TRACES-View TDS and TCS online (Form 26AS)

Recently Income Tax Dept. set up a new portal called TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) to view or download Form 26AS. Before that you can view Form 26AS either on Income Tax Dept portal or on your respective bank portals.

This portal was created to integrate among deductor,  deductee, Income Tax Dept. and CPC. Before proceed further let us go through what is Form 26AS. It is the form which shows details of tax deducted, tax collected, advance tax paid, paid refund, high value transactions in respect of shares or mutual funds for your PAN. To simplify it, it is the one form which shows you the TDS status either from your employer, bank or wherever you advance tax collected by you. This form is the proof that taxes were deducted at source for your PAN. So for comparison and error correction this form is very much important.


You can view Form 26AS on TRACES portal from AY 2009-10 onwards. But if you found any error in the statement then you need to contact the respective deductor only. You can download this form either as PDF/text/excel file format. The password for opening this form will be your date of birth which is to be in DDMMYYYY format. Suppose your date of birth is 1st Jan 1975 then password will be 01011975. You can check on TRACES if deductor has filed quarterly statement and whether the statement contains details for your PAN. This functionality can be accessed by Tax Payer without logging in to TRACES.

Click Here for a complete procedure of Registration and Login.

Click Here to know how to reset your Password.

Click Here to view the procedure of converting Form 26AS Tex File to Excel File.


  1. Thiri PoSawThiri PoSaw says

    Feb 06. I have been trying the Traces site for several hours,to get a PDF download. I always get to the point where it says “constructing page” and then nothing more happens! When I examine the properties of the page, it seems to me that there is something missing in the Java setup!

    When I try the Bank route, ICICI Bank, and click on the “Services” link, it comes back with the demand that I shd get a One Time Password. This is very difficult for me, because I am handling the Indian accounts of 2 NRI daughters who are in Singapore and in the US, and it is not possible for me to contact them in the middle of the night “did you get an email or an SMS with a One Time Password?”.

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