EPF Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) -Transferring is now online !!!

Recently EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) started online transfer of your old employer EPF account in new EPF employer account online. I hope with this initiative lot of hurdles of the EPF members will get resolved.  Let see the procedure and guidelines of this account transfer.

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Note-Do you know these recent changes in EPF rules? If no then visit “Employee Provident Fund (EPF)-Changed rules from 1st Sept 2014“.

The first step before proceeding to apply for online transfer is, you must have an online registered account on EPFO site. To do registrations follow the process provided “HERE“. Once your account is registered then you need to apply for transfer of account by first visiting the Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) portal. For detailed instruction of how you can apply for transfer visit “HERE” where they provided the detailed instruction of applying.

EPF Online Transfer Claim Portal

Few points you must know before proceeding this online apply.

  • You must be a registered member of the EPFO portal before proceeding.
  • Both your previous employer as well as present employer must be available on EPFO database.
  • The employer must register for the digital signature process of EPFO.
  • You can check your eligibility for transfer by visit OTCP site “Here“.
  • You can’t edit any of your personal details as well as the details like joining or exit dates.
  • But suppose if you found any discrepancy in the details then you can do editing so by clicking the tab called “The following information in incorrect”. Once you do the editing, take the printout of the pdf form. Self attests the same you need to submit it to the EPFO office through your current employer.
  • You can submit for transfer once these rectifications are done properly.
  • You can change your DOB (date of birth) also but the restriction of attempting to change is only about 3 times.
  • If both your previous as well as current employer registered digital signatures with EPFO then you can submit this claim form either with previous or current employer for employer attestation.
  • Even if your previous employer registered with EPFO then too you can submit form with either of them.
  • If your previous employer not registered then also you can submit with either of them but it will take time to transfer as the process of verification data will be done.
  • You can submit online transfer only in case your previous employer registered with EPFO for digital signature.
  • The same way your present employer registration also mandatory for online transfer.
  • Once online submission is done, you need to take the printout of the same and submit it with employer with self attestation.
  • You have the option to choose for submitting your form for attestation either with previous or current employer.
  • Within 15 days of online submission you need to submit claim form with your employer.
  • If any rejection from the employer then it will be after 15 days only.
  • You can view the status of claim online also.
  • Below are the few reasons for rejecting your claim.
  1. The claim already submitted previously and EPFO not yet rejected it.
  2. You have not submitted the signed online claim transfer form with your employer within stipulated 15 days period.
  3. Records mismatch.
  4. Signature mismatch.


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  1. Sameer Narula says

    Hi Sir

    I was working with an organization from 2oth Mar-12 to 5th Mar-14 and then had quit the organization to start My own venture. I finally wish to withdraw My EPF savings.

    When I tried to check the balance of EPF via the SMS service, the message said Updated upto(31-03-2014) and the total amount is also what was deposited in FY13 only. Does this mean the EPF has not been deposited by My employer in FY’14 ?


  2. says

    I have applied for Online PF Transfer. It got rejected with proper reason and not received communication from them. Below is the status.

    10 July 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    21 July 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    06 Aug 2014 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

    Current Status :Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.
    Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO HYDERABAD for further details

    Please let me know from where to re-start now?


  3. Anitha says

    Hi Sir,

    I’ve submitted the Form13 via online.

    The status of claim shows,
    0x Sep 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    xx Sep 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer

    There are two printable forms generated ,
    APPD(Final PDF)

    The two forms are addressed to PF commissioner and it shows that member need to sign the form and submit to previous establishment. the final pdf needs previous establibshment signature and seal.

    My question is do the previous establibshment has to submit the form13 manually to the pf office or pf office will reach previous establishment to get the approved form?

    My previous establishment is taking long time for approval and i need to do lot of follow ups. i’m feeling like i did wrong by choosing previous establishment. :(

      • Satheesh kumar says

        Hi Sir, the above details same for me. Which form is submitted to current employeer ( Ro.SRO/APPD(Final PDF) ).

        Thanks Satheesh

          • Satheesh kumar says

            Hi Sir, the above details same for me. Which form is submitted to current employer or previous employer ( Ro.SRO/APPD(Final PDF) ).

            Thanks Satheesh

          • Satheesh kumar says

            Hi Sir, the above details same for me. Which form is submitted to current employer or previous employer ( Ro.SRO/APPD(Final PDF) ). How long will wait for transfering amount. What is next i will do.

            Thanks Satheesh

            • mono says

              1. YOU DID ONLINE TRANSFER
              2. In that you choose attestation ..froom previous or current employer…
              3. online approve will be done by the option choosen ( previous or current employer..
              4..before this online approval you have to submit hard copy..to ( current or previous employer ..as the option choosen )…

              Even an Idiot can understand this..

      • Anitha says

        Thank you Sir.

        I’ve choosed only previous employer for attestation.

        The Ro.SRO pdf form mentions that,

        Note: Member should take a printout of this form and a signed copy of the same should be
        submitted to the Previous Establishment.

        I haven’t send the signed form till date to my previous employer, but my previous employer had approved the form13. after that the final pdf form is generated.

        sorry i am not getting your point can you let me know which form i have to submit to current employer.

        i don’t know what to do now.my previous employer not asked me to sign the final pdf. even if i send the signed form without their request i dont know what they will do. they are pretending like they don’t know any process. if i miss any info i can’t do the follow up.

      • Anitha says

        Thank you sir.

        Sorry i couldn’t get you. which form i have to submit to current employer as I have choosed only previous employer for attestation. i haven’t selected the current employer.

        The Ro.SRO form mentions that,

        Note: Member should take a printout of this form and a signed copy of the same should be
        submitted to the Previous Establishment.

        Till date i haven’t send any signed form to my previous employer, but they had approved it.

        After they have approved form13, the final pdf(APPD) is generated. My previous employer haven’t asked any signature from me for final pdf also.My previous employer prendenting like they dont know any process. after i pressuried and explained the process only they had aprroved it. so kindly explain me what i have to do now.

        • Anitha says

          The status changed for me in portal as,

          Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

          So i think there is no need to submit any forms to past or current employer.

  4. Anjali says


    I have submitted request for Online EPF Transfer 20days back. I could not submit the signed Form13 to my previous employer yet. But I have received the following message as status on my transfer:

    21 Aug 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    22 Aug 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    Do I still need to submit the hard copy of Form13 to my previous employer or it is already taken care of.

      • Akanksha says

        Hi Basavaraj,

        First of all thanks a ton for creating this page and answering so many queries. This indeed is a great social service. God bless u!!!

        When I login to website, all I can see is below information under Claims>Status of Claim:

        06 Aug 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
        11 Sep 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
        12 Aug 2014 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

        Please advise where is the “CURRENT STATUS” details which many people here referring to?Am I missing looking at any page here or should I wait for few daya and then it will automatically be reflected.

        Please let me know.

  5. Vipul says


    By mistake I have filled wrong PF no. in online form. Claim has been submitted. I do not find any option to edit submitted claim.

    Please suggest if there is any option available to edit submitted claim.


  6. Gaurav says

    Initiated the online EPF Tansfer; the current status as per website is as follows –
    09 Aug 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    18 Aug 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    22 Aug 2014 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    How long does it usually take before the next step in EPF transfer process? How long before I need to make any inquiry/raise grievance etc.?

  7. Dinesh says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I have submitted Form13 in otcp to my prev employer. i have received sms with contact person and mobile number of previous employer. when i contacted her, she is saying only back office will receive the mail and they will fwd the mail to her for attestation. i have mailed back office people also, still there is no clue for 2 days who had received it.the mail is triggered for me with claim id.

    is there will be any chance the mail wont be triggered to my employer?in that case what i can do?


  8. Dinesh says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I need to self transfer PF through OTCP portal. I am going to select Previous Employer for attestation. I checked the claim transfer eligibility. Both prav and present employer has valid registered Digital Signature Certificate on the portal. After claim submission, If the Form13 PDF is generated whether i should take the printout , sign it and then send it to prev employer or the portal itself will automatically challenge the previous employer for attestation. If i had to take the printout how to upload it again. i can’t see the upload option in the epf transfer step by step instruction document. Just I am gearing myself up for it before intiating the process.

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. RACHIT says

    Hi Basavraj,

    May i know if some thing more to be done by member when his/her form is approved by previous employer.

    Actually last week i had applied for Transfer through previous employer and now i got the message that it got approved. So, i just want to know that something else is to be done from my side. Or i have to wait now.

  10. Ashish says

    Hello basavraj,

    I just read from a blog that it is possible to withdraw the EPD amount before 10 years of service. and if possible, then how these 10 years will be counted. I have completed 8 years of my service and in my fourth company. So will the counting start from my day 1 in service or from the first day in my current organisation.


  11. Manoj says

    Hi Basava,

    I have a query on eligibility of pension under FPF.

    I left company#1 at Delhi on 16-02-2009 and joined company#2 at Hyderabad on 17-02-2009. Effective 01-01-2011 company #2 transferred all the employees with a new company (company#3) and maintained PF part under own trust and FPF under RPF Delhi.

    My PF from company #1 not yet transferred and PF from company#2 transferred to company#3 on 01-08-2014.

    To eligible for pension should I transfer the PF from company#1 to company#2 and then company#2 to company#3 or I can still eligible even if I transfer the amount form company#1 to company#3 directly. Then there will be gap period between two company.

    I heard that continous 10 years contribution to FPF required to eligible for pension. please help… Thanks Manoj

    • says

      Manoj-Total service mentioned as EPS contribution service without break. So if the same account continues from employer 1 to 3 then you can do so for transferring. But what is the status of your account with employer 1?

      • Manoj says

        Hi, as I mentioned in my original query the amount in my employer 1 not yet transferred. The transfer request rejected once and I am working again to get it transferred.

        I have three diffrent accounts under three different employer. I think 10 years of continuous contribution means contributing to pension fund for cont.. 10 year irrespective of number of accounts, please clarify?

        The other question I had about transferring the PF balance and Pension Fund of employer1 to employer 2 first then to employer 3 or can I transfer directly to employer 3 (will this be counted as discontiuation of service).


        • says

          Manoj-If same account transferred from previous employer to current employer without any break up then it is called continues employment. So if you have different account but in your own name, still treated as different period of employment.

          • Manoj says

            Hi Basavaraj,

            Thanks for your valued time. If understood your answer correctly, I am not eligible for pension as per above case. Then what will happen to the contribution of my employer 1 & 2 to the pension fund. Do I mean I will get that as withdrawal after my service if I don’t withdraw before that and will that withdrawal will be with interest.


  12. Malar says

    Hi, I have applied for transfer and it got approved by both the companies. Now I received a message saying settlemnt amount transferred to acct number xxx , ifsc code yyy. That acct number doesnt belong to me. What has happened?

  13. ashish bajaj says

    Dear Basav,

    I wish to transfer PF amount from previous employer to existing employer via OTCP and there is UAN process also in place

    Should I transfer my old PF account to UAN account number or to the existing employer current PF account no

    Ashish Bajaj

  14. Laxmikant says


    Today I filled up the online transfer form for my PF and everything got well except I entered DOJ wrong. Entered 2010 instead of 2009 in date of joining field of previous organization.

    Please let me know if I can correct this before I submit the Form13 to the employers.


      • Laxmikant says


        I have received the Form 13 and I dont see any way to change it. Below is the current status for the request

        24 Aug 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
        25 Aug 2014 Claim Form Pending at Previous Employer .

        Should I resubmit the transfer request or submit it and inform the employer about the wrong date been mentioned.


  15. J. Chandra Sekhar says

    Dear Basav,

    I worked with an organization till May 2014. On 2nd June ’14, I had joined another organization. My previous organization has issued me the UAN No. I had already submitted application for transfer of PF to my present employer. How or Where can I register or link the UAN No. (received from previous employer) to my present employer.

    Also another point is, the PF contributions done by my previous employer (Apr 2013 – May 2014 – 14 months) should be 14 entries. But the EPF passbook which I downloaded as on 18th Aug. 2014 shows only 11 entries (i.e. till Feb. 2014 only). As I am from HR dept. I pretty well know that PF contributions has been deposited by my previous employer, but the EPF portal is displaying only 11 entries.

    Kindly guide.


    J. Chandra Sekhar

  16. kiranL says

    Hi Basavaraj ,

    I made a request for online transfer in July 2014 by selected both employers and the same has been approved post sending the singed copies. Now I could see two PDF Li ks.Could you please Confirm weather I hav to send any signed copies of one of those PDF links…

    Many thanks,
    Kiran L

  17. Aayush Kedia says

    My online transfer status is pending for three weeks with the same status:

    Current Status :Account Details received in EPFO IN office and under process.

    What does this mean and when can I expect this to move further. I have dropped mail twice, but I know they wont reply.

    Please help.


  18. vicky says


    I transferred my PF account but My status as per the website is same since last 2 months.
    Can you please provide me status regarding when the amount will be transferred to my current Employer

    STATUS for Member ID: XXXXX

    Claim ID : XXXXXX
    Status : Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (XXXXXXXXX) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Even i received a SMS on my registered no that Claim is approved for payment via cheque. PMT under process.

    But I still have not received my transfer amount.

    Can you please suggest by when Can I expect my Claim in my Account

    Thanks in advance

  19. sanjeev kumar yadav says

    Dear sir/madam
    My PF transfer claim form is pending at previous employer more than 40 days, what should i do please guide me, I already wrote 7-8 mail them they don’t reply, even not pick the phone how can i get approval from the what action i can take from my side


  20. Neeraj Chouhan says

    Hi Sir, I want to do online PF amount transfer but my last name is coming first in my previous employer data also my DOB is showing blank, please let me know will this create any problem in PF amount transfer.

    Neeraj Chouhan

  21. Santosh says


    I have initiated PF transfer many times. Every time its rejected with a message

    “The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO BOMMASANDRA for further details”

    I even tried to initiate online transfer claim, where i found that current employer has given a wrong joining date which is 21-05-2011, where as I joined 10-sep-2014.
    is this the reason why transfer being rejected?

    how to proceed.


    • says

      Santosh-Might be…so why can’t correct it and reapply. How come your current employer did such huge mistake? Are the pay employer contribution from 2011? Please correct it first then apply.

  22. Ashish says

    I have got below message on OTCP

    “Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.”

    What is the meaning of this message.

  23. Arpit says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I had applied for PF transfer from my first Org to 2nd organization last year, I also got confirmation from PF office(through a grievance) that my PF is received from my previous organization and they are updating it into my account. But my E-Passbook is not getting updated after march and it is not showing the amount transferred.
    Now I have again changed the Organization. My Question is, should I wait for sometime for my E-passbook to get updated to reflect the transferred amount before applying for transfer again? Or I can apply for online transfer as the amount will be already there in my account as of today.

    Arpit Jindal

  24. Ashish Kumar Sharma says

    Hello Basavraj,

    I applied for PF transfer on 15th July with my present employer. Its approved from the present employer but is pending with the previous emaployer.

    The OTCP site shows below status

    15 July 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    25 Jul 2014 Claim Form Pending at Previous Employer .
    16 July 2014 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

    Now today morning I got the messoge from EPFO that the claim will be rejected after 30 Jul (15 days after submission), if the signed copy not
    submitted from the employer. Please let me know what needs to be done. and which employer will submit the signed copy (Current or previous) in case the claim is originated from the current employer side?

  25. Ashish Kumar Sharma says

    Hello Basavraj,

    I applied for PF transfer on 15th July with my present employer. Its approved from the present employer but is pending with the previous emaployer.
    The OTCP site shows below status

    15 July 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    25 Jul 2014 Claim Form Pending at Previous Employer .
    16 July 2014 Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

    Now today morning I got the messoge from EPFO that the claim will be rejected after 30 Jul (15 days after submission), if the signed copy not submitted
    from the employer. Please let me know what needs to be done. and which employer will submit the signed copy (Current or previous) in case the claim is originated from the current employer side?

  26. anil says


    more than 4 years, im struggling to get transfer my pf amount from my previous employer (Bangalore) to current employer (Delhi). Finally , I have initiated online PF transfer from my end and request has been approved from my previous employer on Feb-2014. Few days later, i have received a mesg from EPF that request has rejected and letter will be dispatched soon.

    Online status is currently showing as

    12 Feb 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    27 Feb 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .

    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.

    Please let me know what should i do now.


  27. Paresh says

    Hi Basavaraj,
    You are doing a great job in helping people like us who are not able to get any help from EPFO. Thank you for that.

    I have a situation , where my online claim was approved by my previous employer and current employer. I have applied through my current employer (exempted category). But the application was rejected by EPFO without any specific reason as it says “the rejection reason not known , not there in database”. I had also raised an Grievance which was simply closed by EPFO without any specific explanation.
    What should be my next course of action?

    Thank you and God bless you.

    • says

      Paresh-Sadly this is the typical replies of Government officials. Why can’t you write them stating the reasons and warning them that if they not budge then you can use RTI or bring them to court? Update the same what action you are going to take and end result. Because it is learning for me and other readers too.



    PLZ REPY ASAP………..


    Your Transfer Claim has been forwarded to RANDSTAD INDIA LIMITED under Tracking ID999410051407200012126. You have to take a printout of the claim request, sign it and submit to the employer as mentioned above. at the Establisment TNMAS0035791000 for further processing of the claim. You may track the processing of your transfer claim on the portal.


  29. Mohammed raffi says

    i have got a tracking number for my pf transfer claim but i have gone through the online pf transfer member portal it is fdisplayed no records found.can u please help me for knowing my transfer status

  30. Avinash S says

    THats very useful information, thanks Basavaraj! So does OTCP imply transfer of money from PF accounts of previous company to present company or is it transfer of PF accounts please? I am a bit confused here & your answer would be helpful. Also, if its the latter, is there a way to transfer money from previous PF a/c to the present one please? Thanks in advance! :)

    • says

      Avinash-Why confusion? This is used to transfer your old employer account to your current employer account. I am unable to understand what do you mean by transfer of PF account. Is it about EPF or PPF?

  31. ELam says

    Hi Basu
    May be you can stream line and add this to your content. I have gone through the entire process myself as I shifted company recently.
    I have applied for PF transfer through online. As recommended I signed the form and sent it to previous employer (Sending the form directly to previous employer will expedite the process). So during the entire process we just need to apply online and sign n send the form to employer. that’s the only action from us. In my case both the employer are unexempted and they have digital signatures. After my previous employer received the hard copy, he accepted my request online and forwarded it to the EPF office. After that we can check the status getting changed at regular interval.
    Finally we will get a message that the amount is transferred to the new account and the process stops here.
    I have applied on march and amount gets transferred in June, so basically the entire process takes about 3 months.
    I was not able to get the account statement of new PF account so I wasn’t able to check whether the amount is actually transffered :P. Anyhow i ll get to know about it in the future.

  32. Glenn Joseph says


    my mother was working with the international school bangalore for more than 5 years.

    she quit her job on april 20th and submitted the form to withdraw her pf on june 15th.almost 2 months later

    the account dept double checked every detail and submitted the forms and informed her that she will get the pf directly to her account in 2 weeks time.

    when she uses her pf code to check the status.it shows – NO RECORD FOUND

    its the correct code.she can login to the member portal sucessfully.

    the person for contact from the school is out of station.since my mother has some personal commitments planned,she has been very concerned as to whats the status and how long it will take.how should we proceed ?

    any kind of relevant information provided will be very helpful.

    Thanking You


  33. sanjoy says

    Hi..I have submitted the filled in online pf transfer form to my current employer for attestation and its approved on the next day….but after 4 months it is still pending at the previous employer side for approval.
    What to do now??

  34. Piyush says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I visited your site multiple times for understanding the PF transfer status and next step. Everytime I found a useful information from your previous comments. I would like to thank you for making it easier for people like us.

    My claim is in “Current Status :Your claim has been settled and credited to new account.” and will hopefully be visible in next statements. Whole process took just 1 month.

    God bless you.

  35. Navaneeth says

    Hi ,
    I am trying Online tranfer of my PF from my previous employer to current employer.
    In Part B , ‘member’s name ‘ showed on entering the PF account details of Previos employer is incorrect(not my name).
    And I am not able to edit that by clinking on ‘Following Information is Incorrect’.
    Could you please advice how can I get it corrected and do the transfer?


    Hello Basavaraj Sir,
    I want to know that if my ex-employer (Company) was Closed then how can i apply for PF WIDHRAW becuase last time i apply but they reject it for AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY. And i was submit my form with authorized signature of my Bank Branch Manager, But EPFO reject my form.
    Please Guide me in this and If possible mail me the solution.

    Thanks and Regaeds,
    [email protected]

  37. Pavan says

    Your online article is very useful and I really appreciate that you answering people’s queries.

    I too have a question and please help me to understand. I applied for online claim transfer of my previous company’s EPFO account to the current EPFO account and the transfer is successful. However when I check the balance in online portal, it is only showing me the current employers EPFO details. How can I check the previous employer’s (that is transferred now) EPFO amount and details?

  38. pramod ahuja says

    i have submitted forms for pf withdrawal in the company which i was working till last year june for about 8 years. now i have resigned.

    i was working with my previous employer till 2002 for about 30 years, i want to ask that if i want to apply for eps from the previous employer, do i have to transfer the pension account from previous employer to new employer??
    or can i submit the eps form to the previous employer seperately.

    THanks, hope to see your reply soon sir.

  39. gautham Vootukuru says

    hi Basavaraj,

    I have made my pf transfer online and it is done successfully. But there was difference in amounts of balance present in previous account and the amount credited to new account. When checked for this they said the difference in amount is for EPS.

    1, How I can transfer EPS?
    2. Can I withdraw EPS separetely while my EPF is transferred.?

    thank you,

    • says

      Gautham-EPS stands for employee pension scheme, some percentage of your employer contribution will be towards that. But as you transferred from old to new, then benefits will carry forward.

  40. karthik says

    I have filed my PF transfer thru OTCP and now its approved by both the employers. what is the next step for tracking it?

  41. ramakrishna says

    Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    My sincere wishes to you for writing the this article and giving timely responses to the people. I don’t understand individuals like you are able to clarify the doubts in a timely manner but as large organization EPFO doesn’t even have a channel to clarify the doubts.

    Now coming to my doubt, I had applied for PF transfer through my previous employer on 7th May 2014 and it got approved by them on 19th. I don’t know what should I do know. And how do I know whether the transfer is completed or not ? Please clarify.. is there any way how to check the final status. ? even FAQs and guidelines issued by EPFO are not clear on this I think.. If you have an EPFO material on steps to be taken by member after approval of online transfer please share..


  42. Shravan says


    While trying to do online transfer

    Filled the Personal details
    Then filled the Current Employee details with PF number then
    while pressing the button Click here for details, these fields are blank. So i have filled the Revised Form 5/10 and submitted to the my previous organization on Feb 2014. They told they have submitted but not able to see online.Could you suggest how much time to see these fields to be updated in the portal
    the fields
    Date of Birth
    Father/Spouse Name
    Date of joining
    Date of Leaving


  43. Swetha says


    I was trying to fill the OTC for transfering my PF account. But while checking the eligibility following message was displayed “Only the Previous Establishment PYKRP0019214000 have a valid registered Digital Signature Certificate on the Transfer Claims portal. Thus this claim can be submitted on the portal through your previous establishment. ”

    But on filling the tranfer form, i am unable to fill the following field of previuos employer details
    1.Fathers Name
    2.Date of joining
    3.Date of leaving

    Fathers name and date of joining of the present enmployer.
    Can any one tell me how to proceed further

    • says

      Swetha-The reason of getting message is, I think your current employer not registered for digital signature certificate. Second thing is, why can’t you try once and let us know the status. This error may be due to sometime technical.

      • Swetha says

        I have tried many times with different browsers (IE, Mozilla, Chrome). I have tried from different systems as well. But i am unable to fill these fields. Please assist me to do the same.

        If one of the employer alone have a valid registration , cant we applu online for PF transfer?

      • Swetha says

        In OCTP, FAQ session it is mentioned like the online transfer can be initiated even if one of the employer is registered.

        • Swetha says

          I have submitted FORM 13-revised,several times to my current employer. Waited till 1.5 years. Till now no response from them. As I am fed up after so many follow ups , i have gioven a try through online submission. That also is not working now…

  44. Dhawal Chauhan says

    Good to read the process here.
    I initiated the online process on 10th dec 2013 and the forma got approved from my previous employer on 11th dec 2013.
    But post this update, till date there is no update or progress on this.
    Can you tell me if something has to be done from my side here?

    Current status:
    10 Dec 2013 Claim Form Submitted .
    11 Dec 2013 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .

      • Dhawal Chauhan says

        I am not aware of the further process. I was assuming it to go on automatically.
        I will surely get in touch with the current employer.

        Do you know what steps will follow now? Is the current employer supposed to take it forward or i am supposed to take printout of approved from and submit to the current employer?

        Thanks in advance.

  45. Tushar says

    There is a Ro-SRO form which i filled signed and submitted to my present employer.
    Now after approval from both present/previous employer.
    I see another form APPD.
    Am i suppose to sign it and send it somewhere?

  46. Suhas says

    In my case, both present and previous employers have approved the claim. The current status says
    Current Status :Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (PYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    My question is how many days does it take for payment to be processed and the amount to be transferred into my new account.

  47. Adarsh says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I initiated the online transfer of PF from my previous employer (with EPFO) to present employer (PF trust) through present employer. No option was there to select previous employer.

    Present employer has approved the claim. However, previous employer found no option for approving it and getting “no action required” option only.

    The online status showing “Claim Form Approved by Present Employer” and nothing else.

    Is ther any issue? or no action is required by my previous employer?



    • Prem says

      HI Adarsh,

      How did you find out that the previous employer found no option for approving it and getting “no action required” option only?

      I am also stuck in this process with my previous employer.

  48. Tathagata Ghosh says

    Dear Sir,

    My previous employer has approved my claim form on the 5th of Feb, 2014 and the current status as of 8th May, 2014: Your request is in transit between EPFO out and in office. Does it take that long? Has it been rejected by my current employer? If rejected, will I get to see the rejected status online?

    PS. Actually my current employer is no longer my current employer. I have moved again. Will it make a difference? Thanks.

  49. Pramod says


    I have applied for online transfer of EPF balance before 2 months. Two days back, i received a sms giving tracking ID for PF transfer. When i logged in to know the status of the transfer. It shows- No records found. I have tried to log in through both the PF accounts but same thing appears as No records found.

    Please help me, how to check the status of online PF transfer.

  50. Jasmeet says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    My new employer has private PF trust whereas my old employer is with EPFO. Can you please let me know if I can opt for online pf transfer?


  51. Suresh M says

    I have submitted for PF transfer on 16th April and It got approved both by my present and previous employers today(5th May).

    However, my previous a/c is not operative from 2008.

    Any idea how much time it takes for getting the transfer done in these cases.

    Thanks in advance.

  52. Gajanan says

    Hello sir,

    Good afternoon.Could you please share :

    1) By when will we have “one” unique PF numbers so that we don’t need transfer every time one changes his employer.

    2) Will this also apply to non transferred old accounts or only existing current PF ones.

    With best regards,

  53. Prem says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I raised the request on 14th Jan 2014 for online transfer of my PF account.
    Attestation through my present employer.

    I submitted the signed form as well within a week.

    The request as approved within a week by the present employer. Now, since more than 3 months the claim status shows it’s pending with the previous employer.

    Is there a way I can chase the previous employer? Or how can I get the exact status?
    What’s does the process says?

    Thank you,

  54. rohit says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I have raised the online request for online EPF transfer on 28th April with my previous employer and it been approved by them next day . Current status of my claim is “Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer’. Can you tell me what is next step in the process. Do I need to submit the hard copy of the approved form 3a to my current employer to take this process forward ?.


      • Elam says

        I don’t think we need to submit it to current employer. Rule says either you need to submit it to your past employer or current one. Preferably to past employer. Since you have submitted the hard copy to previous n they have approved, there is no action pending from you. You can check the status at the interval of 10 days. It will get changed to ‘ payment approved for transfer’. I did myself online transfer in Feb.

  55. charu sahani says


    My fathers name has been wrongly entered in my current employer PF details as my husband’s name , now I have contacted my current employer they say that will not cause a problem, since details are correct at my previous employer’s side and i should file for online transfer of PF, Can you please help me with this. Thanks

  56. Amar says

    Hi, I have submitted the claim to my previous employer last week. However, my previous employer are not able to view my request when they log in. I have all the right details in PDF that was generated.

    I have raised it with the epfo via mail but so far no response.

    Any idea, what could be the issue?


  57. Jagdish Borse says

    Hi ,

    My online transfer claim status is approved by previous employer on 9th Dec 2013. I contacted the e-mail address provided in portal for status with whom my claim is pending but no response.

    Current Claim Status is -> Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer –in EPF website

    My questions are
    1)What are the next steps in this process as I don’t see any Action Item pending with anyone in EPFO website
    2) whom shall i contact for status of my claim or with whom the claim is pending


    • says

      Jagadish-Whom you contacted through mail? Once you submit the signed form with your current employer and it was approved by previous employer then your work is over. Let us wait for the account transfer. If it was not transferred then contact your current employer as they will be in better position to inform you the status.

  58. sri says


    This is a query regarding transfer of PF from private trust account to regional EPFO account via new online portal.

    I have my PF account number from my current employer which private establishment.
    ex format – YY/11111/1234 – assuming that 1234 is account number
    I tried mapping the above to regional PF office via – http://search.epfoservices.in/est_search.php
    ex formart – ZZ/VV/11111/1234 but when i try to get details in the EPFO online claim request the details are of another person like different name ,different father name etc.So i can not use the button to correct my details as the name itself is wrong.

    So is my assumption wrong on using the same last part acc,No 1234 of trust for regional office EPFO acc no mapping?
    Should i ask my current employer about the PF acc no held with EPFO regional office ZZ/VV/11111/? or
    Can I use my EPS number in case i know the same which is different from ac.No like ZZ/VV/11111/4321 ?

    • says

      Sri-I am now aware about the transfer of account from private trust to your existing EPF account. This post is mainly meant for transferring your old account to existing account. Hence I request you to contact the local EPFO.

  59. ravi says

    Hi, can you pls confirm if Father’s name (abbreviated vs expanded) should make a difference while transferring the PF account from one organization to another organization ?
    I mean is father’s name validate, if all my details – DOB, Date of joining and leaving the company are correct ?


    • says

      Ravi-To be frank I am not aware about these official issues. Because in India we have different format of naming a person depending on the region he belongs to. Hence if there is minor changes then I don’t think there will be issue. But if whole name changes then they will create a problem.

  60. says

    Hello Basavaraj,

    I had applied for Online transfer of PF from Previous Emp to Current Emp. The previous emp had approved and i had received SMS stating payment is under process.

    I just received an SMS from “BZ-EPFO” stating PF amount has been settled and amt has been transferred to A/C No. 10977236011 (IFSC code: SBIN000813). But, the A/C No which they have transferred is not my account and in the claim form i had provided correct account number.

    Could you please let me know how can i fix this.


  61. Amit says

    Hi Basavaraj,
    Recently I made an online PF transfer claim. I have submitted the printed claim form on the day itself with my current employer. After around 12 days, now if I am checking the status , its showing following 3 steps.

    13 Mar 2014 – Claim Form Submitted .
    21 Mar 2014 – Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    24 Mar 2014 – Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

    Could you please let me know do I need to do anything (like submitting the printout or something like that ) ?? I can see now there are 2 pdf link in “Printable Form 13″ section. Please suggest.
    Also let me know how many steps are to be shown here ??


      • Amit says

        I have once submitted the Form 13 on the day I filled the online transfer claim, along with self attested.

        Do you mean, I need to again submit the same form ??


          • saroj says

            Hi sir,

            Status for my epf transfer requests is also same. approved by both employer. Please can you tell
            what action employer is supposed to take. because i think even employer are also not that aware of process. so at lease we can request them for next step which is is supposed to be done.

            • says

              Saroj-The next action in your case will be from your current employer. Just force them to contact the concerned EPFO and let the work done. If they don’t know the procedure then they must learn it. Because such issues will arise again and again.

  62. Venkat says


    I’m getting data not match error while applying PF tranfer, later I found that my Name is wrongly updated in the previous employer’s PF account. Can you suggest me whats need to be done to get it corrected.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Venkat says

      One more observation when I click on “THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS INCORRECT” button:
      DOB, Data of leaving are blank.

      What might be the reason for data mismatch error, because of name mismatch or DOB, leaving date?


    • says

      Venkat-Suppose if you found any discrepancy in the details then you can do editing so by clicking the tab called “The following information in incorrect”. Once you do the editing, take the printout of the pdf form. Self attests the same you need to submit it to the EPFO office through your current employer. You might be facing the mismatch in DOB as well as date of leaving.

  63. srinivas says

    One more question please;

    I have not served my notice period .Can my HR reject my PF transfer in this case.

    If it gets rejected what could be the next step that I have to follow.

    Thank you in advance

    • says

      Srinivas-If you not served the notice period then it is between you and your previous employer. But having that as major reason, your previous employer can’t reject for transfer. If they do so then you can use the legal option.

  64. srinivas says

    Hi Sir,

    I have recently applied for PF through online on 14 march 2014.

    I have selected my current employer for attestation and submitted the signed form,

    My current employer have verified everything and he approved my form.

    Do I need to send to signed from to my previous employer also.

  65. Saroj says


    Today I submitted the print copy of online transfer claim form with signature to my present company.

    I am fearing if its rejected, what would be my next step?
    Some questions are coming to my mind, Please reply.
    1. Can you pleased tell me how many days will take to transfer to my current EPF account?
    2. If something wrong found, what will be happen?
    3. If claim rejected, Can I withdraw the amount from my previous EPF account?

    Many Thanks,

  66. Saroj says

    Sir, I have three question,
    Today I submitted the online transfer claim form to my present company.
    1. Can you pleased tell me how many it will take to transfer to my current EPF account?
    2. If something wrong found, what will be happen?
    3.If its rejected, Can I withdraw from my previous EPF account?

    Best Regards,

    • says

      Saroj-How much time it will take is depend on procedural issue, which I can’t say. If something wrong found then you receive the information stating the reason for rejection. Yes, you can withdraw from previous EPF account if it get rejected.

  67. Anindya says

    I have raised a transfer request on 7th March and opted for verification by previous employer since it takes less time overall.
    My previous employer has approved my transfer request even without me submitting the signed copy of form.
    Current Claim Status is -> Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer –in EPF website
    My questions are
    1)Do i still need to submit those forms to my previous employer?
    2)What are the next steps in this process as I don’t see any Action Item pending with anyone in EPFO website

    • says

      Anindya-It is better to still submit the forms to previous employer. As it is already approved from your previous employer, it will take few days to update the same. So wait for few days.

  68. Jai says

    Hi Sir,

    I have worked in a company 8 year ago and still my PF was not transfered.
    Recently I have submitted the application online and it was processed too. But now I see the status as rejected.

    The only cause of rejection could be the mismatch of My signature as I am not aware of sign done at that time.

    Could you please help me on this as how to solve this problem.

    Even in my present company I am not aware of the sign done as I have filled multiple forms at the time of joining and even while signing my fingure was hurt .

    Please help me how can I solve this problem now. Is there a way to inform PF office about new signature.


    • Harsh says


      I have used OTCP for online transfer pf corpus from old to new firm. There was a wrong Date of Joining entered by old employer and to rectify it I have used “The following information is incorrect”. Then pressed the generate letter tab with that rectified data. But, not reached at the preview tab.

      This same procedure I have done more than 5 times. So, lastly i have found that the Date of Joining & Date of Birth boxes became completely blank & could not find an old employer data which contains in that Boxes earlier.

      So, What should happen?
      I am completely blank. Kindly request you to give me answer.
      Thank you.

  69. Gajanan says

    Hello sir,

    I opted for online PF transfer (12th Feb’14),also submitted signed acknowledgement same day on 12th Feb itself to current employer for attestation. My previous employer meanwhile verified (14th Feb’14) However am still waiting for current employer to attest the claim.Wanted to ask whether they get follow-up messages from PF dept (SMS/Mail etc…..) BTW, i did get a followup message to submit signed acknowledgement (which i had already done 12th Feb itself)

    Secondly wanted to ask if any more action is to be taken by current employer (like submitting hard copy in EPFO etc……) apart from expected duty of attestation by authorised signatory’s digital signature ?

    Thanks and best regards

    • says

      Gajanan-I am not sure about your current employer will receive follow-up message from EPFO. If you got the message from EPFO for submission means, your employer still not submitted the attested acknowledgement. It is digitized now. So hard copy submission is not an issue.

      • Gajanan says

        Hello sir,Thanks very helpful and useful info.I applied for online PF transfer on 12 Feb’14.And as of now status shows both my employers (past and current) have approved.I had opted for current employer attestation(convenient to give signed acknowledgement).Could you pls let me know next steps.Kind regards, Gajanan

          • Jigar says

            Hello Sir,

            My claim is in the same status.
            Approved by both employer.

            My Queries are :
            1) How much time it takes to transfer account once both employer approves the claim ?
            2) How I will be notified once amount is transferred ? Is it the same way ? via mail and SMS ?
            3) what ll be status on claim on portal once amount is transferred ?


          • Gajanan says

            Hello sir,
            In my case now both employers approved the online application by 28th Feb’14.There were some updates in status on website that transfer is in process, then status got changed to transit between out epfo and in epfo since 8th March’14and its still the same.
            With best regards,

  70. HARDIK BHATT says

    Hello sir,

    I have applied online for my pf transfer from my old organization to new org.But during fill up process I got wrong dates of joining and leaving of my previous organization. Unfortunately I submitted that claim and my claim id has been generated.I have not submitted attested copy to my preveious employer as I found this error.

    Please advice should I claim again?If I claim again what will happen to my previous calim application?

    Thanks in advance

    Hardik Bhatt

  71. Gajanan says

    Hello sir,
    I opted for the online transfer.And selected current employer for attestation.My previous employer has already verified my details.Now am just waiting for my current employer to verify (expecting soon).Could you please let me know what are the next steps to be taken.How much time is expected for actual transfer.
    Thanks for your response.

  72. Gajanan says

    Hello sir,
    I left my previous company in Jan’12 end and joined another one at April end’12 (after 3 months). Can i withdraw PF online(now ) ?
    I worked for nearly 6 years in my previous company.
    With best regards

  73. Sanjay says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I need a suggestion on transferring my PF account.
    I understand that we need to fill in the Details of Previous Employer while filling online form and DOB acts as a check and we get 3 attempts. Now I filled my DOB and it said my DOB is wrong. Luckily I remember what might be the date which is in EPFO database for Previous Employer’s PF account and I filled that and it accepted that. But the problem is that my DOB in current Employer’s PF account (which is actually correct) and the DOB in previous employer’s PF account are different and the same case is with Fathers name like it is R.K.Singh in previous employer’s PF account and Raj Kumar Singh(full form for R.K.Singh) in current Employer’s PF account.

    I wanted to understand that what I should do in this case. Should I go ahead and submit Online Form-13 to my previous employer for attestation (as I have verified myself although my DOB mismatch and Father’s name mismatch) or should I withdraw my Previous PF amount (Please let me know the procedure for the same also) or is there any other way?

  74. JEGATHEESAN says



  75. srini says

    Hi raj,
    I had applied for PF transfer with my new employer on june 8th 2013.but the PF transfer process is not completed yet

    1) am I eligible to apply again for PF transfer online now
    2) could you please help me by sharing the procedure of knowing the pf transfer status

    Thanks in advance


    • says

      Srini-I don’t think you can again apply once again as you already applied. You can check it out the status once you have registered with EPFO site. The detailed procedure is explained in above EPFO links. Please go through it.

  76. Albert T. Pinto says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    Plz. tell me something about LIC table no. 180, money plus. How it is faring and what are it’s prospects in the future. Which is the website to check its market value daily to check the NAV

    Thanks & Regards

  77. amrudspeak says

    I applied through my company (withdrawal)…. Got it in 4 days… Never thought it would be so easy… They credited directly to my a/c… Cool :)

  78. K.K. SARAWAGI says

    Whether EPF Pension account opened in a bank in a city can be transferred to branch of same bank at another city.

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