withdrawal is the same cheque that i have uploaded in UAN portal KYC details.

    i am waiting for the rejection letter and i am planning to write a grievance letter to PF office.

    Please let me know any other suggestions or do i need to update the bank details in any where.

      1. But the kyc status is shown as approved by employer in uan portal for bank details. Is it referring to some other status?

  74. In one of the FAQ on EPF you had written “However, suppose company or establishment stopped its operation or continue without any employee then in that case this scheme not applicable. ”
    I have a query
    The company was having contribution long back and now the company has no employee since last 4-5 years. The director himself is handling the day to day works with some rental income in the company, So in this case, can the company cancel the EPF registration? As the company need to unnecessarily complete the monthly formalities. As per the department the EPF registration can only be cancelled only if the company is tottally shut down with no bank account.

  75. Hi sir,
    I wish to terminate my job after a few months.There is so much of confusing whether the old rule is valid or the new. My question is if i apply after leaving job and relocating to a new city with my husband will i be able to withdraw my complete PF.I do not wish to work further. Relocating with husband after 2 years of marriage.

  76. Hello Mr. Tonagatti, I worked for a company in Hyderabad for 24 months (07/2012 – 09/2014). During that period I contributed for PF and thereafter withdrew all the amount. Then I moved abroad for my education and now I have plans to work abroad at least for 5 years. I would like to know
    1) Whether my PF account is still active or valid
    2) Can I contribute to my PF account in future as an NRI

    1. Nelapati-1) You already withdrawn the cash then why this question?
      2) If you are an employee in India in a comapny which comes under EPF rules, then only you and your employer can contribute. Otherwise you can’t contribute on your own.

  77. I had worked for a Company for 4years 5 months. After a break of 3 months I wish to join another organisation.
    My queries are.
    1) Since my new employer is in a different state. Do I need to get the old EPF account transferred to the new place?
    2) Can I use d same EPF account even after the break of 3 months?
    3) What’s steps are needed by myself or my new employer to use that same EPF account?
    4) I wish to work here for a 8-10 months and then start up my business. Will my previous work time (4yr 5months) add up to current time at new employment to determine the 5 year time for taxability purpose when I withdraw my PF after I leave work?

  78. Hello sir,

    I have joined new company recently i gave my UAN number to second employer . Now both PF accounts are linked to same UAN number.
    In UAN portal my date of joining and exit has not been mentioned by previous employer..wat do I need to update that?
    can i withdraw my previous PF amount??If so,please help me out how do I proceed?

      1. Thanks for your reply sir. I have valid reason I have registration of my house for that I need this money..Still am I not able to withdraw my PF ??

        I read in some blogs we can do partial withdraw for some reasons.Can I apply for partial withdrawl with form 31(not sure abt this number) with previous employer sign?

        If any sugestion for me to get this PF amount ,
        please suggest me sir..

  79. Hi,

    Ur site is really helpful. Hope u can help me with the query below:

    I worked in company A for 1.4 yrs and company B for 2.4 years. Now currently working with Company C.
    I have merged A,b and C pf accounts and got UAN. But in UAN records i can find my EPF portion has been transfered but not EPS portion of Comp. A and B. Since i am currently working, can i with draw EPS amount of comp. A and B since it is not reflecting in UAN records.

    Someone told me i can use form 10C UAN based to apply for EPS amount.But the question is can i apply since im working with comp C

  80. Hi Basavaraj

    I have a query on pf withdrawal

    I was working with a company for 6 and a half years from 2006-2012 ,when i resigned i didnt withdraw ortransfer my pf account

    I just opened a new pf account in the next company I joined

    I have rejoined my old employers again in 2015, and opened a fresh pf account now I wish to close my old pf account and withdraw the money

    In 2012 UAN system did not exist

    My employers are stating that withdrawal cant be done as I have rejoined them ,hence asking for a withdrawal of the old pf account would amount to false declaration

    The amount accumulated shall be merged with my existing pf account

    Is this information correct ?Furthermore can i withdraw the old account number directly by contacting the pf office on my own without intimating my employer

    Is there any other way out as I am going through a financial crunch

  81. In the second point you mentioned automatic transfer of PF account. Could you explain it in detail? I am in similar condition where I left my last company three months back. I did not submit any request to transfer my account to present company Even my present company do not have any details about this transfer. I am receiving multiple text messages from EPFO saying that my previous pf account being settled with form 13. Could you please help in understanding this scenario?

      1. currently my pf is being deposited in newly opened account three month back by my present employer. Recently they linked it to UAN also and they are exempted trust so no statement available on UAN portal

  82. Hi Sir,
    Glad to connect with you…I am unable to get the employer send my PF form to PF office…
    i have been emailing them and they always reply in 7 days stating that it will be done soon…
    i have lost faith in them and now want to apply for it myself..
    i have UAN number registered…I live in chandigarh but the PF number is registered under North Delhi…
    will i need to visit the PF office with documents or can this be done remotely?
    i will appreciate any more help and advise that you may think will help…

  83. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I having 4.11 months in one organisation and i have joined in new organisation, i need to close my PF Account of my existing organisation.while filling the form i having one doubt (Are you willing to accept Scheme Certificate in lieu of withdrawal benefits YES /NO ) which one have to give to get the amount .

    Naveen R

  84. Hi,

    Thank you for the informative site. I have one question.

    My current tenure with an organisation is 4 years and 3 months, I have recent booked a house, can I withdraw part of my PF to make the payment?

  85. Hi Basavaraj, firstly thank you for this portal, it is indeed informative, appreciate the time you take in helping people.

    I got my Australian PR Visa and I plan to move in March 2017. I need your advice and suggestion on the below listed points,

    (1) If I have to withdraw my entire PF fund including the pension fund do I need to fill out Form 19 and go via my employer or can I directly send it to the PF office

    (2) I worked with company ‘K’ for 4 years and got transfered to company ‘I’ in March 2015. Will there be any tax deduction if yes what is the percentage

    (3) I am exploring an option of ‘Loss of pay’ rather than resigning from my current organisation. Can I still go for complete withdrawal.

    Awaiting your response. Thanks in advance


      1. Thank you for you prompt response Basavaraj

        Just one query, as I mentioned, my services got transfered and I have the official transfer letter as well, however, the PF accounts are different. Will the PF office consider the transfer of employment in Tax exemption.


  86. Hi Basu,

    I have submitted all forms to employer for withdrawal but I have a doubt, actually my joining date was 01/04/2014 as I checked my PF passbook it was showing 01/07/2014 can I take any action against this? and can I withdraw Pension part of my PF. I have worked there only for years. I`m self employed now.

  87. i have sent registered post of my PF claim form 10C(UAN) and 19(UAN) to Bangalore PF office on 24/10/2016 and its delivered to the PF 27/10/2016. But i didnt receive any notification from the PF office saying whether they received the documents or initiated the process. Please let me know how long will it take to initiate the claim process from PF office.
    I tried calling the PF number but its not reachable.

  88. Hi1

    Thank you for the informative article!

    I had a query regarding PF transfer. I want to mass transfer the PF accounts of all my employees from one company to another company within the same group. Can you please let me know if this is possible in India and how?

  89. Hi Basu,

    I am planning to join a Startup, this startup has an employee base of 200 people but do not have any PF Account.
    Please suggest whether legally companies can do it or not. Also, the locking period of withdrawing fund will also be applicable to me.

  90. Hi Basavaraj,

    I applied for PF Claim Settlement here in Indore, MP with my previous employer and received an SMS on 24th Oct from the EPFO that my application is approved and payment is under process. I would like to know the time for amount to be credited in my account. Also, what is the usual time taken by them once they have sent a communication stating that Payment is Under Process.


      1. Thanks for your response but today I called up the EPFO office and spoke to a representative who said that it will be credited to my account today. So far haven’t received any amount in my account. Do you suggest me to wait for 30 days or shall I take necessary steps to have the process move faster?


        1. Also received an SMS stating that PF Settlement Claim Id: XXX Member Account approved for payment through cheque. Payment Under Process.””

          What does this mean, are they going to send me a cheque or the amount will credit directly to my bank account of which I provided the cancelled cheque.


  91. Hi, I have applied for withdrawal of my previous employer which already revived by PF office on 6th October 2016 and showing the status is under process
    Please let me know when i can expect the credit of this fund or TAT to credit the fund after rec ivied the documents by PF office.

  92. Hi Basu,

    I have resigned my previous job in dec 2 014, till date i have not recieved my PF withdrawl amount, as i have my UAN number and i am able to login and check the balance, i am in tocuh with my previous company in mails as i am outside india now.

    Can i keep the amount as i am not in need of this amount, as i would like to withdraw sometime in future. can i do that ? please advise.

  93. sir,

    I had been working in one comapy XYZ for 12 years then had been transfered within the same group ABC in another city same group

    My New PF account is opened in ABC and my PF deposit is been transfered in the new account in ABC

    I have not transfered my old PF Account in company XYZ company to ABC which in an UAN recently

    Will the PF account in XYZ company shall be inoperative interest after 3 year.

    I am in the same group will two accounts one normal account and one UAN account.

    please confirm

    1. Abhay-“my PF deposit is been transferred in the new account in ABC” and “I have not transferred my old PF Account in company XYZ company to ABC which in an UAN recently”. Both statements contradict. Confirm whether it is transferred or not.

  94. Hi Basu,
    You have a great informative article. I had a few queries regarding EPF withdrawl and I was hoping you could help me with it.

    I was working in india for about 3 years in two different companies. Both these companies opened separate EPF accounts and I had not transferred the previous employer’s contribution to my new account.
    Subsequently, I resigned from my previous employer in India and have moved out of India and I have been living and working for about 2 years now. I would like to know what should be my course of action to close and withdraw both my EPF accounts in India.


  95. Hi Basavaraj,
    My pf account is of 10 + years (from 2005 to 2016) and on august 17th 2016 I resigned.
    I have australian PR and currently working in australia.I want to withdraw the whole PF amount.
    But my employer is saying that I will get the employer part only after the retirement and
    I should mention YES for the question in form 10c 8. ” are you willing to accept schema certificate in lieu of withdrawal benefit”. But I dont have any plan to come back to india and I want withdraw the whole amount.
    I can produce the visa.

    Please let me know how to proceed.
    Thanks in advance

  96. Hello ,

    I had moved to the US in 2015 and then resigned from my company in Apr 2016.
    On enquiring to withdraw my EPF , I got a response that I need to send various documents to the Blre address.

    My only question : Is there any time limit before which I should withdraw the EPF.
    I am not in a hurry to withdraw yet , I may return back after a couple of years.

  97. Hi Basavraj,

    I have one query for my friend. He was in an organisation where he served 4.8 yrs. He had an EPF account. Now he has joined a startup where they do not have PF concept, as organisation is really small. He left his last organisation of 14th Sept 2016 and joined the new startup on 15th Sept 2016.
    1. I am aware he cannot withdraw until next 2 months, should be withdraw post that? not sure how that can be tax free, could you please guide us on same?
    2. I am aware he can withdraw only employee contribution, post 57 yrs he can withdraw employer contribution. In that case if he will leave his contribution also will he be getting interest on same if not till what time he will get interest ?

    Thanks in advance.


  98. Hello,
    I’d been working with MNC from last 12.5 years & my LWD was 16 Sep 2016. I’d been onLeave Without Pay from last one year as I’d moved permanently to USA , April 2015.

    Do I need to wait for 2 months to withdraw the EPF amount , I read somewhere that for NRIs, there is no lock in of 2 months period.

    Please advise the process for online application if possible.

    I’ve an UAN & my Bank account info is already updated in UAN portal.

    Appreciate earliest guidance.

          1. My employer says they’ll not process the firms & send to EPFO before 11/16.
            How can I submit the forms directly to EPFO office , I mean address etc.

  99. Hi, i was working in a company for a year and then i left it, immediately i joined a different MNC but i have not linked my previous PF account with the new one. can i withdraw the old PF account from my previous employment? i do not have a gap of 2 months though. please reply ASAP.

  100. hi,
    My question is that currently I am working in one company and I am about to left that company within one week and I haven’t got placed in another company so I am confused should I applied for transfer out of my PF or withdrawal of my
    1. if I applied for transfer out of my PF so what is the process for it
    2.if I remain unemployed for 2 month so what will be to process for withdrawal of my p.f

  101. Respected Sir,

    Can u help me for my one query, that i have currently job in one company and my salary is above 15000/- but my company is not cut EPF he only cut Professional Tax .

    How can i Apply EPF Without my company plz Help me

    Thank You

  102. Dear Sir,
    I have two question regarding EPF and PPF to show fund for migrating foreign country.

    I am working since 4 years and my employee share: 1,50,000 and Employer share: 1,10,000 So what amount I can show as accessible money to show it as proof of fund?

    In 2014 I deposit : 75,000 in ppf
    In 2015 I deposit : 1,00,000 in ppf
    Again what amount I can show as accessible to show it as proof of fund


  103. Hi There,

    I have question related to PF & Pension contribution.
    As per my knowledge, employee contributes 12% for basic and employer 8% in PF and 4% to pension plan.
    Now I am planning to leave my company after 11 years and going to join job in aboard.
    In this case
    Can I leave pf funds for future use after retirement? Does it attract interest?
    What will happen to my pension contribution?

    Pls advice.

  104. I have moved into Govt job and it has NPS. My last company had EPF where I worked for 4years 5months.

    I want to withdraw my PF money now. I have my UAN activated and the account number and PAN number arecKYC compliant at EPFO by my company.
    1)Do I need to update my AADHAAR by uploading scanned copy of the same before I file claim for withdrawal??
    2)Kindly guide me how to apply for withdrawal claim for UAN activated EPF account and where to apply?
    3) Since my service is less than 5 years, is My PF withdrawal taxable?
    Can I file 15G/H to save the tax?
    4) When to apply for the withdrawal claim and how long does it take for the entire process to complete?
    Thank you.

    1. Anirban-1) Yes, you have to. 2) I can’t explain the whole process here. You can check with regional EPFO. 3) Yes, it is taxable. Fill Form 15G if your taxable income is less than Rs.2.5 lakh, otherwise NO. 4) You can withdraw as and when you wish. It usually takes less than 30 days time.

      1. Thanks for the Help Sir. Just wanted to ask in regard to above.
        1) Aadhar has to be seeded into the UAN by personally visiting the EPF office or just by uploading it into the online portal will be enough?
        2) Can you provide the link to the site where the withdrawl process is explained.
        3) My Annual income has already exceeded 2.5 lakhs this year, so that means i can not file 15G?

        Thank you.

  105. Dear Sir,

    I withdrew my PF when I resigned from my previous company in 2007 (after 10.7 years) and I received Scheme Certificate from my previous company .Now I am working with another organization from January 2007 to till date. I am near to complete 10 year in present company. Now I want to joint 2 separate FPF account to get pension benefits. My previous PPF account was in Thane Mumbai and present PF account is in Gujarat.
    Kindly suggest how I can joint 2 account online or offline to get pension benefits in future.

  106. Hi

    After working for over 12 years (4.5 years in first company whose PF was transferred and 8+ years in the current company), I have now resigned and moving abroad. Will the current rules let me withdraw my PF fully (employee+employer share plus total interest) ? If yes, what is the procedure? Would really appreciate your timely response.


  107. Dear Sir,

    I quit from my previous firm in 2014. After reading about the cumbersome rules of PF withdrawal, I have decided not to opt for Provident Fund when I about to join another company. But I am not very sure about the legal issues in it.

    Some of my friends are saying that if once a person registered with EPFO he need to go with that and he can’t opt out from it.

    Some are saying that we can even opt out from PF when joining a new firm (even though previously employed and be a member of PF) provided that our previous PF account should be terminated.

    But now with the introduction of UAN, how can we terminate/close a PF account. I think we can only withdraw from the account but not closing it.

    Please clarify on the issue.


    Vetri Selvan

  108. I have earlier worked in an organisation for 2 years 6 months and was having EPF account. In my new company I was not having EPF and its more than 3 years in the new company. Can I have EPF account in between the financial year? My current company asks me to fill form 11 where it is written ‘I am not interested in EPF account’ So can I fill that currently and get EPF account in the begining of next financial year. And Can I link the new EPF account with the older one which is almost 3 year 6 months old now

  109. I have pf account in previous company and not withdraw the amount of pf and left that company.
    And in current company I am not interested to deduct my Pf and my salary is 15500 gross so can this is possible not deducted my amount of pf now?

  110. Respected sir,

    I have worked an organisation for 1 yr 2 months and left the organisation. My PF balance now I want to withdraw as now I am not working since last 4 months, So will I gate my full PF balance and what is the calculation.
    Pls help me as soon as possible. Its an request. I will wait for your answer
    Thanking you.

  111. Dear Sir.
    I have worked 4yrs 4months in a Govt Of India Public Sector Company. I had EPF there. I have now resigned from there through proper channel and joined State Govt Service where there is NPS and not EPF.
    Seems there is no process of transfer of funds from EPF to NPS.
    How can I withdraw the EPF fund and will I still get the employer contribution component??

    1. Anirban-As of now there is no clarity on moving from EPF and NPS. Hence, it is not possible for you now. However, you can withdraw it. Yes, you also eligible for receiving employer contribution and interest on that.

  112. Dear sir,
    I have some financial probem so i want to withdraw my some of pf of current job.
    Hear i am working since 2 year.

  113. Hi Basu,

    I have resigned my job at current organisation due to health issues and i have transferred my previous organisation pf amount into current organisation also.I want to withdrawal my PF .Is it required the current the organisation approval.
    Please let me know the total procedure.


  114. Hi Basavaraj,

    I withdrew my PF when I resigned from my previous two companies, once in 2012 and once in 2013. I resigned again this month from my third company and will be shifting to the fourth. So in total I have 5 years of service. Can I withdraw my PF again for purchasing an apartment?

  115. Hello,

    I am Saravana kumar, I have accumulated my PF through out my career. Now I have left India and working abroad where my PF is still with a leading organization (IT) with their trust. I do not have the need for money as of now and planning to have it for retirement.

    1. How many days I can keep the PF amount with their trust?
    2. Untill how many days I will get the interest?
    3. Can I withdraw and deposit with PPF will PPF accept the lumpsum or 1.5 lahks.

    Please, require your advice in this regards.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for clarification,

        I am an NRI recently and I have a PPF account which I am maintaining for 11 years, Hope I can continue and can I deposit more than 1.5 lakhs?

        Is there any way to maintain voluntary PF with same Ex-organisation.

  116. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am a single woman. I have been working in my current organisation for 11 years and previous organisation for 3 years (previous organisation PF had been transferred to current 11 years ago). I am now planning to resign from this company, but I am not planning to take up another job. I have recently got online access to my EPF account. My Questions are:
    1) Can I withdraw my PF in full once I resign? What is the procedure?
    2) How is EPS paid out and when?

    Thanks for your help,

  117. Hi ,

    Now I’ve total 10.5 yrs exp, I left my previous employer 2.5 yrs back and still my PF amount is with them only ( they have their own PF trust). Now I’m planning to withdraw my PF amount from my previous employer ( Total 8 yrs PF amount).

    I heard that we can’t withdraw the Pension amount along with PF after 10 yrs of experience. As my previous employer doesn’t know whether I’m working or not now, So can I withdraw my PF amount directly from my previous employer without disclosing about my current employment.

    And also , can I withdraw pension amount only and transfer the PF amount to my current employer?

    Thanks in Advance,


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for the reply. But my experience is 8 yrs when I left my previous employer and they are not aware of my current employment, So I can apply for withdrawal by mentioning that I’m not working now ..rt?
        Though it’s not legal, But it is possible..rt?


  118. Hi,

    Very informative.

    Could you please inform how many days does it take to change the PF details after the employer furnishes the data to EPFO office (i.e. Joint Declaration)

  119. My Basic+DA is 20,000/month. My salary slip states my PF deductions as: Employee Share=1800, Employer Share = Rs.2004. Total=3804. But when I checked my EPFO passbook, only 3600 is deposited every month. When I approached my employer, they said some amount goes to government for regulating this PF scheme. Is it true? If not, what action can I take and how? Please guide. Thanks.

  120. Hello Sir,
    If my salary is above Rs.20,000/ so my question is EPF will be calculated in which amount Rs. 15,0000 the maximum limit of EPF or my actual salary please solved my problem.

  121. hi sir
    I am working in a private firm nd have pf account but now I am moving some other company, is it mandatory to carry forward the same pf account……?

    I require money shall I withdraw and open new account there…?

      1. actually i resigned my current job and looking for new so insted of tranfer is it possible to withdraw and open a new account.
        what happens if i open a new pf account before closing r withdrawing the old one.

  122. I left one organization but still I m doing in other pvt organization nd they are not cutting pf amount and they told it withdraw only the range below 15000. Pls suggest wat is right

  123. I left my company in 24-08.2005 and my joining in company 28-12.2002 but i am not get my EPF what can i do now

  124. Dear Sir,
    I wish to prepay my home loan entire amt. from EPF withdrawal .
    At an early age I had withdrawn for purchasing a new flat a very small amt. (of course Rs 10000/- was big at that time).
    Is it possible to do so. I understand once in life time you can withdraw such amt.
    Now I am close to retirement. In the month of Sept. I will complete 57 yrs my age, and retirement age in my organization is 60 Yrs.
    I understand now old rules will follow and no changes are expected as per Govt. notification of Feb.2016
    Kindly advise accordingly

    Best regards,
    Rajendra Kale

  125. Sir my pf no is – HR/GGN/29000/8170. it’s showing Haryana. But I am working in rajahmundry andhra pradesh. I apply my pf which office Haryana or rajahmundry. I don’t have employers signature. Please given details. . How much time taken without employers signature taken pf money

      1. I goto Haryana and apply. Any possible apply rajahmundry office. It’s so far . I am from andhra pradesh.

  126. Hi…..

    I have 2.5years of experience ….currently m working ….next month my sister marriage …I have emergency ……can I withdraw money.

    Regards ,

  127. Hi,
    I am working in a pvt ltd. organization since last 5 years. Can I withdraw advance amount like you mentioned below?

      1. without leaving the job is there any way I can withdraw the money from EPFO office for personal emergencies?

  128. Hi,
    I am working in a pvt ltd. organization since last 5 years. Can i withdraw my PF? Am i eligible? If so, what is process?

  129. Hi Sir,
    I relieved from my company on 13th June. I worked for 5 years and 8 days in that company. As per the rule we have to wait 60 days to apply for pf withdrawal. So I can able to apply after 13th august. As per current update the new rules will be applied from 1st Aug. If I apply after 13th aug I can withdraw my contribution only as per the new rule. So Shall I apply pf withdrawal before July 31st even the waiting period of 60 days doesnt complete. Please suggest. Thanks

  130. hi sir,

    I have submitted,two form 19 & 10c..i received one part last wednesday around 50k.
    what about next payment…

  131. First of all I would like to thank you for such an informative article.
    I have worked with a software firm for 5yrs 4 months, this was my first job and a new PF account was opened.
    I applied for withdrawal after resigning in Mar2016.

    I had downloaded the passbook available on the epfo site but I received appx 5k less than the amount accumulated in my account.
    I filed an online grievance and I was told that the 5yrs 4 months service is rounded off to 5 yrs hence the amount for this 4 months is not issued. Following is the reply from the PFO:

    Your PF and FPF claim has been settled as per procedure vide PF Rs.1xxxxx/- and FPF Rs.4xxxx/- In FPF calculation your FPF service was 5 years 4 months and 12 days which has been rounded off for 5 years by procedure, hence you have get less FPF withdrawal benefit of Rs.4xxxx/-which is correct. A FPF worksheet is attached herewith for your ready reference.

    Please let me know if there is such rule which can hold my PF.


  132. Sir I worked in a public ltd. company for three months and pf was deducted there. Now I want to resign. How much of the employer’s and employees’ share will I get back?

  133. Sir,

    could you please clarify the amount of PF that could be withdrawn from UAN activated account –
    1) Full employer ER + Employee EE contribution OR
    2) 50 % of Employee EE contribution only.

    In the comments you suggest its 1) but the link you provided has 2)

    i am going to US for further studies after 9 yrs of service in India, and i am looking to apply for PF withdrawl using the new Form 31 .

  134. Dear Sir

    I amd working with an Indian Company and presently I am having 3 years of working ezxperience. I am having a PF account and my husband is shifting abroad for 2 years. I will also be going with him for 2 years as an dependend. I wish to withdraw my PF account. wanted to know whether it will be taxable to me as I am shifting abroad as dependend so I dont have any job there. Whether to withdraw the PF or not and if yes, whether it will be taxable

      1. Hi Sir,

        Can we opt two policies for Employer or Employee contribution. Currently we are deducting Minimum PF on Basic salary of 15000 ( 1800+ 1800). For higher salary holder we would like to Deduct 12% so that they can take maximum benefit for Employer deduction as it won’t be part of their salary

  135. Sir, I worked with a public sector company for 3 years and i resigned on April 28 2016. I have a PF account with that company. Now in may 2016 i joined in Central govt department where NPS is applicable but not the PF. So i want to withdraw my PF amount. My Company is asking Non employment cerificate. Can i give a certificate saying ” that i am working in a central government department where NPS is only appicable but not the PF. So kindly close my PF account and transfer the PF amount.”
    Kindly advise.

  136. I am working in a pvt ltd firm for last 1 year. i am not contributing in PF for this period but now i want to contribute in PF. My HR head told me that he has already made declaration to PF department about me. Now what to do to contribute in PF.

    1. Ashish-You have option to be member of EPF at the beginning of the job. Once you opted out, then you can’t be member with that employer. However, opting out is not your HR or employer right. But it is your decision. Without your knowledge how can he opt out you?

  137. I was working in a public limited company having tea garden and was contributing & depositing PF (Both employer and employees share) regularly till Sept.2007. The company then fell in financial trouble and could not deposit PF thereafter although they were deducting PF from my salary. Later on my salary was also stopped from 2012 onwards, The PF money upto 2007 is still lying with PF Department and contribution thereafter was not paid by the Company. Kindly advise me what I should do at present, Since the company is still in the stage of coma.

  138. Hi I want to get a small clarification, My PF contribution is 1800 p/m, is that the same my employer will also contribute?

  139. I had been working at First Soure from last 1 year and my LWD was on 17th Sept 2015. Until then i had not applied for the PF. And now i m pursuing my higher education. So my question is that can i withdraw the employee and well as employers contribution, and while joining the UAN account had not been given to us so it is necessary to mention the same in PF Form.

    Further till which date can we apply for the PF where the new ruls of withdrawing will not be applied and i can transfer whole amount i.e. employee as well as employers contribution.

          1. Further till which date can we apply for the PF where the new ruls of withdrawing will not be applied and i can transfer whole amount i.e. employee as well as employers contribution.

            Is it mandatory now to quote UAN number on PF withdrawal forms as i dont know it. Also the same had not been mentioned by the organization also

  140. Hello,

    I resigned from my current employer on 18th March 2016 after serving for more than 5 years. The next day I travelled Abroad for a job there. I had submitted to my employer all related completed forms for submission to EPFO after 60 days got over. These forms were submitted to EPFO around 20th May 2016 and I am waiting for the settlement.

    My questions are :
    1. With the new PF withdrawal rules in 2016 budget and its withdrawal later, do I get the entire amount of balance including employer portion and interest? This should be valid irrespective of when the settlement happens by EPFO as my withdrawal form submission date should be a criteria for any further changes in the rules?

    2. Since I had completed 5 years with the organization, there would be no TDS applicable though the amount that I expect is more than 50,000.



  141. I have worked in 3-4 companies in the past. I have withdrawn my PF accumulations. However, the pension amount continued to be with department. How I can get it transferred or withdraw?

  142. dear sir
    i am moving to abroad for job change from india
    i worked in my first company for 4.5yrs
    present company for 2yrs
    1. the epf site is not showing pension amount of my previous company, will i be able to get it?
    2.what documents should i submit for total withdrawal?
    3.i am not going by permanent visa i have only work visa , can i get exemption from TDS?

  143. I am working in a Public Limited Company since last 17 years.Since my salary was above 100000 per month, I had not opted for Provident Fund.

    Now I want to join Provident Fund Scheme . I have already contributed Rs.1.50lacs separately to PPF Account for claiming benefit under section 80C of I T Act. I will not use my contribution to EPF for 80C claim.

    I have following queries
    (a) Employer contribution to PF is allowed upto 12% of basic salary. Is there any restriction or limit for contribution by Employees to Provident Fund as Employees share . Whether an employee can contribute 70 or 80% of his salary to EPF as employee’s share to that fund .

    (2) As per current norms for PF withdrawal, if a person leave a job before 5 years, his withdrawal from PF will be taxable. If the employee leave job after 6 months of joining the PF scheme, but his entire tenure with the Company is more than 17 years

    (a) kindly let me know whether his tenure for PF rules will be considered from his date of appointment in the Company or from the date of joining the PF scheme.

    (b) If the person do not join some other job and want to keep his contribution (both Employer and Employee share) with PF, whether PF authorities will allow him to do so and pay interest on that amount

    (c) If that person withdraw entire amount (both Employer and Employee share) after 5 years of joining the PF scheme (i.e. after 4 year and 6 months after leaving the job), whether the withdrawal amount will be exempted or it will be tax free.

    1. Pawan-1) Anything above 12% from employee is called VPF. You can contribute it.
      2) a) Tenure will be based on how many years the contribution done to account.
      b) He can keep the account idle for 3 years with interest payout and after 3 years they will not pay interest on it.
      c) It must complete 5 years of contribution.

    2. Thanks for your reply.

      Please also let me know what is the maximum time gap allowed between leaving one job and joining new job for availing tax benefit. For example if a person after contributing for 6 months leave job and join new job after 1 year and again start contributing to PF. Whether he will be eligible for tax benefit on PF contribution made in earlier job.

  144. Hi,

    I will be leaving my current job in a weeks time and joining another soon after. I am also planning to settle abroad and thus I have my PR application under process and I am expecting the Visa grant by this month end. My tentative travel dates are by the end of December 2016. In the current company, i have been employed for 5 years and 10 months.
    For my travel abroad I am reliant on the PF contribution (Employee + Employer).
    I would be really grateful, if you could please answer the below queries I have

    1. Is it better to transfer the PF from the current company to the new company or to get a new PF account created with the new employer. (I have my UAN)

    2. If transferred, how soon can I withdraw the PF since I would be traveling abroad for settlement.

    3. If not transferred, can I withdraw the PF (in the current company) while still being employed with the next company I would be joining?

    4. While withdrawing (for reason of settlement abroad) can I withdraw both my contribution and the Employers’ as well?

    5. What forms need to be used for the withdrawal procedure (I have checked the ‘EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) Forms-Simplified’ section and did not find specific form if traveling abroad)

    6. What documentation should I provide (as proof of settling abroad) ?

    7. And the last question I have is, how soon or late is the amount credited once the necessary details are submitted?

    Thanking you in advance.


    1. Partha-1) Better to transfer.
      2) You neither withdraw now or after transfer. Because you are not considered as unemployed.
      3) You can, but legally NO.
      4) YES. Even though you are settling abroad, but employer is from India and is part of EPF rules (I hope so).
      5) There is no specific form for travelling abroad like.
      6) Whether your new employer is from India? Then it is not abroad settlement right?
      7) Within 30 days.

      1. Hi,

        First of all thank you for taking time to answer all my questions

        Few things I missed to mention. Apologies for the confusion.

        Before traveling abroad, I would be leaving the new employer as well. So I would be unemployed when I travel abroad for settlement.

        Could you please take a look the questions again and help me with the answers please?

        Thanking you in advance.


          1. So it would be better to transfer the PF to the new employer and when i leave the new employment, i can withdraw the consolidated amount. Correct?

  145. Hi sir
    I have applied for PF withdrawal on 15May 2016.My PF balance is showing 53436.0 0 where Employee contribution is 40927.00 and Employer Contribution is 20509.00. But today my Ac is credited with only 24688.00 rs. I don’t understand at what basis I am getting only 24688.00 rs.

    Waiting for your quick response.

  146. Hi
    I withdrawal money before 31/03/2016, after that interest credited in my account.
    My question is am i able to withdraw money again ?

  147. Sir,
    I worked for an organization for 16 months and resigned in Apr-2013 to pursue higher education. I withdrew the pf amount after that. Now(2016), I’m going to join a new organization so the previous pf account will be active or it must have been terminated and my employer has to create a new pf account?

  148. Hi. I have completed 4 years of service in an organization in Mumbai and am leaving India for a job overseas in June 2016.

    Please do guide on how to about withdrawing the PF and Pension Fund- Forms to be filled, employer role and if I would need to visit the PF Office.

    Also, would the EPF and EPS withdrawal be taxable.

    Thanks a lot

      1. Thanks for your response.

        With regards the taxability on withdrawal, can tax planning be done to avoid the same.

        Further, if you could please provide inputs on the % of taxability.

        Thanks a lot!

        1. Thanks for your response.

          With regards the taxability on withdrawal, can tax planning be done to avoid the same.

          Further, if you could please provide inputs on the % of taxability.

          Thanks a lot!

            1. Thank you for your response.

              Could you please let me know how to about with the tax planning.

              I trust you are referring to other than submission of PAN for TDS at 10%- as even that would mean that you would mean that you would only pay the tax later- at the applicable rates.

              Awaiting your kind response.

  149. Hi Basavraj,

    Thank you for the blog.I have a query regarding this.

    Suppose I have worked for company ‘A’ for 2 years and some amount has been accumulated.After which i have left the company and joined company ‘B’.After working in ‘B’ for around 1 month, i have left ‘B’ and joined ‘C’.I am holding a UAN and i have furnished the details to ‘B’. So, if i have to transfer my Pf when i join ‘C’, should it be transferred from ‘A’ or from ‘B’ as per the latest changes of 20 April 2016 ?

    Thanks in Advance,
    Mumtaz Hazarika

  150. Hi,

    My PF transfer status remains the same for more than a year, what should I need to do now.

    09 Apr 2015 Claim Form Submitted .
    15 Apr 2015 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    21 Apr 2015 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .
    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

  151. Hi,
    I worked for 2 years and now I have resigned to continue higher studies in India starting June ’16. Can i withdraw my full EPF now (mine as well as employer’s share +interest). And will I have any deductions because I have not completed 5 years of service or if that amount exceeds taxable limit ? And can I withdraw EPF myself or need employer’s help for that (i know my UAN)?

      1. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

        Good day,

        Kindly note that i had been working as a sales executive for a shipping & logistics firm for the past 2. 6 years. I had resigned from the company on dated 02/04/2016 after satisfying 1 month notice period but still i have not yet received my last month salary ( final settlement). Currently i am working in Saudi Arabia. Can i able to withdraw my PF amount ( Employee contribution + Employer contribution + Pension). If so please advice me the procedure, also noted that i have not linked the aadhar with my pf account.

  152. I have left my previous job on September 2015 and I still not applied for PF form so if I apply now so is this scheme would be applicable to me also? I mean can I withdrawal my full amount or I cant or I can only withdraw my contribution? Please advise.

  153. I am currently employed and planning to resign my employer and settle down outside India in say, coming 6-8 months. Is it possible to withdraw my PF before leaving India? If yes what are the documents I need to submit?How much time it would take to get the money transferred? Thanks in advance.

  154. Hi sir,

    I worked with the organization since September 4, 2014 to March 18, 2016 and then served my notice period as well. But my HR told me that I can not withdraw that PF because of some new rule. Now I am working with another company using the same PF account. Am I eligible to withdraw my previous PF ?? And also please advise me how….


      1. Okay sir, Thanks so much for your reply.
        But again there is no way I can withdraw it if I have transferred it?? Can I withdraw it only after leaving the job??

  155. Hi Sir,

    Is it necessary to link my Aadhar number in my UAN details ? My PAN number is already approved in my KYC details approved by my previous employer also i have my bank account number linked with it .
    So can i submit the new form at the PF office directly to withdraw my PF ?

  156. I joined a company in 2008 and worked for 22 months. I don’t know my PF a/c number. How can I apply for PF ?

  157. Hello Sir,

    I was in one company for only 4 months (April’15 to July’15). I completed my notice period (1 month) and company paid my full & final settlement amount.

    Now only PF is left with company, which company has deducted from my monthly salary for 4 months.
    Will I be eligible for PF withdrawal.

    Please note that I don’t know my PF account number. (When I joined the company, they told me that they open PF account for me but I am not sure whether they opened it or not).

    Please suggest whether I am eligible for the PF withdraw and procedure for withdrawal.


      1. Thanks for reply.

        But sir, they deducted INR 3045 per month for 4 months (April to July), which is part of my salary.
        As per my knowledge, there are 2 components of PF, employee contribution & employer contribution.
        As employee contribution, they deducted total 12,180 from my salary. This money company will keep with them ?
        Please confirm I am not eligible for both the components.


  158. Sir I have a question. I worked for a company and my pf was getting deducted. I left the job and now wants to rejoin the job again as non pf candidate. My pf is not yet withdrawn.
    Is there any time limit between my 2 employments in the same company earlier with pf and later without pf.

    Kindly suggest….

  159. Thanks for the reply Sir, but what if the company i am working with does not have PF scheme .T hey do not deduct our PF,so in that case while working in another company can i withdraw my previous PF ?

  160. sir,

    i want to know if a person attain 75 years of age and he has not withdrawal any amount from it. can he continue his epf account though he is unemployed , is there any tax liability will be created on that amount and what is the limitation of withdrawal his amount?

  161. Hi Sir,

    I have my UAN number in which my KYC has been approved by my previous employer.Also i have my salary account number linked with my UAN by my previous employer.I resigned from that company in Nov 2014 and since then have not contacted them.Can i withdraw my PF without contacting them by submitting the New Form 19 (UAN) directly to the PF Office ? I am working with another company at present.


  162. I have worked in organisation from Dec 13 to Mar 15. Later I join in Nov 15 in different organisation. Can I withdraw PF. I have UAN card please suggest the URL and process..

  163. Hi Basavaraj,
    I’ve worked in a company for last 4 years and then switched my job .
    Its been 2 months since then PF transfer is not yet initiated ,
    Can i go ahead and get advance withdrawal.?
    If yes how to proceed without employer signature as i have relocated from Bangalore to Noida .

  164. Hello sir,
    Im gautam from delhi.
    Got ur contact through blog and fb.
    I need ur help regarding withdrawl of my pf.
    I have resigned on march 2015 and now continued to studies since april 2015.
    So i need to know
    What is the procedure to withdrawl of pf and also is there any role of my employer in this matter?
    As i haven’t any contact with him now.
    Pls help


      1. Sir, is it cumpolsury?
        As i have resigned without completion of my notice period.
        And he sent me the notice of penatly due to non-completion of notice period.
        Pls help

  165. Dear Sir,
    1) please clarify my doubt i have withdrawn my pf from my previous company where i was allotted a UAN number now after one year of gap i am going to join a new company so should i provide the same UAN ? will it be active? can the new employer can check my withdrawal status? or he will simply generate a member id and link it to my UAN?

    2) PF withdrawals before 1st Aug – 16 can be withdrawn in full? i mean according to the old rules after two months of unemployment?

    1. Surya-1) Yes, you can provide the same UAN. It will be active. Your last employer may or may not check the status of last transactions.
      2) Now the above new rule scrapped. You can withdraw at any point of time.

  166. Hi ,

    I have changed couple of companies, but haven’t withdrawn PF from any company . Now in my current company can i transfer all my previous PF amount to this company. Also can I use my last employer PF NO. as my current company PF no.

    Please Suggest.

  167. First of all thank you for very very helpful financial blogging. I have always got all the correct explanations be it mutual funds, EPF or investment planning .
    I have 7.5 years of work experience in india and i am working abroad for last 2 years now. As the new EPF rule has been kept on hold till August 1st, I am trying to close my PF. Infact many of my friends are also trying to close PF as most of us may not return back in next 5 to 10 years due to the nature of our job.
    (1)Which forms should we submit for withdrawal, is there any sample available on how to fill it.
    (2) Since most of us have contributed to pf for a duration more than 5 years and less than 10 years, can we get complete EPS contribution as per Table D calculation, without Pension scheme certificate.
    (3) Which forms should we submit for that.
    Previous Employer informed us to sent the forms so that they will sign and sent back to us. Any of your old blogs are available for filling PF claim forms?

    1. Vidya-This withdrawal restriction one for all cancelled today. So you can withdraw it at ease.
      1) You get the withdrawal forms in EPFO portal.
      2) You get EPS contribution but not fully, it is some %.
      3) Refer THIS link.

      1. Thank you 🙂 What will happen to your posts about the EPF changes now. 🙂 That’s the problem of being first person to provide information 🙂
        Jokes apart, Thank you for your time and blogs 🙂

  168. Hi Sir,

    I have left my company on 16th of January-2016, and this notification come on 10th feb-2016.
    Will I be also covered under this rule if I want to withdraw PF after April-2016?

  169. I was leave my job in 1 aug 2015 .i am joining in 01/03/2007 .i am fill pf form in pf office with acceptance with PF Scheme certificate .can you answer to me what amount wii be made in my account isit pf amount .my pension amount realease or not please tell me.Scheme certificate

  170. Hi. I have completed 1 years and 10 months of service in a company. Now I left the job and I have joined other company . So, I would like know what are the best possible options for me. Like, whether to go for closure of PF account and pay the tax on the interest and also pay tax on the exemptions claimed under 80C from past 2 years? or

    Ques1 : The New company don’t have any PF scheme.but I will change this job in next 1 year . So can I wait for the time and then transfer the pf amount. Please let me know is it possible and if yes what is the procedure.

    Ques 2 : If I withdraw pf amount now so there is any role of my previous employer or how I can withdraw the PF amount?

  171. Hi ,
    I worked in one company and that time they created PF and UAN for me. But due to some reasons i haven’t resigned to that company and not claimed any money and left in a year from the company. Now i dont want to show that company name to my new organization. But my concern is at the point of new pf and UAN in new organization they will get old employment details? if yes how can i remove it from UAN?

  172. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had worked in ‘x’ company for 1 year 9 months. After marriage I worked for ‘y’ company for 7 months. I had to quit the job and move to US because of my husband’s job. It has been more than a year since I have come to US.
    I have applied for transfer claim online from x -> y.
    Can I withdraw the money after the transfer claim is done?
    If yes, how it can be done ?

      1. Hello Basavaraj,
        The above case is same as that of mine.I also want to withdraw the PF amount after on-line transfer from X -> Y.I filled the form but it has Date of Joining option only for the Y account.Since I have left the Y company also and currently unemployed , I would like to understand whether the transferring option and then withdrawal is OK.
        Secondly, the form has to be submitted to either previous employer or current employer,which is the better option for me in this case for submission.

        *Thirdly, should I go for individual withdrawal form for the X and Y company through their respective EPFO’s.

        Please guide me the most convenient option.

        Abhishek Kumar

          1. Hello Basavaraj,
            Thank you for the reply.
            I listed both my accounts with my UAN.
            The older member ID “X” is now linked by employer , but “Y” member ID is still not linked by employer.
            I will use new form 10C & 19, for epf withdrawal and will submit directly to EPFO.
            But according to the conditions the member ID has to be linked by the employer and Form 11 upload is also mandatory.This condition is not met by employer Y.

            Kindly suggest how I should proceed further for withdrawal from Y.

            *Also please guide can I send the document (Form 10C and 19) digitally signed to EPFO through e-mail or Registered Post / Speed Post , for withdrawal.

            Abhishek Kumar

  173. I completed 4 months of service and now i joined in other organization. Is it possible to transfer my full PF amount i.e. EE +ER share.

    1. Thanks Sir, I nave to submit transfer form manually or it is possible through online. My current employer has already confirmed my previous employer id with UAN number.

  174. Are new rules for PF withdrawal applicable in case of retrenchment also? (Where the company ceases to exist and employeee has been terminated from the employment just before it’s closure)

  175. Hi,

    I have moved abroad and want to withdraw my pf . Will i get my full pf or only my share?

    Thanks ,
    Aditya Bhargava

  176. I was working in a compnay for four years and resigned in October 2014.
    I have not withdrawn my PF yet.
    Can I withdraw my full PF now? When this new rule of not allowing to wthidraw full PF applicable from?

    1. PLease provide one more details…
      I am working abrod so in this case what documents I have to provide to withdraw full PF amount.

  177. I resigned the company on Dec 2015 and I already applied for PF on 21st Feb 2016, I dont know the Status, and i am not getting registration of UAN because as My PF office is in Hydrebad, As per New Rule will i get the Full PF amount

  178. Thanks for the article. Does this restriction of withdrawing of employee share + interest apply for advance amount for house construction/land purchase(advance withdrawal)?

      1. Hi,
        I have been working with the current company since 2007 july so i ll be completeting 10 yrs in July’ 2017.. I am planning to go on maternity leave thats 3 months from 20th Oct this month and will be leaving the company after 3 months as I hav to take care of my baby.. Will I get PF after that or will it be stuck with Pension fund.. As I heard somewhere that after 9 and half yrs in same company PF is stuck, it converts into pension and we get that at the age of 50 and above.. Kindly need your help

  179. hello Baswaraj

    My query is my father retired from his services, however he has not withdraw his Pf amount. PF amount is still in PF account so my query is whether there would be any TDS on interest

  180. hello Sir ,

    i resigned from company in July 2015 and currently i am unemployed . i submitted PF withdraw request but company asked me fill 15G form , but after calculation i found my last year income in 3lakhs 10 thousand and i read that form 15G is only applicable if your income is less than taxable income .

    please advise should i provide them form 15G ???

    thanks in advance
    rajiv Malviya

  181. Hi Basavraj,
    Thanks for all your info. I wanted to ask:
    I am serving my current employer for six year and still going on. You mention that, we can withdraw (employee contribution + intrest) but cannot withdraw Employer contribution till 58 yrs. Also Govt extended the applicability of this rule from 1st May2016. My question are:
    1. Can I now apply for full withdrawal (Employee+ Employer). As I have already crossed 5 yrs and if I apply for withdraw to my company, will I be saved from the rule that is applicable from 1st May16 ?
    2. You mentioned that Employer contribution to be withdraw at 58. Whether earlier withdrawal will not be allowed at all or it will be allowed with taxability?
    3. What does the provision for ” completion of continuous service of 5 yrs ” means when in all case the withdrawal cannot be made till 58 ?

    Request your input and thanks in advance

    Parag G

  182. Dear Basavaraj,
    I have completed 5 years in a company and want to do a partial withdrawal from EPF for Flat purchase.

    Can I withdraw from Employee+ Interest only or can I withdraw from Employee+Employer+Interest post May 1st.

    Can you please elaborate as the new rule in 2016 does not seem very clear for Partial withdrawal before retirement.

  183. Hi Basavaraj,

    Can you please clarify my below question,

    I am working in the pvt company for last 9 years.
    Employer contribution withdrawal at the time of 58 years applicable to my career starting date(i.e., from 9 years back) or from may 2016?

  184. Dear All
    what are you think about this rule of epf withdraw, i can not understand this rule, i have one question. for this rule that the employ will dead before 58 years then how will find epf/

  185. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have concern ,i am working in KPO company and my age is 31 , do the government think that we can sustain for long time in these kind IT co’s whether they can assure our employment till 58 years.

    Whatever done its quite good for government employees not for private employees ?.

  186. Is permanent withdrawal of company contribution not allowed for the entire company contribution corpus or the restriction of withdrawal is applicable to the company contribution made after 01.04.2016.

  187. Dear Sir,

    As per Government order, your article clearly says we cannot get “Employer’s contribution + interest on Employer’s contribution” till we complete 58 yrs. We can only withdraw “our PF contribution + interest on our contribution”.

    My question is –> is this the final from the government ? or they are looking into it again.

    Only way to get complete withdrawal of PF (employee + employer + interest on both) is when we declare that we no longer work in India and seeking job abroad. Then we may have to product lot of documents connected with employment abroad.

    Second question : if person dies, will the nominee get the FULL withdrawal

    Ravindra N L

    1. Thank you man, If This is correct, Then the info is very much appreciated. Thank You again.


      My issue is, I actually quit private job and is now working in a govt job. My application is already rejected due to the 10-02-2016 epf order. I will be applying again now. So if the new rule is implemented, what will be the situation of a guy like me.

      I cannot withdraw epf till 57 years, and I cannot contribute also I guess, since I am under the New Pension scheme.

      Is there any clarification regarding this?

  188. hlo sir .i leave my job 5months before and recently i dont have any job so what is the new process to withdraw my epf and eps amount. which forms is needed to submit for this. Actualy i submit form 19 for epf withdral but they reject it so please guide my .


  190. Helo Sir,

    Very helpful article..my querie is.

    1) I submitted the updated pf forms to the my previous organization on 07-Feb-16. Til now no update regarding that.
    2) Name and D.O.B is not correct.
    3) I’m tried to reach them with the phone they didn’t pick my call.
    4) Last week I sent the mail no reply for that.
    5) Finally I activated UAN and uploaded the documents.( Approvel is pending for establishment)

    Pls suggest what can be done….

  191. Hello Sir,

    I have a two query.

    1. i am working with Limited company since last 3 and half year. now i want to withdraw my pf amount due to my sister marriage. so please guide on the same.

    2. i will join new company in next month and don’t want to deduct pf. so it may possible or it is compulsory?

  192. Hey Basavaraj,
    Good article.

    I was just wondering if you can help me with a query.
    I’ve moved out of the country last year and am planning to work and stay here for long.
    Infact, I don’t foresee retiring in India.
    Do you think there is a clause in this whole scheme according to which I can withdraw the whole amount of EPF accumulated by me over my service of more than 7 years in India?

    Pls suggest.

    Thanks for your time.


  193. Hiii. I have resigned on 29-JAN-2016 and my last working day is 29-APR-2016. I am leaving this country forever as I m migrating to Canada. So, in this case, Can I withdraw full amount of my PF as I m not going to work in India again ever.

  194. Dear Basavaraj,

    Please help me with following situation.

    I have worked with 3 employers (with 3 different PF accounts) in the past, worked ~3 years each. Never withdraw or transferred the PF as I switched the jobs. I left my last job in Dec-2013 to get married and now I am settled abroad.

    I have requested the UAN number, form for which was available with my first PF account number (oldest job). I have following questions

    Is there any way KYC can be verified by any of the ex employers (I have my Aadhar card) so that I can use the new UAN forms?
    Can I withdraw the full PF and EPS amounts from all 3 accounts based of the marriage clause?
    How should I approach the withdrawals?



  195. Hi Basavaraj and All,

    Today, I heard from my employer that PF office is currently not accepting partial withdrawals. That is, even employee contribution cannot be withdrawn presently. The reason is that their software is not updated to process partial withdrawal. And there is no expected date when the software will be updated and the office will start accepting forms.

    If anyone gets any information/updates on this, kindly share here for the benefit of others


  196. Hi Basavaraj , I have worked in one Pvt company for 7 years and now I am moving aboard for my higher studies, My query weather I can withdraw full PF amount including pension and employer contribution. Kindly reply.

  197. Respected Sir,

    My query is about a employee which left the company on 05-09-2015, having less than one years of EPF contribution and still unemployed .Will he get full pf amount or not? as per circular dated 10-02-2016 which restricted EPF withdrawal of employer’s share by member.

  198. i am working in a company for 8 years. im planing to leave in a month. Can i withdraw my entire EPFO money after 2 months of leaving. Also I will be getting married and hence leaving the job. what documents will i need to submit to get my entire money since the same was submitted in new epfo rules applicable on 10th feb.

    Please help and clarify.

      1. Are there any other extra documents also needed along with the marriage card for full PF withdrawal ? (n by full PF you mean Employee & Employer contribution along with interest)..am i right on that.
        Also is there any TAT for the marriage data and from leaving the company.

        Request you to please specify.

        1. Pooja-This new rule is launched recently. There is no clarity or specific guidance. But in my view your letter of mentioning the reason for resign and marriage card or marriage certificate is fine. Yes, you get full balance and EPS based on your service. There is no such TAT specified in rules for this.

  199. Infosys maintains its own PF trust and they told me I can withdraw in full when I resign. is this really true if a company maintains its own PF trust they can over-ride government rules? Please claify

  200. Hi sir, this will not be suitable for private employees, y bcz, we are not getting offers like govt job, every time we are facing struggle in private job, means every increment time. If we are not changing job frequently, we won’t get salary. As of now, daily how many members are facing accidents during their travel to companies. Please consider these things. Govt job people background amount will be there, but for us if we are working we will get amount or else nothing.

          1. Do we have options to ignore the contribution towards to PF? Because, for any normal human being we have to cross many levels in our family like school admission of our child, Higher education, emergency situations like parents hosptialization, buying house/apartment for our family, sibblings marriage etc. for everything we cannot wait till 57 years to withdraw. So we need alternate solution to withdraw our money as when we needed.

            Any option is available to do that?

            1. Selvakumar-During joining the new organization and if your salary at beginning itself more than Rs.15,000 per month (basic+Da), then you can opt out of EPF. In rest of cases you have to be member of EPF. No option to go out of it.

  201. i have worked for 5 years and 3 months. i am planning to relocate outside India. i will only receive my contribution +interest and EPS. Right? When will the clarification on employer contribution +interest withdrawal be known?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Since lot of us raised concerns on this law, whether there is any update from government on this as of today?

    1. if you are migrating to another country or taking employment abroad, or there is mass or individual retrenchment, the old rules apply and you can withdraw the full amount.

        1. Hi Basavaraj,

          Thanks for this informative post. On the rules for other situations like immigration and the like, it doesnt appear that they are changing. The premise is that, the new rules that came out on Feb 10th, are affecting paragraph 68 (N, NN, etc) and there is no mention of changes to paragraph 69 in that notice. And para 69 is where the rules around immigration/retrenchment are present. So, it may be safe to assume that they are not changing


  202. Hi Basavaraj,

    Nice blog and good information about the EPF. I am working in a IT company and with my current company for nearly 14 years. After I reach the age of 58 what will be my monthly pension amount. Can I contribute more to the EPS scheme ( currently it is 15,000 per annum) so that I can get more pension.


  203. Sir our contact female worker she going to marry she can withdraw claim final settlement right? Please reply sir



  205. There is an online petition to roll back this EPF withdrawal rule. Can you please mention it in your article and/or in the other relevant places?

    change dot org why-should-we-wait-till-58-years-to-withdraw-employee-provident-fund-noepfwithdrawallimits

    Also, please sign the petition.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Yes, please make it part of the article so that maximizes the possibility of viewers getting it noticed bcoz not everyone read all the comments.

        It seems these rules are not known by many yet.


  206. what surprises me is that epfo took my money in pretext of it being withdrawal and now such policies are being enforced. even if a company I work for wants to invest in epf, I will refuse to.

  207. is it possible to withdraw accumulated employer’s contribution for repayment of housing loan. Whether full withdrawal can be first made from accumulated employer’s contribution prior to withdrawal from accumulated employee’s contribution ?

  208. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am working in one MNC company, I want to invest 1000/- monthly in PPF as part of less Tax and also for savings, But I am thinking now like ,Is it good to invest money in VPF instead of PPF?

    Please suggest.

  209. My previous company had generated UAN and money is with EPF (i can see my money after i log in with my UAN). My current company (Reliance) also has generated new UAN, but they don’t deposit money with EPF as they have their own private trust for PF. kindly tell me, how do i transfer my money from EPF to Reliance PF trust.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for your prompt reply. However, could please tell me how to transfer my old company’s PF (Currently with EPFO) to my current company’s PF (Privately managed provident fund trust).

        (P.S: My current company Reliance does not deposit employee’s salary with the EPFO but with their managed private provident fund trust)


  210. hi,

    I resigned private co. in the month of Nov 2015 after my age 54 completion and in Jan. 2016 i complete 55 years of age.

    I am not employed anywhere till date. as I want to start my own business.

    I filled PF withdraw form and submiited to HR on 1st or 2nd feb. In first week of March reply from HR dept received

    and new rule shown. my querry is that new rule from 10th feb then shall I get my whole PF as my request is before 10?

    Our PF is with trust.

  211. Thanks for your blog. I wanted to enquire about choosing the option for no deduction of PF (Employee as well as employer’s contribution). I am working with a co. for the last seven years. Now after with this RULE taken by our Govt. I don’t want to be a member of PF. However for the last seven years my PF is getting deducted now can I discontinue the same basis the clause of Rs 780 per month (12% of 6500) my salary is above 6500.

    Also any update whether some associations / groups have filed any appeal against this NEW RULE

  212. Hi,

    I have withdraw my EPF but not received pension fund because i have work last company approx 9.6 month.

    Now my question is i am working new company from last one year and i have note taken EPF in the joining time. May i start EPF from April 2016 and merge my pension account in new company account.

    Please Confirm

  213. Hi Basavaraj,

    Can you please explain me Pension Fund rule.

    Actually my dad worked in Sugar factory for 11 years, now he resigned his age is 51 years, now we applied for withdrawal. The sugar factory HR department telling he is not eligible for Form 10c claim, he need to apply Form 10b for monthly persion. is it right or any alternative is there?

        1. Head office staff said the amount come in march first but yesterday i call pf office they said it reject….

  214. DEAR sir
    i am going to leave my job in this year as i am getting married ,so as i am female can i withdraw my whole PF amount

  215. Hi Basavraj,

    I have resigned from my present employer and am planning to join an new Company from next month. My existing employer is registered under EPF Act and I already have my UAN. I came to know that wef 10/02/2016 GOI has come out with a Circular as per which one cannot withdraw the portion of Employers Contribution upon resignation even though one has served them continuuslty for more than 5 years. Pls clarify.

  216. Thanks a lot for putting this valuable information together. Great!
    I am 7 months pregnant and employed in an MNC. I plan to take a paid-maternity-leave of 6 months from my company and resume work after 6 months. During all this time, my salary will keep coming. If I withdraw my PF (I have been working for almost 8 years), – 1. would there be any deductions 2. I would get both mine and my company’s contribution?

    Please help! Thanks a lot once again.

  217. Hello Basavaraj,

    Thank you for such a useful article, it is very informative. In my case, I left my job in Nov 2015 since I was carrying (5th month) then. I had sent my EPF withdrawal form for submission some time in Feb 2016 but it was rejected due to a joint account mentioned in the bank account details. I then opened an individual account and filled up the forms again and got employers signatures again. Now, I am about to send the forms for submission to EPF office tomorrow. When I read your article today, I now feel that there is a need to submit a proof that I am carrying, I have lots of hospital records for this purpose and I am running my 9th month now. Is there a separate form or a specific certificate which we need to submit to EPF office as a proof of pregnancy, so that I get waived off from the above rule of partial withdrawal?


  218. Hi Basavaraj,

    Appreciate your effort in informing us about the new regulations. I understand I can presently withdraw my contribution + interest accrued ( considering I do not receive salary for atleast the next two months ) . 1.) In case I withdraw my PF contribution before the completion of 5 years after my PF account was genertaed , will there be another tax levied on this amount ? 2.) During the first year of service , I was designated a trainee , but I received official salary and contributions ( employee + employer ) were made towards my PF account. Will this trainee period be counted towards the 5 year minimum period ?

  219. Hi Basavaraj,

    Couple months back I had applied for PF Transfer from Previous Employer to Current Employer. A month back PF Transfer Completed. A week before I was able to see PF Amount from Previous Employer updated to Current Employer PF Passbook. My Query is

    I am able to see Employee Share +Employer Share transferred from Previous Employer to Current PF Employer BUT NOT Pension Fund updated, I see ~30000 Pension Fund in my previous Employer and it is not updated in Current Employers Pass book

    Is this expected ? What should I do now? Please suggest me

    1. Padmavati-Yes, it is. I saw many such cases. Also, a reader wrote to EPFO. They informed that the EPS of old account be there itself. However, at the time of retirement they combine. However, in my view it must follow the EPF. Otherwise at retirement how you can track all your old EPS accounts. But if you have UAN then I don’t think you need to worry.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for the info. Just want to know “at the time of retirement they combine” . I m working in private firm I might get retired from work before 45 Age then how this things will work. What is the minimum age needed for retirement. Please let me know


          1. Thanks Basavaraj,

            Thanks again,

            Last query.

            With my Previous Employer1 I see I have 30000 Rs as Pension Fund and I have served 4.5 Years and I am able to manage transfer my PF amount

            With my Previous Employer 2, I see I have 15000 Rs as Pension Fund and I have served 3.5 Years and I am able to manage transfer my Pf amount

            With Current Employer 3, I see I have 15000 as Pension Fund and I am serving 1.5 Years

            Overall I see 60000 Rs for 9 years of Service Length

            I will get this 60000 Rs anytime ? Do I need to follow any procedure to get this amount?

            Please let me know if no chance to get this amount. I will start thinking I lost 60000+going to loose xxxxxx amount further or someone took my money ?


  220. Hello Basavaraj

    I have a question on EPF withdrawal. I have my PF account with a private organization for 4 years 9 months. Now I am going to join in a central govt organization where NPS is mandatory. Can I transfer my accumulated amount from PF to NPS account without any loss? If it is not possible and If I leave this PF account till my 58 years, Can I withdraw the full amount (Employee+Employer+Interest) accumulated in the PF account? I read somewhere that If there are no contribution to PF account for three years, the account remain dormant. Does that mean I cannot withdraw my amount at any point of time after three years? Thanks in advance.

      1. Dear sir,
        now my age is 28. I have worked on a private sector. can i withdraw my hole epf amount?

        Regards Uttam

  221. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had applied for Online PF Transfer through PF Portal on 01st March, 2016. That day itself I received a message to my mobile saying “Your tacking ID for the claim xxxxxxx..etc” . But now today I see status
    01 Mar 2016 Claim Form Submitted .
    09 Mar 2016 Claim Form Pending at Previous Employer .
    09 Mar 2016 Claim Form Pending at Present Employer .

    When I checked with my Previous Employer he said he was out so he could not approve and he will approve soon

    When I checked with my Present Employer he said has approved 4-5 days back only. I have also told him that I don’t see any status change in Portal and I don’t receive any mail/message for the same. So he said me to check with PF Office

    How to proceed further? Please let me know


    1. Hi Basavaraj,

      I have one more query if you are able to understand Kannada. Today in Vijayakarantaka online paper (http://www.vijaykarnatakaepaper.com/Details.aspx?id=9638&boxid=3716772) I see something like if you are continuously contributing 10 years to PF then there will be some pension after 50 years. Is this true ? I have almost 9 years but 3-4 months of GAP from one company to another . Am I eligible for this? Please let me know


        1. Hi Basavaraj,

          Thanks for the info shared. I have couple more doubts about pensions referring to the links you have shared.

          a) Superannuation-To avail such pension, you must complete 10 yrs of service and your age must be 58 yrs or above.

          In this case, if I compare to my service, I started working as guest lecturer 11 years back and I worked for a year and left the Job. I was unemployed for almost 6 months so I was able to withdraw my EPF amount and then I started working on a Private Firm 1 and worked for 4.5 years then Private Firm 2 for 3 Years and the Private Firm 3 for 1.2 years. In such case to get EPS, My service will be considered 4.5+3_1.2 =8.5 Years ? or 1+4.5+3+1.2=9.5 years ? Please let me know

          What is a pensionable salary for EPS?
          Lets for the time being if my PF contribution is 4000 Per Month=48000 Per year if I continue to contribute continuously for next 10 years, what could be the monthly pension I can expect ? Please let me know


            1. Thanks Basavaraj,

              Is there anyway that I will get to know What is the Amount I have currently in EPS account? along with # Service Year and 12 months average salary?

              Can I get this info from EPFO Or Employer


  222. Hi,

    I would like to know how to withdraw/transfer the PF amount in my last Establishment he not ready to sing the paper, they are not pay the EPFO amount in last 3 year. I came out the Establishment last feb”14. Please give idea for that how to handle…

  223. I am not working anymore resigned last money. Now I will apply for PF next money.
    I Understand as per govt policy I cannot withdraw full amt only my contribution and interest will be withdraw.

    Now I am not planning to Work anymore what about the contribution made by the company would we be claiming that again after 58 yrs.

    As I will not contribute any amount in future in PF amount, because not continuing the job.

    Plz suggest how will we apply for the rest part of the money.

  224. I am working in a company since last 4 years & now due to some personal problem i have to leave the state where i am working right now & wants to spend my future life in my state with my family, So i am in need of money which are in my EPFO account so what shall i do………?

  225. Hello Basavaraj,

    I have UAN. Recently I resigned from a company and joined to a new company. The previous company was maintaining the amount in organisation PF Trust and the current company is maintaining PF amount by EPFO. I have opted for the PF Transfer. Towards the same, I initiated the PF transfer online (where in it shows the approval from previous employer is pending with a valid tracking ID). I sent the attested copy(signed by my current employer) of Form-13 to the previous employer. The previous employer acknowledged the same and mentioned that the PF amount will be transferred to EPFO within 40 days.
    My question:
    1. What is the further step to check whether PF transfer is done or not?
    2. How to check the current PF balance debited by the current employer?
    3. I have self linked the current employer PF account number under the UAN? Should the current employer also required to link the current PF a/c under UAN number?
    Please guide the procedure for the PF transfer indetail, as I don’t have much clarity on whom to ask about the further proceedings.


      1. Sir i am earning Rs 7500 only in a month but due to some some personal issue i need my EPFO amount so it means i should wait till my death….

  226. Hi
    I have resigned on 14th DEC and signed my pf withdrawal form and submitted d same day
    My form not submitted yet
    Can I blame my employer for not submitting

  227. An employee get salary above Rs.15000/-, he contribute his PF amount from his salary. And the Employer Contribution is compulsory or not.
    Can the Employer pay the Employee Sharing only.

    If it is possible, what is the rule.
    Please share.

  228. Dear Basvaraj,
    Thanks for all this valuable information which many of us don’ know.

    I have two queries –

    1. Recently I joined new organization. when they asked me about pf transfer, I told them that I am going to withdraw PF from my previous organization. So kindly give me a new PF account. After that I got one month salary also from my current organisation along with PF deduction.
    When I went through with your article I thought its better to not withdraw PF and continue it
    My query is since new company also provided me new PF account number along with UAN number and old company UAN number also with me. So what is the process to joint both this account (or transfer my old company PF to new company PF account).

    2. I worked for Kotak Life insurance till Sep 2014 and at that time I withdrawn my PF amount. Now I want to add balance kotak PF account pension amount to new PF account. Is it possible. If yes what will be the procedure.

    I will be very thankful to you. If u will help me to resolve my queries.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Ashish-1) Request your current employer to use old UAN and deactivate the new UAN.I don’t how they created it. Because UAN is unique for an employee, irrespective of employer. Once they start to use old UAN, then there will be no issue.
      2) You have to apply for transfer.

  229. I think it’s a very harsh policy by the government to reduce the burden that would be getting into bcoz of the 7th pay commission. and if such steps were taken to ensure the betterment of the people….will not get buying from anyone. Govt. just need money and they are exploring all the possibilities to loot the common ppl by means of tax , pf withdrawl reform, swach bharath . The Govt always try to potray this as long vision , definetly they have a long vision to make more money and they are religiously working on it.
    May the common people RIP ( Gov’t moto).

    1. Nice said Sir. Pradip Kumar……..!…for your comments nobody will answer you because they are feared of this government….which was made by us only…..and they are making fool of us……!

      1. Karthik-Fear…ME???? I am not belonging to any political party and this platform is not meant for political discussion. That’s the reason I put full stop. You can use other platforms to show your anguish on political parties. I dare to question all parties. What to fear? All political parties are here to make money. So don’t politicize this issue.

  230. Hi, I am new to EPF scheme and do not have any EPF A/C as i have been in and out of professional contract job and non of my employers provided for EPF.

    I am joining a corporate job now.They are giving EPF and I am not sure i will be staying in the job for more than 1 year. My basic will be 19,000 and additional allowance amounting to 50000. Can i ask my employer to not give me EPF + Gratutity and instead add this amount to my inhand salary? would this be wise?

  231. Hi Basu,

    Need a clarity on this new rule of EPF withdrawal. My last working day in india is March 31st. And I am permanently moving Abroad with no intentions to work in India post that .. In this case can I withdraw my PF completely ( all the contributions and interest)

    1. Go and vote for these type of disgusting government who makes us fool while asking vote and then make our life vanished

  232. Hi,

    I resigned my job in September 2015 and applied for PF settlement in the month of February. I am not sure whether it was couple of days before/after 10th February 2016. What will happen to my case ? Whether will I get my Full PF amount or only my PF contribution amount ?

    If it is latter, should the rules not be prospective instead of retrospective. Few people like me might have decided to start their own venture with the PF amount and resigned say about 2 months before. If this become applicable retrospectively, then all their plans go for a toss, right ?

    Whether the rule is good or bad, at-least they should tell people in advance that from this date onwards this rule will become applicable. Like in this case they could have easily said, this rule will be applicable for all the people who will resign post 1 April 2016 so that people have about 2 months to decide on what to do.


  233. Dear Sir,

    I am 52 years old and planning to opt for premature retirement in another two years i.e. 54 years. however, as per the revised EPF rules the employer’s share of EPF could be withdrawn at the age of 58 years, and will continue to earn interest? please clarify.

  234. Hello sir, if an employee got an increment and his basic crossed the ceiling limit,then his PF to be continued or not. Pl explain. Thank You.

  235. Hi Basu,
    I have been working in a company for last 6 years. Now I am planning to go abroad and settle there permanently with my family. As per the new rule, the ER contribution would come to my account only after I reach 58 years by which time my account will become dormant and useless. What provision has the EPFO given in such case? Have they given any provision to withdraw full amount in case we are leaving India permanently?


  236. Dear Basavaraj,
    I have a very curious situation.

    I am an IT Professional, with more than 7 yrs of exp. This is my 3th company. As of today i have 6.89 lacs in my EPF account which includes about 3 lacs ER contribution and 3.89 lacs EE contribution. In Oct 2015 i have bought (registered) a flat (under construction, hence payment is linked to slabs complition) from a builder, where i got the scheme of 10+70+10+10. The cost of the flat is 7o lacs, i paid 7 lacs, and the bank is paying 70%, tentatively till oct 2016. after that i have to pay 7 lacs again, and then the bank will pay another 10%.

    I was hoping to withdraw (advance to build/buy house) my EPF amount and settle the thing. My monthly basic (multiplied by 36 or 24 times) is comfortably accommodating my requirement.

    But with all these changes in withdrawal i am extremely worried.

    In the first reading it does look to me that i will not be affected by these changes. Will you advise me on this.

    S Banerjee

  237. This is a stupid decision of the Govt. It is none of business of the Govt, how we use our money. what if we decide to use our money in a wasteful manner after the age of 58? or they will force us to invest in some other scheme to retain our money. people who resign from their jobs early and have liabilities to clear like housing loans will suffer greatly.

  238. Hello Basavaraj,

    I have worked around 3 years in an Indian MNC afterwards I moved to overseas before 4 months, and joined a different company. In this case is it advisable for me to withdraw EPF? If yes how much tax I need to pay.

    Thanks in advance…

  239. Hi my name is divya I have worked from 2011 to 2016 .5 years I have completed and I have resigned my job in Jan 2016. I have submitted Pf form in Feb .is this new Pf rule is applicable for me

  240. hi sir plz explained the procedure of transfer to pf account. my previous pf account has related to karanataka pf office & now i will joint a new job in mumbai & they are related to maharashtra – mumbai bandra pf office so can i transfered that account ?, plz explain me!

  241. Hi. I have completed 3 years and 7 months of service in a company. Now I have resigned from the job and I am going to pursue higher education. So, I would like know what are the best possible options for me. Like, whether to go for closure of PF account and pay the tax on the interest and also pay tax on the exemptions claimed under 80C from past 3 years? or Can I leave the PF account without any contribution for another 1 and half year and then if I withdraw, will that be counted as 5 years but do I need any signature or paper work from the current employer at a later stage? or are there any other better options available since from Feb 10, 2016 a new rule has been made by the government that the employer’s contribution cannot be withdrawn. I will be getting relieved in another 7 days.. I would be grateful for the kind advise..

      1. Thank you for responding. It will take more than 3 years for sure for my study.. Initially I also thought to leave the PF account without contribution.. but as you know it becomes inactive after 36 months… so I am in a puzzled situation of what to do… I would really appreciate your kind advise.

  242. Hey brother, What if I am not able to live for 58 years, (Nominee will get paid for those amount I guess but what if There is no nominee or he\she also no more). Then all the contribution will used by government. Don’t you think this is cheating with our hard earn money. And who knows what happened in next instance. Most of us are want to make his\her present good not the future. If present is good future will be better too. So it is the damn idiotic decision. Very bad for people who want to start a new business after four or five years of job. If you have some good friends in higher position please let them know that what is the harm by this rule for people like us. Thanks.

  243. Dear Basvaraj,
    Thanks for all this valuable information which many of us don’ know.

    I have two queries –

    1. Recently I joined new organization. when they asked me about pf transfer, I told them that I am going to withdraw PF from my previous organization. So kindly give me a new PF account. After that I got one month salary also from my current organisation along with PF deduction.
    When I went through with your article I thought its better to not withdraw PF and continue it
    My query is since new company also provided me new PF account number along with UAN number and old company UAN number also with me. So what is the process to joint both this account (or transfer my old company PF to new company PF account).

    2. I worked for Kotak Life insurance till Sep 2014 and at that time I withdrawn my PF amount. Now I want to add balance kotak PF account pension amount to new PF account. Is it possible. If yes what will be the procedure.

    I will be very thankful to you. If u will help me to resolve my queries.
    Thanks in Advance.

  244. Basu,

    This is applicable to resignation after 10-02-2016, or for any withdrawal form submitted after 10-02-2016.



  245. Hello Team

    Very good article, however i would like to know one point. If any employee goes to Abroad with inter company transfer / any employee leaves india.. does he is allowed to withdraw? Otherwise, he will loose huge amount of interest for dormant account

  246. Sir, I would like to know where our PF & VPF money are invested by our Employer. Say suppose if the company becomes bankrupt what happens to our money. Secondly if i take VRS at the age of 50 years what happens to my money? What do i do to sustain myself?

  247. hi sir
    may i know like i am contributing VPF as well. So like if i want to withdraw my pf amount after leaving my job. then will I be getting VPF + my contribution + interest ? or only 50% of total PF amount?

  248. Sir

    I have completed 11 years in old company and jointed in new company. Shall I close my pf use new 19 uan form and 10c uan form.

  249. Hello..
    Is this the same case when person goes on long term onshore . that time employment is moved to onshore country. What happens to pf in such scenario.

  250. Hi,

    The new PF withdrawal system is really bad for people who are unemployed after contract job for 3 or 6 or a year. As the government would start using the employee’s CTC amount ( Employer contribution- Why should the Government keep it??) When an individual is unemployed this money helps to take care of his daily needs or if he needs to clear his EMI s in such period.

    The PF ammendment done in regards to withdrawal should be employee choice and not the government choice. This is not a good step taken by BJP government.



    1. Anita-At upfront it may be harsh. But look at long term view. This may be helpful for you in your retirement. May be forced law enforcement. But in return at least you create some retirement corpus. Many used this investment as their emergency fund, instead of proper planning for their emergencies. Let us see…we have no choice than to abide.

  251. From My point of View, its very bad move by the Government.
    Why the Govt making such a move which forcing all employees to hold the money till 58
    What if I am planning to get VRS or terminated by the company and planning to start a new business with this money.
    If Govt want to provide benefits to employee, ask them to increase the interest rate rather than this rule
    What if govt reduces the interest below 5% in future?? At the same time, balanced debt fund giving you 8%. In this case, are u able to switch this money. No
    Govt want to take our money and invest in stock market (now its 5% who knows it will increase further) and help corporates indirectly

    1. Shanky-Your concerns are genuine, but data shows the different picture. 50% of withdrawal for EPF are before retirement age. This means people using this social tool for their emergencies by forgetting the long term goal of retirement. That is the main reason, which forced Govt to enact. But this rule ruin many genuine emergency fund seeker.

      1. 1. Can this have retrospective effect. When individual contributed (as part of his own CTC), terms were different. Can government change rules of the game mid-way
        2. If someone moves abroad forever – what happens
        3 As per earlier amendment – inactive account beyond 3 years will not get interest. What happens to unemployed/early retired/migrated people money – why would anyone keep money to depreciate. Is it level playing field
        4. PF is shown as CTC in all contracts right now. Can government decide what person does with money after paying taxes!!

        1. Rajesh-1) They changed it in mid way because many not felt the saving and investing for long term goals as serious.
          2) Then you have to withdraw both. But as of now there is no clarity on this situation.
          3) When you no longer working, then you can withdraw your share. If you do that, then the EPF share fo employer will continue to earn (My assumption).
          4) CTC showing is between you and employer. Your employer not share your CTC to Govt.

          1. Dear Mr. Tonagatti,

            I’m talking about the clause on immigration out of India. Please see whether it makes sense or not.

            The modification made on 10-Feb-2016 left paragraph 69(1)(c) untouched. This paragraph talks about the withdrawal in immigration case.

            As per gazette on 10-Feb-2016 issued by ministry of labour, they have only modified paragraphs:
            – 26A subparagraph 1
            – 68-NN
            – 68-NNN
            – 68-O
            – Added a new paragraph 68-NNNN
            – Modified 55 years to 58 in paragraph 69
            – Omitted paragraph 69(1)(e)
            – Omitted 69(2) and (5)

            Rest is left untouched. I’m not sure why EPFO doesn’t have clarity over immigration cases. If anyone has left India, why government would like to keep her or his money till she or he attains 58 years. She or he may not even come back. This is ridiculous.

  252. Hi

    I have a doubt if i recollect correctly, if there is no contribution from employer or employee for some period, EPFO doesn’t give interest for such accounts.
    So lets assume a case where an subscriber resigned from the company and decided not to work going forward, so in such situation as per the new rules he will only be able to withdraw only his contributions and not the employer part.
    So account remains dormant and no interest will also be paid for the employer contributed money(i think its after 2-3 yrs).
    Need some clarifications on such situations.


    1. RAghu-Rightly pointed. But I assume, in such a situation they not bring in the dormant account clause to such accounts. They may separate those accounts where no withdrawal happened. Such accounts can be considered for dormant account rules. But accounts where EPF contribution withdrawn and only employer share pending will continue to earn interest income as usual. Even though they are not clear on it. But I am sure this may the idea.

          1. Hi Basu,

            I have one doubt regarding above artical

            One Emp having 3years of experience and he left the company ,so as per EPFO rules
            he can withdraw only
            His PF contribution +interest and his pension amount ,am i right .
            please confirm

          2. This may actually pose a huge revenue burden on the government. Think about an example where 1000s of software engineers retire by the age of 45, they would have accumulated close to 30-50Lacs on the PF in the last 20-25 years. Now by withdrawing only a portion lets say, 20 out of 50, the interest on 30Lacs for the next 13 years will run into crores. By not paying our own money now the government may be burdened to shell out more after few years. Come to think of it, its a brilliant idea but need to look at the treasury in the long term and if successive government can support it. As Modi keeps saying, 60% of the population are less than 35 years but in 20 years time, the tables will be turned upside down, can the government bear the brunt?

            1. PFQuery-Do you feel this problem only to IT field? You seems to be wrong. Do you feel these software engineers super engineers in managing their money? To me 99% are dumb fellows when it comes to managing their money than rest of professionals. What in what way they survive their retirement? Do they have proper plan set? In my view none of them never thought of how to plan for that. Rest to decide is on your own.

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