How to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online?

One of the important aspects which you must not ignore is to keeping your Email and Mobile number up to date to all your insurance policies. This leads to receive notifications related to your insurance policy. However, in the case of change, how to update Email or Mobile number in LIC policy online?

As of now to update your Email or Mobile number in LIC policy, you have to register your LIC policy and then update the contact details. Otherwise, the second option was to write a letter to update your contact details to your servicing branch.

Recently LIC started the service to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online. Let us see how to do it. Let us see how to do that online.

How to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online?

Now let us see the procedure to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online.

1.  Visit the LIC’s Homepage. Then click on the link “Help us to serve you better”.

update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online

2. You will be redirected to a new window (The LINK for the direct visit of this page is Help Us to Serve You Better.) Here, you have to provide your Full Name (as per policy document), Date of Birth ((as per policy document). Then the next is to provide your new mobile number. If you are not changing the mobile number, then provide the old mobile number.

Remember that providing your Full Name, Date of Birth and mobile number is mandatory.

Then provide your new Email Id. Finally, choose the number of policies for which you want to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online. You can update up to the 10 policies maximum at one time. Read the declaration properly and click on the tab “Submit”.

The screen looks like below to enter all your details.

Update Contact Details in LIC Policies online

3) Next is to provide your policy numbers to which you want to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online. The screen looks like this. Here, I selected one policy. Hence, I am getting only one option to enter policy number. If you selected more 1, then you have to enter all the existing policy numbers. Then click on the tab “Validate Policy Details”.

Update Contact Details and Link to LIC policies online

4) Once the records are matching like the name, date of birth with respect to the policy number you provided, then the successful message will pop up like below.

LIC will call your updated number for verification purpose. Also, they send the Email to your updated id. Noe the “Request No” for the future reference.

Request Number for Update Email or Mobile Number in LIC Policy online

As I said above, the request will be sent to servicing LIC branch. You will receive the confirmation call to your newly updated mobile number. Once you confirm the same, then LIC will update your mobile number in their records for future communication.

Once through call you confirm to LIC, then they also send the email to your registered email id as a confirmation. The email format looks like below.

Email Confirmation from LIC

This is how you can update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online easily.

Why updating contact details to LIC Policies is important?

As I already pointed above, updating your existing Email or Mobile Phone numbers will make sure to receive policy related notification.

This will surely make you aware related to premium dues, policy lapse, checking policy status or survival benefit and maturity notification.

Hence, it is advisable to update Email or Mobile Number in LIC policy online without fail.

Note-Refer our post related to checking LIC Policy status without registration “Check LIC Policy status without registration by Mobile Phone or SMS“.


  1. hi…. pl let me know how to delete details of family members from my LIC profile.

  2. How can i get my childs enrolled documents from lic. Actually i was needed the date of birth. Because i have lost the Birth certificate of my chlid in flood. Please try to get my problem.

  3. How to change my registerd account number (for policy returns)….. with lic

  4. I had registered online long ago and lost that old phone and number. How do i update new phone number?

  5. Hello Basavaraj
    I have registered mobile number with LIC. I would like to know the details of LIC policy by calling customer care. Is this possible? Because I need the detail of a policy for which i have no data. Unfortunately, i lost messages what i received from LIC .

  6. Hallo sir,
    I want to register my email id and mobile no. My last email id is closed which is registered.
    I tried it as per u r slide but,
    I can’t see that window on home page of Lic.
    If another process is there??

    • Amol-They might be removed the Homepage Link. But you can try with by directly visiting this LIC Link.

      • How you can access that why we cannot access directly to this link,. ,Are you some special

        • Laxman-I am like you and based on the features itself I wrote. There is no special access to me.

  7. There is no link with name “Help us to serve you better” on page

  8. I am Lic customer, my policy no-.
    pls tell me my policy status & whats dues.

  9. Is there a way to update contact details on LICHFL as well ?

    My email id mentioned against the loan is incorrect. Please help.

    • Chhaya-LIC is different than LIC Housing. Hence, you be in touch with them directly. I am not aware of their process.

  10. Thank You ! Thank you! This was so useful for me as I had my previous company email id added long long time ago on my policy and I did not know how to change it.

  11. Thanks. Your article has proved to be beneficial for me. Lots of love

  12. I(Amirineni Mallikarjuna Prasad) am bearing HealthCard No:000FHPL-0000201985 having LIC health protection plus Policy No:675946753.
    i had a bye pass surgery on april 17th so i have submitted all my hospital documents with filled forms to lic manually but i am unable to get reply from LIC authorities regarding my reimbursement claim

    • Prasad-Sad to hear this. But you have to go and be in touch with the concerned home branch of LIC for the same.

  13. After retirement,I receive annuity, monthly from LIC, against group pension scheme of my employer.
    I have annuity No with me, this is 14 digit/letter No.
    Annuity payment and life certificate up dation is done against the annuity No.
    I tried with this No to update my phone No and e-mail, on line, but the policy No field did not allow to enter this No.
    How to update this .

    • Haradhan-I don’t think this facility will allow you to update as you are having annuity number rather than the policy number. Do it manually by visiting the nearest branch.

  14. SIR i had registered my mob. no. and mail id before one and half months before,but i had not received any call from LIC OFFICE yet. why?pls reply me with my mail id- [email protected]

    • Dilip-Try to do one more time. If you still unable to update, then you can call to their customer care.

  15. How I can add my Bank Account details for my policies online or offline

  16. Hi Basu
    Is there any option online in LIC website where we can indicate that we would no longer like to continue paying premiums (i.e. convert the policy to a paidup policy (NOTE: not surrender of the policy))

    • Vikram-Sadly as of now there is no such facility. However, if you skip the premium payment then the policy will automatically turn up to Paid Up.

      • Hi Basu,
        I finally managed to surrender my LIC policy and get the money back. They processed it within 10 working days!!

  17. Hi Basu,

    I updated, Thanks a lot for updating us all the time. I was looking for this option from LIC so long actually.


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