EPF Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) -Transferring is now online !!!

Recently EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) started online transfer of your old employer EPF account in new EPF employer account online. I hope with this initiative lot of hurdles of the EPF members will get resolved.  Let see the procedure and guidelines of this account transfer.

The first step before proceeding to apply for online transfer is, you must have an online registered account on EPFO site. To do registrations follow the process provided “HERE“. Once your account is registered then you need to apply for transfer of account by first visiting the Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) portal. For detailed instruction of how you can apply for transfer visit “HERE” where they provided the detailed instruction of applying.

EPF Online Transfer Claim Portal

Few points you must know before proceeding this online apply.

  • You must be a registered member of the EPFO portal before proceeding.
  • Both your previous employer as well as present employer must be available on EPFO database.
  • The employer must register for the digital signature process of EPFO.
  • You can check your eligibility for transfer by visit OTCP site “Here“.
  • You can’t edit any of your personal details as well as the details like joining or exit dates.
  • But suppose if you found any discrepancy in the details then you can do editing so by clicking the tab called “The following information in incorrect”. Once you do the editing, take the printout of the pdf form. Self attests the same you need to submit it to the EPFO office through your current employer.
  • You can submit for transfer once these rectifications are done properly.
  • You can change your DOB (date of birth) also but the restriction of attempting to change is only about 3 times.
  • If both your previous as well as current employer registered digital signatures with EPFO then you can submit this claim form either with previous or current employer for employer attestation.
  • Even if your previous employer registered with EPFO then too you can submit form with either of them.
  • If your previous employer not registered then also you can submit with either of them but it will take time to transfer as the process of verification data will be done.
  • You can submit online transfer only in case your previous employer registered with EPFO for digital signature.
  • The same way your present employer registration also mandatory for online transfer.
  • Once online submission is done, you need to take the printout of the same and submit it with employer with self attestation.
  • You have the option to choose for submitting your form for attestation either with previous or current employer.
  • Within 15 days of online submission you need to submit claim form with your employer.
  • If any rejection from the employer then it will be after 15 days only.
  • You can view the status of claim online also.
  • Below are the few reasons for rejecting your claim.
  1. The claim already submitted previously and EPFO not yet rejected it.
  2. You have not submitted the signed online claim transfer form with your employer within stipulated 15 days period.
  3. Records mismatch.
  4. Signature mismatch.


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  1. Jagdish Borse says

    Hi ,

    My online transfer claim status is approved by previous employer on 9th Dec 2013. I contacted the e-mail address provided in portal for status with whom my claim is pending but no response.

    Current Claim Status is -> Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer –in EPF website

    My questions are
    1)What are the next steps in this process as I don’t see any Action Item pending with anyone in EPFO website
    2) whom shall i contact for status of my claim or with whom the claim is pending


    • says

      Jagadish-Whom you contacted through mail? Once you submit the signed form with your current employer and it was approved by previous employer then your work is over. Let us wait for the account transfer. If it was not transferred then contact your current employer as they will be in better position to inform you the status.

  2. sri says


    This is a query regarding transfer of PF from private trust account to regional EPFO account via new online portal.

    I have my PF account number from my current employer which private establishment.
    ex format – YY/11111/1234 – assuming that 1234 is account number
    I tried mapping the above to regional PF office via – http://search.epfoservices.in/est_search.php
    ex formart – ZZ/VV/11111/1234 but when i try to get details in the EPFO online claim request the details are of another person like different name ,different father name etc.So i can not use the button to correct my details as the name itself is wrong.

    So is my assumption wrong on using the same last part acc,No 1234 of trust for regional office EPFO acc no mapping?
    Should i ask my current employer about the PF acc no held with EPFO regional office ZZ/VV/11111/? or
    Can I use my EPS number in case i know the same which is different from ac.No like ZZ/VV/11111/4321 ?

    • says

      Sri-I am now aware about the transfer of account from private trust to your existing EPF account. This post is mainly meant for transferring your old account to existing account. Hence I request you to contact the local EPFO.

  3. ravi says

    Hi, can you pls confirm if Father’s name (abbreviated vs expanded) should make a difference while transferring the PF account from one organization to another organization ?
    I mean is father’s name validate, if all my details – DOB, Date of joining and leaving the company are correct ?


    • says

      Ravi-To be frank I am not aware about these official issues. Because in India we have different format of naming a person depending on the region he belongs to. Hence if there is minor changes then I don’t think there will be issue. But if whole name changes then they will create a problem.

  4. says

    Hello Basavaraj,

    I had applied for Online transfer of PF from Previous Emp to Current Emp. The previous emp had approved and i had received SMS stating payment is under process.

    I just received an SMS from “BZ-EPFO” stating PF amount has been settled and amt has been transferred to A/C No. 10977236011 (IFSC code: SBIN000813). But, the A/C No which they have transferred is not my account and in the claim form i had provided correct account number.

    Could you please let me know how can i fix this.


  5. Amit says

    Hi Basavaraj,
    Recently I made an online PF transfer claim. I have submitted the printed claim form on the day itself with my current employer. After around 12 days, now if I am checking the status , its showing following 3 steps.

    13 Mar 2014 – Claim Form Submitted .
    21 Mar 2014 – Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    24 Mar 2014 – Claim Form Approved by Present Employer .

    Could you please let me know do I need to do anything (like submitting the printout or something like that ) ?? I can see now there are 2 pdf link in “Printable Form 13″ section. Please suggest.
    Also let me know how many steps are to be shown here ??


      • Amit says

        I have once submitted the Form 13 on the day I filled the online transfer claim, along with self attested.

        Do you mean, I need to again submit the same form ??


          • saroj says

            Hi sir,

            Status for my epf transfer requests is also same. approved by both employer. Please can you tell
            what action employer is supposed to take. because i think even employer are also not that aware of process. so at lease we can request them for next step which is is supposed to be done.

            • says

              Saroj-The next action in your case will be from your current employer. Just force them to contact the concerned EPFO and let the work done. If they don’t know the procedure then they must learn it. Because such issues will arise again and again.

  6. Venkat says


    I’m getting data not match error while applying PF tranfer, later I found that my Name is wrongly updated in the previous employer’s PF account. Can you suggest me whats need to be done to get it corrected.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Venkat says

      One more observation when I click on “THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS INCORRECT” button:
      DOB, Data of leaving are blank.

      What might be the reason for data mismatch error, because of name mismatch or DOB, leaving date?


    • says

      Venkat-Suppose if you found any discrepancy in the details then you can do editing so by clicking the tab called “The following information in incorrect”. Once you do the editing, take the printout of the pdf form. Self attests the same you need to submit it to the EPFO office through your current employer. You might be facing the mismatch in DOB as well as date of leaving.

  7. srinivas says

    One more question please;

    I have not served my notice period .Can my HR reject my PF transfer in this case.

    If it gets rejected what could be the next step that I have to follow.

    Thank you in advance

    • says

      Srinivas-If you not served the notice period then it is between you and your previous employer. But having that as major reason, your previous employer can’t reject for transfer. If they do so then you can use the legal option.

  8. srinivas says

    Hi Sir,

    I have recently applied for PF through online on 14 march 2014.

    I have selected my current employer for attestation and submitted the signed form,

    My current employer have verified everything and he approved my form.

    Do I need to send to signed from to my previous employer also.

  9. Saroj says


    Today I submitted the print copy of online transfer claim form with signature to my present company.

    I am fearing if its rejected, what would be my next step?
    Some questions are coming to my mind, Please reply.
    1. Can you pleased tell me how many days will take to transfer to my current EPF account?
    2. If something wrong found, what will be happen?
    3. If claim rejected, Can I withdraw the amount from my previous EPF account?

    Many Thanks,

  10. Saroj says

    Sir, I have three question,
    Today I submitted the online transfer claim form to my present company.
    1. Can you pleased tell me how many it will take to transfer to my current EPF account?
    2. If something wrong found, what will be happen?
    3.If its rejected, Can I withdraw from my previous EPF account?

    Best Regards,

    • says

      Saroj-How much time it will take is depend on procedural issue, which I can’t say. If something wrong found then you receive the information stating the reason for rejection. Yes, you can withdraw from previous EPF account if it get rejected.

  11. Anindya says

    I have raised a transfer request on 7th March and opted for verification by previous employer since it takes less time overall.
    My previous employer has approved my transfer request even without me submitting the signed copy of form.
    Current Claim Status is -> Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer –in EPF website
    My questions are
    1)Do i still need to submit those forms to my previous employer?
    2)What are the next steps in this process as I don’t see any Action Item pending with anyone in EPFO website

    • says

      Anindya-It is better to still submit the forms to previous employer. As it is already approved from your previous employer, it will take few days to update the same. So wait for few days.

  12. Jai says

    Hi Sir,

    I have worked in a company 8 year ago and still my PF was not transfered.
    Recently I have submitted the application online and it was processed too. But now I see the status as rejected.

    The only cause of rejection could be the mismatch of My signature as I am not aware of sign done at that time.

    Could you please help me on this as how to solve this problem.

    Even in my present company I am not aware of the sign done as I have filled multiple forms at the time of joining and even while signing my fingure was hurt .

    Please help me how can I solve this problem now. Is there a way to inform PF office about new signature.


    • Harsh says


      I have used OTCP for online transfer pf corpus from old to new firm. There was a wrong Date of Joining entered by old employer and to rectify it I have used “The following information is incorrect”. Then pressed the generate letter tab with that rectified data. But, not reached at the preview tab.

      This same procedure I have done more than 5 times. So, lastly i have found that the Date of Joining & Date of Birth boxes became completely blank & could not find an old employer data which contains in that Boxes earlier.

      So, What should happen?
      I am completely blank. Kindly request you to give me answer.
      Thank you.

  13. Gajanan says

    Hello sir,

    I opted for online PF transfer (12th Feb’14),also submitted signed acknowledgement same day on 12th Feb itself to current employer for attestation. My previous employer meanwhile verified (14th Feb’14) However am still waiting for current employer to attest the claim.Wanted to ask whether they get follow-up messages from PF dept (SMS/Mail etc…..) BTW, i did get a followup message to submit signed acknowledgement (which i had already done 12th Feb itself)

    Secondly wanted to ask if any more action is to be taken by current employer (like submitting hard copy in EPFO etc……) apart from expected duty of attestation by authorised signatory’s digital signature ?

    Thanks and best regards

    • says

      Gajanan-I am not sure about your current employer will receive follow-up message from EPFO. If you got the message from EPFO for submission means, your employer still not submitted the attested acknowledgement. It is digitized now. So hard copy submission is not an issue.

      • Gajanan says

        Hello sir,Thanks very helpful and useful info.I applied for online PF transfer on 12 Feb’14.And as of now status shows both my employers (past and current) have approved.I had opted for current employer attestation(convenient to give signed acknowledgement).Could you pls let me know next steps.Kind regards, Gajanan

          • Jigar says

            Hello Sir,

            My claim is in the same status.
            Approved by both employer.

            My Queries are :
            1) How much time it takes to transfer account once both employer approves the claim ?
            2) How I will be notified once amount is transferred ? Is it the same way ? via mail and SMS ?
            3) what ll be status on claim on portal once amount is transferred ?


          • Gajanan says

            Hello sir,
            In my case now both employers approved the online application by 28th Feb’14.There were some updates in status on website that transfer is in process, then status got changed to transit between out epfo and in epfo since 8th March’14and its still the same.
            With best regards,

  14. HARDIK BHATT says

    Hello sir,

    I have applied online for my pf transfer from my old organization to new org.But during fill up process I got wrong dates of joining and leaving of my previous organization. Unfortunately I submitted that claim and my claim id has been generated.I have not submitted attested copy to my preveious employer as I found this error.

    Please advice should I claim again?If I claim again what will happen to my previous calim application?

    Thanks in advance

    Hardik Bhatt

  15. Gajanan says

    Hello sir,
    I opted for the online transfer.And selected current employer for attestation.My previous employer has already verified my details.Now am just waiting for my current employer to verify (expecting soon).Could you please let me know what are the next steps to be taken.How much time is expected for actual transfer.
    Thanks for your response.

  16. Gajanan says

    Hello sir,
    I left my previous company in Jan’12 end and joined another one at April end’12 (after 3 months). Can i withdraw PF online(now ) ?
    I worked for nearly 6 years in my previous company.
    With best regards

  17. Sanjay says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I need a suggestion on transferring my PF account.
    I understand that we need to fill in the Details of Previous Employer while filling online form and DOB acts as a check and we get 3 attempts. Now I filled my DOB and it said my DOB is wrong. Luckily I remember what might be the date which is in EPFO database for Previous Employer’s PF account and I filled that and it accepted that. But the problem is that my DOB in current Employer’s PF account (which is actually correct) and the DOB in previous employer’s PF account are different and the same case is with Fathers name like it is R.K.Singh in previous employer’s PF account and Raj Kumar Singh(full form for R.K.Singh) in current Employer’s PF account.

    I wanted to understand that what I should do in this case. Should I go ahead and submit Online Form-13 to my previous employer for attestation (as I have verified myself although my DOB mismatch and Father’s name mismatch) or should I withdraw my Previous PF amount (Please let me know the procedure for the same also) or is there any other way?

    • says

      Sanjay-There is an option before you submit for transfer of account by clicking on the tab “The following information is incorrect”. After editing the desired fields, you need to submit and take the printout of the same and must be submitted to concerned EPFO through your old employer (your attestation is required). I think this information about EPFO will be useful for your problem.

      • Sanjay says

        Thanks for your reply.
        Yes I know this option, but if I submit the Form-13 with the current details –will my transfer claim be rejected?
        Also if I go ahead with “The following information is incorrect”, how will I come to know that my details are successfully updated?
        What if I withdraw and fill the current details as per the EPFO record in my withdrawal application?

        • says

          Sanjay-Obviously if there is a mismatch then they reject the claim. You can track the status by going through your previous EPF details. If you do so, then the previous submission will automatically get rejected and this fresh application is treated as a valid one.

          • Sanjay says

            Alright, I am thinking of withdrawing my previous PF instead of going through changing DOB/Father’s Name and then submitting Online transfer. It will be ok right because I will fill in the details as per my last PF although they are incorrect.?

  18. JEGATHEESAN says



  19. srini says

    Hi raj,
    I had applied for PF transfer with my new employer on june 8th 2013.but the PF transfer process is not completed yet

    1) am I eligible to apply again for PF transfer online now
    2) could you please help me by sharing the procedure of knowing the pf transfer status

    Thanks in advance


    • says

      Srini-I don’t think you can again apply once again as you already applied. You can check it out the status once you have registered with EPFO site. The detailed procedure is explained in above EPFO links. Please go through it.

  20. Albert T. Pinto says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    Plz. tell me something about LIC table no. 180, money plus. How it is faring and what are it’s prospects in the future. Which is the website to check its market value daily to check the NAV

    Thanks & Regards

  21. amrudspeak says

    I applied through my company (withdrawal)…. Got it in 4 days… Never thought it would be so easy… They credited directly to my a/c… Cool :)

  22. K.K. SARAWAGI says

    Whether EPF Pension account opened in a bank in a city can be transferred to branch of same bank at another city.

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