June 23, 2012

BasuNivesh moved to it’s own Domain “www.basunivesh.com” !!!

I feel very happy to announce that “BasuNivesh” moved from this existing domain to new own domain www.basunivesh.com successfully. It is like moving from rental house to own house for me 🙂

For readers- you will not loose any old contents but you feel some new changes in coming days. I am still working on the changes. All posts are available as it is in new domain. But I request all subscribes to do subscription once again to this new domain. You will receive mail regarding the same from official BasuNivesh mail soon.

I selected wordpress.org for creation of my new domain. I feel great freedom in all aspect than wordpress.com. I am thankful to all who helped me in this moving activity. Especially my brother, Abhinav, and BigRock team.


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