Budget 2014-Debt Mutual Funds Taxation

Mutual Fund AUM as on 30th June 2014

There was huge cry and discussion going on in all platforms of planners that Budget 2014 will impact Debt Fund investors or FMP investors. I tried to wait till I get clarity from all angel to write on the same. Now some clear picture is emerging, so thought to share with you all.Do you know how big is Debt Mutual Fund Industry in India? Please … [Continue reading]

New Tax slabs for FY 2014-15 (AY 2015-16)

Tax Slabs 2014-15-Individual Super Senior

In today's budget there is no major changes when it comes to tax slabs for individuals. Also Finance Ministry retained the same surcharge and educational cess.  I already pointed few changes in my earlier post about "Budget 2014-15-Highlights and effect on your Finance".In this post I restrict my subject towards new tax slabs for FY 2014-15. … [Continue reading]

When to plan for retirement?


How many of today's young generation or we may say generation of less than 35 years old will think or plan for retirement? I think the population is very less. But do you know the effect of such postponing? By postponing your retirement you are actually creating financial trouble for yourself.These days one Youtube video creating huge cry about … [Continue reading]

How to improve CIBIL Credit score?

Improve Credit Score

Do your credit card, personal loan, home loan applications rejected recently? One reason for such rejection might be your low CIBIL Score. This makes your life mess as you can't do anything immediately to improve it. But there is always solution for a problem. So even though it takes time but you will definitely can improve it.  In this post I will … [Continue reading]