Difference between A Khata and B Khata-Bangalore Property

Few days back I came across the question from one of my friend and client who is interested to purchase land and that land is of B Khata. He asked me is it good to have this property with B khata and what is the difference between A Khata and B Khata. So just thought to write up on this issue.

First let us look at what is meant by “Khata” according to BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike). Khata is an account of assessment of a property, recording details about your property such as size, location, built up area and so on  for the purpose of payment of property tax. It is also a kind of identification of the person who is primarily liable for payment of tax.  It is required when you require a building license, trade licence or loan from banks or any other financial transactions. It is mandatory for all property owners to pay property tax, hence you need to have khata.

Now difference between Khata and Title Deed is, khata is an account of assessment of a property for payment of tax only. Hence khata will not confer ownership of property. Whereas Title Deed is the valid document which confer ownership on property.

Let us look at the reasons behind the origin of A Khata and B Khata lands. In 2007, those under the seven City Municipal Councils (CMC)?of Bommanahalli, Dasarahalli, Krishnarajapuram, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Mahadevapura, Byatarayanapura, Yelahanka, one Town Municipal Council (TMC) of Kengeri and 110 villages, were brought under the fold of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP). Following this expansion and creation of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), those who did not have appropriate approval from the concerned land development authority and yet to come under the ambit of the Palike were issued an acknowledgment which was in common parlance known as ‘B’ Khata.

However, in reality, ‘B’ Khatha does not exist. Property identification numbers are entered into a register called as  ‘B’ register stating that the civic agency has been paid its dues by the property owners. For citizens in need of an approval from the appropriate land development authority but have a Deputy Commissioner (DC)?conversion, the BBMP re-introduced Betterment Charges which will entail people to take a Khata on their property. This is how B Khata originated in the mind of property owners but not legally :)

Now the disadvantages of having B khata is that, you will not get building license, trade licence or loan from banks or any other financial transactions. Hence it is big hurdle to have B Khata land. Now what are the ways of converting B Khata land to A khata?

By paying betterment charges you can convert B Khata to A Khata. But you will face lot of hurdles, few of them are as below.

1) You should have DC converted property

2) Tax must be paid till date

3) Betterment charges for the conversion property need to paid to BBMP.

So the solution is to avoid purchasing B Khata properties and prefer A Khata to have comfortable position in dealing future financial transaction hurdles.

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Happy  news!!! -From today onwards Mr. D. Srinivasa, Advocate by profession and expert on property issues will answer your queries on this platform. Hence request you all to post your doubts regarding khata issue of Bangalore property by commenting to this post and he will reply to those quarries.

Mr.D.Srinivasa’s Profile-He has been practicing advocate since 1980 conducting mainly on civil disputes, property matters, cheque bounce cases, etc., he have worked as Assistant Law Officer in Bangalore Development Authority from 1986 to 1995. He is very well conversant with land acquisition cases, property disputes,etc., he has been giving legal opinion on property papers for various societies and banks and registration of various documents.  






  1. kuchi hari kumarkuchi hari kumar says

    Prior to forming of BBMP (2007), in 2001 it self I have purchased a site in sivs priya nagar, madivala village. The land is converted to DC. Since then I am paying taxes in concerned maroof punchyat . I have approached concerned anekal town planing office , the officials were told me to get construction approval from marsoor punchyat, hencen the approval plan was not issued by them. Is the panchayat approved residential plan is authentic.please reply.

  2. Shanti RajShanti Raj says

    I have purchesed a property 25×20 in Whitefield, Bangalore in 1991 in the same year I bought another 5×20 to make the entire property 25×25 but i did not get the katha for the added property even though I applied for it I did not follow it up but with agreement with the owner I continued to pay tax for the 25×25 property. When I decided to convert the land to an A katha the agent who has my papers demanded 50,000 for adding the exter bit on to the fresh Katha even though all my taxes are up to date for the 25×25 property. I understand he is trying to cheatme but I do not know what the price of changing kathas from A to B costs. Could you please advise on the cost?. Thank you

  3. PrateekPrateek says


    I am planning to buy a land with Sizzle Properties near Chikka Tirupati Road. They are claiming the land as ‘A-Khatha’.
    How do I make sure that all documents are proper? Anything else I need to check?

  4. BabaBaba says


    I planning to buy a site which i saw recently, it is BBMP A khatha but they do not have DC Conversion. I am not sure how they got A Khatha from BBMP. Please suggest whether to go ahead or noy

  5. Abhinandan BelagurAbhinandan Belagur says

    Hello BasuNivesh,

    I am planning to buy a Pent House in a apartment complex called Navami Nandini by Navami Builders. The apartment is located in Nandini Layout and is BDA approved. The plan approved is for G + 3, but the builder has built a penthouse and i am planning to buy the same. {this property has 12 flats approved, but 14 flats have been built, 2 of the additional flats have been built as pent houses on the terrace} .

    Please let me know about the complications of buying a flat which is not approved. However there is a OC already for the property.

    Abhinandan Belagur.

  6. DevanandDevanand says

    I am exploring to buy a multi BHK house in HSR lay out and the properties are eligible for loan and they are BDA Sites with A Khata and Plan Sanctioned from BBMP, but they say Occupancy certificate is given for apartments not for BDA properties ? So BDA properties do not get occupancy certificate ? Which properties do not need occupancy certificate ?Whether any property – like individual house, multi dwelling house also need occupancy certificate ? Thanks in adavnce.

  7. devendra paidevendra pai says

    i want to buy a flat in uttrhalli the land is a khata bu building is b khata can i buy the flat siri gruop siri smaran

  8. SirajSiraj says

    Hello Basavaraj,

    i am planing to buy a 2 Bhk flat in electronic city near niladri raod in front of ajmera and i am new to it and they told me that SBI will not give you loan on this and they also told me that it comes under gram panchayat .

    Could you please tell me whether i should go for it or not ???
    and what are the points which i need to check before buying

  9. MohammedMohammed says

    Hi sir,

    I have recently purchased a pent house in Gottigere, Bannergetta road. I wanted to get electric connection in my name from previous owner name, so i was said to to get Khata in my name to switch the connection in my name. So my query over here is that when Khata Papers came into my name, so the category of Khata Paper said that it is E category house. I wanted to know what is E category about. Are there any issues owning a E category flat. your assistance on this will do the needful :)

  10. VeereshVeeresh says

    Dear Basu Nivesh,

    Seeking your advise on this.

    Couple of years back I’ve bough a residential plot on B Khata in Begur area. Then the land developer had told that BBMP will come up with Akram Sakrama program in few months then we would need to pay the due fees to get the same converted into A Khata. But so far there’s no such program in last two years.

    In the absence of such a program, what other option do we’ve to seek A Khata on this plot? The developer had paid the betterment charges as prescribed already. I would need to go for home loan to construct house on this plot. Due to the recent HC verdict on B Khata, even the properties on B Khata potentially become illiegal.

    Pls share your advise. Thanks in advance.


  11. RameshRamesh says

    Registration of my site (30X40) near Kothaganahalli village Anekal TQ has been completed and EC also received but my A Katha has not yet received and it is in pending for 4 months.
    For getting this A Katha the builder has already taken 10, 000.00 Rs for challen payment.

    What is the procedure for getting this Katha certificate ?

  12. phaniphani says


    I am buying a plot in Medahalli near Krishnarajapura . May I know who has to give permission layout plan approval ?

  13. PranavPranav says

    Hi, I would like to know if the layout is approved under BMRDA, do we get a A khata or B Khata for the property?

  14. Ramki says

    Hello, I am looking for the details about Pembrook layout in Panathur Main Raod. It is a B-katha property and people said it is possible to convert into A-Katha. I would like to know if anyone has converted their land in Pembrook to A-katha? Would be interested in knowing how to do the conversion. Please let me know if any one has converted already.

  15. SriramSriram says

    Hello Basuvinesh,

    This is regarding online property tax payment.
    I have purchased DC converted site 30 X 40 at Nallur Village.
    The site comes under pachayat. Also it has BIAPPA approval.

    Earlier, i used to pay tax for this proprty at Panchayat office.
    My question is: Can i pay the property tax online for this site?

    If yes, can you please help me with the online site link for this.


  16. VINODVINOD says

    Dear Sir,

    I have small site about 15 X 40 size near kengeri Uttarahalli road, and it is privately developed site without DC convertion. However till 2010-11 property tax has been paid by the person from whom i bought site in 2014. My doubt is whether i can apply for Akrama Sakrama scheme and get my Site converted to A khata. Kindly confirm

  17. vinayakvinayak says

    I am planning to bye a constructed house that is built on a site (30×50) on a piece of land (16.5 guntas) that is DC converted but still not approved by BDA or BMRDA. This piece of land is now under BBMP limits and has A khata, with betterment charges paid. When showed the papers to the lawyers, they are fine with the papers but my father in law is insisting that there has to be a layout plan (drawing or a design) showing all the sites and roads formed in that 16.5 guntas. Seller of the property says that there is no such layout plan available since the DC converted land (16.5 gunntas) is not approved by BDA or BMRDA. Do you think that a Layout plan is a must, let us say in case of any litigations in future say by neighbours etc, as to whose site or site number falls where in that layout made out of 16.5 guntas.

      • VinayakVinayak says

        Thanks for your comment. Sir, I thought A khata was good enough to buy the property since Banks also extend the loan for A khata properties that are DC converted. As a matter of fact, I am given to understand by Banks that almost 70 to 80% of the DC converted layouts do not have BDA approvals. It is good to have BDA approved layout but if it is not, I thought as long as the layout is not notified by BDA or BMRDA, it is good enough to go ahead and buy it.

  18. MadhuMadhu says

    Hi Sir,

    Website is more helpful and great help with your answers…:-)

    I am planning to buy property in Margondanahalli(panchayat limits), Builder bought property(not yet registered) and started constructing house. We w

  19. rahulrahul says

    hii am planing to buy bbmp a khata site. . the builder has provided all the documents the layout has got bbmp a khata since they have paid betterment charges, its dc converted but it does not have individual site A khata the builder is telling to pay advance some money (5L) they have talk with bbmp officials regarding individual a khata for all the plots during registration they will provide individual a khata which they will mention in the agreement when we pay advance amount. . they are telling within 15 days they will provide individual A khata which will be mentioned in agreement when we pay advance. . can anyone please suggest on this. .

      • rahulrahul says

        hi sir the owner is telling he has already discussed with bbmp officials and payed the money for individual A khata will get the the individual A khata for all the sites within 10 days or money will be refunded which will be mentioned in the agreement i have legaly verified documents with the advocate, the advocate has prepared the agreement and mentioned clearly in clause for A khata issue, and damages or loss if any arise and also mentioned for public notice . . the only problem arrised was how to identify your property that it comes here no documentation for identification of property since layout is not approved. . so my query is if they provide individual site A khata and khata extract with PID number then will the identification of property issue will get solve ? if i go for immediate constuction when they provide individual A khata after the registration will any problem arise if layout is not approved ?

  20. PrabhuPrabhu says

    I have a query about the following scenario:
    1) A Farmer owns an agricultural land
    2) DC converts the land
    3) Sells DC converted land to a builder
    4) Builder gets BDA approval for an apartment

    – Now, when we check the RTC of the agricultural land, it is still in the name of the farmer… why is the builder name not shown in the RTC, though he is currently the ownwer of DC converted land?
    – Does the builder needs to pay betterment charges … or is DC conversion charge paid by farmer is all?

  21. RupeshRupesh says


    I have finalized a resale property for purchase in JB Nagar. Owner is syaing that the land is ‘A’ Khata but the building is ‘B’ due to additional ‘5th’ floor constructed..
    KIndly let me know what all documents that I should ask him to furnish in order to verify the claims.


  22. khaleel ullakhaleel ulla says

    hello sir

    as I want to purchase 30*40 land so what all proof of land do we need to register and how we can come to know that this land sale documents are register under BBMP, As you know lots of fraud going on all around ,,like selling one property to so many peoples ,,,so how we can come to know this land paper are perfect.

  23. Anil KumarAnil Kumar says

    Hi ,

    I have a property with sale deed upto 24 years of ownership. However I am unable to locate the mother deed of the property as buyers are consistently asking for it. The problem is that the oldest sale deed which I have does not state where the seller got the property from. he has not mentioned any of the details like the prev sale deed number or survey number or any other information which can help me trace the property details. Would your lawyer be able to help me in this regard? The property is legitimate as all the other documents are in my name. Just this one part where i am unable to locate and hence unable to sell this house. Could you tell me if this is something which can be helped with? If yes, can I have the contact details of your property lawyer?

  24. AlbinAlbin says

    Hi, I recently saw a plot and want to purchase it.
    The plot is having measurement 30 * 40 but it is having additional land near that is nearly 400 sq ft
    The builder will give the plot to people who purchase both plot (thus making over all shape odd).
    Builder is saying they will give A Khatha. I am sure about 30 * 40 site that they can give A Khata.
    But what about the 400 sq ft?
    Some where I have read that minimum 600 sq ft will get A Khatha.

    Should I go for the property? Kindly suggest..

    In site plan, 30 * 40 and 400 sq ft part is shown seperately..so I am not sure that is part of actual approved plan..

    THanks in Advance.

      • RajeshRajesh says

        Hi Basavaraj,

        I have purchased a 40X50 (Rectangle) land in Elivala, Mysore from a Developer. I have land registration done in my name for the said measurement but at the time of Kath, developer says the dimension is reduced to 40 X(48/2+45/2) something like trapezium. Is this legal? I need “as is” pls advice a way out


        • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

          Rajesh-I feel the actual dimension is as it is in khata. But your developer lied you and said the typical site dimension. You have two options, one to come out of this deal and second is to accept as it is in khata.

  25. paranitharanparanitharan says

    Dear Sir,

    I bought the land near Nelamangla, around 1200 sqft. From S.V Property.

    They are saying will get the E-Khata .. What is mean by that?

    Kindly help in this


  26. shekharshekhar says

    I plan t buy a flat near begur .
    Earlier land is agricultural. Builder has paid betterment charge from when it has come into BBMP from 2008 . Does it become DC converted or apartment construction ?
    BBMP has also given approval for construction. Is it valid to get further OC & final khata transfer ?
    Kindly suggest.

  27. VinodVinod says

    HI ALL

    What is the Difference between Revenue site and B katha site, are both same, does Kalkere near Horamavu is a Gramatana sites or DC converted sites or B katha site….

    PlZZZZZZ let me know…..?????????????

  28. DevaDeva says

    Hello Sir,

    I purchased a residence flat at Ayyappanagar, Hoodi. This apartment is having deviations like it has Penthouses.
    Before beginning of building construction, builder has converted the empty land to non-agricultural residence purpose

    I have documents like sale Deed, Encumbrance Certificate (EC) and I have paid property tax till date based on the Survey number.

    Though there is deviation, Occupancy Certificate (OC) is not issued by the BBMP. Now I want to make KHATA for my Flat.

    Which Khata I can make ? A Khata or B ?
    Making B Khata is same as Khata Extract ?

    Please reply.

    Thank you.

  29. RanjeetRanjeet says

    Dear Basavaraj,

    I am looking at purchasing a site in electronic city. The land in which the site belogs is around 35 guntas out of which only 22 guntas is DC converted(This document is available). Now the developer says that the site that I am looking at falls within the 22 guntas that is DC converted but there is no document to support his claim. Can you please tell me if there is any way of telling whether my site falls in the DC converted part of 22 guntas or not. Also, is it safe to go ahead with this purchase if the registration is done at the time of the purchase. Is it possible to register non-DC converted sites. Appreciate your response.


  30. robinrobin says

    Hi Sir,

    I really appreciate your help to clarify the doubts.

    I am planning to buy a A Khatha plot in Bangalore. What at all documents should be taken care here sir.


  31. RamaiahRamaiah says

    Sir, Recently I have purchased an apartment in Bidaraguppe , Sarjapura Main Road, Attibele which comes under BMRDA (Anekal Planning Authority). I have sought advocate’s opinion and he found it is legal property. During booking of flats, the company said they will provide OC. They got all the approvals from the concerned authorities and they provided photocopy of the same. When I insisted for OC while registration of the property they verbally told that since the construction is not yet completed it will not be possible to apply for OC and they will get it once constriction is over. They did not included this clause in the sale deed. But, now they are refused to provide OC? We feel that the builder had deviated the original approved plan.

    Now, my question is that is mandatory to get OC in BMRDA jurisdiction? If it is mandatory, how can we get OC from the builder when he clearly refused to give it? Is there any legal provision to that all builders should give OC to the flat owners?

    There are more than 200 flats in six floor (with stilt park) in this premises. Please help us in this regard.

    • RiteshRitesh says

      Hi Ramaiah,

      I work for a real estate co and we have properties at the same location (Sarjapura) , As far as my knowledge goes OC is not applicable under BMRDA limits, till now only BDA and BBMP can issue the OC, but i think you should check the building blueprint once and compare it with the physical built plan you will get to know the percentage of deviation done by the builder.

  32. Arun KumarArun Kumar says

    Dear Sir,

    I have brought a flat near Kengeri three years back with bank loan (from the owner not from builder), till date I have not received my Khata certificate.. whenever I approach the owner from whom I brought the flat, he says the BBMP is stopped providing the Khata. how do I handle such situation…

  33. GirishGirish says

    Dear Sir,
    i recently bought BIAPPA approved site in devanhalli ( Venkatagirikote Grama Panchayath) I want to apply for khata transfer . Please advice on the procedure for applying and the documents required from the seller . I Have Original deed and latest EC. Should i apply in BIAPPA office /BBMP office or at Venkatagirikote Grama Panchayath .
    Can i apply through SAKALA to avoid bribes and middlemen.

  34. ManjuManju says

    I am paying property tax in BBMP since 2008 for my BBMP ‘A’ khata site. I had obtained khata certificate from the concerned local municipal body in 2004. I have paid BBMP property tax till date. Now, I have applied for the khata and khata extract from BBMP as instructed from BBMP. Is it a correct procedure ? kindly advice.
    Best Regards,

  35. mbethebsetmbethebset says

    hi sir,

    I am purchasing BMRD approved Plot .
    BMRDA number : APA/LAO/61/2013-14
    kindly suggest which katha it should have “A” or “b” ?

  36. chhandachhanda says

    Dear Sir

    I am in the US and I have a flat in Bangalore. We plan a visit to India this year and wish to pre-close our Home Loan from SBI. Everything was going on fine till a few days ago, we came to know that we have to collect our Khata and Khata extract from BBMP and it will take atleast a week’s time.

    Will the absence of the Khata documents affect our successful Home Loan closure and receipt of original documents from RACPC, Bangalore? Please advise.

  37. AmitAmit says

    Hi Sir,

    Need your suggestion, I am looking for a purchase of B-khata site, Which is 3 months before DC converted under the limits of andrahalli BBMP. The titles are clear. But when we asked for land khata, building saying that khata for land will not be issued, however during registration will pay tax and make the B-khata for site on your name….

    Kindly inform, whether any problem in issuing the khata for dc converted land

  38. RiyazRiyaz says

    HI Sir,

    Today I have seen a plot in hoskote “Aditya Grand” they said plot is DC Converted but they didnt get BMRDA Approval.
    Can I buy that land.

    I have seen another plot without DC Conversion & BMRDA Approval but very low cost , can i buy this land in future is there chance to get DC Conversion & BMRDA Approval.


  39. vadivelvadivel says

    sir i am looking for a A katha land near by varthur madurara nagar 2nd stage. owenr is saying he has A katha for the plot with sheet house and paying taxes regularly. My question is since the land is having A katha can we consider this one is BBMP approved plot?

  40. RaviRavi says

    Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti:

    It is nice to see you spreading the knowledge about various topics.. really appreciative.

    Please help me with the following situation – I bought residential plots (converted from agricultural lands) in Harohalli village near Yelahanka, in 2008. I do have deed and registered documents with Survey numbers and Khatha numbers. I paid taxes in May 2008 to panchayat authority. But now the documents might be transfered to BBMP authorities.

    Since I am in abroad, I need to know the process on how to identify my PID / Khatha numbers, so I can pay property taxes online in the BBMP website. Do I need conversion from B to A Khatha? Where and whom should I call for paying taxes online. When I tried to get my PID from http://asbpa.bbmp.gov.in/newpid/, it is asking for the Old PID or Application No., which I do not have to fine my new PID.

    Please help me out.

    Thanks a lot!

    I am a Certified Financial Planner by qualification and currently living in Bangalore. I am using this platform to spread knowledge about Personal Financial Planning. Hope you too join me in spreading this awareness :)

  41. SinghSingh says

    I am planning to buy a B khata plot and not required lone from the bank for this. Will it create any problem in future. Please suggest,
    Thank you

  42. BasuBasu says

    Hello Sir,

    First thing first-You are doing a great job by clearing our doubts. Highly appreciate your efforts sir.

    Ok, I am planning to buy a flat (B-Khata property) near Hoodi Circle, Blr. Since it is a B khata, I understand that I have to check from LIC or SBI (I prefer Govt. banks) if they will provide loan now.

    But my question is, when I will re-sale the flat in future, will the new buyer have issues in getting a loan since its a B-Khata property?

    Thank you in advance for your assistant.

      • BasuBasu says

        Thank you Basavaraj. Yeah you are correct, many things can change in 10/20 years.
        Moreover, I have checked with the builder that the property is SBI and LIC approved, so getting a loan is not a problem now.

  43. PraveenPraveen says

    Helllo Basunivesh,

    I’m in process of buying B-Khata property under BBMP limit in yelahanka region with out DC Conversation (which could be used for commerical purpose as well). Property price looks reasonable relativelty for B-Khata under this region after checking prices in these area for sometime.

    I had approached few banks including nationalised bank & Pvt Bank, few nationalined Bank says that they can fund for B-Khata under the discreation of Bank manager upto certain Amount only which doesn’t fit my requirement, During this process of approaching Bank, I did meet few DSI (Agents) who deal with providing B-Khata, they claim that B-Khata can be converted for A-Khata for Loan purpose (I’m suspecting something fishy around this)…Any experience or suggestion.


  44. AdimurthiAdimurthi says

    I have DC converted site and I would like to get A Khata for this. I went to Vidyaranyapura BBMP (where my site situated) office with all the required document for registering for A Khata. They told me that we they are not issuing A Khata.
    Few months back, I read in news paper that BBMP will issue A khata and now they are declining it. It is really confusing and could you please get me the correct information on this matter.

  45. RangaRanga says

    Hi, What’s an “E” Katha ? I see many advertisements in the news papers that the builders are selling the developed plots, but it’s “E” Katha ? Could you please provide some info on this ?

  46. SeemaSeema says

    Hi Sir ,

    We have paid advance to an plot in Devanahalli , and its quite some time now . The registration is still not done and since we bought this from my uncle only we were not insisting too much as he used to tell that the Registration is not Open as the concerned team is updating the details for E katha in their system.

    Now we want to proceed with construction , and he is asking us to make an GPA and proceed . Once the registration is open he will get the registration done. Kindly Advice what needs to be done in this case.

    Registration is not Open , GPA is it valid , or is there any other way for creating the document for security of the plot in our name which would be valid by government.

    With Thanks & Regards

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Seems-I never heard that Govt stopped registration in Karnataka. I feel something wrong in your uncle’s motive. So without registering it into your name is risky. Now it is left with you how much you believe your uncle.

  47. vaidhyanathanvaidhyanathan says

    Hi, Saw a Apartment in Sarjapura Road, Hodi sipura Village, Builder says the apartment is under Panchayat Approved and within few years it will be BBMP Approved, can i go ahead with this?

    Also we can see many A-Tier builders has constructed Apartments with BDA Approval on the same area, so we can say the area would be developed and facilities from BDA would be given to this apartment also ?

    Can you please help here.


  48. VARUNVARUN says

    I am planning to buy an apartment in bangalore whitefield. I almost finalised the apartment. During my discussion with the builder i understood that, they don’t have Akhata approval. They tried convincing me by saying it would happen soon(under processing 90%). Will there be any issue in future if i buy a property which doesn’t have A khata approval?

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Varun-No issue but you will not get the loan facility from nationalized banks and I think your developer mis-guiding you saying so. Because as of now there is no such process going on. Still to authenticate his claim, I suggest you to consult expert lawyer on the same.

  49. nknk says

    I purchased a flat which have a B khata. After 4 month builder is distributing A khata and I got a A khata for my flat but name mentioned of previous owner. I have that A khata certificate and extract.
    so how to transfer on my name and what is the procedure and charges for this.

  50. GauravGaurav says


    Is it possible to get the B Khata converterd to A Khata for an individual apartment owner for that individual’s flat by completing the necessary formalities or it has to be done for the apartment as a whole.

    Appreciate your assistance.


    • AshokAshok says


      Iam salaried person and want to purchase B Khata property in Bommanhalli ,Is it possible to get the housing loan for a B Khata property !!? and which banks are providing the loans and what is the rate of intrest

  51. NaveenNaveen says

    Dear sir.

    I brought a 40/50 site in 1992. From landlord. Near Hosa road. Very next year we build small house n reading there.

    But tht land lord forged n re sale tht site to 3rd party. ..

    From 2004 he failed a case agents us.

    NOw Our lawyer suddenly return the case saying he hv tomany cases he can’t handle.

    We requesting you to please help me to know gud help full lawyer to continue the case.

    If it’s goes wrong we don’t have any opinion to live…

    Next hearing is 10th November.

    Requesting you to pls help us.


  52. ChannaChanna says


    I have purchased B-khata plot in 2012 and in sale deed it is mentioned that B-khata number is xxx and after registration, i have done my b-khata transferred from previous owner to my name, but the b-khata serial number shows different.

    Can you please advise, will this make any issue?



  53. Dr. Asesh bDr. Asesh b says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have zeroed in on a DC converted, B Khata ground floor constructed independent house. I got it scrutinized by a Lawyer and I have spoken to the neighbours. I learnt that The AC had cancelled the grant on 2/12/10 since it was a grant land and was sold before 15 years however in 2011 against the petition filed by the owners the DC on 17/8/11 set aside AC order and subsequently the layout was DC converted on 23/1/2013. Further to this I enquired at the DC office against any appeal by the Govmnt. in any of the courts. I found out there is no appeal till date.
    My concern is, in future is there any possibility of further implications/ Rulings on this or is it relatively a safe property to buy.

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Asesh B

  54. PhaneeshPhaneesh says

    Hello Sir,
    I have a home in Bangalore which is jointly owned by me and my mother. My mother wants to execute a release deed in my favour to release the share of her property. How much would it cost, I contacted a lawyer and he told me it would take 25000 rupees. Please help and clarify

  55. SURAJSURAJ says

    Hello Sir,

    I am planning to resale my apartment in Electronic City. I even got a Buyer. The buyer had to take loan, so they contacted Bank. They said Khata is mandatory. So, I went to the panchayat office to take Khata. They said that they have not started issuing Khata for anyone who has registered after Jun 2013. I registered my apartment in July 2013. What should I do now? Is there anyother way to get Khata so that the loan can be passed?


  56. rajeshrajesh says


    I am planning to buy an apartment in DSR Ultima Harlur rd. Due to vastu related, I have requested the builder to change the apartment entrance door position to one feet. Do I need to get an approval from BBMP for this change.

    Please advise.


  57. DhruvDhruv says

    Dear Sir,

    It’s my parents property, which is still registered in my mother’s name who is no more. It was not registered in my name. Can you please let me know the answers for the following.
    For convenience the Khata was transferred to my name and I have been paying the property tax. I have a brother and Sister
    Does Khata transfer means that I own the property
    Does Paying Property tax mean I own the property

    Do you have any official document which proves that.



    Hi sir, I recently went to see a `A khatha’ plot which is for sale, could you tell me what is A khatha all about, what all the documents I have to take from the owner to check and where those documents to be verified, is there any chance of fraud/cheating etc… If I use the survey number of the plot on website, can I find the name of the property owner, please suggest me whether shall I move forward in buying that plot, its 30×40 measurement, in fact the place is liked by me and my family members, its near Vidyaranyapura, he is charging Rs.25 lacs which I feel is better price…I am looking forward for your reply….thank you very much….

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Manjunath-Meaning of Khata is already mentioned above. What type of documents you need to verify is all together a different story and depends on the property you are buying. So suggest you to consult any expert lawyer who can guide you in better way.

  59. Ganapathy EGanapathy E says

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for you detail explanation on A-Khata and B-Khata, it was really helpful.

    I need your legal advice over purchasing an apartment in Vijayabank layout.

    After lot of lookouts, I’ve zeroed down to an apartment near RTO office. The builder commits only B-Khatha for the property and he doesn’t guarantees on providing a OC or A-Khata. Reason – the construction has a deviation on fifth floor. He confirms that during akrama-sakrama, this will registered for A-Khata but timelines not committed. But HC has issued a interim order restraining the karnataka government from going ahead with implementation

    Leading banks like SBI has approved this project.

    Now my question, is it safe enough to buy this apartment..Will there be any legal issues afterwards. Can i get the OC or A-Khata in later stages.

    Please advice.

    Warm Regards,

  60. Jonsie SanjayJonsie Sanjay says

    Hi Sir,

    Its been quite some time we have been searching for a good plot, and now filtered below 4 as per our preference,
    Since our preference is Option-1, One person who is in this field says as how could that Builder give for such lesser price when in the market is actually higher in that area, & while building the house someone may come for any kind of issue and put a stay order ( assumption ), So they are asking us not to go for it. Anyhow, we have given for the legal check, if the lawyer says its fine with the document, IS IT safe to buy it or still their are chances for any issues in future ?
    and even after the document check and we purchase any of the below, what is the safe measurement for the future.

    YOUR EARLIER ADVICE IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Since we need to finalize by tomorrow.

    1. A Khata, BBMP
    2. B Khata, BBMP
    3. B Khata, BBMP, DC converted
    4. B Khata, BBMP, DC converted.

    Thanks & Regards…

  61. RadhikaRadhika says

    Hi Sir,

    I have seen a plot near to Sarjapur. But the plot is not DC converted. But the plot very near to it is DC converted. It comes under panchayath. So any idea when the plot will be DC converted? I heard that now govt has stopped DC conversions till 2025.
    Pls reply..

  62. ChetanChetan says

    Hi ,

    I was going through your blog and it was really useful,I hope you will be able to help me answering my query.

    I booked an apartment in uttarhalli Bangalore, and Builder has built illegal Pent house which is not ib Plan. I have purchased floor below that.


    Need your assistance .. Thanks

  63. VishwaVishwa says

    Hello Sir,
    I am looking for a residential plot near Bagalur – Hennur main road and have visited few projects and all are DC converted and comes under Panchaythi Khata ! However the builders are saying within a span of two to three years their projects will be coming under BBMP for which the notification has already been issued by the Government because of the upcoming KIADB and Financial city projects.

    The residential projects as such has all the civic amenities like roads, water, electricity and sewage connection for each of the plots.
    The builders don’t have any bank approvals for providing loans for their projects yet.

    Can I go ahead and book these projects and what are the documents that I have to ask them before buying any of these plots and whom to approach for verifying the documents ? Please advice !

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Vishwa-I heard there are so many such builders who are coming up with projects which even not approved by anybody. So becareful as such things are happening rampant in outskirt of Bangalore. To lure you then do such things like providing civic amenities. But will they provide it for life long?? I doubt it.

      • VishwaVishwa says

        The projects that I have visited till now are all gated community. What documents should I ask them so that I can verify with any lawyers and do you suggest any particular residential projects for investment purpose ?

        • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

          Vishwa-There is no such rule neither in India nor around world that gated community means a safest zone. It is the creation of builders. So don’t be hype with the project presentation they might have shown you. You ask them all the documents related to property, including the approval of project. I am not a big fan of real estate, so sorry.

  64. D.LakhsmiD.Lakhsmi says

    Dear Sir,

    In my sale deed they have mentioned H.L Khatha no. so and so but not site no. Whether this sale deed is valid one. I got RTC , and paid tax. please reply

  65. MMMM says

    Hi Sir,
    I wanted to know how much does A Khata transfer take approximately for a 1200Sq feet apartment.Is it true that khata transfer has to be done for all flats at a time and you cannot do it individually?

  66. SureshSuresh says

    I am planning to buy a flat in owners court, Sarajapur Road. I have seen a flat with G+4. What I understand they are having G+3 approvals and the top most floor entire build as pent house. Please let me know if I am busying this will face any legal issue in future.

  67. IbadhIbadh says

    Dear Sir,

    Very recently I have bought a new flat in electronic city and completed the registration and during registration I have applied for e-khata. Builder said its a BMRD project, now, my doubt is how can I check whether its a BMRD approval project or not and also how can I know mine is A-khata or B-khata. My project has been approved by SBI, HDFC, ICICI etc for home loans.

    Please advise.


    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Ibadh-Plenty of people have misconception that if banks like SBI, LIC or HDFC approving loans means everything is proper. Don’t be in such belief. Whether you verified the documents with expert lawyer before proceeding? If no then first do that.

  68. VenkateshVenkatesh says

    Dear sir

    I am planning to buy a site in Vijayashree Layout near Mysore Road and near BEML 7th stage, Rajajarajeshwari Nagar (near Global Village Tech Park). It has B Khatha and DC Conversion.

    How can I find out if the site is “eligible” for conversion from B Khatha to A Khatha? Will the BBMP accept Betterment charges now and convert to A Khatha or does one have to wait till Aakrama Sakrama is passed?

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.

    Thank you sir


  69. GaganGagan says

    Hello BasuNivesh,

    I brought an newly constructed apartment in C V Ramanagar ( Bangalore ) 3 year ago.
    The land where the apartment is build got an A khatha where in because of Major deviation in the building, we flat owners got B Khatha, for which i got a loan from LIC as well and paying my property tax every year as well.

    Just wanted to ask if i can convert this B Khatha to A khatha property now in case i want to sell this property?

    Look forward for your response.


      • Chandra MouleeswaranChandra Mouleeswaran says

        Hi Basu,
        I am a very frequent visitor of your blog and you are doing a great work.Thank for this.

        Actually, as per the original question.I also bought an apartment a year back (while it was under construction) which is built on a land which has ‘A’ Khata.(Khata before building)

        Now that the building has been completed and I have moved in, we are following up the Builder for Khata for each residence.The builder says that he can get us only ‘B’ Khata.

        1. We all know without OC , we will not get A-khata
        2. We all know that the builder is hesitant to apply for OC as there will be BBMP check for deviations in the building.
        3. So, the builder will get us the B-Khata (Which i not really a Khata I understand).
        4. The option now is to get the B-khata and wait to see what happens with new BBMP betterment charges . Hope state legislative accepts it and people like us convert the B-Khata to A-khata?!
        (we are till talking with builder and insisting for OC though!!)

        Now in this case as well, the Property land was A-Khata and after the building has been individual apartments will have B-Khata.

        Please correct me if my understanding is incorrect and educate me either ways.

        Note: I am learning all this property related stuff after I actually bought the flat :-(

        • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

          Chandra-Sorry for delayed reply. No during the process of approving the land for A khata they will verify the unapproved construction. They may penalize you and approve for A Khata for individual. But this is my assumption. So for better understanding I request you to contact any expert lawyer of this matter.

            • AvinashAvinash says

              Hello Venkatesh

              I read your question. Even I am in the same situation where the land is in A khata and the builder says I would get B khata when I buy an appartment in that plot . The construction is already done and few appartments were occupied. I am waiting for your answer to decide whether to buy to or not. Kindly let me know.

              Hello Basavaraj Ji

              I want to buy this as an investment purpose. Is it a smart choice ? Kindly throw some light

              Thank You

              • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

                Avinash-Without knowing the details I can’t say whether you are right or builder. Hence better to consult expert lawyer on this matter. Buying for investment means think twice, because liquidity, future growth of real estate in that area and other alternative investments are very much comes into picture.

                • SalilSalil says

                  Hello Basavaraj,

                  I have bought a flat in an apartment in OMBR layout and already moved in Jan2014. The khata for the site as per my understanding since it is BDA site is A khata. The building has deviations and the builder has refused to apply for OC. However one of the neighbor through an agent has managed to get us A khata and khata extract for the individual apartment, (except the penthouse). The khata documents have a PID no. and appear authentic to us.
                  Is OC necessary for A khata as mentioned above?
                  How can I check if what I have is a valid A khata?

                  Thank you. your blog and replies are very informative.


  70. RakeshRakesh says

    I have flat in one apartment and we have got OC for the apartment.
    In this apartment, khata has already transferred for 74 flat before July 2014. Recently i applied for khata transfer and as per the BBMP, there is a new rule has come on 1 July 2014 and according to that if the betterment charges are not paid to BBMP, them will not perform any new khata transfer. I am not sure if there is any new rule has come recently.
    One important point here is that first 74 people did it through some agent who charged big money to them but we some people did everything ourself

  71. SyedaSyeda says

    Hello Sir,

    I have bought a site in Mummy Daddy layout and has got B khatta for the site. I want to take a construction loan now to build my house but the bank is asking me to get the DC convertion certificate. Please let me know how to get this certificate.


  72. Kiran K PaiKiran K Pai says

    Hello Sir,

    I am looking to buy a mid sized apartment in Electronic city. It comes under the Panchayat limits and it is E-Khata(Electronic Khata). The legal advisor the builders says there is no legal complications, and we can go ahead.

    I want to know, once this location comes under BBMP, BDA or BBRDA (either of these), will there be any issues.

    Many Thanks

      • ManojManoj says

        Dear sir,

        I came across a DC converted plot for sale near horamavu which is under panchayat approval and he says he has E Khatha for the property. Im new to bangalore. Kindly guide me if i can go ahead and purchase the site. He also says its approved by financial institutions for loans.. Pls advice sir..

        Thanks and regards


    I am planning to buy a property wich has a khatha isssued by Bomanahalli Municpial Corporation? The owner has not dgot any new documents?y How will i know wheter it is a A kahta or not now? Whwre can i get the required documents. He is payiong the property taxes on line now with a new PID no.

  74. puttarajuputtaraju says

    I constructed through an AGENT & BUILDER 600 sft house in II floor basavangudi against approves 250 sft by BBMP in 2001.

    I own only the II floor. FF , GF owned by friends. we own separate KHATHA through partition deed of a 60*40 site

    Reason for 250 sft approval was FAR limitation as now told by the builder.

    Now can I get the plan sanction for 600 sft.

    Kindly let me know

  75. siddeshsiddesh says

    My flat’s khata bifurcation has been done. But my builder is charging more than 50k for it. He is threatening to give it back to BBMP if I do not pay him the amount. Can the builder return it to BBMP once the bifurcation has been done? Now if the builder does not give me the khata at all then what else can I do to sell my property?

  76. ARAR says

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know How to find out the current running market price of the B khata DC converted site in a Particular area? Will this be available with BBMP offices ? what is the source to find out the same.

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      AR-Currently in India real estate is so unregulated that if you visit today then seller will quote one price and next day another price. So it is hard to judge the price of any property irrespective of whether it belong to B Khata, DC converted or A Khata.

  77. ShashidharShashidhar says


    I am planning to buy a site in Yelahanka its near to new RTO office.
    Documents related to land are proper but it is not DC converted.So can I go ahead and purchase the land?

  78. ShashidharShashidhar says


    I am planning to buy a site in Yelahanka its near to new RTO office.
    Documents related to land are proper but it is not DC converted.So can I go ahead and purchase the land

  79. MohanMohan says

    Hi Sir,

    My friend has constructed a house in B- Khata property , where BBMP wont issue Plans
    they have paid tax from 2008 till 2013 , now after construction , we went to pay tax and BBMp wont have any records that we have constructed a house and if we ask to fix the tax amount for the new house , they are telling with some rough calculation of amount to pay tax without visting the place ,

    Please let us know is it a legal one to pay the tax with rough amount.


  80. BRBR says

    Hello Sir,
    I have a registered site in a layout in Hoskote that has been DC converted. Also, khata has been obtained by the layout owner for the entire layout. However no bifurcation has happened and so individual khatas have been obtained for the sites in it.

    I was told that I cannot apply for khata for my individual site. The layout owner is not ready to spend money to get khatas for individual sites. Could you let me know what are the next options for me? Will Akrama Sakrama scheme if launched help me obtain a khata for my individual site? Can I also not sell my site until I obtain an individual site khata? Please advise.


    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      BR-Why your owner staying away? What if something happens to the whole area then who take responsibility? Why can’t buy when actually property khata issued in individual name? Why so hurry??

  81. Chethan MB says


    We have property in Kannamangala B Khata, We applied for DC Conversion.
    After Conversion, do we get Loan.? which bank can give Loan.?

    And, We have another property in Mahadevapura A Khata, however this property is Hakku Patra, i’ve contacted some of banks & they said they don’t provide for Hakku Patra, then i applied in IDBI bank [Non-Finical ]. then they said need DD for this site, but we din’t sales to anyone or this 25 yrs back Govt, allocated to My dad.
    for Hakku Patra, any banks provide’s Home Loan.????

    Appreciate your reply.

    Thnks,. C MB

  82. PrabuPrabu says

    Hi. This is Prabu.
    My grandparent owned a land and before making any deed he got expired and the Panchayat made a document where in stating that my father is a guardian of the property. This was more than 25 years ago. Now we wish to sell the property. What are the procedures to sell the property and what are all documents to be taken from the BBMP office to sell the property ??

    Please suggest me.

  83. ChaithraChaithra says

    We came to know one house is for sale and visited through broker.
    House was good but problem here is the site was given by government for ppor people some 20 years ago.now the owner wants to sale this land.

    Now my question is can we take this house and we can change it our name legally without any problem.
    Is any chances of problem in future.

    Please suggest

      • ChaithraChaithra says

        Hello Basavaraj,
        ok thanks.Can you please tell me is we can purchase land given by government for poor people.
        here we showed 2 lawyers both have different opnion.
        we are in confusion to proceed further with this

  84. C R MahadevanC R Mahadevan says

    I need a “Surviving Family Member” certificate. I live in Bangalore (near Hebbal lake). My father died long ago (in Delhi) and my mother died 2 years ago in Bangalore. I am the only survisor of the family.

    I have the death certificates of both my parents.

    Please let me know if you (or anyone you know) can help me get this certificate.

    Thank you

  85. VinothVinoth says

    Hi Basunivesh,

    I was going through your blog and it was really useful,I hope you will be able to help me answering my query.

    I booked an apartment in akshaya nagar near begur, when I booked the apartment , builder claimed that it’s an A khata , thinking that it’s genuine ,I purchased the same , I did insisted builder that I will not be taking a loan from the approved bank , instead I approached SBI thinking that they would check everything which they did and approved the loan.

    Now I realized that only land is A khata and the appartment is B khata , also builder has deviated the plan and built 5 pent houses in terrace , need to know the following ..

    1. What is the procedure to make my apartment A khata
    2. Should we need to change the B khata to my name from builders name before changing to A khata.?
    3. I had already paid property tax for this year before the khata got changed to my name, is there any issues? I see the tax receipt has got my name.

    Need your assistance .. Thanks


  86. prasadprasad says

    Basavaraj Sir,
    Pls rely to my qtn:-

    I have purchased a plot, it was registered in my name, But Khata not transferred to my name, BEScom bill in my name.
    Reg. Khata not transferred to my name is there any problem in this regard.

  87. prasadprasad says

    Mr. D. Srinivas Sir,

    I have purchased a plot, it was registered in my name, But Khata not transferred to my name, BEScom bill in my name.
    Reg. Khata not transferred to my name is there any problem in this regard.

  88. PrashantPrashant says


    I have booked a flat in the KR Puram. I am yet to take home loan & before paying anymore full downpayment I wanted to make sure land on which apartment is built is ” A” khata. I have obtained the khata certificate from builder and as per builder it is A Khata property and after 1 year flat owners need to go for sub khata.

    This certificate just tells Khata number and the owner name and date of issue. How will I confirm whether it is A Khata or B Khata?


  89. RakeshRakesh says

    Dear Basunivesh,

    Can you provide me (to my email ID) a reliable property lawyer for verifying the legalities in buying a property.


  90. RakeshRakesh says

    Hi Basunivesh,

    Can you share me any lawyers details nearby to Banashankari for legalities related to buying a property.


  91. PradeepPradeep says


    Need somebody to clarify:

    I am looking to purchase a B khata commercial land, on the Outer Ring Road in Bangalore. The property is prime location and has future prospects, and thus dont want to miss it. My concern is whether I’ll be able to convert B khata to A khata after registering the property in my name. The property has DC conversion, and the current owner has been paying all property taxes till date. Will I be able to register the property in my name and will A khata be issued later ?

  92. AjithAjith says

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to get my flat registered in coming days. However there is a small doubt. My flat is located in Electronics City which comes still under panchayat. So for BDA approved project of mine, they are not authorized to give the Khatas/certificates like before. They can do it only through a computer software and only using that computer generated eKhata, i can go to the sub registrar office and register this property.

    So my issue now is, the electronics city panchayat(or any other panchayat) is still not well equipped to use these softwares or even computers.

    How can i get this done? Can i approach any other panchayat where its done? DO you know of any one panchayat where its enabled or can i even approach other panchayats for this purpose? Request your help.

  93. RakeshRakesh says


    I bought an apartment few years back. Now the Builder says that the no. of flats built is more than that what was approved, which he did not show the approval to us till now. Due to this to get Khata we are forced to give a huge amount as bribe. Is this inevitable or can it be avoided.


    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Rakesh-It is not legal from builder. In future when you try to sell it to someone then it will create a problem. Hence I suggest you to fight with your builder rather than paying bribe and getting khata certificate as temporary solution.

  94. TousifTousif says


    I currently own a b khata property in Nagawara, Bangalore and was looking for a mortgage loan. Can you please suggest me some banks/societies where in I can go and apply for it? Does Corporation Bank, IDBI Bank provide such loans?


  95. SujaySujay says

    How is the betterment charge for an apartment applied? Is it applicable for the land or apartment? My flat is around 1400sft and undivided share is around 450sft. Please advise how to calculate the betterment charges for my flat? There are 8 apartments built on a land of 5000sft.

  96. balajibalaji says

    Dear Sir,

    We have got sale deed registered in 2009 from a Person (A) who is a GPA holder & this GPA is irrevocable & only notarized and not registered.

    since supreme court order was passed in 11-Oct-2011 that sale deed from non registered GPA is not valid .

    but our sale deed was done prior to oct-2011, Is our sale deed valid?

  97. kirankiran says

    Dear Sir,

    My dad(A) was given a GPA from the owner of a site, using this GPA my dad as per Government Order 30 TMD 30-06-1997 paid betterment charges & got a khata to his name, how much rights do we have on the property based on this khata?

    but now the same site owner gave GPA to another person(C) via GPA, person C using this GPA made a sale deed in favor of his wife (D) in 2010

    my dad(A) also with the GPA made a sale deed to my Mom (B) in 2011,

    now my question is 1) who has the rights on the property,
    2)since we had paid betterment charges as per Government Order 30 TMD 30-06-1997 do we have more rights/weightage?

    Please advice

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Kiran-First verify the land documents with any expert lawyer then you will come to know. Because one can not sale property by holding GPA. One must have specific power of attorney that too registered to proceed the sale. Paying Govt charges will not validate your ownership on property. But still it is best to consult a lawyer with the valid documents then arrive at decision.

    • kirankiran says

      Thanks Basavaraj sir,

      need one more help, from where can I get the Government Order 30 TMD 30-06-1997, I tried to search in central library & other offices like Archives dept in vidanasoudha, but couldn’t .

  98. kirankiran says

    Dear Sir,

    My dad(A) was given a GPA from the owner of a site, using this GPA my dad as per Government Order 30 TMD 30-06-1997 paid betterment charges & got a khata to his name, how much rights do we have on the property based on this khata?

    but now the same site gave GPA another person(C) via GPA, person B using this GPA made a sale deed in favor of his wife (D) in 2010

    my dad(A) also with the GPA made a sale deed to my Mom (B) in 2011,

    now my question is 1) who has the rights on the property,
    2)since we had paid betterment charges as per Government Order 30 TMD 30-06-1997 do we have more rights/weightage?

    Please advice

  99. RaghavendraRaghavendra says

    Hi Dear sir ,

    I have purchased a site (20*30) which Original GPA documents are under first owner , I have only Colour Xerox of GPA is there any legal requirement which needs to be done . Since i am applying loan in Co-opertive bank.

    Please provide you valuable suggestion on the same.


    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Raghavendra-Either you are going for loan with co-operative bank or nationalized bank, first consult an expert lawyer. Then proceed. With mere sharing this much information, I am unable to guide you in a better way.

  100. Pavan Reddy says

    sir we are software enginers .. we thought of making a ricket pitch in green belt at sarjapura road..
    but problem is ,, in green belt making parks and field is allowed .. but now i came to know that in 8-10 month the land(green belt) will be converted to yellow belt .. after that also can i use the land for play-ground and rent it for cricket ground.. plz help me

  101. AnnAnn says

    sir, we had bought a house in ananthapura, rammurthy nagar in 2010 and it has only b khat and doesn’t have DC conversion. will I get a-khata when the government pass akrama sakrama bill?if not,what should I do?please suggest.

  102. AnanthaAnantha says


    I have an issue at hand which is bothering me very much and require your great help to solve the same. Please do have a look at this issue and recommend the needful

    There is a property in Chikkalsandra which I intend to purchase,which is having a A Khata issued by BBMP, the betterment charges are also paid to the government. The plan sanction has been done in accordance with bylaws and the same being built. There is no conversion order on this piece of land and as the betterment charges are paid, it was deemed that this amounts to conversion.
    I got all the documents of the land and one of documents was RTC issues in favour of previous owners. Since that RTC was dated in 1994, I decided to get the updated RTC which mentioned that this land was a Government Tank. I pursued further to find more details and found a high court order of 2004 which was setting aside a 1979 land tribunal order giving registration to the previous owners. Now the issue is in Land tribunal of Bangalore south taluk and nothing has been finalized. The total extent of this government land is 3 acres or so and there are like 70-80 houses in this area. Not even a single site is empty with all of them getting A Khata and Plan sanction.

    What to do at this junture, as we have entered into a sale agreement with the owner. The current owner has purchased the property in 2002.

  103. VijayVijay says

    Dear Sir,

    I have already purchased Green belt site measuring 40X60, and it is not DC converted, but has following facilities like 30Feet tar Road & road side trees have planted, water piping has done, electricity poles, drainage’s, small park for children’s, plus club house, and this layout has total 500 sites approximately & all of them were sold and most of them are purchased by Army personnel, Can you please help me how can I pay betterment charges??

    And also I have heard from third party, saying this area is going to convert from green belt to yellow belt shortly, may be by February or March-2014, will be implemented.

    Kindly reply on this and also please suggest what need to be done to pay betterment charges.

    For your information, I have taken Katha in my name from Panchayat office and also paid property tax at Panchayat office.

    Once again I request to post your comment.

  104. pashapasha says

    we have purchased a land near Nagavara,
    it is a B khata land and now a registered property.
    we are paying taxes for this piece of land to BBMP as property tax. But not the betterment,as the procedure hasn’t started.
    we were advised by the land seller that it is a layout,so we assumed it could be a DC converted site.

    Question : how will I know if the site is dc converted ?
    will paying tax mean that the site is approved for DC conversion ?
    If the conversion has not happened..what is my next action?

  105. VijayVijay says

    Dear Sir,

    I have already purchased Green belt site measuring 40X60, and it is not DC converted, but has following facilities like 30Feet tar Road & road side trees have planted, water piping has done, electricity poles, drainage’s, small park for children’s, plus club house, and this layout has total 500 sites approximately & all of them were sold and most of them are purchased by Army personnel, Can you please help me how can I pay betterment charges??

    And also I have heard from third party, saying this area is going to convert from green belt to yellow belt shortly, may be by February or March-2014, will be implemented.

    Kindly reply on this and also please suggest what need to be done to pay betterment charges.

    Once again I request to post your comment.

  106. VijayVijay says

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchased Green belt site measuring 40X60, and it is not DC converted site, and is it possible to pay betterment charges??

    Kindly reply on this and also please suggest what need to be done to pay betterment charges.

    Once again I request to post your comment.

    • s kumar says

      Never even take risk of greenbelt property as most of the court judgement is against Greenbelt encroachment and there is no chance of legalizing greenbelt

  107. Suresh VSuresh V says

    Dear Sir,

    I am suresh i have a plot 30X40 in Kogilu Layout B Katha, is their any option to convert B Katha to A Katha,

    There are about 60 plots in this location but till now only one buildling construction has happened. When we approach bank they say they can’t give loan for B katha you will have to covert to A katha. Is their any option to cover our plot to A Katha. Is their any legal option to covert the same since many brokers say they will get the conversion done is it true will their be any problem if we go ahead.

    Please let me know at the earliest sir

  108. sankarpalani says

    Hello sir

    I have booked a flat and my builder is not providing “Commencement Certificate” and “Occupacy Certificate”. Can i proceed buying the flat or will it create any issues for me in future.Please suggest me a good solution.


  109. sudhakarsudhakar says

    Hello Sir,

    Me and other two friends, all together, bought 1800sft site and got it registered through 3 different sale deeds of undivided share of 600sft each. Now, we want to construct a 3-storie house, each one floor. For that, We need a single khata with all three people names. For this, BBMP is asking to submit an amalgamation deed among we three people and that should be Registered (not notarized).

    Below are my questions:

    1. Registering the amalgamation deed is mandatory? (why not just notarized?)
    2. How much would be the registration charge for amalgamation deed?
    3. For any other purpose this amalgamation deed is required? (apart from getting khata transfer)


  110. sathyasathya says


    I am about to purchase a land near Hosa Road Junction(Basapura). The 40*40 land is part of a layout which has around 50 plots. The builder has provided all documents. He is giving A katha certi also. But he has no BBMP approval for layout. HE HAS A KATHA BUT NO BBMP LAYOUT APPROVAL. Is it ok to go ahead with land purchase? Any problems will occur in future?

    P.S. Loan is also provided by Corp Bank , Indian Bank and other such banks for this layout.

  111. PradipPradip says

    Hi Basavaraj, i have booked a property which is near Marathalli (A-Katha) apporved by banks like SBI, LIC HF and Oriental Bank of Commerce. The document has everything except Family Tree and Conversion Order. When asked the builder He said Family Tree is not available and since the land they obtained was A-Katha before itself, there dont have conversion order. will this be a problem in future if we do not have this. also how can we find if the property from whom our builder purchased has any history of cases filed. Please share your knowledge on this. Thanks!

  112. SuryaSurya says

    Me and My friend purchased west faced 2400(40*60)sq ft as 1200sq ft as front portion 1200sq ft as back side with common passage 8*60(480 as common passage on ground only) mentioned in sale deed We both having the rights on common passage it is BMRDA approved Panchayat, We both got the loan with the sketch can we both get the Panchayat Kathas please tell Me the procedure to get katha…

    Thank You

  113. pkpk says

    I am planning to buy a flat in RR nagar. The land is a khata and there are total 24 flats available. One of the person has already purchased the flat and he had registered the flat in his name and he has taken loan from bank. Now because of some personal issues he wants to sell it. Till now the owners association is not yet formed and there is no A khata for flats. Can I go for it. The seller is telling he will provide me the b khata for flat and bank is also ready to approve me loan atleast if flat has B khata. Please suggest..

  114. KomaliKomali says

    i have a confusion on Katha A and schedule A property?(is both are same?)
    i came accross the sale aggrement document of my friends home, there they mentioned as land is schedule A property but building is schedule B property.
    I dint understand wat does it mean.
    please help me in understanding the above.

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Komali-I don’t think there is any connection between khata issue to Schedule. In my view Schedule of property usually meant for describing the property boundaries. If you still have doubts then my suggestion will be to consult the lawyer.

  115. vasanthvasanth says

    Dear Sir,

    I have one question, Those layouts approved by BIAPPA(near Devanahalli) is worthy same as BBMP approved?? . I have seen most of the post on BBMP approved, BMP approved, BDA or BMRDA approved. What about A-Katha or B-Katha could affect in this area for BIAPPA approved?? Please through some light on this question.

    • Basavaraj Tonagatti says

      Vasanth-BIAPPA is another body which approves the layout surrounding to the International Airport. So no need to bother about this. Again I think Khata issue will depend on the same way of procedure like discussed above.

  116. Mrs.R.S.NairMrs.R.S.Nair says

    Dear sir,
    First itself my sincere thanks for your service of legal advice through blog like this which is quite informative.
    I have two sites measurung 1200 sq ft each in vabasandra village anekal taluk for which saledeed executed during september 2004,But the vendor has not given Khatha .Can I get Khatha and pay property tax now.I have neither Khatha nor tax paid for the two sites.Kindly advice me what I have to be done for getting Khatha , paying tax EC and mother deed for the same..In the sale deed there is no survey no and site no and khatha no shown same.

  117. ChermannaChermanna says

    This is Chermanna from Bangalore. Request for you kind help in below situation.
    We wish to purchase a home from a person. When asked about if he has A-Katha, property dates back to about 2002, he mentions he may not have A-Katha but he has only Katha extract. I believe this extract is not sufficient for taking any step further.
    Can you please guide or tell us would there be a way to obtain an A-Katha based on Katha Extract. If so how to go about it or would there be any other way to obtain it and how.
    Eagerly waiting for your kind help.


  118. KunalKunal says

    Hi Sir, am planning to purchase a plot in Bangalore and also have booked the same in Jigani.Have received a CD of all documents pertaining to the land/plot. Since Axis bank and LIC are having a tie up with them for loan purposes, I decided to taken up 75% loan from AXIS bank. Have paid the loan processing fees for getting the loan from AXIS bank. Once since is done, I would be going for registration. Kindly do let me know, what all documents should I receive once the registration is done so that the risk of fraud is not there?

  119. padmapadma says

    Hi, This is Padma from Bangalore. We purchased a villa from a builder which is under construction. It is BMRDA approved. Now the construction is complete. Am asking the builders to register the villa in my name. Now they say that they are waiting for online katha from Panchayat office I don’t know what this all about? I just need to get the title deed or the property in my name.
    Am very confused. They keep telling me that they are waiting regarding the On line khatha and even there is no other alternative to complete the registering the property in my name?
    Could you please advise.
    Thanks a lot.

  120. RavikumarRavikumar says

    HI am Ravi staying in North bangalore, we have ancestor propery in bangalore and in Devanahalli for which my parents wanted to give it to me since I have 2sister’s who are already happily married staying at there in-laws house to change the Khatta, sale deed Etc., to my name i’ve need to know how to about it, i’ve had checked with SAKALA how to go about it they had told to meet registrar, to fill the application, some fees, with the property document along with NOC from my sisters for the same my sisters also ready but am not sure how to make a NOC & since my mothers bangalore property in which we are staying is of my ancesters which we have the absolute sale deed on my mothers name but we have not paid the betterment charges with this can we do the khata on my mother name and subsequently can we transfer the property to my name kindly plz assist…

    Ravikumar ([email protected]

  121. RajRaj says

    Hi Sir
    I have some basic doubts on Khata
    We have bought a Flat in BSK 1) Before registration of the flat, builder gave us parent docs and Khata for land and previous building on that land. They have demolished that old building and built and selling about 20 Flats. We have bought one of the Flat. 2) Now registration is complete. 3) Should we now get Khata transfer or khata bifurcation for our flat in our name? or is it Transfer of khata 1st and then bifurcation? Thank You so much.

  122. sandrasandra says

    DEAR SIR ,

  123. naveenrajnaveenraj says

    Mr. Basu Nivesh your details on difference between A khata and B khata is explained in simple language and accurate. i have gone through the same struggle and even high court order has not made the BBMP change its decision on such matters.

    i wonder why BBMP in first place has amalgamated new areas without taking notice of such development with regard to non conversion and other related matters putting public under hardship.

    few of them are as below.

    1) You should have DC converted property

    2) Tax must be paid till date

    3) Betterment charges for the conversion property need to paid to BBMP.

    regarding DC converted property,
    it is impossible to get the land (now under BBMP) converted since DC do not have powers to convert those because it is already under BBMP limits. (high court direction) then where is the point BBMP mentioning about conversion now.

    regarding tax paid
    i agree even if taxes are paid BBMP cannot deny and has to oblige for proceeding with A khata.

    regarding betterment charges
    it was in high court of karnataka that without proper determination of expenses, BBMP cannot collect betterment charges and has stayed on such collection, still BBMP is taking affidavit from the owners for payments when called for such payments.

    when khata determines only for the purpose of paying taxes why BBMP is making it so difficult for itself. collection of taxes will make them richer.

  124. MSKMSK says

    Hi BasuNivesh and Srinivasa,

    It’s a great blog. It’s helping so many guys to get their concerns clarified.

    Here is my concern

    In the sale deed the BBMP khata mentioned by developer is something like this, as an example 891/906/F-7,F-8/3 but when i transfered the khata to our name the number they are now showing is 891/906/F-7,F-8/3/GF-3.

    My question is does the Khata number changes when the owner ship changes?

  125. manideepmanideep says

    Hi BasuNivesh and Srinivasa,

    This is really great blog. Thanks for you both for clarifying many doubts people have posted.

    I am new to Bangalore and presently I am planning to buy a 30×40 sqft land near Outer Rind Road with loan. As per general inquiry, many friends and acquaintances are telling me not to but plots/lands in Bangalore even if they are A Katha. The owner might have multiple agreements and in future I might be facing problems. My queries are as follows:

    How should I make sure that the A katha plot is not under litigation?

    Since I am planning for loan, will the bank people help me in making sure that the plot is litigation free?

    I came across an article saying that after buying plots in Bangalore and as soon as the construction starts, some people might create problems by arguing that the land is theirs, and I am not supposed to construct a house there. In other words land mafia like cases where the owner and those guys will be having offline settlement. How should I make sure that I wont face this kind of problem? Does going for BBMP A katha makes sure that I will be away from there problems?

    When I am going to buy A Katha sites, is it required that I demand for past 30years land ownership/past 3 owners record papers to avoid future problems? Or just confirming from register office that the person is the owner of the BBMP A Katha plot is sufficient?

    And my last query, how will I make sure that the person I am dealing with is the genuine owner of the BBMP A katha site? Will this get clarified by register office people?

    Sorry for long comment, how you understand my curiousness and fear by buying a plot in Bangalore.
    Looking forward for your kind reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

  126. JayadevaJayadeva says

    Hi ,

    I have purchased revenue site directly from the owner and this owner made plots in his revenue agriculture land and sold to us. Owner and entire family tree members have registered this site to me. Also I got FORM number 11 and 9 from village panchayat office.

    From past 30 years this property is owned by same owner.

    Will there be any issues with the revenue property I purchased.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Jayadeva,

      The revenue property has been formed unauthorized without obtaining the conversion of land and approval of layout plan from the concerned competent authority.

  127. SureshSuresh says

    Hi Sir,

    This is brief history of property belonging to servay no. i have few doubts regrading purchasing property.
    Person A is Original owner and he has 7 acres Land. his children’s Person B(Female), Person C and Person D are joint owners.
    Person E(she) purchased 10 guntas from Person C and D in 91-92 and then 16 guntas from Person C in 92-93.
    Person E gifted 26 guntas to her brother in 02/2013. It is DC convertion land, he does not have conversion order and no betterment charges paid. The sale deed contains 4400sqft. He is telling he has A khata without conversion order and without betterment charges paid receit. I am planning to purchase 1200sqft from that.

    a), Person E’s 10 guntas mother deed. Person C and Person D was signed. Person B is not signed. As per IHC Person B aslo joint owner. I am not aware of any partition between Person B(Female), Person C and Person D.
    b. Person E 16 guntas mother deed only Person C signed no information about Person B and Person D

    I have few queries regarding the property.

    1. If others are not signed is there any issue in feature?
    2. if I am purchasing from Person E’s property, Is it necessary to get all the details of Person A like his death certificate, Family tree and Family tree of his childrens?
    3. With out paying betterment charges is it possible to get A khata?
    4. if i purchase this site can i get A khata as per Akrama-Sakrama rule?
    5. How do i get NOC for A khata or verification A khata details? where i need to visit for this purpose?
    6. To purchase property, How many years of history required for verification?

    Thanks in Advance
    Suresh Kumar

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Suresh,

      As per as the land is concerned it looks like a unauthorized land. If the owner does not have the conversion order he can apply to the concerned authorities on the basis of the old conversion order number and then will furnish a certified copy of the conversion order if it is legally converted.

      Kindly obtain a legal opinion from a civil advocate taking all the papers available to you in this regard.

  128. SureshSuresh says

    is there any Special Notice (document other than Khata certificate and Khata extract ) issued by BBMP for assigning new Khata numbers. A(is New Khata number) and B (is old Khata number)


  129. RajeshRajesh says

    Hello Sir,

    I am planning to buy a Flat in Electronics city. 90% of the flats being constructed by the builders here are Panchayat approved. They say the area does not come under the purview of BBMP yet and hence only Panchayat approvals are available. Is this true ?

    Is it OK to buy these flats? There is not much alternative otherwise available except for the premium builders like Prestige which are extremely expensive.

      • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

        Dear Rajesh,

        Check whether the land is converted and conversion order is in force. If the area does not come under BBMP, then it will come under any concerned planning authority i.e., BDA, BMRDA or other Town Planning authority and they are the only people to sanction the plan if the land is converted.
        Kindly take a legal opinion from a civil advocate.

  130. NarayanaNarayana says

    is the Katha category applicable only for land? or is it applicable for flat also? My son is buying a flat in Bangalore. Builder says land is of A-khatha. Would that mean that we would get A-katha for the flat? i heard about some occupancy certificate and without that, we wouldn’t A-katha for the flat. And I also heard that to get the occupancy certificate, building should have been constructed according to the plan. is that true?

  131. M.DhanalakshmiM.Dhanalakshmi says

    hello sir,i am Dhanu. v got b khatta site n k.r.puram in maragonddanahali, v r not getting loan for b khatta, which national bank can v apporach. pls help us.

  132. muralidharmuralidhar says

    I would like to sell eagleton propert,but they have stopped registration because of computerized khata,pl let me know how to sell

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Muralidhar,

      The Government of karnataka are computerizing all the properties coming under village panchayat limits. Hence, until the process is completed the panchayat will not issue the khata.

      For registration of a sale deed khata is a must. Hence, you have to wait till you get computerized khata from the village panchayat.

  133. RamakrishnaRamakrishna says

    Dear Sir,
    I have noticed about 80% of the sites in K R Puram area are B Katha and they have built houses without approval of plan
    What will be the consequences in future for these houses.
    Paying betterment charges is not an issue for these owners.
    in future govt order for akrama, sakram and if the building is not as per rules on the site then do they have to demolish?

    Please suggest

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ramakrishna,

      To get their unauthorized sites formed in unauthorized layouts will be regularized only if the akramana and sakramana bill will be approved and thereby government imposes certain penalties by way of betterment charges.

  134. Ravi RaoRavi Rao says

    Recently saw an advt in newspaper from Salarpuria Sattva for per launch of apartments in KR Puram and Bannerghatta Road . They are quoting around 1cr for 3bhk. With all the experience, how do you rate the builder?.

  135. HarishHarish says

    Hello sir,
    We have purchased a small property in K.S. Layout under E.W.S category. This piece of land was originally allotted to my previous owner by B.D.A. under hire-purchase scheme. Since the property was on a 20 year lease period… the purchase had to be done on GPA. After the lease period the property was transferred to my name after making final settlement to the seller (original allottee) Though the sale took place in the year 2003, it is been almost 10 years and now we have applied for Khata transfer. The BBMP officials are asking for previous owner’s signature on Khata Transfer application form. Now the i’m finding it difficult to trace my previous owner to get his signatures on Khata papers. What to do under such circumstances?

    2)Where to find out how much property tax has he paid during his ownership period and what is the balance we have to pay?

    Please suggest…

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Harish,

      Since BDA has not yet executed saledeed, the ownership of the property still vests with BDA. Your GPA transaction with the seller is invalid. Only after the completion of the lease period, BDA will issue absolute sale deed in favour of the allotee or if you have already registered a sale deed from the allotee during the lease period you have to pay twenty five percent of the sale consideration shown in sale deed to BDA and get sale deed in your name from BDA. Only after that your khata will be transferred.

      • Harish A.Harish A. says

        Dear Sir,
        As mentioned by you…we have both the documents in place.
        1) Sale deed between B.D.A. and my previous owner ( original allottee ) in the year 2003 march
        2) Sale deed between my Previous owner and myself. in the year 2003 november.

        now i want to know how important is it to get my previous owner’s signature on Khata transfer application form.
        Pls suggest.


  136. Joshi ThomasJoshi Thomas says

    Hi Sir,

    I have a plot in Bilishevalle, Thanisandra bought 16 years ago. I have the original title deed with B-Khata. Now the property is under BBMP. I have electricity connection in my small buliding in that plot about 4 years ago and given for rent. I have also received PID number for my property and paid all taxes up-to-date. Is my plot safe?? Can I get A Khata? Please can you advise?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Joshi,
      Since the BBMP authority has already assigned you PID number, hence your khata will be treated a ‘A’ khata.

  137. GovardhanGovardhan says

    Hello Sir,
    My father owns a property measuring 2 acre’s in KR puram (BBMP limits, Non-converted land), he got the property transferred in his name in 2007 after the death of my grandfather in 2006, My fathers name reflects in RTC & Mutation and the EC is in his name till date. As of now there are 48 sites in our property formed in mutual understanding between my grandfather and a small time land developer in 1991/92 in which close to only 5 sites measuring 30*40 have been given Notary GPA by my grandfather in the year 1991/92 and further stopped the sale of remaining sites due to some money transaction problem from the developer. The developer now claims to have sold all 48(B Khata) sites to different individuals and insists to provide the legal documents of all 48 sites, instead he is asking us to compromise by giving us 2lk per site and in return he wants us to do the registration legally for all 48 sites. As of now we are not in the position of the land and now there are 20 residential buildings in which 3 are under construction. And there are many resale been done. So far we understand that the developer has sold the property creating fake documents and there is no layout approval. And there is 30ft road widening going to be done by BBMP within few months in which close to 7,500sqft area of the land has been acquired and we have not received the notice since we have changed or house. Please guide me how do i go with taking the position of land and will i be able to get the demolition order of the buildings in case they have illegal documents and will my father be able to claim the compensation amount of the land acquired by BBMP and whats the procedure to claim the amount and duration of it.
    Waiting for your legal advice, Thank you.

  138. Vijay VardhanVijay Vardhan says


    I am inquiring about a panchayat land site in Doddagubbi, Bidarahalli Hobli. Buyer says plan is having panchayat seal, having panchayat khata – Survey no 9, form 10. They are paying taxes from 7 years at bbmp office at bilshevele. They also have upto date tax paid receipts. The current owner is not the first owner. Need to check whether the land is DC converted. I need to personally visit and verify these claims. Provided the land is DC converted, is it safe to proceed further, please advise. Thank you.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Vijay,
      Please see that the land is converted and layout is formed under a approved layout plan issued by the planning authority.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Krishna,
      Form 11 and 12 will be issued by the Village panchayats for the sites formed in village panchayat limits which is considered as the khata. One is a demand register of property tax and the other is village panchayat khata.

  139. Chitta Ranjan JChitta Ranjan J says

    Hello Sir,
    I had purchased a built house at Ramachandrapura, Bangalore 2 years back. The original owner had misplaced the betterment charges paid receipt. But he had a suvarna Khata and on transferring the same to my name I now have a Suvarna Khata.
    Now for getting the Kaveri water Connections, officials are telling that If I do not have the Betterment tax paid receipt, then I should pay Rs16,000/-
    Is having suvarna Khata sufficient so as to not to pay Rs 16,000/-
    Chitta Ranjan

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ranjan,
      If your vendor has already paid betterment charges to BBMP and has lost the receipt, you can approach the concerned revenue officer, office of the BBMP and obtain a certified copy of the same.

  140. shankarshankar says

    Hi Sir,

    I have a apartment at Rajarajeshwari Nagar. I have Khatha certificate for the land but we don’t have the Khatha certificate for the individual flats. I am planning to sell it now. But When I inquire in the register office they told like Khatha is not getting done for the individual apartment. They said like it will take some time. Can I sell my apartment without the Khatha certificate.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Shankar,

      For the registration of a saledeed khata of the vendor is a must. Unless and until you obtain the khata, either ‘A’ khata or atleast Form B form BBMP revenue authorities you cannot sell the flat.

  141. SubramanianSubramanian says

    Sir, I have purchased portion of 1860 sq ft land in 2011 from the total property of 7 Guntas. As per the owner who sold, he says for his 7 Guntas has A Khatha, but when enquired for my land, BBMP says i will get only B Extract. Wont i get A Khatha, then what is the procedure to get A Khatha.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Subramanian,

      The BBMP will issue khatas not for Guntas of land. The khata will be issued on the basis of Square feet. If the land is converted and the layout formed is authorized then only BBMP will issue ‘A’ khata. As otherwise, you will have to wait till the passing of Akramana and Sakramana Bill and thereafter pay the betterment charges or penalties and get your property regularized and obtain ‘A’ khata.

  142. ShivaShiva says

    Dear Srinivasa,

    Since ‘B’ Khata is an account of assessment of a property for payment of tax only and does not confirm ownership of the property, is it safe to buy such property ?
    I am assuming that the buyer had not need of a bank loan.

    1. Is there a possibility that someone else may, later, claim ownership of that land (assuming that seller was only paying taxes but was not the real owner)

    2. If buyer wishes to build house (again without loan) can he get plan approval from BBMP?

    3. Since I see so many buildings coming up on these B Khata sites, how come water and drainage connections are provided when they are not recognizing the property itself.

    Please give your legal insight.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Shiva,

      Khata is not the ownership document. It is only a revenue document issued by the concerned authorities for the purpose of payment of property tax. The Form B issued by BBMP is not the khata document and on the basis of Form B, no bank or financial institutions will provide loan or you will not get approved plan for construction of a building on the property from the competent planning authority.

  143. RajuRaju says

    I want to buy a plot in Margondanahalli (Margondana halli), TC Palya, Ananadpura Circle, Ramamurthy nagar, Bangalore. That land belongs to SC land. Its converted now (DC conversion done) and Tahasildar approval is there for sales. Now I am OC(belogs to General Category). Can we buy that land or not.
    Now in Margondanalli they made big layout and selling to many people please suggest me can we buy or not.
    1. In another Margondanahalli layout SC people sold to General category(Reddy’s) please suggest me can we buy that land from that lay out or not. Now the land is in General Category people.
    2. My friends told me that after 30 years no problems will come Margondana halli layout . SC converted land means we can buy for without problems.
    3. Margondana halli DC conversion land and Panchayat given Tahasildar permission means can we buy that land it won’t come future ploblems…. please le me know.

  144. MuraliMurali says

    Hi Srinivasa,

    I am planning to buy property which is constructed house (30*40) five years old, BBMP limit and B khata. The problem is that there no Mother Deed for the hole 6 acra land but there are many house are constructed in that area. Please advise shall I proceed to buy?


  145. RakeshRakesh says

    16 apartments on one property had “A” khata constructed in december 2009. As one individual flat owner I paid property tax up to date i.e. up to 31.03.2014 and have “B” Register. Plan for construction of above flat approved. Is occupation certification is necessary for builder who now no where in picture as all apartments have been sold out to obtain “A” Khata or payment of complete property tax and “B” register is enough to obtain “A” Khata for individual flat owner.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Rakesh,
      To obtain ‘A’ khata occupancy certificate is a must which will be issued by BBMP, engineering authorities if your apartment has been constructed as per the approved plan without any deviations.

  146. ANAND KANAND K says

    this is anand from bangalore urban district , my father got an inam agriculture land 3.34 guntas from karnataka govt in 1973 and he was enjoying since that time and he passed away on 1993 so we three brothers made a joint khatha and we were enjoying, later i got an central govt job (bsf) i went to border and i settled there only since 20yrs, and when i came year my first and second brother sold 1.6 guntas without my sign in 1998,again my first brother sold 2.28 without my sign and my second brother sign in 2006 we did not do any partition on that time so how to get my share please suggest me and i have two sons one is 28yrs and one more is 26yrs.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Anand,

      Kindly take all your documents to a civil advocate and take necessary steps to file a civil suit against your brothers.

  147. MithunMithun says

    we are planning to purchase a house in GPR ROYALE layout, Fruits market Road, Huskur Gate, Electronicity, Bangalore. the layout has been formed around more than 15 acres of land, in that survey no has been given to the land part by part. the house we are planning to purchase is coming under part of 2.39 acres having a particular survey no for that part and other houses has also been constructed in that part of 2.39 acres of land. the layout has got panchayat approval and dc conversion only and has not got approval from bda/bmrda. the layout has been formed before 10 years. my queries are
    1) the panayh is not in the name of the seller but he has got katha no for the house in his name
    2) is it safe to buy this kind of house, kindly reply to my mail id [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

  148. AbdullahAbdullah says

    Hello Srinivasa,

    We have a Holder Khata which was made before getting the Property registered , In 2012 we registered the Property . My question is if we wish to sell this property is it mandatory to transfer the Khata from Holder to Regular before selling it ? Or the purchaser can get the Khata transfered from Holder to his name as regular Khata ?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Abdullah,

      If you wish to sell the property, get the khata in your name from the holder khata then you can sell. For registration purpose, khata in the name of the Vendor is a must.

  149. GLGL says

    WE are in the process of selling our apartment in Horamavu which is a builder apartment and the whole building has a common khata(not bifurcated). One of the residents there is buying that property. Is that ok under B khata?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear GL,

      If the purchaser takes the risk to buy your flat without individual khata he can take the risk.

  150. KumarKumar says

    I have seen a house in srinivasa nagar layout back to garden city college in KR puram. I have collected documents. Documents contains panchayat approval plan, EC and katha number.
    My questions is This property doesn’t have DC and its B katha. Whether its safe to buy? Builder is saying that this area not comes under BBMP and its still under panchayat. For this, do we required approval from BBMP or BMRDA?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Kumar,

      For formation of any layout first thing is to get conversion of land from agriculture to non-agricultural and thereafter get the layout plan approved from competent planning authority i.e., BDA, BMRDA and other town planning authorities. Village panchayats has no jurisdiction to issue sanction of layout plans.

  151. SreeramaSreerama says

    Hi Srinivasa,

    Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge in this blog, its very informative and cleared most my doubts. Just for a reconfirmation I have a question for you.

    Person A bought a property 50years ago it has A Khata and all the original papers. The person died and his wife and children inherited the property, got the partition decree from the court(equal share). Now with all these original documents can a joint A khata can be obtained having all their names?


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sreerama,

      When the property is partitioned separate khatas will be issued for each portion of the property.

      • sreeramasreerama says

        Dear Srinivasa,
        Thanks for the reply.
        As you said getting separate khata for separate portion is possible.

        If the area is small and all the inheritors agree to keep the property as a whole and utilise it further for commercial purpose having equal share in profit and liabilities, then is it possible to get a joint A khata for the property having all their names?(In partition decree also all inheritors have agreed to keep the property physically as a whole and divide the profit and liability equally)

  152. raghavendraraghavendra says


    we are having a bit of land in bangalore which has to be transfered from my father name to mother can we apply for same in mysore sakala . need to know more about sakala

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Raghavendra,

      If you want to transfer from your father’s name to mother’s name you have to execute a gift deed of the property in the jurisdictional Sub-Registrar Office where the property is situated.

  153. RamakrishnaRamakrishna says

    Dear Sir,

    I have an issue with respect not having the BBMP plan. I bought a plot 40*50 in an approved layout in Harlur area (next to HSR layout) in 2003. During 2003, this was part of Harlur Gram Panchayat.

    I wanted to build a house in 2007, but neither the Gram Panchayat nor the BBMP Bellandur were issuing the plan approval. Both the authorities declined that they were not the competent authorities to sanction the plan. This went on for a period of 1.5 years. As I could not wait for more long, I was compelled to go ahead with the house construction of G, G+1 (with hall, 1 kitchen , 3 bedroom, parking etc) without any sanctioned approval. I did not take any home loan and completed the house construction in 2009. The house still is built as per the bye-laws of BBMP, though not checked with any BBMP approved architects. In 2010, I could get the BBMP-A Khata. All the taxes are paid till date.

    1. I need to know if the BBMP plan approval is required even after house construction is done to be in compliance with the laws of the land.

    2. Is there a procedure/payment structure to be followed, if I need to get the BBMP Plan approval though the right channel.

    Please provide any other inputs which might be useful in this case. Awaiting a response from your end. Thanks in advance


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ram,

      The BBMP has stopped collecting betterment charges and issue of khatas from 2007. I don’t know how you have got the ‘A’ khata for your property in the year 2010.
      If you want a approved plan now from BBMP, you have to submit a plan for construction of any additional floors in your property and thereby you will get approved plan from BBMP.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Virendra,
      If BBMP issues a khata certificate and a khata extract which means that your property has been registered in the revenue records of BBMP and which is ‘A’ khata. ‘B’ khata is not a khata, it is only a Form B issued by BBMP without registering your property in their revenue records.

  154. SunSun says

    Hello Mr. Srinivasa,

    Thanks for this insightful blog. I am thinking of purchasing an about to be completed flat which is constructed on an A khata and DC converted land.

    1 If I am not wrong, the only possibility of me not getting an A khata / OC for my flat is if there is any deviation from the original plan. Is that correct?

    2 How can I know that there is no deviation? Will a lawyer be able to help me or I need to show it to any architect? Do they actually visit sites to check the level of deviation?

    3 If a nationalised bank like Corporation bank is offering home loan for the property, can I safely assume that they would have done the required checks on even deviation?

    4 As the builder is saying, will I be able to get OC & A khata only after all the flat owners have got theirs flats registered.

    5 What’s the procedure of grant of OC, do BBMP officials visit & measure the building & flats after completion and report deviations?

    Your quick help is solicited.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sun,

      If the builder construct the apartment exactly as per the sanction plan then BBMP will issue occupation certificate. If BBMP issues OC, then it is construed as there is no deviation and you will get ‘A’ khata from the revenue authorities of BBMP.

  155. AmbikaAmbika says

    hi, I found discussions on this website are really helpful. I am looking for a site in Doddanekundi layout (towards Marathahalli). After reading the above discussions, I understand that DC conversion is acquired for a layout/or land and not based on individual sites. (correct me if I am wrong please). If my understanding is correct, then following are my queries:

    1. In Doddanekundi layout I happened to see some of the sites do not have DC conversion and are B Khata and some of the sites have DC conversion. How is this possible? Isn’t that entire layout should be DC converted? Please explain.

    2. Itseems this layout was under CMC earlier and now it is under BBMP, hence it doesn’t require DC conversion. is it so?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      For the formation of any layout on the agricultural land it is mandatory to get the land converted from agricultural to non-agricultural use. Then only, a layout has to be formed which is legal. Conversion is for the agricultural lands and not for any individual sites. However, in Bangalore, many have formed unauthorized layouts without obtaining either DC Conversion nor layout approval from competent authority. But, when the area is developed which comes under the BBMP jurisdiction, BBMP will collect betterment charges and regularize the unauthorized layouts.

  156. Anil KumarAnil Kumar says

    Hi Basu,

    Thanks a lot for posting this article. I suppose this has helped a lot of people who are looking for difference b/w A and B katha.

    I have purchased a plot which is B katha. The land lord had purchased (less) than 1 acre of land and got it DC conversion, later he got A katha for the same. After sometime he had created a layout which consists of 17 sites.

    From some sources i got to know that for any as the layout is less than 1 acre it does not require approval plan.

    I had approached the BBMP to ask when the total land is A katha, why my plot is not A katha. So i got this as answer “BBMP does not have rule to give A katha for individual plots”.

    I had approached a bank for loan, they said if i can get NOC from the BBMP then i can get the loan.

    I also found this link which states about akrama and sakrama will come back again in 2013,


    I would like to apply for A katha, should i have to wait till akarama and sakrama comes or can i approach the BBMP now only.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Anil,

      You will have to wait till the Government of Karnataka will pass the Akramana & Sakramana Bill. Thereafter, you have to pay the betterment charges prescribed therein. Then only, BBMP will regularize the layout and register the khata in your name and issue khata certificate and khata extract for your plot.

  157. Uday KUday K says

    Hi, we have recently purchased an apartment on Sarjapur road near to ORR Sarjapur Rd junction. We got all the legal docs for verification which has Katha Certificate and Katha Extract. Does that mean that land has ‘A’ katha?

  158. ManjunathManjunath says


    I have purchased a site(30X60) in 2001 at Srigandhkaval Group D layout. This site has been purchased directly from the society & after repeated request to society we got ‘ A’ katha in 2010.we got katha from both BDA & BBMP and paid all land taxes till date.Now around 3 months bank we have decided to construct the house there and applied for BBMP plan and simultaneously applied for bank loan also. Both we have got and started construction.

    While construction is started the local “HITHARAKSHANA VEDIKE” peoples started giving the problem, saying they wont allow us to construct the house and the reason is as per them it is a CA site.

    Regarding this we have contacted the society from where we have purchased the site and they are telling yes earlier when they have permission to allot only 49% land it was a ROAD but now high court has sanctioned them to allot 55% of land and in this extra 6% our site will also come and also they have given us the judgement copy of high court and the letter what society has written to BDA to release 6% land.

    Now with all these we have started construction but the local hitharakshana vedike peoples threatning us and putting the application all over and requesting to cancel our Katha,even Faced the enquiry of BMTF also.

    Now I want to know is it possible to cancel my A katha by BBMP, BDA & BMTF based on complaints of local persons.if not how to deal with these peoples & if yes means what I have to do next because based on this already I have taken loan from bank & already invested around 10lacks there.

    Please help me.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Manjunath,

      It is better to consult a civil advocate with all your documents and take his legal opinion and file a suitable case against the people who are interfering with your property by way of injunction from the court.

  159. wrinkledword says

    Dear Basu Nivesh,

    First of all, thank you for taking pains for this fantastic initiative. It has really helped me in addressing most of my doubts regarding real estate purchase in Bangalore. I have some specific doubts about plan approval which I could not find in any of the comments above.

    I am planning to make a purchase of a 5-year old apartment in Bellandur. The apartment site is B-Katha, DC-converted land. I could find that the plan was approved by the Grama Panchayat and not BBMP. My doubts are:

    1. What are the risks associated with purchasing this property, considering that the plan is not sanctioned by BBMP?

    2. Is it possible to get the plan sanctioned by BBMP now? If yes, what are the payments that need to be made for this?

    3. For conversion to A-Katha by paying betterment charges, should the plan be sanctioned by the BBMP first?


    • srinivasasrinivasa says

      Dear Wrinkledword,

      I hope that when the apartment was constructed at that time the area was still under the jurisdiction of village panchayat. Hence, the plan was approved by the village panchayat. On the basis of the said approved plan the apartment has been constructed. Thereafter, now it seems that the area comes under the jurisdiction of BBMP during 2007. However, since the Akramana and Sakramana bill has not been approved, the BBMP has not issued a ‘A’ khata for the apartment holders. Since the building is already completed there is no question of sanction of plan by BBMP even after collecting betterment charges. Only you will get ‘A’ khata after the approval of the Akramana and Sakramana Bill which will regularize the building.

  160. Shweta KhannaShweta Khanna says


    I want to purchase an apartment adjacent to jakkur lake. The builders told me that it is Khata B property.
    1. Is it advisable to purchase it?
    2. Will the banks approve the loan for it??
    3. Can the property be later transferred in my name?

    • Basavaraj TonagattiBasavaraj Tonagatti says

      Shweta-Please go through above comments, you will find answers. Because what you asked for is already replicated in above comments.

  161. D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

    Dear Pradeep,

    If the layout has been approved by BDA kindly obtain BDA approved plan from BDA and also obtain the release order from BDA to the society in respect of the sites which are released to the society.

    I hope, now, after BBMP the area comes under BBMP limits. Hence, since it is a BDA approved layout you shall get ‘A’ khata from BBMP. If your builder does not provide regarding BDA approval kindly go to BDA office and meet the Town Planning Department where you can get all the information regarding the BDA approval.

  162. KiranKiran says

    Dear Sir,

    Im planning to buy a site near Yelahanka.

    The Owner says the site is DC Converted and is B Khata,however it comes under BBMP Limits.

    1)Is it feasible to buy this plot?

    2)Can I avail the loan to buy this site at any banks?

    Thanks in advance,

  163. pradeeppradeep says

    Dear Sir,

    I am planning to buy a plot in MCECHS layout,sancharnagar,Thanisandra road.
    Owner says that this telecom layout is BDA approved but having B khata.

    My question is:
    1. How come a BDA approved layout is not having A khata?
    2. Since this is a BDA approved layout with B khata, can I get loan from nationalised bank.
    3. How to check if BDA has initially approved this layout but later canceled its approval because of some reasons?
    4. Does a BDA approved layout needs BBMP khata?

  164. ULLASULLAS says

    Hi BasuNivesh, Thank you so much for this valuable information . I have been looking for this for quite some time . I do have one question as well ..

    1)I have a plot with a building in Kengeri (Harsha Layout) for which the betterment charges were paid in the year 2000 and built a house when Kengeri was a municipality with a licensed build . And i have a khata issued by BBMP in 2011 . I would like to know if mine is a ‘A’ Khata or a ‘B’ Khata . How can i check the same?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ullas,

      If BBMP has issued khata certificate and khata extract that will be treated as ‘A’ khata or if BBMP has issued only an extract of ‘B’ register it will be treated as ‘B’ khata.

  165. linsa says

    April 6, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    I have registered a sale deed in Trivandrum, Kerala wherein the plot is referred to be from two survey numbers i.e. for eg.’ in survey no. 2000/6 and in survey no. 200/6/2? whereas it should be only ‘in 200/6/2?. Village officer has advised to indicatie correctly the particular plot from which I have bought for getting the mutation done. Can I get it done through Tahsildar or otherwise. Please advise at the earliest if possible. Thanking U in anticipation.

    I had posted the above on April 6th. Kindly give ur advice.

  166. DipankarDipankar says

    Hi BasuNivesh, i have booked an apartment which is in A khata site, however due to deviations (as usual for most of the apartments) BBMP is stating that they would issue B khata during registration. How do i get an A khata in this scenario

    Any suggestions would really be helpful

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Dipankar,

      You have to wait till the approval of ‘Akramana and Sakramana Bill’ or any government ordinance in effect that they will collect the betterment charges and issue ‘A’ khata.

  167. AkashAkash says


    Builder is providing BBMP A khata and OC. I would like to know which other certificates/document is required before/after possession.

  168. linsalinsa says

    I have registered a sale deed in Trivandrum, Kerala wherein the plot is referred to be from two survey numbers i.e. for eg.’ in survey no. 2000/6 and in survey no. 200/6/2′ whereas it should be only ‘in 200/6/2’. Village officer has advised to indication correctly the particular plot from which I have bought for getting the mutation done. Can I get it done through Tahsildar or otherwise. Please advise at the earliest if possible. Thanking U in anticipation.

  169. arif says

    Site NO 4 & 5 was owned by Mr A and his wife jointly.
    They had a joint khata for it.
    They sold Site no 5 to Mr B in 2010. Mr B dint do the khata bifurcation.
    Mr A continued paying taxes for site no 4 & 5 both.

    C and D paternal cousin brothers, bought site No 4 half half.
    site no 4 was 30×40 site , they exclusively bought as 15×40 and 15×40..

    Now C &D together wants to construct a building on this 30×40 and own one floor each.

    How do they go about the khata transfer in BBMP?
    problems are

    1) site no 5 buyer dint do the khata bifurecation and is not tracable, he is USA,
    2) site no 4 is not jointly bought by C &D. had they bought jointly complication was less..

    please guide.

      • BasuNiveshBasuNivesh says

        Arif-Request you to wait till Mr.Srinivas reply to your doubts. These days he is not getting time to reply to all queries. But I called him yesterday and requested him to clear it soon.

        • arif says

          Thank you so much for following it up, Basu…
          there are various opinion given by various lawyers.
          1. One says Site no5 khata bifurcation need to be done first, second you need to do bifurcation for site no 4A and 4B,third you have to do khata amolgum.
          2. another lawyer said all of it can be done in one go.

          Document for amolgum : one said in your case you need to do deed of declaration while other said you need to do an aphtebit. second one who said aphetibit have actually done similar stuff for him self.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Arif,

      1. When site No.5 has been purchased by B it is the duty of B to get khata in respect of site No.5. I hope he has not yet applied for khata.

      2. So far as site No.4 is concerned, which has been purchased by C & D, they can approach the BBMP for bifurcation of Site No.4 and get separate individual khata for each of them. If C & D wants to combine and build on site No.4, in such case they have to amalgamate the property and get amalgamation of the khata from BBMP to construct the building as they wish and make a partition deed keeping ground floor for one and upper floor for the other.

      • arif says

        Thanks for your reply Sir,

        1. C & D both have applied for khata transfer for their own portion of Site no 4, i.e. 4-North and 4-South respectively.

        2. Once this is done they both will apply for khata amalgamation, since both of them are paternal cousin , they may ask for some affidavit or deed of declaration, do you have any idea what document would they need for khata amalgamation? .

        My main question was, Is it possible do it one shot instead of two step process?
        anyways now C & D have already applied for khata transfer, but answer to main question could help others as well.

        • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

          Dear Arif,

          Since C & D have already applied for khata transfer, first let them get the same. Thereafter, let them prepare a Deed of Amalgamation and apply again to BBMP for amalgamation of khata.

          It is not possible to do in one shot.

          • arif says

            Thanks you very much sir,
            where can we prepare “deed of amalgamation” and how much would it cost us? is “deed of declaration” and “deed of amalgamation” two different documents?

  170. sathiyasathiya says

    Thanks for your article Mr.BasuNivesh….

    I have few questions about the buying “B” Kadha Preoperty near to K.R.Puram.

    1. Is it WILL required to be Registered?
    2. After death of the WILL Owner, how the family can divide the property?.. Is it any registration is required to divide the property among the family members?
    3. If WILL owner died and property came the his Son / Daughter. Whether Son / Daughter can sell the property without their own CHILDREN’s Signature (WILL Owner’s Grand Son / Daughter) to the Third Parties?.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

      • Basavaraj TonagattiBasavaraj Tonagatti says

        Sathiya-Sorry for inconvenience, our expert Mr.Srinivas is lawyer and he may be busy in his profession and due to his age factor I can’t force him to reply on daily or regular base. Please request you to wait.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sathiya,

      1. Registration of WILL is not compulsory, however, nowadays, all the departments are insisting only registered WILL or to obtain Succession Certificate from the compentent court.

      2. If the family members want to divide the property, they have to make a “Partition Deed” and get it registered before the concerned Sub-Registrar.

      3.If the property is an ancestral property in such case the signature of the grandsons/granddaughters is required. If the property is self acquired and the property owner has executed a will in favour of any person in which case after the death of the property owner the WILL comes to existence and the person in whose favour the WILL has been executed can dispose the property as he wishes without the consent of any other legal heirs.

  171. YatinYatin says

    I want to buy a flat on Mantri Tranquil on kanakpura road, bangalore. The flat is on resale and khata A is not available. BBMP is not issuing even khata B for Mantri Tranquil. The owner says that it will not be a problem without khata and the ownership can be transferred without any problem. Kindly, advise whether it can be a problem in future? I am totally confused what to do.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Yatin,

      To purchase the property, for the purpose of registration of the sale deed you must have a khata from the competent authority issued by BBMP either ‘A’ or ‘B’ without which the document will not be registered.

  172. JeyashJeyash says

    Recently I bought one flat in Begur, the flat is ‘B’ khata only. Now some of the residents saying the builder built this apartment with some violation. So we can’t get ‘A’ khata like that.Also they are fearing there is a chance BBMP can take over the whole building and demolish like that. I am nervous now what to do? Is it possible to get ‘A’ khata paying betterment charges and penatly?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Jeyash,
      You will have to wait till the approval of ‘Akramana Sakramana’ Bill or any notification to be issued by the government for collection of betterment charges and regularize the deviations and issue ‘A’ khata to all the flat owners.
      There is no such threat of demolition by BBMP unless if the apartment is constructed without obtaining the sanction plan.

  173. Nagendra, JNagendra, J says


    I have lost my sanctioned building plan of my house in Bangalore. Now, I want to sell the house and the buyer is asking for the sanctioned plan. How can I get a copy of the plan soon? I really appreciate your help in this regard. Thanks.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Nagendra,

      If you have a xeox copy of the sanctioned plan OR LP number of the sanctioned plan you can approach the engineering department of BBMP and get a certified copy of the same.

  174. Nagendra, JayaNagendra, Jaya says


    I have lost the copy of sanctioned building plan of my house in Bangalore. Now I am selling the house and the buyer is asking for the sanctioned plan. How to get a copy of the sanctioned plan soon? I really appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks.

  175. venkateshvenkatesh says


    i have purchased a property – a flat among 100 flats from a reputed builder who has a jv with the land owner. after completing the building, the builder is refusing to go to bbmp and apply for the OC and khata. how do pay my property tax to bbmp?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Venkatesh,

      Since the apartment is having deviations, the BBMP has not issued the OC to the owner. But, however, under the self assessment of tax you can pay the tax to the BBMP.

  176. syedsyed says

    Dear Sir

    I am interested in buying residential land in Bangalore which generally called as corporation land.What document I need to verify related corporation land can any one let me know the required formalities tohase corporation residential land

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Syed,

      The documents to be verified are:
      1. Mother deed, 2. Present sale deed, 3. Khata certificate, 4. Tax paid receipt,
      5. Encumberance certificate, etc.,

  177. raju svraju sv says

    Hi BasuNivesh . I have a gpa registered vacant site 30 by 40 in bilekahalli bannerghatta road….. How do i get the khatha for this and taxes are paid up to date and it comes under bbmp now. Raju

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Raju,

      You can approach the concerned revenue officer of BBMP and submit your application for khata transfer along with copies of the property documents required by them.

  178. MayankMayank says

    Hi Basunivesh,

    It took me more than an hour to read all the comments which you have provided but I must say that you have clarified many of my doubts. I am not from bangalore and plannig to buy a property (not for investement but to stay there). I searched a lot for 2 months and now a days, all the good builders are asking for 1cr for 3bhk (around 1750 sq ft).

    I am confused as these houses are not that worth and 1cr is really a big amount.

    I approached some gated communities which are selling “A” khata 30X50 sq ft plots. These gated communities has all the basic amenities. They are also telling that all the plots are BDA approved.

    When I asked for the papers then they are asking for the 5 lacs post dated cheque and then they will give me all the papers to verify.

    First of all, I dont know that whom to contact to verify these papers and secondally, I am not sure whether to go for a plot and build a house or to go for appartment.

    I am seriously confused.

    Can you please give me a contact person who can help me in verifying the land papers?

    Appreciate you help.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sir,

      You can contact me at the following address,
      #13, 3rd Cross, Journalist Colony, J.C.Road Cross,
      Bangalore 560 002
      Mobile: 9886047740

  179. KrishnaKrishna says

    Appreciate any help you can provide with this question

    Before purchasing a plot in a BBMP area (Mahadevapura) I gathered all the documents for registration from the seller. I got the documents scrutinised by a legal firm in Bangalore. I was assured title was correct after scrutiny of all regular papers.

    For other reasons I couldn’t go through with the purchase. However the seller sold it to another person. Now, I came to know there is a court case pending against this plot. The lawyer says he doesn’t check pending court cases, sub-registrar office that issue EC says it doesn’t hold a record of court cases against a registered property.

    Who can say if there are court cases against a plot ? How can these types of situations be prevented?
    ps: When the buyer bought this land the law firm took the precaution of a public notice in two daily newspapers with a 30 day notice period – there were no objections.
    pps: The court case is to do with daughters of the original landlord saying they were not given a share in the sale proceeds when this land was sold to the developer and they are claiming against their father and brother. (I dont know all details)

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Krishna,

      I hope the daughters might have filed a suit for partition against father and brother. You can verify the same from the civil court of competent jurisdiction after getting the case number, the details about the said case.

  180. PureheartedSoulPureheartedSoul says

    Sir, the builder of my apartment sold all the flats saying that its in a BDA approved layout with B khata and is not not traceable. I was new to Bangalore so coulf not get the land paper verification done in 2008 when I bought it.

    Please let me know my options now. I have a B khata document that I got done from the local bbmp office a couple of years ago, got the electircity meter changed in my name as well.

    As per the sale deed the super built up area is 1035 sq ft. My questions are,

    – Can I pay betterment charges to bbmp? when? and get an A Khata?
    – What is akrama and sakrama exactly and how does this affect my situation?
    – What is your opinion on how I should move forward?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sir,

      Kindly approach the concerned BBMP revenue office. They will guide you whether you are entitled for payment of betterment charges and get the ‘A’ khata.

  181. S N KarjagiS N Karjagi says

    The information/the clarifications provided in this column is really very useful.A great job done by bbmp congrats!

  182. AnsuAnsu says

    Hi Basunivesh,

    First of all thanks for the great article that helped clear a lot of my doubts. Now, I feel more scared of something that I did few months back.

    I had a booked a flat in HSR layout extension (prefer not to name the builder). It’s a small project from a small builder with only 44 apartments in the building. As I booked the flat, I was told that, I will certainly get “B-khata” which theoretically doesn’t even exist. The builder certainly made smart arrangements wiht LICHFL, DHFL and HDFC for loans which gave me trust that, legally everything would have been verified. Even I availed loan from LICHFL.

    The trouble is, as construction moved on, I noticed alterations to building elevation (including closure of balconies, changes to the outside structure etc). The worst of all is, there are two additional flats getting constructed on the top floor. Upon enquiring with the builder, he mentioned those flats are not for sale, instead one will be used by the builder and the other one by the land owner. This one is totally illegal as you may imagine.

    Now, my question is with all these irregularities in the structure, is there any grim chance of getting an “A-khata” for the property? I booked the flat with obvious reasons to deal with increasing rents and Income tax benefits. I do plan to sell it off in 10-12 years, go back to my home town and settle down.

    The fact that, without the “A-khata” the property can’t be sold or at least no buyers would be attracted as no nationalised banks not giving loans makes me really worried now. There are at least 43 others like me who are in the same state.

    Could you please advise me on that can be done now? If at all there is anyway we can get an “A-khata” even by paying penalty, then possibly I’ll try to talk to the builder and pressurize him to make that provision. Almost 80% of the payment has already been made and the building is nearing completion. With your suggestion, I would like to gather some more buyers and would like to approach the builder.

    Awaiting for your response on this eagerly.


  183. AnsuAnsu says

    Hi Basunivesh,

    First of all, a great article. It certainly cleared a lot of doubts I had. Now, I am more scared of some decision I took few months back.

    I had booked a flat in HSR layout extension. I prefer not to name the builder. It’s a small apartment with only 44 flats in the building. As I spoke to the builder, he said.. everything is OK, I am entitled to get a “B-Khata”, in theory which doesn’t exist at all. Later me and some other buyers enquired about the same and we got to know about some serious issues.

    1. The building has been altered quite extensively. Starting from closing open balconies to changing outside elevation. The worst of all is, there are two additional flats being constructed on the top floor.

    2. As we asked the builder, he mentioned.. those are not for sale; rather the builder and land owner has one flat each for their personal use. I am not quite sure how does that work.

    Now, my question is with so much of alterations to the structure can we even have a grim chance of getting an “A-Khata”. The builder has made quite smart arrangements with LICHFL, DHFL, HDFC for loans, which even I availed and was under the impression that, as such high valued financial institutions are giving loans, there shouldn’t be any issues.

    I have already paid 80% of the amount of the flat and there are at least 43 other buyers like me, who probably aren’t aware of these irregularities or have the knowledge but don’t know what to do. I am not from south India, and off course bought a property in Bangalore for the obvious reason of increasing rents and Income tax saving point of view. I do plan to sell the flat off in about 10-15 years, go back to my home town and settle down there. The fact that without an “A-Khata” the property can’t be sold or possibly won’t have the value as it should be, makes me really scared.

    Can you please advise on what can we do? Is there any way it’s possible that we can get A-khata with all these irregularities made by the builder. If so, please let me know and I would attempt to build pressure on the builder along with others to do the needful before he hands over the property and get out of sight.

    Awaiting your response on this.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ansu,

      The deviations in the apartment can be regularized by the BBMP after collecting penalties as well as betterment charges only after the approval of “Akramana and Sakramana Bill”. Thereafter, each flat owner will get separate “A” khata will be issued to each apartment owners making bifurcation of the khata. But as on today the bill is not yet approved by the Government of Karnataka.

  184. RottiRotti says

    Dear Sir,

    I have 2 question related to buying a site.

    1- if the layout is already approved by BMRDA do we need to still get individual A khata to build the house.

    2 – If the land is in yellow zone, DC convereted or DC approved, and as per builder the land is A Khata, we need to pay betterment charges to BBMP, it it true ?. Currently this place doesn not come under BBMP limits.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Rotti,

      1. If the property comes under the BMRDA jurisdiction there is not question of ‘A’ khata and ‘B’ khata. You will get Form 9 & 11 signed by the Block Development Officer of the concerned Village Panchayat jurisdiction.

      2. If the area does not come under BBMP limits there is not question of payment of betterment charges.

      • Sam KeraSam Kera says

        Amazing article and addresses almost all the issues or loop holes that a buyer needs to be aware of. Can you please share your contact details as I am looking for an expert’s help in the verification of the documents.

      • RiyaRiya says

        Hi Sir,

        i am planing to buy one 30*40 plot in BMRDA approved layout in Sarjapura (Sarjapur Village). Owner says it is B khata property. but you mentioned A/B is only for BBMP not for BMRDA.
        in future if Sarjapur moved under BBMP/BDA what all the charges that may need to pay to convert in to A-khata/betterment?

        Is it safe to but the property only on the basis of BMRDA approval?


  185. rejireji says

    hello Bash Nivesh and Mr srinivasa,

    I am planning to buy a property (apartment) on thanisandra road and its with one of the repute builders but came to know that the property is b khata but he has got the OC already 18 months back and project is BDA approved.Also I was informed that the builder has to do bifurcation of Khata and it can be only done after 2/3 flats have been registered

    My question are.

    1.Is that true that can be only done after 2/3 flats have been registered ?
    2.Once the bifurcation is done by the builder can we apply for A-khata.
    3.There was news article saying PR cards will be issued having entire record on the property ~ will this kind of property have issue getting a PR card if it is B khata.

  186. SadanandSadanand says

    If I want to purchase a flat from the builder, How can i come to know that the property is a legal property, before making the booking for the flat.

    • NaveenNaveen says

      Please send the details to me also. Since I am also planning to book the flat in a Prelaunch offer from The Creative Homes builder. Also suggest me if i need to go to a lawyer for verifying the legal documents like title, etc

      • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

        Dear Naveen,

        Kindly obtain relevant papers and documents pertaining to the property on which the flat has been constructed. Thereafter you can take the advice of a advocate who is well versed in property matters before booking the flat.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sadanand,

      Kindly obtain relevant papers and documents pertaining to the property on which the flat has been constructed. Thereafter you can take the advice of a advocate who is well versed in property matters before booking the flat.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sadanand,

      Kindly take the copies of the title deeds, khata, etc., and approach a civil advocate and take his legal opinion.

  187. RajaRaja says

    Hi All,
    I have one question about the Property in Bangalore???.

    My Grand father written a WILL, after his death and his wife(Grand mother) death, His 4 daughters can take the land property as per the share mentioned by him in WILL Document.( Each daughter can take 10000 sqft of Land – Total land is 40000 sqft). Later my grand father died (2008) and after 2 years my grand mother also died ( 2009).

    Now my mother sold her share to THIRD party (outside family member) and she not given any share to me (Single) or my Sister (married).While made Sale deed between my mother and third Party she only signed & No Sign from me or my sister.

    Family Details : My father, mother, me and Sister.

    So, my question is 1. Can me and my sister can claim the property?
    2. Whether mother sold the property to third party with sale agreement, is that valid without me or my sister signature?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Raja,

      As per the Will, your mother has got her share of property and she has the right to dispose the property without the consent of her children.

  188. MainakMainak says

    Dear Sir,

    I want to help my maid with a loan for buying a property in a resettled colony for Dalits neat Singapura (near Jalahalli, Dasarahalli). The said property owner has only furnished a BESCOM electricity bill receipt in his name as proof of ownership. He says he has no other ownership documents as he was allotted this land as part of a resettlement of Dalits by the Govt. What ownership documents should he provide in order to ascertain he is the rightful owner of this property that my maid intends to purchase. Also in case he is the rightful owner (if provides the right documentation), what kind of sale transaction can be entered with him (like a sale deed or GPOA??)


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Mainak,

      If the property is alloted for the Dalits by Government of Karnataka, they will issue possession certificate as well as sale deeds with a condition that they shall not alienate for a period of 10 to 15 years. BESCOM Electricity bill is not the property document. It is only a document towards the electricity meter. Unless you obtain the title deeds don’t proceed to purchase the said property.

  189. SreekanthSreekanth says

    I have purchased a Flat in Nagarbhavi NGEF layout area in Jan 2010. The builder said that we will not get A Katha as BBMP has stopped issuing A katha until Akrama Sakrama bill is passed.

    Builder says he holds A katha for the land where property is built and since there is no A katha for building he can only get us B Katha.

    Also since A katha are not issued to new Apartment, shouldn’t bank give loan on B Katha. Please advise me, if there are any required forms to be submitted so that Banks provide loan on B Katha.



    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sreekanth,

      Usually bank will not provide loan for ‘B’ khata properties. Since the Akramana and Sakramana bill is pending only after its approval you can pay the betterment charges and penalty for deviation, etc., then only you will get ‘A’ khata.

  190. K N RamachanderK N Ramachander says

    Dear Mr. Srinivas,
    The High Court of karnataka has posted the case of vacating the stay on the Akrama Sakrama Bill.
    The case was to be heard on the 4th., February and on that day it was posted to the 11th., February.
    To enable one to find out the status of the case the case number and the where it is being heard are needed.
    Can you helpme in securing these details ?
    I will be highly thankful if you can do so,as early as you can.
    Thanks & Regards,
    K N Ramachander sastry.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Mr. Ramachander,
      I do not have the case number If you have the case number kindly furnish to enable me to find the details.

      • K N RamachanderK N Ramachander says

        Thank you Shri Srinivas.
        I will endeavour to get the case number and send it to you to enable you to keepa track of the result of the hearing.
        Thanks & Regatds,
        k n ramachander sastry

  191. sreeramsreeram says

    Dear Srinivas,
    Thanks for all the information that you provided. It was really helpful.
    I have one question.
    I had purchased a property with A-Katha. I had got the Katha transferred to my name after the purchase. In the Katha certificate, my initial of my name was entered wrongly as ‘S’ instead of ‘P’. Everything else is correct. Will that be a problem in future.
    If yes, then what would you suggest me to do and how can I get this corrected?
    Please advice.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sreeram,

      Kindly approach the revenue officer and get it corrected in the revenue records and obtain a fresh khata certificate wherein your initial is correctly spelt.

  192. selvarajselvaraj says

    With all above discussions above, I would like to put up my views.
    1. Being in BBMP area you have to pay the property tax.
    2.Once you pay the tax the bbMP must open an account on your property.
    3. The copy of the account page is the khatha. You can get this from your area BBMP office by paying some 500 to 1000 fees.
    4. Coming to A katha or B katha, what I know if your property is converted your katha would be A otherwise it is B katha.
    5. For B khatha holders to covert they need to pay the one time development charges to BBMP through AKRAMA SAKRAMA. However govt is not clear on this and nobody is paying this ammount.
    5.All these things are required if you need loan from banks. If you have savings and construct on your own money you need not worry on these things. simply save money and build a small house and extend it further when your savings grows.

  193. RottiRotti says

    Dear BasuNivesh,
    I have 2 question related to buying a site.

    1- if the layout is already approved by BMRDA do we need to still get individual A khata to build the house.

    2 – If the land is in yellow zone, DC convereted or DC approved, and as per builder the land is A Khata, we need to pay betterment charges to BBMP, it it true ?. Currently this place doesn not come under BBMP limits.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Rotti,

      1. Yes, after purchase of any plot you have to get khata transferred in the present purchaser’s name then only you can go ahead for plan approval.

      2. If the area does not come under the BBMP limits, there is no question of ‘A’ or ‘B’ khata, you will get form No. ( & 11 signed by the Block Development Officer.

  194. vijayvijay says

    Hi sir,
    i want to buy a plot in Gated layout Which is DC converted and betterment chages paid.
    but the layout plan is not approved by BIAPPA. when i asked owenr of layout he told it is difficult to get plan sanctioned by BIAPPA, but he told i will get the Loan from Canara bank.
    Pls let me know whether i can construct the house here, and whether this will be approved by BBMP.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Vijay,
      If your developer only obtained conversion which is not enough, he has to obtain permission from the competent authority to form a layout , then only the plot is legal. As otherwise, it is termed as unauthorized layout. You will not get loan for such a plot in the unauthorized layout.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Asgar,
      You can find in “Department of Stamps and Registration, Government of Karnataka” or you can also get the details from the concerned sub-registrar’s office or you can also get in the book on market values.

  195. sunilsunil says

    I want to know if the layout is already approved by BMRDA do we need to still apply for A khata for individual sites.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sunil,
      The ‘A’ khata and ‘B’ khata comes only under BBMP limits and not under BMRDA limits. In the BMRDA limits you can get the khata in Form No.9 & 11 signed by the Block Development Officer from the concerned village panchayat.

  196. GaneshGanesh says

    Dear BasuNivesh and Srinivas,

    There is a 5 years old flat for resale in Marathahalli and currently the owner is holding housing load in SBI. But the khatha transfer is not done by the builder even though the builder collected money from all the purchaser 5years ago. Now the association people put a case on the builder which is going on. I think, I can get loan from private banks and get registered the property. Please guide me whether i can go for the property or not.

    Thanks! Ganesh.

  197. Mohammed AliMohammed Ali says

    Dear BasuNivesh and Srinivas,

    I am planning to purchase a DC converted land in JP Nagar area, the seller who is a 90*50 site is dividing the land into 3 parts and selling 1 portion of 30*50 to me. This land is a B Khata site and I plan to start construction. Other sites in the road are A Khatha sites.

    My questions are:
    a. Is it safe to purchase the site under B khatha start construction and later on convert to A khatha
    b. Are conversions from B khatha to A khatha happening as of now, and what is the usual charges for this conversion

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Mohammed Ali,
      Please verify whether the said site is converted and appoved by competent authority. IThe ‘B’ khata sites usually will not get plan approval for construction.

  198. ManashManash says

    Hi Sir,
    I am Manash here. I want to purchase a land from Urban Habitat. IT is a BMRDA approved layout in Kamanahali-chikanahali village area near Verthur. All the amenities are there from the builder like swerage, water, electriciti, rain water harvesting, swerage treatment plant etc.

    Que 1. Whether I will get A khata for such property? I came to know some of my friends that this is panchayat area, so the property as a whole is A khata, i mean layout. But you will get B khata for your land. Please can you help here?

    Que 2. I asked PTCL endorsement to the developer. They gave it which is signed by assistant commisioner Anekal. Whether the assistant commissioner has authority or entittled person to give PTCL endorsement or the Tahasiladar ?

    The website of urban habitat is

    All the documents are also available there.

    Please help me here.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Manash,
      1. Since the layout formed comes under the village panchayat limits you will get village panchayat khata Form No.9 & 11 signed by Block Development Officer.

      2. PTCL Endorsement will be issued by the Tahsildar or the Assistant Commissioner.

  199. Swapnil SinghSwapnil Singh says

    Dear Bash Nivesh

    Is it must to get your flat register at market value or registration can be done on govt. value, specially when i have shown market value in agreement for loan purpose. Do the bank claim for balance amt(agreement value-registration value) if we submit registration paper for mortgage of property.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Swapnil,
      Usually people will register their plots by paying the present guidance value fixed by the government eventhough they have shown more in the agreement for the purpose of loan. However, some banks for granting of loans they will insist to register the document not on the guidance value but the entire value shown in the agreement of sale.

  200. MuraliMurali says

    Dear BasuNivesh

    In the Khata Mela announced recently from 16th Feb to 15th March can we get an A Khata if we have a B Khata.

    Thanks, Murali, V

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Murali,
      No. The khata mela is only for payment of taxes and not for taking penalties for regularization.

  201. Hari A MHari A M says

    Dear BasuNivesh
    Pls give me the details for obtaining a house construction plan sanctioned for a plot located in Thindlu village off Vidyaranyapura. Also which authority has be to be approached for the same.
    What are the hurdles likely to be faced. I have paid the taxes upto date and the plot was purchased through a GPA holder who has paid the betterment charges to the erstwhile CMC, Byatrayanapura

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Hari,
      If your area comes under the BBMP limits approach the BBMP Engineering Department. They will furnish you all the details.

  202. Shreyas jShreyas j says

    Dear Basunivesh / Srinivasa,
    I am planning to purchase a site in Bharathnagar (BEL Layout II stage) near Magadi Road from Mrs. X. The property is in joint names of Mr. & Mrs. X & Mr. X is deceased who was a employee of B.E.L. The above property was purchased by Mr & Mrs. X from a lady (vender) who appointed her husband as a G.P.A holder who has formed the layout out of D.C converted land & layout plan approved by Herohally G.P.
    Kindly advice me as to what are the steps should i follow for purchasing the above site. Thanking you

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Shreyas,
      Mrs. X has to first get the khata transferred only to her name and only then she can execute the saledeed along with the legal heirs of Mr.X.

  203. GaneshGanesh says

    Dear Srinivasa,

    There is a 5 years old flat for resale in Marathahalli and currently the owner is holding housing load in SBI. But the khatha transfer is not done by the builder even though the builder collected money from all the purchaser 5years ago. Now the association people put a case on the builder which is going on. I can get loan from only private banks and get registered the property.
    Please guide me whether i can go for the property or not.

    Thanks! Ganesh.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ganesh,
      Since there is no individual khata for each apartment without that you will not get loan from the banks.

  204. Nitin Mehta says

    Dear Basu Nivesh & Srinivasa

    Thanks a lot for clarifying our queries, Good bless you

    Here is my question :

    I have booked a property in Amruttahalli layout, Bangalore. My Builder is asking the Betterment charges along with Khata Charges from the buyers. I am confirmed about the Khata but do I need to pay the Betterment charges as well , please advice and help me with the Clause/ written /published rules.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Nitin,

      Generally, the khata has to be transferred by the purchaser only at his own cost. If the vendor agrees to get khata transfer including betterment charges also at the time of your negotiations then he has to bear all the charges. As otherwise, you have to pay the betterment charges also.

  205. jeevajeeva says

    can any one tell me what could be the approximate penalty for 2 pent houses in my apartments? and who has to bare the cost of the vertical violation?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Jeeva,
      The vertical violation penalty should be borne by the Developer. Regarding the penalty for the pent houses you will have to approach the concerned revenue officer of BBMP and as on today, the Akramana and Sakramana bill is not yet approved by the government for fixing penalty for pent houses.

  206. suryasurya says

    Dear Basunivesh/Srinivasa,

    I have two questions:

    1.Whether non DC plots can be converted to DC by individually paying taxes if any for individual sites….
    2.If the land(non DC) is registered by subregistrar /panchayat can we treat these are genuine sites for construction?

    best regards


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Surya,

      1. The conversion will be made only on agricultural lands bearing survey number for the full extent and not for individual sites.

      2. No, non converted sites formed would be treated as unauthorized.

  207. suresh reddysuresh reddy says

    Dear Sir,

    What is Form:9,10 & form 11,12.

    If the panchayat issues these forms,can we call them khatas? can i start construction?


    suresh reddy

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Suresh,

      Earlier the village panchayat were issuing Form 10 & 12, now they are issuing Form 9 & 11 which has to be signed by Block Development Officer which is considered as a khata.

  208. M.Suresh ReddyM.Suresh Reddy says

    Dear Basu Nivesh & Srinivasa,

    Your initiative in resolving the issues is highly appreciable,hatsoff!!!

    Here are my questions:

    1.We bought 2 sites measuring 30*40 in avalahalli-Bidarahalli village panchayat & got registered but it doesn`t comes under BDA/BMRDA & hence BBMP approval.
    2.But owner claims we can get the khatas from panchayat office,if we gets the khata can we go ahead with the construction or should wait till the BBMP approval`s for the site as these plots are not DC converted.

    Pls help.


    suresh reddy

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Suresh,
      Since the above said plots come under the village panchayat limits, the village panchayat represented by its Block Development Officer will issue the khata in the Form No.9 & 11. On the said khatas you will also get plan approval from the village panchayat. Since the land is not a converted land your layout will be termed as unauthorized layout without obtaining necessary permissions from the concerned authorities.

  209. AnilAnil says

    Hi Sir,

    I have booked and registered a flat in one of the apartment in July 2012. But the apartment still under construction.

    The land owner and builder were different, and land owner was having the A-katha on that land,

    Due to recent changes in some of the BBMP rules, the builder was saying that i will get only B-katha, but initially he promised i will get A-Katha only.

    Can you please confirm the following queries –

    – If the land owner having the A-katha and the building plan is approved, then i will get A-katha or B-Katha ?
    – Any rules are changed on the BBMP side recently ?
    – Due to some of the violations in the building plan, does the builder was saying that i will get B-Katha only ?

    Please help me to understand the issue in a better way and also how do i proceed further.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Anil,

      I hope there is a deviation in the construction of the apartment. It will be regularized only after the approval of Akramana and Sakramana bill. If the builder obtain commencement certificate and occupation certificate from BBMP then the apartment holders will get “A” khata, as otherwise, they will issue only ‘B’ khata for the present.

  210. SurajSuraj says

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to buy a B Khata individual house. Near whitefield. Could you please suggest if I should go for it. Is it safe to buy that house .its a duplex house.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Suraj,
      Kindly obtain all the documents relating to the property and take the advice of a advocate who is well conversant on property matters.

  211. kameshkamesh says

    Hi Basunivesh,
    I am planning to buy a panchayat approved plot (60×40) near KR puram. Is it safe to buy these sites?. What are documents required to be sought from the owner?.

    Thanks. Kamesh

  212. Anil BandeppaAnil Bandeppa says

    Hi BasuNivesh and Srinivasa,
    We are looking at buying a B-KHATA plot in the ITI Layout in Bommanahalli area.

    Its a DC converted layout formed by ITI Housing Society. FEW plots in the same layout already have the A khata.

    However after issuing approval/khata for these few sites BDA asked for replanning of the layout since the housing society altered the original plan. Currently the new plan has been submitted to BDA – but there is no further news on that about approval.

    Just beside the B-Khata plot I am looking to buy, a guy (having A Khata) has already constructed the house.

    Since this is a DC Converted layout with B-KHATA, can we construct house in it and pay betterment charges to BBMP to get A-Khata when they start accepting it?

    Will BBMP give the build plan approval etc? Will it be legal? OR a very risky decision to construct house on such plot?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Anil,
      First find out from BDA whether the new plan has been approved by BDA. You can proceed after the approval.

  213. Gopal ShastryGopal Shastry says

    In Multi storeyed Multi Block residential complexes, is Surface parking permitted and allowed as per the concerned laws? If so, would like to have the reference pl.

  214. RajendharRajendhar says

    Dear Sir,

    I have seen a plot in Verthur. Layout is a private layout. It is a DC converted layout. Necessary taxes have been paid to entire land and got A Katha. Now we are planning to purchase only small portion of the entire land.

    Could you please let me know how long will it take to get bifurcation. Will owner do the bifurcation. How much betterment charges we need to pay.

    Will the layout be approved by BDA after Akrama Sakrama bill.

    Could you please provide an update on the above.

    Thanks. Kiran.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Rajendhar,
      After purchasing the plot you can apply BBMP for khata transfer. It is the duty of the purchaser to get the khata. registration. Regarding the betterment charges kindly approach the BBMP revenue authorities.

  215. RameshRamesh says

    Dear Mr.D.Srinivasa & BasuNivesh – I have seen few comments, it helps a lot. Really appreciate your social good work

    I have a small clarification:

    I have a site/plot with dimensions 50 X 80 ( 80 road facing, A khata BBMP) it is in a gated lay out, now I am planning to sell this property to Two different people ( 50 X 40 & 50 X 40 ).
    Is it allowed to sell the property by splitting it in to two ? is there any complications ? please provide me the some information related to this.

    Thanks in advance for all your advises.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ramesh,

      There are issues in splitting and selling. There are no complications. Only the purchaser after getting the same has to get the khata bifurcation from the concerned authorities.

  216. margaretmargaret says

    Hi Sir,
    Greetings for the day

    I am planning to buy one 30*40 site after Nelmangala we have to go 10 kms futher for this site, but this site is Gramta the broker said, please advice is it good to buy this or not please clarify this is the first time i am planning to take this pls help me out


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      It is not advisable to purchase any revenue site either gramtana or private layout which has been formed without obtaining permission from various departments.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Balaji,

      It depends on the area of the plot, residential/commercial building/apartments/farm house/any agricultural land. There is no fixed charges as such. It depends on the various legal firms and advocates.

  217. manju says

    Hi Sir,
    I am planning to buy DC converted B khatha site near Whitefiled (devanagondhi), i want to know what are the documents I should look for. and can i avail loan from banks for buying this property.

    please give me some pro’s and con’s on this.
    Thanks in advance..

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Manju,
      Documents required for buying the property: Mother Deed, present sale deed or any title deeds, khata, tax paid receipts, EC, layout plan, etc.,
      Probably it may be difficult to get loan for ‘B’ khata properties.

  218. Asgar PashaAsgar Pasha says

    Hi Sir,
    Is it safe investing on a plot which is next to Cemetary (grave yard) will i get good returns in future.

  219. RaghavRaghav says

    Hi BasuNivesh, Srinivas sir,

    I have bought an apartment from SJR Builders. The registration is planned in next month (March). I just want to know what documents are required if I need to sell this apartment after the registration.

    Any minimum period is required to keep the apartment before selling?

    I’m not clear on document list. someone said Khatha certificate required to sell the apartment.

    Thanks in advance.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Raghav,
      After registration of the property, if you intend to sell you must have:
      1.Sale deed
      2.Khata Certificate
      3.Khata extract
      4.Up-to-date tax paid receipt
      5.Up-to-date EC
      and copies of the documents furnished by your builder.
      If you get the khata in your name, then you can sell the property at any time.

  220. JayJay says

    Hi BasuNivesh,
    We are interested to buy an apartment which is in its preconstruction stage i.e. the builder and owner of the plot has got in to a joint venture to construct an Apartment. When we had approached SBI lawyer to get legal clearance and value, the lawyer had asked us to get the RTC. When we checked with the builder, he said it is not available with the owner. I would request to let me know the importance of having this document and the consequence of not having it. Since LIC is ready to sanction Loan based on the documents provided by the builder.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Mr. Jay,

      It is better to get the present year RTC from the concerned Tahsildar’s Office which will be issued to general public across the counter if you furnish the Survey number, name of the village and hobli which will indicate the owner of the land. If the land is acquired by BDA, KIADB, BMRDA, etc., it will also reflect in the said RTC.

  221. rambabu chennururambabu chennuru says


    One of my friends is trying to sell me a plot belonging to his family.

    1. He says it is registered in B-register (does B-register has any PID ?, what is the proof to know it is in B-register?)

    2.He says they has EC upt o 2004 and will apply for EC up to date.(The plot was registered in present owner’s name in Dec 2012. why they do not have EC up to Dec 2012. Is it possible?)

    3.He says property tax was not paid since 2007 ( since the merger into BBMP?)and I should pay it as the amount will be about 5000 Rs. My understanding is Property tax should always be paid upto date by the seller and receipts should should show the B-register(khata) number and name of the owner. Do u think he is hiding some facts?

    Pls clarify my doubts.
    Pls give contact and address of Mr Srinivas as I want to take legal opinion from him on monday.

    [email protected]


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Rambabu,
      The Form ‘B’ issued by the BBMP which is nothing but ‘B’ khata. However, the property details has not been entered in the revenue records of BBMP. It is the duty of the vendor to pay the taxes up-to-date every year. Since now the property comes under BBMP from 2007, he has to approach the BBMP Revenue Department and pay the taxes under the self assessment scheme and get ‘B’ khata from BBMP. The EC can be applied in the Sub-Registrar Office and get up-to-date EC by any person whenever it is required which is a public document.

  222. Mohanraj AMohanraj A says

    Hi Mr.Srinivasa,
    I am purchasing a site(A khata) in rajanakunte, Bangalore. For registration the site owner will sign the agreement. If the site owner has a son/daughter above 18yrs age, do they also need to sign on the agrrement while transferring the property to my name?

    Or is it only ancestors property where grand son/daughter has to sign while selling the property.

    This property I am talking about is not ancestor’s.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Mohanraj,
      If the property is the self acquired property of the vendor, in such case there is no need for getting their family members’ signatures as “consenting witnesses” in the document.

  223. NarenNaren says

    This site is a good read, Thank you all for your valuable inputs. I Need a clarification from someone.

    Iam planning to purchase a Re Sale flat which is about 1150 sqft which is BDA approved A Khata which is about 5 years old.

    The building has a 21sqft Deviation and the Current flat owner did not obtain an Ocupancy Certificate for the flat. What is the process for applying one and how bad is the deal since the price fits my bill perfectely

    Note- All legal aspects of the Flat is clear

    Appreciate someone’s help

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Naren,
      Since there is already a deviation it will be regularized only after passing of the “Akramana and Sakramana” bill by the government of Karnataka.

  224. SanthoshSanthosh says

    Hi BasuNivesh,
    We had Purchased land in Kengeri in year 2002 under TMC, Revenue DC Converted Land. Got all the deeds, A Katha, EC, Paid Betterment Charges, and Tax too. Constructed house in 2003 with plan approval. I have paid the Taxes from 2003 during TMC till today BBMP.

    Now there seems to be issues with regards to land on our entire Area and even after producing A Katha…. now they are asking to get B katha.
    I am really confused as to why B katha, when already we have A katha? Please shed some light.


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Santhosh,
      The BBMP has stopped collecting betterment charges and the issue of ‘A’ khata during the year 2006-07 and the government has framed “Akramana and Sakramana Bill”. But unfortunately, it is not yet approved. Hence, BBMP is not issuing ‘A’ khata. However, there is recent circular to issue ‘A’ khata wherein the land is formed after getting the conversion order.
      There is a press note by BBMP which is published in “Times of India” regarding the issue of khatas for the revenue site holders by BBMP. Hence you can approach again in the said “khata mela” and get your khata there.

  225. rsquare.house@gmail.com[email protected] says

    This Site is wonderful, Thanks Basunivesh. I was struggling to get some information on the property investment and this site is very knowledgeable.

  226. saravanasaravana says

    Hi BasuNivesh

    I have a 1 acre land which is under B khata near hoskote, i need convert to A khata, could you please tell me how to convert to A khata and if possible to convert then how long it will take and what are those procedure to covert. thanks in advance.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Saravana,

      For the agricultural lands there is no ‘A’ khata or ‘B’ khata. It is only mutation and pahan/RTC.

  227. MaheshMahesh says

    Hi BasuNivesh,
    For your kind information, it is not KATHA, it is KATHE… it is a kannada word, however thanks for the information

  228. jijijiji says

    Hi BasuNivesh,

    I am planning to purchase a flat which is in 4th floor. Sanction is only for 3 floors. Land is A khatha. Once akrama sakrama comes in to picture, how the penalty will be calculated. For each pent house or for total building. How much will be approximate penalty for these kind of violations. Please guide.



    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Jiji,

      Your proposed purchase of pent house is fully unauthorized. The BBMP may regularize the pent house after collecting penalties as prescribed under the proposed Akramana & Sakramana Scheme OR the BBMP may issue notice for demolition of the pent house which is not approved in the sanction plan.

      • GaneshGanesh says

        Dear Srinivasa,

        There is a 5 years old flat for resale in Marathahalli and currently the owner is holding housing load in SBI. But the khatha transfer is not done by the builder even though the builder collected money from all the purchaser 5years ago. Now the association people put a case on the builder which is going on. I can get loan from only private banks and get registered the property.
        Please guide me whether i can go for the property or not.

        Thanks! Ganesh.

        • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

          Dear Srinivasa,
          For the registration of any property khata is a must , either ‘A’ khata or ‘B’ khata or khata issued by the village panchayat in favour of the vendor. There is a press note by BBMP which is published in “Times of India” regarding the issue of khatas for the revenue site holders by BBMP. Hence it is better you advice your vendor to apply and get the khata in the said “khata mela” and thereafter proceed to purchase the property.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ranganath,
      Kindly approach the concerned revenue office of BBMP in whose jurisdiction your KHB flat is situated and apply and get the khata.

  229. TellyTelly says

    Hi I am planning to buy an apartment which has BBMP A katha, But owner is stating he doesn’t have ‘OC’. Do you think its safe to proceed. Bank is ready to offer the loan I am not sure How

    • BasuNiveshBasuNivesh says

      Telly-Request you to wait till our expert reply to your comment. Sorry to all who are waiting Mr.Srinivas’s reply. He was out of city since 12 days due to his professional engagement. He will reply to you all within a day or two.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Telly,

      Kindly take all the papers and documents pertaining to the property to an advocate who is well conversant with property matters and take his legal opinion.

  230. vswamivswami says

    For an apt. complex, ‘Individual Khatas’ applied for, and heard to have been prepared and kept ready, told to have been withheld pending issues re. payment of ‘betterment charges’ (DC) is finally resolved by court.
    BBMP seems to insist for an ‘undertaking’; from every apartment buyer should khata be required before the pending court case is disposed of !
    To add, builder/seller failed to apply for and obtain a ‘master khata’ , thereby enable each apartment buyer to apply for and obtain a bifurcated khata , a much simpler and normal way of doing.
    So far as known, the party (ies) to the case (s) in which court direction was first given to issue khata without insisting for DC were all exclusive, independent owners of plots, who developed for own use; not apartments. BBMP seems to say that in the further appeal filed but pending disposal, it has been allowed by court to issue or release khata only after obtaining an ‘affidavit’ (undertaking) as aforesaid.

    I will appreciate if you clarify what exactly were the facts before the court and present status. And, According to you, is the BBMP right in taking the reported stand for APARTMENTS.

  231. SudheendraSudheendra says

    Hi, i want to purchase a site measuring 30×40 where the owner is not having katha for this. But he is having the supporting papers from 1942 to justify that this land is self owned and not any other type of land. Since the land was green belt i heard that there is no need of DC conversion. (DC conversion is required only for yellow belt). Owner had paid tax regularly and it is upto date. Should i but this site ? if yes what are the other challenges i may have to take care, plz guide.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Sudheendra,

      If the area comes under green belt it is not advisable to purchase since green belt is meant only for agricultural operations.

      • SudheendraSudheendra says

        Dear Srinivas, The area is fully developed. 3-4 sites are available . My concern is the owner is not having katha but she is paying property tax from 2007 and she have PID given by BBMP. Plz suggest should i go ahead and buy this?

  232. sonisoni says

    Srinivasa, can get an apartment built in a ‘B’ khata site where all the taxes are paid upto date and no other issues with the site. The only issue is that is a ‘B’ khata site. please advise at the earliest.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      You will not get any loan from any banks/financial institutions to the apartment built on ‘B’ khata site.

  233. sonysony says

    Dear Mr.Srinivas,
    I have a site which comes under ‘B’ khata at JP nagar VI phase. If i have to apply for a loan it may be difficult for me to get the laon as it is ‘B’ khata. This site was bought way back in 1979 and the taxes are paid uptodate. How do I get it converted to ‘A’khata plese advise.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Kindly wait til the passing of “Akramana and Sakramana Bill” and only thereafter you have to pay the necessary penalties prescribed therein and then you may get ‘A’ khata.

  234. ChitravathiChitravathi says

    My father purchased a piece of land which was originally an agricultural land but was converted to revenue land before sale / purchase by the original owner. My father passed away in 1992, and after that my sister and I have got the khata done in our names and were paying the taxes. In 2007-08 the area ( now coming under the Hoodi ward) has come under the jurisdiction of BBMP. Now, I need to pay my tax arrears and get a new ‘A’ khata, I am told that I need to pay betterment / improvement charges also. What is the rate of these betterment / improvement charges? What are the documents I need to submit at the time of applying for as’A’ khata? Are there any additional charges I need to pay for the said khata? What is the Official time frame within which the ‘A’ khata has to issued by the BBMP on receipt of application by any land owner?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      1. For getting khata from BBMP you have to apply BBMP prescribed form along with xeox copies of title deed, mother deed, etc., up-to-date encumberance certificate, up-to-date tax paid receipts, copy of old khata, a copy of layout plan, etc.,
      2. Thirty days.

  235. ArifArif says

    Hi Mr.D.Srinivasa,
    I need some suggestion on following.
    I am considering one property for purchase, its a private layout. ,

    Mr. ‘A’ purchased it in 1960 ,
    Mr ‘A’ DC converted this land in 1982.
    Mr ‘A’ sold it to person ‘B’ ‘C’and person ‘D’ in year 1996.

    person ‘B’ , person ‘C’ and person ‘D’ had some partnership firm which formed this layout by approval of gram panchayat and sold it to various people including person ‘E’

    person ‘E’ holds more than one residential plots with ‘A’ khata. Now its under BBMP limits.

    Now person A’s son, has filed a partition case in COURT OF THE CIVIL JudGE(JR.DVN)

    As far I understand, Mr. ‘A’ had purchased it himself in 1960 so its not ancestral property, so his son should not be able to claim it.

    In year 2004, A-son filed a partition suite claiming that his father had purchased this property from his grand father’s money i.e. A-father’s money.

    A-son claimed that ‘A’ was not educated, A was taking care of milk selling business that was owned by his grand father.

    A-son also claims that B,C &D hired tantrik to convince A ( well that sounded very funny in course case :)

    A-son had filed this case against A,B,C &D and now he has proposed to include almost 113 people living in layout as DEFENDENT.

    but i hear that all people in layout have consulted one lawyer ( for all ) and they have declined to become “DEFENDENT”.

    what is your opinion sir? If sale of 1960 in which Mr ‘A’ is purchaser,

    If person ‘A’ dint mentioned the source of income to buy this property ? Is it ok to buy ?

    If 1960 sale deed mentions the source of income as the money earned from family business, then should we stay away from this?

    We in process of getting the certified extract of sale deed of year 1960.

  236. Swapnil SinghSwapnil Singh says

    Hi Basu,

    Can you please list the documents i need to ask from a builder to verify if the construction is legal. How do you rate D S Max properties Pvt ltd, do they fall in the list of trust worthy builders in Bangalore.

    I met of the representatives from D S Max today, he showed me an upcoming project near K R Puram (Seagull nest). I like the property and showed interest however representative sounded pushy. unfortunately there is only one flat left in the apartment which falls in my budget. Please advice i am quite confused as i have only weekend to take a call on this……

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Swapnil Singh,

      DS Max is only marketing agent for the developers. Before purchase any flat kindly all the papers and documents regarding the property. If need be you can approach a civil advocate with all the documents and take his legal opinion before making a final decision.

  237. VenkatVenkat says

    hi Basu,
    I am planning to buy property in T.C Palya main road,Hoyasalanagar,Ramamurthy nagar,Here all are B-Katha sites which are not DC converted.
    1.Will i get composite loan from any bank,
    2.Later if i pay Betterment-charges and Akrama-Sakrama will it convert to A-katha


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Venkat,

      1. Since the property is an unauthorized layout i.e., without conversion of land without obtaining layout approval from the competent authority, in such properties any banks or financial institutions shall not sanction loan.

      2. Only after regularizing the property by payment of penalties prescribed under the proposed Akrmana and Sakramana Bill you can get ‘A’ khata from BBMP. Only then bank may sanction the loan.

  238. jagadishjagadish says

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please explain what is betterment charges and i have plan approval for buildin up to august 2013, Kindly advise can i start construction before that only so again no need for plan approval

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Jagadish,

      If you already have sanctioned plan from BBMP you can start construction before the date of expiry as otherwise, you have to sought extension of time.

  239. Arif Ali SaiyedArif Ali Saiyed says

    Is PID ( computerized A Khata ) implemented in entire bangalore.
    My seller who owns DC converted land in Kammanahalli villege on bennerghatta road, is having only manual A khata certificate and A khata extract. he is telling this entire area has not got PID no so far.

    Please guide.

  240. SachindraSachindra says

    Hi Basu,

    Good Day!

    I am still waiting to get Expert Advice on my above situation!! By when can i get the same can you please let me know!!


    • BasuNiveshBasuNivesh says

      Sachindra-Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are so urgent then you may call his number which is available in above comment. Actually he is out of city to attend one of his professional seminar.

  241. Mrs. RajuMrs. Raju says

    I initiated to buy a property and later on found out that the A khata that the owner gave was a fake one. Now I do not want to register the property and the owner is refusing to give me back the initial amount I paid him. What do I do

    • BasuNiveshBasuNivesh says

      Raju-Their are two options, either you need to forget the initial amount you paid to him or if you have valid proof that he faked you by saying property is A Khata then you may sue him.

  242. MinatiMinati says

    Thanks a lot Ravi for your detail explanation. We have also decided to go to a lawyer to verify the property document. If it is fine, then only we will go for it otherwise we will cancel the deal. Its always better to know everything about these things beforehand. Thanks again for your advice. One more thing i wanted to ask. Do you know any good lawyer in and around Marathalli area ?

    • RavitejasRavitejas says

      Sorry. none I know in Marathalli.
      I consult one of the SBI approved sr. advocate Mr. Jerome De Silva in his office at Business Point, Brigade Road (adjacent to Brigade Towers). He is known for strict scrutiny of the docs and his charges are nominal.

  243. ViniVini says

    Hi Basu,

    I bought Citilights Rustique, Whitefiled apartment in 2010. The building is built in 2008 and the flat was with builder till 2010. We have not paid any property tax for the flat and also do not have khata. Last year when we tried shifting our bank loan that time we got to know that we need to pay property tax and should have “A” Khata.

    My question is how will I know how much property tax I need to pay? The association of the complex says we cannot get “A” khata as the property is in Whitefield. Is that true?

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Vini,

      Kindly approach the concerned revenue office of BBMP in whose jurisdiction the area is situated to know regarding khata, payment of tax, etc.,

    • AmitAmit says

      Hi Vini,
      Have you got any clarifications regarding the Khata. Actually I was looking for a flat and broker mentioned one in Citilights Rustique.Need some inputs regarding Khata before buying in the project.

    • AmitAmit says

      Hi Basu,
      Have you got any clarifications regarding the Khata. Actually I was looking for a flat and broker mentioned one in Citilights Rustique.Need some inputs regarding Khata before buying in the project.

  244. MinatiMinati says

    Hi BasuNivesh,
    We are planning to buy a flat in Yemlur area. We came to know that the owner will give B khata for the flat.The property is SBI approved and we have even saw a cheque which was from SBI . And it is approved by HDFC and LIC too.We are now in a dilemma whether to go for the property or not.Could you please provide your advice ?
    Thanks in advance,

    • RavitejasRavitejas says


      I have learnt from one the Sr. Branch Manager of SBI that they will not approve loan for B-Khata property.

      However, I am not sure if the property that you are looking is exempted from that clause.

      I believe It would definitely be a worth visit to cross check with the bank/cell that has issued the cheque ( or visit any nearest SBI branch). Do carry the docs and the attested copy of “legal opinion”.

      SBI identifies and recognizes opinion given by few expert advocates only. This is true with their property evaluators as well. Bank Mangers can help you find one around you.

      be aware – there may be nightmares till your SBI loan gets approved… but I am sure you will never repent for lost nights in future 😉


      In GENERAL, Some of the important docs that one should get verified are –
      Mother deed,
      Sale deed,
      approved plan,
      encumbrance certificate,
      latest tax paid slip,
      betterment charges paid slip,
      no objection certificates, if any ( for various reasons – bank auction, court /out-of-court settlements etc..)
      only these popped out this moment…there may exist few more :)

      Some times when situation demands you might need old mutations (kahta), paaNi, seller’s family tree (both old and latest seller) …

      MY ADVISE :

      Consult expert Legal Adviser always !

      ( not a Joke: I have seen people skip to sought legal opinion especially when they are buying a flat.They simply rule out the necessity of having an opinion just because the guy on the next door already got that clarified… !!! )

      LAST LINE: (my thumb rule)

      I take – ” If SBI approves my property, I am certain of peaceful nights ahead” ….so go with SBI… buy a safe property & protect your hard earned money… have peaceful life 😉

      • BasuNiveshBasuNivesh says

        Ravi-Thanks for your knowledge sharing. In my view instead of depending on Bank guys, it is better to take the legal opinion.

  245. Swapnil SinghSwapnil Singh says

    Hi Basu,

    It was good to hear from you. I am planning to buy a plot in Kithiganur near Rammaurtynagar. Broker has informed that the land is DC converted panchayat land which also has layout sanction plan approval. When asked if its A Katha or B Katha he informed that it falls under form 9 and form 11. Do we still have to see if its BBMP approved or layout approval is more than enough to go ahead with purchase.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Swapnil,

      If the layout is already approved by BMRDA, kindly see that the proposed site is released by BMRDA before purchase. Since the area comes under the village panchayat limits, you will get only Form 9 and 11.

  246. Swapnil SinghSwapnil Singh says

    Blog is really helpful… I would like to thank you all for your questions and answers from Srini ans Basu…..

  247. R.RameshR.Ramesh says

    Dear Mr.Basu & Mr.Srinivas
    Kindly clarify for the following:
    A builder formed a residential layout consisting around 300 sites, as a registered GPA holder to the landlord.
    Layout plan appd. by Yelahanka CMC – Attur Layout- Sy No.29 – during 1992
    I bought a site during july 1995 by Regd.Sale deed, Municipal Assesment No. and Site No. registered in Sub-Registrar’s Office. Uptodate EC obtained till Dec.2012, up-to-date tax paid to CMC/ BBMP. and B-Khatha obtained.

    DC conversion (Alienation) order obtained by the land owner during March 1996 but he has not given the copy to me.
    He has also paid Development charges to CMC during Feb.1999 to CMC but again he has not given me the copy of it.

    khata of the Site changed in my name (in form No. MAR No.19 – Rule 57) during March 1999 and khata certificated issued by CMC.
    I have constructed all-round compound and a shop, obtained electricity and water connections. Leased out the premises during Dec.2011.

    My questions are:
    should I pay development charges again, as he has not given the copy of the ‘Dev. charges paid’ CMC receipt ?
    How to get the copies of ‘Dev.charges paid receipt & the DC conversion order? How to apply & whom to apply?
    whether am I eligible to apply for A-Khata ?
    Kindly reply.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Ramesh,

      I hope the area now comes under BBMP limits from 2007. If the land is converted and if you have already paid betterment charges to the erstwhile CMC you can approach BBMP to get ‘A’ khata after paying the prescribed improvement charges to BBMP. If you don’t have the copy of the conversion order you can apply to the DC’s Office and get a certified copy of the same if you know conversion number and date.

  248. sachindrasachindra says

    Hi Basu,

    Good Day!

    I am planning to buy a built house in Yelahanka New Town & the land is under B Khata & without any DC converted. The land is under CMC now & the property tax is paid by the Land Owner to BBMP till now. Will there be any risk in future that the BBPM or BDA might acquire the Land in future from us if i buy the Built house now!!


  249. CGCG says


    1.) I bought a apartment around 1 year back and registered in my name which is constructed around 5 years back.
    2) Now when i am asking for Katha, Builder saying he cannot get the OC and only can give B Khata not a A Katha.

    Could you please let me know how to approach to solve the issue.

    1) Can i pay the tax (property tax) with out Kata (If yes, Let me know the procedure)
    2) What type action i need to take to get my OC and A Kata against Builder.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear CG,

      Since the developer has not obtained the Occupation Certificate from BBMP, the khata for each apartment will be done in ‘B’ form. Only after the payment of penalties prescribed under the proposed “Akrmana and Sakramana Bill”, thereafter your khata will be registered as ‘A’ khata.

      Under the Self Assessment Scheme you can pay the tax to BBMP.

  250. bakulbakul says

    I have heard that even if your land is DC converted, you need Form 9 and/or Form 10 for getting A khata.
    Can somebody tell me if these 2 forms are for each individual site or they are at survey level?


    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Bakul,

      Form No.9 and 11 will be issued by the Block Development Officer of the concerned Village Panchayat which will be treated as khata for the individual sites. A separate form No. 9 and 11 will be issued for each and every individual site separately.

  251. KushiKushi says

    Hi sir,

    I need some information regarding a property in which whole land is dc converted and is a Khata. But after the layout formation individual property has b Khata. The builder says that the layout approval is not there and cannot be done as it is only 1 or 2 Acres of Land. For Layout Approval you Need a large Land. Is it so .what Are the requirements for Layout Approval . And can the dc Convertion have Limited Validity. Because Lawyer says that dc Convertion has Expired.

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Kushi,

      The DC conversion usually will be granted for a term of 2 years within that period the developer has to form the layout. As otherwise, he has to seek further extension of time. Alongwith the DC Conversion, the layout has to be got approved from BDA/BMRDA or any other Town Planning authority. Only after getting the layout approval, the layout has to be formed. Otherwise, the layout is an unauthorized layout. Presently, the BMRDA has prescribed minimum 10 acres of land for getting layout approval.

  252. PaddyPaddy says

    Hello Friends,

    I am planing to buy a plot in Horamavu or Ramamurthy nagag. I have doubt as how we can know if the owner sold the plot for multiple people?

    I know i can go for the legal verification, still will the layer can able to find if the property had sold to multiple people?
    Also, is it good to buy a plot in the Horamavu, Bnajara Layout?

    Your Inputs will be highly appriciated

    Thanks, Paddy

    • D.SrinivasaD.Srinivasa says

      Dear Paddy,
      You can approach a civil advocate alongwith all your papers and take his legal opinion before taking final decision.

  253. UshaUsha says

    I have purchased a site through a registered sale deed which was finally notified for NICE Road project @Bidadi. Can I get the money back from the seller? or can I resell to a 3rd party? What is the status of the purchase?

    • BasuNiveshBasuNivesh says

      Usha-You will not get the money from your previous owner. But NICE might have already paid you compensation for acquisition. To sell this property to someone is bit difficult as if buyer comes to know that this property is under future or current acquisition then they may not take interest, also in my view it is not a fair deal. Hence if it is under NICE project then better to take the compensation and look for any other property of your choice.

  254. DEEPUDEEPU says

    One of builder says that Land is A-Katha but apartment will get registered in my name in B-Katha. Is this possible that when land is A-Katha, apartment can be B-Katha?