How to file revised income tax return?

Few tax payers either don’t know or are hesitant to file revised return when they find some mistakes in their original return. But their is a provision to file once again a revised return to correct the mistakes or omission they did in original tax return filing.

Conditions to file revised returns:-

1) Revised returns can be filed if you filed your original return within due date. So if you filed your return after due date then you are not eligible to file revised return.

2) Revised return can be filed at anytime before the expiry of one year from the end of the relevant assessment year or before the completion of the assessment, whichever is earlier. For example, for financial year 2012-13 assessment year will be 2013-14. So you can file revised return of FY 2012-13 upto 31st March 2015 (end of assessment year 2014-15).

3) You can file revised return only if you found any omission or wrong statement in your previous return. But not for any concealment or false statement.

4) You can’t file revised return if income tax department already did assessment of your return.

5) You can file revised return if you missed any deduction or income.

6) You must have 15 digits acknowledgement no. and date of file to revise return.

7) Return can be revised any number of times but within the time frame what I mentioned above.

8) A loss income can also be revised and can be carry forward.

9) If found concealment of income from original then it will be penalized.

10) Penalty for such act will be 100% to 300% of your tax dues.

11) Usually revised returns will go through higher scrutiny from IT.

12) Revised return is the substitute to the original return.

How to file revised return?

  • You can either use online or physical mode of return filing. But if you filed original return online then you have to file online mode only.
  • Open the excel file where you originally filed return.
  • Enable the macros.
  • Mentioned as revised return and select the Sec 139(5) instead of 139(1).
  • Do the necessary changes to your return.
  • Fill acknowledgement number and date of original return.
  • Click on compute tax, generate XML file by validating each sheet.
  • Upload the file to Income Tax e-filing site.
  • Download the revised ITR and sign it.
  • Send the original and revised ITR sheets to CPC Bangalore.



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  1. Dhanabalan says

    I have made efile with wrong TAN no, and also got notice from IT office, what section i have to select, Ass Year is 2014-15
    xls file giving error.


    I have a query. Please give me your valuable suggestion on it.

    Original Return for AY 2014-2015 was filed on Date 05-08-2014 , where the assessee was having a Tax Refund. Gross Income and TDS wrongly mentioned. ITR V received on Dt 18/08/2014. Hence Total Income Tax Refund As Computed Under Section 143(1) came as NIL vide Dt 07/01/2015 stating the reason of Tax Credit Mismatch.
    Revised Return was filed on Date 13/09/2014 after knowing the Actual TDS amount for AY 2014-15. Revised ITR V received on Dt 23/09/2014.
    Its been Six months the Revised ITR V has not been processed. Kindly suggest, what should be the best method now for getting TDS Refund for the AY 2014-15.

    Waiting for your quick reply.

  3. Sriharsha parayatham says

    I got a notice from CPC stating that – 38 Tax determined as Payable in the return filled by you has not been paid..
    as an defect in filing ,
    But I have paid , how to respond to this , I have receipts of SBI for my payment , I have even sent my irtv form …
    do i have to send a copy of my receipt of my payment to them..

    they say upload the xml doument with correct details ??? what is that xml i have to fill.
    any guidence will be appreciated

  4. Kunal says

    i am a salaried employee, i have filled return on 04/05/2014 for AY 2014-15……BUT BY MISTAKE I FILLED RETURN ACCORDING TO INCOME OF THE YEAR 2012-13 INSTEAD OF 2013-14…..NOW IT SHOWS A REFUND OF Rs.6800….IF I HAD FILLED MY RETURN CORRECTLY THE REFUND = No Refund…

    Sir plz tell me the process how to correct/rectify my above return step by step process….AY 2014-15 ENDS ON 31.03.2015..

    Plz sir help me out……….thankss thankss a tonnn

    • Kunal says

      i have contacted to cpc..they told me to post the wrong return filled print out…so i did as they said…in reference to that they sent an acknowledgement….in which communication ref no. is given..when i used this ref no. to rectify my return online…i got an error(invalid ref no.)…..plzzzz…sir help me out

  5. Soumik Mondal says

    Dear Sir

    Myself a salaried employee. I got a demand notice for the assessment year 2013-14 in July’14 of certain amount that mismatched in Form 26AS also, as compared to my return file in July 13, though the amount deducted by my previous company. Then I contacted my previous company for doing needful action. After a month it is rectified & shown OK in revised Form 26AS. Now again in Jan’15 another intimation (U / S 1 4 3 ( 1 )) received for the assessment year 2014-15 claiming the out standing demand of that amount for 2013-14, though it is ok in Form 26AS. Please guide me what to do ?



  6. Samrudh says

    Dear Nivesh,

    I have following Queries, I will be very thankful if you provide your detail view..

    1. For FY 2012-2013: During this period I was a salaried Employee in India. One tax consultant has filled my income tax return online today (10th March 2015), I believe he has done mistakes which are described below,

    1.1 In my bank account, My father deposited 1 lack during this period as a gift but he has not included anywhere in
    ITR-I, I guess it has to be included in ITR form.
    1.2 He used ITR-I, but as I was finding on the internet it has to be ITR-II, as exempted Income (gift money) which is
    more than 5000.
    1.3 Now, I am thinking to file ITR return on my own what all think I need to do e.g. how to file a revised ITR, in
    which section of ITR I will have to show this gift money.

    2. For FY 2013-2014: I went to US on march 1st 2013 and I was there till dec 2014 as a salaried employee to US company. Now during this period from the US I transferred money to India in regular saving A/c (Not NRE or NRO). I invested in stocks also and have some capital gain also. I have already filled taxes In US whatever I have earned there.

    2.1 I guess, as I was NRI (more than 182 days), i do not have to pay taxes on the foreign transferred money. For this period which ITR form I have to use as I have some bank interest, some stock capital gain and foreign transferred money.

    2.2 In which section of ITR form i have to describe the foreign transferred income? I guess, I have to include somewhere in the ITR form otherwise, how IT department will come to know from where these money came.?

    2.3 During this period my friend in India transferred some money in my Indian account, so, I guess i have to pay tax on that?, If yes in which section of ITR form shall I have to include these things.

    It will be very thankful…



  7. VARUN says


    I have received a notice under section 139(9), which is stating the following error codes:

    Error Code: 3: Part A P and L and/or Part A BS have not filled.
    Error Code: 12: ITR containing special income other than Capital gains and Lottery income in schedule SI.

    The assesse is a foreign company and thus its only its income accruing/arising in India is taxable. In that case how do we give the total BS & PL of the foreign company. We have, in the original return taken all figures in the BS & PL to be “Nil”

    Please advise

  8. Babu says

    Hi Basavaraj , I have filed IT returns but could n’t send the ITR-V in 120 days. I have sent both ITRVs for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 and they got received at incometax dept end in this month only. For 2013-2014 the stat us field is empty and for 2014-2015 the status in Undermined. And it is showing both ITR-V not processed yet. can you please guide me in getting it processed and get the refund?


  9. Abhishek says

    Respected Sir

    I have filed a return of the partnership firm A.Y 2014/15 on 31 Jan 2015. In which i found a mistake in the closing stock in profit & loss account my stock is 450000 and in balance sheet my stock is 435000. Difference arise due to the software error & also ignorance by me. i don’t transfer the profit of the current year to the partner capital account, the profit amount is Rs 15000 which is automatically deducted from the stock from balance sheet due to software error not showing the balance off the Profit & loss in balance sheet.
    Please sir suggest what i can do in this situation to rectify my error. Please respond soon

  10. dushyant says

    Dear Sir,
    I have wrongly filled advance tax instead of TDS, and income tax department already did assessment of my return.
    Actually there is a refund in my case but now it is showing balance due.
    How can i rectify my problem.

  11. avi says

    Hello Mani,

    I accidentally filed IT returns for AY 2013-2014(FY 2012-2013). I mean, since it was the first time. Then I filed correctly for AY 2014-2015(FY 2013-2014). I was not earning anything during FY 2012-13. I got mail from IT dept. to submit ITR-V by post. How should I respond to this ? Please help


  12. radhey shyam says

    sir,i was in provision(at fixed payment) for 2 year in rajasthan joining date 15/10/2011,as I complete 2 year on 2013.but I get ful payment as arear june at this assessment 2014-2015 year .I incude as tax paying.plz guide me for revising the last year assessment plz.

  13. subbu says


    I have already filed tax return for AY 2011-12 with third party person(manually.not through online).

    My query is here, Can i file it again through Online( if yes tell me is there any affect for future tax returns.


      • subbu says

        Hi, Thanks for reply . There is a reason to ask this query “file it again or not?”… there was some refund amount is stucked for the AY-2011-12 due to my pan address (AO ) is in delhi. currently i am in bangalore. i tried a lot to change my assessment officer but no use..i just want to try it through online and i hope it will help me.

          • subbu says

            Yes..i thought it is the same what you think, .but these income tax customer cares told me like that only.
            Basavaraj, one more query…not able to file for AY 2011-12 through online..The AY list box is showing last 3 previous years only (from 2012-13). Could you please give me any steps to file income tax return for the AY 2011-12 through online?

            I really appreciate you for your quick response :)

  14. Saurabh Shah says


    This is regarding Financial Year ending 31-March-2014.

    I am salaried person. I have filed ITR1 on 25thJuly2014 Online,send signed Form, ITR submitted properly. Now return status is ‘No Refund and No Tax to be Paid’ as my employer has already deducted tax from salary.

    I sold one property(Residential Flat) in Feb 2014 and purchased another in March 2014. Per calculation,i have done Long term Capital Loss (i.e. should be carry forward to next year). I have missed to show these property transactions in my ITR1.

    Queries –
    1)can i file revised Income tax return?
    2)Which form should I use? ITR1 dont have sections to provide details on Long Term Capital Gain/Loss details.
    3)I have already filed ITR1 and processed, Can i file revised Income Tax Return using any other ITR form (say ITR2)?

    Many Thanks,

  15. says

    Dear sir,

    I had filed the tax in time but my sent signed copy of ITRV might have got delayed as it is showing the status “ITRV Received after due date”.

    What to do from my side now.

    FYI: my refund amount is 0.

    Thanks in advance to your guidance,
    Zameeruddin — 9959236808

  16. saurabh says


    I filed my tax before the due date.I got a notice from income tax department to pay rs. 11000 = ( 10000 pending tax + 1000 interest). I checked my form16, all the tax was deducted by my company but they had 2 TAN numbers.Using TAN1 they deducted 20000 while using TAN2 they deducted 10000. while filing my return I only mentioned TAN1 and forgot TAN2.Now ideally in my case I filed return in a wrong way as I already paid all Tac. My question is :

    1) Do I need to pay interest ? ( Tax was deducted from my salary last year itself, much before and as per form16 and return I filed 0 amount was suppose to be paid )
    2) While I put 2 TAN numbers in revised form ,what should I put under HEAD SALARY as only TAN was different
    whereas my company was same during the whole year.

  17. Dally says

    Dear Sir,

    I have filled the online ITR before 31st July 2014 for the assessment year 2014-2015, but failed to send the the ITR V to CPC banglore within 120 days. When I checked it shows the status that ITRV received after due date. So now how will I again process? Is it by revised return 139(5) ?

  18. Jeevan says

    Dear Sir,

    I received a IT intimation 143(1) where it mentions that income tax of Rs.5622 is due to be paid by me.
    I saw the calculations done by IT department and I feel the demand is correct.
    What I want to know is, if I have to pay the tax online, then I need to use challan 280 as per the following link:

    Specific questions I have are:
    1. In challan 280, which “type of payment” should be used ? “Self assesment tax” or “Tax on Regular Assessment”.
    2. Will I need to file a revised ITR after the payment of the demanded tax ?

    I would really appreciate your help.


  19. santosh says

    I have wrongly filed Return for A.Y.2012 – 13 twice 1st one on 30/08/2012 and 2nd one on 31/07/2013.

    There is no change in Income and deduction rebate in both return.

    I got notice from It dept that my 31/07/2013 return will be treated invalid and provision of IT act 1961 shall apply.

    what is that mean.

    • says

      Santosh-Said provision is wide. So can’t explain you exactly. But if you have doubt or need to rectify the errors then my suggestion is to contact any tax filing agent of your area. He/She can help you.

  20. Sudipta Kr Ghosal says

    I received an “139(9) defective return notice” for AY 2013-14. My employer had deducted Rs. 8,867 and Rs. 531 additional tax had been paid by me through 280 bank challan. In addition, I filled up corrected return which was uploaded on 30/04/2014. But, I have not received any intimation and the same defective notice is received on 28/10/2014. It has been observed that some interest calculation (around Rs. 75) has been done on the additional tax and due to which I paid an additional tax of Rs. 100. Now, how can I filled up the form? Will I fill up a revised return or original return? Please help me…and guide me the steps….

  21. Ramu says

    Dear Sir,

    I have submitted my ITR 4 for AY 2013-14 and I got my refund Rs. 4286/- which I applied.
    after submission of ITRV. I got information from customer that they generated TDS for the same year now with (Rs.13054) which I did not mentioned in the Gross Receipts also
    I mentioned Gross Receipts only for the refunded amount.

    can you please help me to fill my revised ITR for this TDS amount

  22. Manish Anand says


    I am working with MNC and i have Form 16.I filled ITR for assessment year 2014-15 in Sep 14 and the same is processed in sep’13 by IT deptt. But i got to know i have filled wrong value at Net Taxable amount due to this i am getting some amount as Tax payable section but i have already paid the Tax. Please guide me how to correct the Net taxable amount so my Tax payable should be Zero.

    Manish Anand

  23. Abraham says

    Dear Sir,

    For the Financial year 2013-14, due to less TDS deduction than required, i had to pay tax amount of Rs 30000 though challan. On 31-July-2014 night, i tried to pay this challan through SBI, but the challan generation time was over for the day and the challan got generated on 01-Aug-2014 only. However, I filed ITR on 31-July night itself, through the website, by giving wrong values for BSR code and Challan Number. I got the ITR-V form correctly, which doesn’t mention the details of the challan, but mentioned the amount Rs 30000.

    Later when i checked, 26AS shows the challan details correctly. Also when i try to E-File the ITR again, looks like the site has filled the details of the challan correctly in the ITR form.

    My queries are :

    1. Will the IT department automatically consider this late challan for assessment?
    2. Do i need to file a revise ITR to provide the challan number and BSR code? If yes, should i use 139(5) as the section?
    3. Will there be any issues if i do not file a revised ITR at all?
    4. The challan amount included the applicable late payment fee to be paid as on 31st July, since i missed the 31st March deadline. So will there be any issue (other than minor increase in the late payment fee), due to the the fact that the challan was generated only on 01-Aug-2014?

    Thanks in advance,

    J Abraham.

    • says

      Abraham-I don’t think so as you filed ITR within last date but challan generated the next immediate day. Also when the challan details are already reflecting properly then why to file revised income tax return? For your information this year last date to file the IT return was extended till 5th August (my assumption). So your return filing and payment of tax fits within that date. Hence no need to worry.

  24. ani says

    Hi Sir,
    I’m working in a private company as an engineer.Today I received a letter from CPC Income tax department to pay 50000/- for AY 2013-14. During the cross check(ITR form vs Form 16) I’ve found that I have missed to mention the amount in section RELIEF U/S 89 which was mentioned in Form 16. Could you please advice me what should I do to rectify the section RELIEF U/S 89 data in ITR AY 2013-14?


  25. Anshuman Verma says

    Dear Sir,

    My ITR for AY 2014-15 included tax details as per form 26AS on income from other sources which included interest accrued on investment in Muthoot Finance. However later on I found that Muthoot Finance inadvertantly shown one duplicate credit entry of Rs. 6000.00 into my account(due to their clerical mistake) and also deduction of tax @10%(although I had to pay additional as per 30% bracket). I have not yet submitted the Form-V and want to revise the ITR. Can I do so while doing away the duplicate credit & tax therefor(form 26AS will still show the credit & tax deducted) or do I need to get the accounts corrected through Muthoot Finance before filing revised ITR and In case Muthoot does not corrects it what should I do?

    • says

      Anshuman-How you will show Muthoot mistake? Let first Muthooot Finance correct the entry which will show in your 26AS then only you can revise it. In your case Muthoot is a responsible entity which can correct it of what they did wrong.

  26. Dipankar Dutta Chowdhury says

    Hello Sir,
    I am a salaried person. I have already filed ITR-1 for A.Y. 2014-15 and have already received intimation under section 143(1) after processing. However, in my return, I had forgot to mention the interest paid towards my educational loan which would have qualified as a deduction under section 80E. Now, I plan to file a revised ITR-1 with the necessary details. My question is whether I need to submit a proof of the interest paid toward my loan, alongwith the signed ITR-1 form , in order to claim a refund? Or, do I simply need to submit the return?
    Thanks in advance for your help. The blog is very informative indeed!!

  27. Rajib Bhaumik says

    Hi Sir,

    I did filled my return online for AY 2013-14 but wrongly filled up the ITR2 form instead of ITR1. My priginal return was submitted online on 30th July,13. And again i did a mistake by submitting a revised return online on 12th August’14. this timeagain i wrongly selected ITR2 instead of ITR1.
    And now i did receive an initmation from CPC under U/S 143(1) of the income tax act,1961 that i need to pay rs15,000 which was against the revised return filed by me on 12th August’13
    As i now reliased i filled up the wrong form while filing my return that time, can i fill up a rectification request and file my retirn this time against ITR1.
    Or else can you please advise on how can i recitfy my return and refile it for ITR1 and not ITR2 this time.

    Addtinally, how can i search the AO name or address, with whom if required i did to communicate on this.

    Please advise Sir.

  28. Kumar Jayant says

    Dear Basavaraj – The portal is extremely informative. My compliments.

    I have a query. I am salaried professional and have filed my ITR but I still have taxes due which need to be paid to the Govt.
    My current XML file (the one which is uploaded) reflects the amount that I need to pay to the Govt. How do I resolve this. Will be grateful for your advise.


  29. Jyotiprakash barik says

    Hi Sir,

    I filed return on time. But found that my name, surname and middlename is not in proper order. Can I file a revise return? Please guide me.


  30. sonu says

    Hello Sir,

    Can revised return be filled twice?
    I had filled revised return in case of wrong address mentioned. Now I notice that my account number is also incorrect. Can I revise my return again?

  31. Chirag Moradiya says

    I have a question.

    I have filed my Original Return on 16/08/2014 and generates ITR V. Then immediately I realized some mistake and filed revised and generated revised ITR V. Now the question is that both returns are filed after due date ao would it work for me ? Should I send both ITR V?

  32. Nishant says

    I have filed ITR through a consultancy, I had Income from salary and income from profession.
    For income for salary I provided form 16 and for income from profession i provided advance tax receipt to consultancy.
    Problem is that the files ITR-1 and not mentioned income from profession . Can I revised filed ITR now.
    Can in revision ITR 4 can be filed instead of ITR-1

  33. ram says


    While filling returns for last year(FY 2012-2013) I gave Assessment year as 2012-2013 instead of 2013-2014 due to which in returns they mentioned me to pay 18000 tax due to mismatch. but my income is not even 2 lakhs for the assessment year 2012-2013. Please let me know what I need to do now.


  34. Dipesh Kumar says


    I have been working from home for a foreign company since January 2014 on a monthly consulting fee that they credit directly into my saving account with no deductions since they are not setup in India. Prior to working for this company, I was employed in a Mumbai based company till January and I have already received form 16 and other relevant docs from this Mumbai based company. My question is, which form do I need to use now because from January onwards my income is from foreign company on which no deduction has been made and under which head this income will be shown.

    I would also like to know which form I will be using and under which head this income will be shown next year since my income for the entire year will be from this foreign entity only.

    Thanks and I look forward to hear from you.


      • Dipesh Kumar says


        I think it cannot be regarded as salary because they cannot make standard deductions since they are foreign based and are not set up in India? Every month, I send them an invoice mentioning the amount as consulting fee/professional fee that they credit into my account.


          • Dipesh Kumar says

            Ok. So for this year, I’ll file return filling ITR-1 since most of my income is from Salary of Mumbai based company and will show the income from foreign company for 2 months under income from other sources?

            And next year, I’ll file return using ITR-4 since for the whole year my income will be from foreign company?

            Can you please confirm?


  35. GGoyal says

    I have filed my original return on 31st July 2014, and I have not yet sent the ITR-V. However, now I realized that I have forgotten to show the interest accrued in one of my recurring deposit in the original return. The accrued interest amount in FY 2013-14 is around Rs 5000/- The recurring deposit will mature in this FY 2014-15.
    So the very first question is “Do I need to file the revised return to show up this interest now”?
    If yes, “Do I need to pay any interest on the balance tax that will be arise on Rs 5000/-” ? While filling it online, the tool is automatically calculating the interest, though the field is editable I can make it zero ? Should I go ahead with making it zero manually or should I pay the additional tax along with interest ?

    Please guide so that I can take the necessary action.

  36. T. sailesh says

    i have filled the it return in time I did a mistake by entering the wrong PAN of PMRF (prime minister relief fund) for deduction under 80G. but had put the correct amount in the column.
    the tax calculated was all right except for this mistake.
    Do i need to fill Revised return.

  37. vivek shah says

    I filed my return late (ie after the due date of 31st july..)

    I mentioned in the Profit and loss statement a net income of rs. 1,80,000.00 where as by mistake i also mentioned in no account maintained area as net profit of Rs. 1,80,000 )

    I uploaded my return and sent the ITR V to cpc…

    Now when i recv the notice under section 143(1) it shows net income as 3,60,000 and shows tax payable with interest.

    What shall i do now??

    please help

    thanks in advance

  38. Ajit says

    I am a combatant member of defence forces (Air Force) . I have filled my IT return on line in time for FY 12-13 AY 13-14. But due to non deduction of income u/s 10 by employer in form 16, i end up filling wrong calculated income which resulted in less refundable amount. Till now my earlier refundable Amt is not credited to my account. Further, i had also wrongly mentioned my ward/circle. Meanwhile, recently i received a notice from IT Dept u/s 143(1). My question is am i eligible to file revised IT return for FY 12-13 including deduction u/s 10.

  39. Manik says

    While IT return filing for myself of AY2014-15 on 01 August 2014. I entered the address correctly but made mistake in entering the PIN code.

    Shall I file I revised return today itself?

    I’ve not send the acknowledgement yet.

  40. NEHA says

    Sir, i have filed IT Return this july for AY 14-15, BUT BY MISTAKE TAX PAID IS SHOWN UNDER WRONG SECTION…Can i revise the return?

    Someone told me that now its not allowed from this year?

  41. NEHA says

    Sir, i have filed IT Return this july for AY 14-15, BUT BY MISTAKE TAX PAID IS SHOWN UNDER WRONG SECTION…Can i revise the return?

    Someone told me that now its not allowed from this year?

  42. ranjeet says

    Hi I have query that i have filled original ITR i have included Fixed Deposit deduction but i did not include FD other income.Then i have revised ITR and removed FD deduction and filled.I have sent revised ITR .I did not send original .Please help me regarding this what i should do next.


  43. Subir says

    Sir I want to know one thing in Assessement Year 2013-2014 I was suppose to Pay an Income tax of 62000/- ( Paybale to IT Dept) but while filing the details in the return by mistake I had put it in 2012-2013 Assessment Year.
    Now I go a notice from Income Tax Dept to pay the Amount with Interest charged.
    Can you please guide what to do?

  44. Prashant says

    Hi Sir,

    I filled my return on 3rd August this year but I forgot to add income from my fixed deposit. Can I file revised return as the original return is late return ? Also, what are the other options.


  45. pradip says

    Sir while i am a salaried individual with more than 6 lakhs annual income but less than 10 lakhs. While filing the return I did 2 mistakes in address. I checked the ITR-V and found the 2 mistakes. How to rectify these two mistakes.

  46. Netrapal says

    sir, i filled the itr2 for ay2014-15 online on 1st aug-14 . i made many blunder mistakes. can i file revised return…as last date was 31 jul 14.

  47. Prasad says


    I recently got intimation by IT saying to pay some amount. But I already mistakenly paid more than the require amount when I filed the assessment for 2013-14 yr and also I forgot to send the acknowledgement copy. In the intimation by IT, it is showing some undisclosed amount which actually I paid.
    Please help me.

  48. Kishore says

    I filed the income tax return for FY 12-13, I received a mail from CPC reg.Non remitence of ITR 5 after that i sent Itr 5 in original after tha what will do for further Please help me on this.

  49. Parmita says

    I filled e return for the AY 2014-15 , received the acknowledgement and sent duly signed to IT Bangalore on 12/07/14. On 30th July, 14 i found that i made a mistake and it shown the refund amount is double and at a time I revised the same and uploaded. Now today I received (1st aug,14) the receipt of the original form from bangalore which they receive on 28th July,14.
    My question is : Will I send the receipt copy if original along with revised copy or what?
    And will be any issue in this? PLEASE HELP.

  50. says


    I filed my return on 30/07/2014 but did not send the original copy yet. I did a mistake, i showed balance income after conveyance and HRA exemption but all other details are correct. Now when i saw the ITR form, i found difference in total what office has shown and me. Mean it balance+conveyance+HRA = Total.

    I have not shown my HRA and conveyance exemption. What should i do ? Please advise


  51. Surya Prakash gupta says

    Hi Basu ,

    I was not knowing that i should fill the ITR after paying all the taxes. I thought its ok to upload the ITR and later i will pay the tax.
    PLease help me with the situation.

    I filled the ITR today with status “tax payable” and then i payed the tax liability.
    what shud I do now, should i fill the revised ITR , if yes please help me with the fields which i need to change.

    Surya Prakash Gupta

  52. Rahul Srivastava says

    Actually i dont’ve the complete Form 16 of my previous employer; i.e. Part A & B are missing. I’d worked there more than 9 months & now associated with new employer for past 3 months where i’ve my new Form 16 with me. So my question is now i want to submit ITR return so how can i file the same.
    1) can i file with my aggregate salary amount (previous employer+new employer’s gross income) which may be a tentative figure and how can i show in ITR
    2) should i return challan details deposited by my previous em,ployer in online ITR?

    Please suggest me


  53. Binny says


    I paid my interest tax through challan 280 whereas it should have been done using challan 282. Do I need to repay it? Do I need to fill revised return after that (and get already paid tax as refund?).


  54. NEERAJ ASWAL says

    I have filed my ITR 1 for AY 2014-15, It is correct, but I noticed that my tax consultant has filed wrong information such as false donation, house loans in my ITR-1 for AY 2013-14 for claiming refunds.Till now I didn’t get any refund. I want to rectify those incorrect information.
    Please suggest me what to do?

  55. Ashish Mishra says

    Hello Basu,

    Please let know if I made a mistake in ITR and noticied that when I receive the acknowledgement of ITR.

    Actually while filling xls file, I forget to click on calculate TAX button which results my deducted TDS is coming under refund amount. Should I need to select the “17-Revised 139(5)” option in xls file and file the return again?

  56. Ashish says

    Hello Basu,

    I have filed the income tax by using xls file from incometax site. I have filled all the requierd details and forgot to click on Calculate Tax button of that file. I have generated and uploaded the xml file successfully once I receive the ITR verification then got to know that the TDS deducted from my salary is coming under refund amount. Please suggest how to correct it. Should i need to file ITR again by select “17-Revised 139(5)” in that xls sheet?

  57. Isa Kander says

    Hi, today (31/7) i paid my outstanding taxes through online payment via and subsequently submitted my returns along with the e-payment details(BSR code, challan etc..). However, ITR V still shows the paid amount as ‘Tax Payable’ and not under ‘Total Taxes Paid’. Is something wrong? How do i get it corrected?


      • Isa Kander says

        Yes..I have verified the next day and 26AS forms are showing my payment details. Seems it takes time to update the payment details in TRACES…. So, now do i need to re-file my returns with ‘Nil tax balance’ status? or can i just send the current returns to CPC.?


        • says

          Isa-If you already paid the taxes and proof of that is with you then why to re-file. Let them update their database and if at all in future they come to ask you tax then you have valid reason and proof to show the tax paid. So I don’t think revision is required. But in case you want peace of mind then go ahead :)

  58. Pranab says

    Sir, I filed income tax return for Assessment Year 2013-14 on 21.03.14 with with some amount of tax payable out of confusion through e-filing mode. On 26.03.14, I paid the due amount of tax and filed a revised return (duly filling challan no. and with ‘Nil tax balance’ ) giving Acknowledgement Number of Original return. I sent ITR -V of both Original and Revised return to CPC. My account in e-filing website is showing taht both ITR-Vs have been received by CPC. However, on 28.07.14, I received IT Notice under section 139(9) for for payment of due tax and uploading revised Return. I have checked 26AS at TRACES and found that the due amount of tax paid has been shown What should I do now?? Please help.

  59. Manpreet says

    I did not declare hra to my employer. The form 16 is not showing hra exception.
    How can I claim hra in itr 1. which field do I have to use to show hra?
    Please help!

  60. Robin Sharma says

    Sir, I have submitted my ITR for 2014-2015 this july itself. I was having some tax to pay and I thought it can be paid after filing return at income tax office. But someone told me that you should have submitted your tax and mentioned the challan number in my return. Now, What to do? Do I need to file revised return and do I need to send the original return to CPC banglore as well.

    Robin Sharma

  61. Varughese says


    My tax consultant had wrongly filed my tax in ITR 2 form for FY 2011-12 and 2012-13.
    Both of them processed and refunds also received.
    Correct form required was ITR 4 which I came to know a week back just before I was about to file my tax.
    I do trading in derivatives.
    He showed my loss as Capital Loss though it should have come under the section Business Loss.
    I intend to do revised return myself as I do not trust the knowledge of the previous consultant.

    Is it possible for me to file a revised return now. There is no change in values to be entered.
    Just the right form and the details need to be entered in the right schedule.
    Is rectification request the same thing. If not then can I do a rectification request.

  62. Viswajith says

    I wrongly submitted my IT returns for the year 2014-15 as 2013-14. I filed on-line, but I not send the acknowledgment to IT office by mail. I lost the last year Form16 too. Anyway to resolve it.

  63. Ankit says

    I want to file ITR for april 2012 to march 2013. which assessment year to be selected 2012-2013 or 2013-2014?

  64. Aziz says

    I filed my ITR 2 on 27 July 2014. Then I realised I put the convinience allowance in wrong section so I filed revised retirns. Today while checking it again I came to know that I did not deducted my PPF interest from the Gross amount so I need to again file a revised return (yeah second time :( )
    My question is which acknowledge number should I enter – the original one or the last revised return receipt number.

  65. Shivam says

    My insurance Agent faltered and did not pay my insurance premium of second half before March 30th.
    Assuming that he had paid it i made the entry while filing my ITR1 online.
    Now fr rectification the website asks me to fill up the Communication Reference Number, and I don’t know where and how to get it.
    Please help.

  66. Sanket Dave says

    I have filed ITR 1 for AY 14-15. I am yet to post my original return.
    However, now I came to realise that I was supposed to fill ITR2 as I have exempted income from salary (like HRA) of more than Rs. 5000.
    Kindly advice what should i do? Should I file a revised return ITR 2 or post revised ITR 1 without filling ITR2?
    Your response will be appreciated.

  67. Nitish Kumar says

    Hi Basavraj,

    I have submitted today ITR – 1 for financial year 2012-13. As you know the due date of filing ITR for financial year 2012-13 is already ended but someone told me that I can still file the ITR for 2012-13 this year. okay so after submitting ITR 1…. I figured out that I did a mistake with the selection of choosing wrong section. I was supposed to select ” (12) after due date under section 139 instead I actually selected “(11) before due date under section 139″.

    Please let me know what should I do now ? Well this is just a NIL return cuz my salary doesn’t fall under tax liability.

  68. Santosh says

    My income is 3.5 lacs from salary in 2013-2014FY. I remitted 15,000 USD to my US bank account, source of funds: savings. My US bank account already has 15k more, so total peak balance is 30,000 USD. I think it will attract unnecessary scrutiny from IT department if I declare my foreign account and show such a high peak balance in my US account, when my salary is pretty small.

    1) Can I file ITR4 without mentioning my foreign bank account? What is the penalty if IT department finds out about my foreign account?
    2) Can I file a revised return after 6 months, disclosing my foreign account in that revised return? Will that revised return be acceptable?

  69. sriniwas says

    Dear sir,
    I have an exempt income u/s 10 greater than Rs 5000/-, Now which ITR should i fill? thanx in advance

  70. Hitesh says

    I have filed my IT return using ITR-1. However, I missed to include short term capital gain. I plan to file revised return using ITR-2. Is it okey to file revised return using ITR-2 even though original return was files using ITR-1?

  71. Hitesh says

    I filed IT return for AY 2014-15 using ITR-1. However, I missed to include short term capital gain. Now I want to revise return by filling ITR-2. Should I file ITR-2 now as Revised Return even though my original return is filed using ITR-1. Pl advise.

  72. Mahadev says

    Actually in last year means Jan-13 to June-14 i didnot get salary because where i am working that org. investors were backout . but we worked there with our boss in this period of time without taking any salary. he promise us once new investors will come i will give your pending amount. In July-14 one of big company purchased asset from us in this deal they acquire our org. employee. but now our boss is saying deal amount is not sufficent so i will calculate & check weather u all get ur penidng amount or not.
    yet i have not received any amount . So my question is now i want to submit ITR returns so how can file the same.
    1) can i file with my salary amount which may be i get this financial year or may be not get anything.
    so how can i show in ITR
    2) from Jan-13 to till date i take loan from my friends & relatives to pay my Home loan & as well my hoem expenses.

    Please sugget me


      • Mahadev says

        Thank you for reply.

        Actually from april-13 to april-14 i received 2 months salary which was Jan & feb-13 months salary.
        apart from i didn’t get any salary amount & i don’t have any other income also.
        so can i file
        1) file with zero income.
        2) if i get my pending amount in this year then what should i do ?
        3) actually i am going to buy home in near future so for home loan purpose if i file zero income ITR then I will not get home loadn so what is best case where i can get home loan

        please suggest me.


  73. shivendra soni says

    I filled my ITR online on 25/07/2014 but i did a mistake which is,

    At the place of gross income i put total income which is lesser, and
    in the “deduction under chapter-vi-A, it is zero(0)”
    So my gross income and total income became equal and deduction is zero(which should be 100000 as per section 80C) in form ITR-V. But total tax and interest payable and TDS is same as per Form 16.
    Should i fill another ITR form or request for a change and how.
    i am worried, please help ASAP.


  74. Amit says


    I had filled ITR-1 for AY 2013-2014 on 30th July 2013.
    But , I was employed by two employer in FY 2012-2013 , hence i had two form 16.
    But my mistake i have missed to add income detail from one of the employer.
    Can i file the revised ITR now and pay the e-tax which is applicable ?

    Please advise.

  75. santosh says


    I filed my income tax return (ITR-1) through a third party port (taxspanner). In the return form, section ‘Income From Other Sources’ (Interest Income) was pre-filled after verification from IT dept system (probably Form 26AS). As per the pre-filled data, I paid my tax due with Challan 280 (under 300 – Self Assessment Tax) via online HDFC portal. I also received the ITR-V acknowledgement form which I duly signed and sent to Bangalore. Now while was checking my 26AS again I found the the pre-filled data (income from interest) was grossly higher than the actual interest I received as per Form 26AS and the self assessment tax I paid is almost 5 times of what I should have paid actually.

    1) How can the pre-filled data be so different from what is actual in 26AS?
    2) How do I now claim refund of the extra self assessment tax that I already paid?

    • says

      Santosh-In that case please check with the organization which issued interest payment to you. Check for any discrepancies. Then if it is actually from IT Dept then can raise issue. For this all you need to file the revised IT Return.

  76. Ankur says


    I used tax filing agent in my office to file ITR. He made a mistake and now I need to refile it. I have not dispatched my ITR-V to bangalore and due date is 31-July.

    Do I need to file return as revised now or I can still file as original? I have got acknowledgement number for previous filing.

    Query is for AY2014-15.


  77. Vikas Singh says

    Hi Sir,

    I have filed my ITR and the Tax Payble in acknowledgment comes Rs 11000. I totally agree with this amount.
    My Query is actually Can I pay the amount now on IncomeTax site and send the receipt along with Acknowledgment ? what should I do now. Please suggest.

    I have one more query for my brother. In his Form 16 , his Employer has not include the HRA because he left that company in October and could not submit the HRA Docs. Can he now fill HRA in ITR and send the docs to IT Department along with Acknowledgement .

    Thank You!!

    Vikas Singh

  78. SREEKANTH says

    Hello sir. Should i mention exactly the same details as in my form 16. My employer havent added my insurance in deductions. My deductions 80c as in form 16 are 60000. If my insurance is 20000 pa.. can i include it in my itr 1.. or should i file deductions as 60000.. i have already filed returns with 60000 as deductions. . Can i file a revised one with deductions as 80000??

  79. Ashish says

    Hi Basu,
    Yesterday, I filed my income tax return (ITR-1). In the return form, there is Schedul1-TDS, where ‘Income Under Salary’ was pre-filled from Form 26AS. I did not change the same and submitted the return.
    The amount which was pre-filled from Form 26AS was actually ‘Gross Salary’ paid by employer i.e. the amount was before section 10 deductions.
    Today, my friend asked me whether that amount should be ‘Gross Salary’ or ‘Salary after section 10′. Now, I am confused. I searched various sites, but, answer is different everywhere. Can you please guide me what is correct? Also, do I need to file return again in case it should be ‘Salary after section 10’?

  80. DIN DAYAL says

    I have filed ITR 1 for AY 14-15. However, due to some mistake I had to file revised ITR 1. I am yet to post my either original or revised return.
    However, now I came to realise that I was supposed to fill ITR2 as I have exempted income of more than Rs. 5000 u/s 10.
    Kindly advice what should i do? Should I file a revised return ITR2 or post revised ITR1 without filling ITR2?
    In case I opt to fill ITR2 then which acknowledgement no. needs to be entered i.e. of Original ITR1 or of Revised ITR1?
    Your response will be appreciated.

  81. Amirtha says

    Sir, My consultant filed my returns showing my gratuity received as exempted from tax under Schedule EI in the xml uploaded in site. but, he has missed showing my leave enchashment. But, for leave encashment he has claimed to refund from govt. that was wrongly paid by my ex employer. Now, should I file a rectification showing the leave encashment + gratuity in ITR? Consultant is not cooperating and is not giving the ITR excel he used. Can I redo everything myself? Also, leave encashment was shown earlier in form 16. please advices.

  82. Sunil says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    In the last financial year, I was on deputation to USA from 15 Dec 2013 to 23 May 2014 and accordingly was paid in USA (USD). For the rest of the period (i.e. 1 April 2013 to 14 Dec 2013), I worked in India and paid in India (INR) itself.
    On the salary I received in USA, tax was deducted according to USA tax norms.
    Now, while filing income tax in India for AY 2014-2-15, I was not aware that since my tenure in India was more than 180 days, I will be treated as resident. Due to this unawareness I have submitted (e-filed) ITR-1 with only my India’s income part (as per Form 16 received).
    Do I need to declare my US income earned also. If yes, then can you help me with following:
    1. How can I revise my already submitted form with status as ‘Return Uploaded’?
    2. In which section of ITR-1 do I need to declare my US earned income?
    3. For what part of US income earned should I declare – from 15 Dec 2013 to 31 Mar 2014 OR from 15 Dec 2013 to 23 May 2014?
    4. Where to mention the tax deducted amount on the US earned income?
    5. I have not sent the ITR sheets to CPC Bangalore yet. So once I complete revision process, do I need to send both the original and revised ITR sheets to CPC Bangalore?


  83. sudarshan says

    I had a housing loan tax exemption of 1.5 lakhs, which I was supposed to mention under income from housing property with negative value. But, I deducted this amount from the income under salary head and filed the return. Now should I have file a revised return correcting both income under salary head and income from property. But, the gross total income ends up to the same figure as i had filed originally. Also, what happens if i donot post the ITR-V acknowldgement.

  84. says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I used ITR2 to file a return for an HUF online 2 days back. ( I haven’t sent the hardcopy as yet to Bangalore.)
    After filing it online and looking at the ITR V generated online, I noticed that I had written the wrong PAN number in the declaration section (i.e the place where we certify the place,date and where we sign). The PAN number is correct at the top of the page.

    Should I file an original return now or should I file it as a revised one and enter the E-acknowledgement number in the receipt section (of the return filed 2 days back)? And if I need to use the latter option do I need to send a hard copy of the original return or just sending the hard copy of the revised return will suffice? Please advise. (ps this is all before 31st July and I intend to file the revised return if you advise me before 31st July!)


  85. Kalyan says

    Hi Basu sir,

    Actually i made a mistake in gross salary in ITR-1 which i uploaded on 22/07/14. Now i am trying to upload corrected ITR-1 it is showing an error “only one original itr can be filed u/s 139(1). please change the section and retry” .
    Can you help me to upload revised ITR-1 with in time i.e 30/07/2014. Thanks

  86. Yogesh says

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I have filed Income Tax return in Original later and my ITR V looks perfect.
    I went to ‘My Accounts’ under online portal and reviewed the ‘ITR 1 SAHAJ’ form and reliased that the amount mentioned against “Income from Salary / Pension (Ensure to fill Sch TDS1)” is fine. But Income under Salary for column “SCH TDS1-Details of Tax Deducted at Source from Salary [As per Form 16 issued by Employer(s)]” is worng. I relaised i filled it wrong.

    Although ITR V is fine but ‘ITR 1 SAHAJ” seems wrong for column ‘Income Under Salary’ for Header- “SCH TDS1-Details of Tax Deducted at Source from Salary [As per Form 16 issued by Employer(s)]”. (due to my typing mistake).

    So i filed again my ITR as Revised and corrected the above detail (which is now corrected reflected in my ITR1 SAHAJ form under My Accounts in e-filing portal). Now, I have two ITR V (original and revised), both looks exact same (as the error was in ITR1 SAHAJ only for column “SCH TDS1-Details of Tax Deducted at Source from Salary [As per Form 16 issued by Employer(s)]” and it didn’t refect in ITR V).

    Q1: Should i sign both and send both ITR V in same envelop? (Although both looks exact same in figures)

    Q2: Anything need to worry?

    Q:3: IT e filing portal is not showing two records one as original and another one as revised for AY14-15. After they process the ITR V, will one record get automatically delete?

    Thanks in advance!!


    Now I have

  87. Marimuthu says

    Hi Basunivesh,

    I filed my original IT return online, while entering tax details i did one mistake.
    My Income from salary is 902358 and Income from one House Property is 39077(Self Occupied)
    So my gross total income would come as 902358 – 39077 = 863281.

    Instead of entering all these details in ITR Form as it is,
    I have directly entered my gross total income (863281) in Income from salary field and entered 0 for Income from one House Property field

    Anyhow my gross income field is 863281 only. So it has no effect on tax payable or tax returns.

    Do i need revised submitted REVISED INCOME TAX RETURN for sake of updating amount not impacting any other thing like Payable Tax or Refund?

  88. says

    As everyone knows about filling of income tax return, here time has come again to file your return for FY 2013-14. Every individual is required to file their return if their income is above Rs. 2,00,000 and for senior citizens if their income is above 2,50,000. From this financial year onwards every assessee will get rebate of Rs.2000 if their gross total income is below 5,00,000. And it is not mandatory that only one can file his/her return if income is above 2,00,000/ 2,50,000 as the case may be rather person can file his/her return if income is below taxable limit.
    So here we are to help you in filling your returns for FY 2013-14. In case any person has failed to file their return for FY 2012-13 then remember time has not passed away they can file their return now also.
    So contact us for filling your returns for FY 2012-13 as well as for FY 2013-14.
    Need Help?
    Tax Accounting Services
    Call : 7838533488
    Email : [email protected]

  89. Niket Shah says

    I have filled my Income Tax return ORIGINAL once, then found there was payable tax or Rs 10/- inside, so paid the same with Challan 280 (under 300 – Self Assessment Tax) via online ICICI portal. So to include the same in ITR-V, I again filled my Income Tax return as REVISED. But later verifying same I found I made minor mistake in specifying Income other than 2885 instead 2855 leading a difference of 30/- but not leading to any further Payable Tax or Refund. Shall I revised it again just to correct the amount under field “Income Other that Salary”?

    Please advised, I am in confusion it at all required to revised submitted REVISED INCOME TAX RETURN for sake of updating amount not impacting any other thing like Payable Tax or Refund?

    Thanks a Ton.

    Niket Shah
    78744 256 18

  90. bitto says

    but here given above is Send both the original and revised ITR
    sheets to CPC Bangalore.I am confused . As you reply to send only revised.please help me.

  91. bitto says

    during e- filling I forget to fill my income and other detail hence e- file revised form and now I have two ITR-V form I.e original and revised which shall I send to banglore.will both are signed or only revised form is signed and send .please reply.

  92. hari says

    Hi Basu , I e-filed my ITR from website( . After filing the original returns only,I noticed my mistake of giving a wrong Bank A/c number. Is there any way to edit the details of the submitted ITR. If there, Kindly share me the details so that I can give the right Bank A/c no & submit my revised ITR before the due date 30/07/14. I’d be more than happy, if any one help me find solution on this issue!!

  93. Ajit Singh says


    i need some information regarding income tax filling
    last year in Sep i have changed my company and got job in another, but before leaving previous employer i have not submitted HRA proof, now i got form 16 from them but since i have not submitted the HRA proofs to them they have not deducted HRA amount from total taxable amount under sec 10

    My question is can i claim HRA amount to be deducted from total income(I have all HRA proofs in orignal with me)
    if yes then under which sec i have to deduct that as i can’t find sec 10 in ITR sahaj form

    Thanks for your help in advance

  94. Sohi says

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased a house with a loan sanctioned in FY 2010-11. Date of completion of the house was 2012-13 and so pre-construction period is 2010-13. However, I did not claim rebate on pre-construction interest in assessment year 2013-14 for FY 2012-13 due to non-availability of possession certificate at that time but filed IPR-1 . Now I want to claim rebate on pre-construction home loan interests. My query is (1) whether I can file ITR-2 (revised) for AY 2013-14 (please note that ITR has been processes at CPC as per online status). (2) Upto which year one can claim rebate on property loss from year of possession? i.e. what is the time limit for period between year of loan sanction and year of house possession for claimimng propery loss due to interest on home loan.
    Thanks a lot.

  95. Veena says

    I filed my A.Y 13-14 return with in the due date, but I sent ITRV to department after 120 days. Once again I got a message from department that I have not sent the ITRV acknowledgement , hence recently I sent the acknowledgement know the status is showing as acknowledgement received after due date in IT web site.

    My question is sum refund is due for the year 2012-13 (AY 2013-14) what is the next step to get refund?

  96. Mani says

    I have done e-filing for the AY 2012-13. I forgot to send the Ack copy – Income tax return verification form. Now when I checked the ack, I noticed that I have e-filed with out including the 80C/80D deductions. So it shows as Tax payable (6-7c) as Rs.44470/-. So I thought of filing revised return and selected 17 Revised 139(5) and choosen revised. But when I submit, now I am getting the message as “The end date for filing this ITR is over”. Could you please help on what to do now?

    Thanks in advance


      • Mani says

        I went through the conditions…..
        then Am I not eligible for revised return?

        1) Revised returns can be filed if you filed your original return within due date. So if you filed your return after due date then you are not eligible to file revised return.
        – as I am trying for revised return now, am i not eligible? then what to do? how to rectify to include the deductions which I missed earlier? (80C,80D)

  97. Sahay says


    I have found your site more informative and useful. Thanks for the service. I have a query.

    I have filed my returns for the AY 2013-14 well in advance and within the due date. Also, it was assessed within the due date (31/07/2013). Now, while preparing the returns for the AY 2014-15, I have noticed a tax exemption clause from second house loan interest. Can I file a revised return for the AY 2013-14 for my case? Or should I go for correction? If so how and where. Kindly advise. Thanks.

    – Sahay

  98. says

  99. Vikas Gupta says

    I filed my income tax return for AY 2013-14 on 30/03/2014 (after due date). While uploading online income tax return I forgot to fill the details of self assessment tax deposition details in ITR-1. Now, ITR-V is showing tax payble however there is no tax payble by me. What should I do now?

  100. Vinay says

    I filled my return for Assesment Year 2013-14 on 28/3/14 and after submitting it online I came to know from ITR-V that I have entered wrong address.
    Instead of name of Firm (Prop.) and firm address, I have mistakenly entered my home address.

    Now I want to change my address from home to Firm address.

    Can this mistake be rectify and how…??? Please help..??

    Can I revise my return and whether I have to post Orignal ITR V to CPC..??

  101. Rajesh says

    I have e-filled ITR-1 for my mother last year within due date of ITS submission date. She was having Income from pension and bank interest. After filling ITR 1, I have submitted balance Tex. Hard-copy of Tex paid Chalan with ITR sent to CPC banglore. But day before yesterday I received notice under section 139(9). Now i am confused, why they have sent this notice in-spite of paying all the liable Tex. Now i am refiling, but there addition Tex is coming as interest. please do suggest me in his scenario. Will I will have to pay interest?

  102. B B JHA says

    Dear Sir,

    I have retired from Army on 31 Dec 2012. I filed my IT Return for AY 2013-14 on-line in June 2013 and sent the ITR-V immediately, which has been acknowledged by the IT Dept CPC. I have used ITR-1 and correctly paid the tax. But I have not reflected my Retirement Benefits in ITR-1, which are totally exempted from Income Tax (like gratuity, leave encashment and commuted pension etc). So far I have not got intimation about completion of the assessment. Can I file Revised Return in ITR-2 so that I can reflect my Exempted Income. Please advise. Regards.

  103. KUNAL says

    return filed of a/y 2013-14 after due date i.e on 26.3.2014. in income part the income of a/y 2012-13 shown in a/y 2013-14.both return filed on the same day. if only a/y 12-13 itr v sent and a/y 2013-14 not send to banglre then what will be possibilities.

    after 120 days the return will become defective of a/y 2013-14/

    then i can file the return manually or to file electronically.

  104. Neeraj Somani says

    Hi Sir,

    I have already filled income tax return for Assessment Year 2013-14. It has been processed on 27-Jan-2014 at CPC. Refund has been received also.

    But while filling it i forgot to claim the deduction under 80CCG(Rajiv Gandhi equity saving scheme sec 80CCG ). Can i now fill the revised return. If yes then please guide.


    • says

      Neeraj-Your FY stands for 2012-13, you can file revised return upto March 31st 2015. If you are unable to understand the above procedure then better to file the revised return with the help of tax consultant.

      • Neeraj Somani says

        Thanks for quick response. As you mentioned after filling revised return one should send the original and revised ITR sheets to CPC Bangalore.

        Should i sent the supporting document to take deduction for investment under 80CCG also??

  105. Vinod Kumar says


    I had filed IT retun for AY 2010-11 as per the deductions at the source. But later i came to know that the tax deducted at source has been deposited at wrong pan no. so, IT has raised a demand notice in 2012 and the refund amount in the AY 2011-12 has already been recovered against the demand. Now the amount which deposited wrongly has been reflected in my account in 2013.

    Now shall i go for rectification request kindly advise. due to this the AY 2012-13,2013-14 refunds also not processed and showing pending.

    Thanks in advance.

  106. rajesh says

    I filed my return on ITR1 ONLINE for assessment 2013-14 on 30.07.2013 but I forgot to send the acknowledge ment form ITR V withn 120 days. When I sent it last month, the CPC site says that ‘ ITRV received but rejected – filing date exceeded due date……
    Do I have to again file revise return ONLINE ? If yes then after completing what are the documents i have to submit- only the ITR-V or printed revised return



  107. Rohit says

    hi…I forgot to update the details of self assessment details in return filed U/s 139(4). how can I update the tax details with Income Tax Department/acknowledgement in Form V. Pls suggest.

  108. Shikha says

    had filed my income tax return online AY-2013-14 at through SUGAM ITR-4s excel sheet.
    As per knowledge best I was not make any mistake. My nature of business is private tuition & commission agent of private insurance company and my yearly total income less the 1.6 lack after deduction so as a woman I have not to pay income tax and Tax return was some amount Rs.****/= (TDS).
    BUT after uploading the return, Auto generation acknowledge download form showing some figure “interest payable u/s 234B & C” around amount Rs.****/= and “Total tax & interest payable” Rs. ****/=.
    Please let me know what to do? I cannot post the wrong Acknowledge sheet to Income tax department!!! As I know, ITR is valid only if I submit it within 120 days of filing .If not than same will be disqualified for processing. Should I fill another through a paper return? How to solve the problem?

    As per some one advice I, downloaded upto dated version of SUGAM ITR-4s excel sheet and filing all the necessary field only modified (1) return file under section > 12-after due date (2) revised return in the “Filling Status” column. When I try to press validate & xml-Generate it is showing notice “Return Type in Sheet: income details must be Original when return NOT filed under S.139(5)”
    It will be highly appreciated if you advise the same.

    • says

      Shikha-I think you are facing the processing hurdle while filing revised IT return. I can elaborate all the steps here. Hence if you continued to face the problems, then better to contact any tax consultant. They will guide you in a better way.

  109. Pardeep Bohra says

    Heloo Everyone

    Please help me.

    i filled my ITR for year 31.03.2011 but bymistake not sent to CPC, bangalore.

    last month i sent it to banglore and found that my ITR v is rejected. but there is my refund on that ITR.

    now what i have to do.

    please reply fast and help me.

  110. TV SUBRAMANIAN says

    I had filed my IT RETURN of SALARY income for FY0910/AY10-11 in time and the ITO also completed assessment.
    However my IOB Bank posted my TDS of approx Rs.9000/- for that AY in JUN-2012 which obviously I could not claim in time as my ITR was filed and assessment also completed in Sep.2012. Can I file my REVISED IT RETURN for FY09-10/AY10-11 say in OCT-2013? And if so how?

  111. R.DEB says

    hello sir
    my income tax agent have filed my e return within time for assessment year 13-14 (dated 5/08/2013) but, I found that he has put wrong total income means he showed less income whereas my income in 1,50,000 per year. I m a female. I have not sent original post till now.i said him to revised but he is saying that first u post that original ITR-V form to bangalor and after receiving there he can fill revised income tax . is it true? if not what i should to do?
    pls help me…..


  112. Hari says

    I accidently filed my AY 2013-2014 return against AY 2012-2013 (using the ITR1 excel for AY 2012-2013) on Aug 4th 2013. I don’t have any income in AY 2012-2013 as I was abroad. I wasn’t aware that financial year and Assessment year are different. How do I correct the AY 2012-2013 return?

    When I try to use the AY 2012-2013 ITR1 excel with zero income, I get the following message “ReturnType in sheet: Income detail should be original when return not filed under S.139(5)”; but I don’t understand this error.

    Please help!!

  113. vizeeta says

    Sir is there any solution to file revise return after filling orginal return after due date…
    plzzz help me……m in problem now…actually i have done this mistake by mistake…..

  114. chandresh jindal says

    Dear Sir,


    Sir i want urs advice in one of my problem.

    Sir I was doing job from 1st April 2011 to 15 th Aug 2011 in a private company. on 29 th Aug i joined one cooperative sector company and continue my job till now. in the financial year 2011-12 (Assessment year 2012-13) i filed the IT return from 29 th Aug 2011 to 31 st march 2012 after getting the form 16 of my present company because that private company is not providing me form 16 or salary certificate for the 4.5 months. but they submitted the professional tax they deducted for that period.
    now i have got a notice that i am not filling the returns from it dept to show the acknowledge or proof of filling the returns.

    Pl suggest how can i file the revised return of ass year 2012-13 and wat is its time limit.and if their is any tax liabilit how can i pay it waiting for yours reply .

    thanks and regards

    Chandresh jindal

  115. tomar s says

    i am a defense servant whose tax is deducted at source. I filled my return online for asssessment year 2012-13 on 14-08-12. during period 1 -04 12 to 22 -04 13 I claimed HRA and inturn paid Rs 17500 to the land lords as rent./ I however did not reflect this in the return . Now what and how should I reflect this in revised ITR and what happens to the rent receipts that I have from the land lord. Apart from thius I also am repaying Rs 25000 /mth to HDFC towards a flat for which I have not got the possession. HDFC has frwarded a cerificate reflecting how much out of this goes towards repayment of the principal. Can i reflect this also in the revised return and if so under which section and how much amount.

  116. Mani Singh says

    if return filed before due date and then we want to file revised return then can we change the ITR form in revised return?

      • Mani Singh says

        from following line i have understand that i have to use same execel utility and have to change before due date to revise return
        1.Open the excel file where you originally filed return.
        2.Enable the macros.
        3.Mentioned as revised return and select the Sec 139(5) instead of 139(1).

        while on following article on other website written than ITR form can be changed.

  117. Sandeep says

    In my return I failed to press the button Calculate Tax (God know why :-)) and all the tax came in refund and I have for the acknowledgement. I want to correct the mistake. Can I file Revised Return in this case?

  118. abhishek says

    hello sir. i fill my e return based on previous e return. and it was the less amount from Current amount. should i need to fill revised return ??

  119. Upendra Yadav says

    Hello Sir,

    I have filed the return using online mode using ITR 1, but I realsed that I had made some mistakes. I coreected the mistakes and filed a REVISED return but using ITR2 file. Now What I need to send to them the revised one or the Original one or both?

    Please reply soon.

  120. Rahul Jain says

    Hello Sir,

    I have filed the return within time for year 13-14 but, I found I have put wrong total income. Due to this I am getting Tax Payable value while it should be zero. I have not sent post till now. So, In that case can I fill revised income tax and do I have to post both (wrong filed and revised filed) return to income tax department.

  121. Ashwani says

    I have filed my ITR for FY 12-13 online. I have used ITR1 form to file the return. I am salaried person and earned some amount (more than Rs.10000) from Savings bank account interest. Now I have realised that I have some Non-speculative capital losses as well in the same financial year. Can I fill my revised ITR4s?

  122. atul says

    I m an salaried person and having income from F&O also. which itrcform I hv to file? efiling option is having itr4s & itr1 option only. while filing in excel , which sheet I hv to show fno income(profit) ? if its loss where do I show it?

  123. SSRAO says

    Sir, I have filed original ITR1 for AY 13-14 in due time. But I have revised twice for the FY 13-14 for considering sec 80TTA. My query can I delete 1st revised return from my account and keep 2nd revised return as final against original return of AY 13-14

  124. TAARESH says


  125. Ashutosh says

    Dear Sir,
    As per point 2, Revised return can be filed at anytime before the expiry of one year from the end of the relevant assessment year or before the completion of the assessment, whichever is earlier.
    My Query is :-
    What is date of completion of assesment or how do i know assesment is completed?

  126. Sunehri says

    I have e-filed the return and received acknowledgement but I had Total Tax and Interest Payable (12 + 13) amount 548.
    I made e-payment of the Rs 548 .
    After that I am again e-filing revised return . but when I enter my income sources and deductions and click on calculate Tax again it shows me the same Taxable amount .
    So what is the actual procedure to e-file revised return..

    • JenC says

      Hi sunehri, I believe you need to indicate the details of the tax payment done, in the revised Itr form, including details of Bsr / challan number etc that you received in your tax payment ack. Then the tax payable should go to 0.

  127. Monika says

    I have submitted return for financial year 2013-2014 today. My ITR-V shows some amount in tax payable (forgot to include iinterest on self assesment). Can I now pay this thru challan and submit a revised return u/s 139(5)

    Please reply

  128. Krishna says

    I have made the deduction entry in 80G column A . The donation Rs.50,000/- I made was to a charitable trust. Is this to be entered under Column D.
    1)Can this be rectified u/s 139(5)
    2)Is the original and rectified ITR V to be send to CPC, Bangalore.
    3) Is ITR1 to be send to CPC ?
    Kindly reply.

  129. aparesh mallick says

    sir,i have a qeary that whil e my furnishing the return of asst year 12-13 ,fin year 11-12 i have by mistake does not enter the details of chatered who have adaudited my file and next while efilling the digital signatutre is also not done,so give me the way out how to revise the file and in how many days left to revise the file,i have e filled in the date of 31st march 2013

  130. HJ says

    Believe revised return can be uploaded without mentioning as revised if earlier ITR WAS NOT signed and sent to CPC. Can you confirm?

  131. HJ says

    Believe revised return can be uploaded without mentioning as revised if earlier ITR is signed and sent to CPC. Can you confirm?

  132. K R A. says

    Dear sir,
    My company said they made a mistake in TDS for FY11-12 and reissuing a new Form16 now(jul-13) apart from paying the TDS.
    I had filed my return on time during jul12 and ITR is already processed.
    What are the provisions for me to file the revised returns?


  133. Rahul says

    I have query.

    I filled ITR for assessment year 2012-13 in July 13 and the same is processed in Oct’13 by IT deptt.

    Now while paying advance tax, in march, for financial year 2012-13 i.e. assessment year 2013-14, i mistakenly selected Self assessment tax and year 2012-13. Now as per my understanding this tax would be considered for assessment year 2012-13 i.e. financial year 2011-12.

    Can i file a revised return with this self assessment tax in tax paid option and get the refund back???

    Please help urgently

  134. Rahul says

    Hi I have a query ???

    I filled ITR for Assessment year 2012-13 in July 2013 and the same is processed by IT deptt. Now while paying advance tax for financial year 2012-13 i.e. assessment year 2013-14, i mistakenly selected Self assessment tax and assessment year 2012-13.

    Now as i know, this tax would be considered under assessment year 2012-13 i.e. financial year 2011-12, return for which is already processed.

    Can i file the revised return with this self assessment tax paid and get the refund??

    please help

  135. Karthi says

    Sir, I have filed my return for the assement year 2011-12, i want to file revised return, as my tax paid amount is not reflected in my previous return, So whats the procedure to file to revise the return

  136. B.D.Thakur says


    I have filed my Income Tax Return, as individual, in ITR1-SAHAJ for AY 2013-14 by physical mode during this month, as having income only from salary/pension and other sources like bank interest, with exempt income more than Rs 5000/-

    It has now come to my notice that ITR1 form cannot be used by individual whose exempt income is more than 5000/-

    Do I need to file revised return considering this as any omission or wrong statement? Hoping for your early response.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      B.D.Thakur-Sorry for the delayed reply. The first thing I did not understand is, which exemption you are talking about? Also from which source you come to know that one can not file ITR1 if his/her exempt income is more than Rs.5,000? According to me you can file the revised income. Please confirm the source of knowledge you got.

      • B.D.Thakur says

        Extremely sorry for replying late. By exempt income I mean the income which does not form part of total income for tax purpose e.g. PPF interest. As regard the source, it is contained in instructions for ITR1 under who cannot file ITR1.

  137. nikhils says

    sir i want to know if by mistake tds details are not filled then can revised return be filed or not???

      • Rahul says

        I have query.

        I filled ITR for assessment year 2012-13 in July 13 and the same is processed in Oct’13 by IT deptt.

        Now while paying advance tax, in march, for financial year 2012-13 i.e. assessment year 2013-14, i mistakenly selected Self assessment tax and year 2012-13. Now as per my understanding this tax would be considered for assessment year 2012-13 i.e. financial year 2011-12.

        Can i file a revised return with this self assessment tax in tax paid option and get the refund back???

        Please help urgently

  138. mani says

    the income that i have enter in return is tax exempted and after adding some other incomes , income still remains tax exempted , now if i send the ITR v to IT department with this less income and if they found that i am not added all incomes in itr then how much they can fine ?

    For sending the ITR V the limit is 120 days and if i not send ITR V with in this limit , then IT department will not refund TDS?

    and thanks for your quick response.

    • BasuNivesh says

      Mani-It depends on the case, but it is usually 100% to 300% of tax dues. In your case you are saying no tax. So I think they will not. Now why you are asking of delayed sending? Why can’t you send it within due time?

      • mani says

        sir i was not aware about due date and previously filed return by someone ,i do not got refund because address in pan card is wrong so before filling return for AY 2012-13 i firstly apply for correction in address and after getting address change , i go for filling return but i do this silly mistake while i do lot of study about the sections of tax exemption and other points of ITR form but just do this silly mistake in entering income.

  139. mani says

    it means sir i cannot file revised return?????
    and sir in point 3 you mention revised return can be filed but not for concealment and in point 5 you mention we can file revised return if we missed some income or deduction then how IT department will decide that the change in income in revised return is error or concealment?

    • BasuNivesh says

      Mani-If conditions are not satisfying then you can’t. I mean to say that deliberate missing may get fined but non intentional can be filed. It depend on case to case.

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