Comparison of KVP, NSC, PPF and Bank FDs

Comparison of KVP, NSC, PPF and FDs

On 18th November 2014, Government of India launched Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) with much fanfare. This is considered as safest investment. So let us understand the difference among KVP, NSC, PPF, and Bank FDsIn below image I simplified few features, which are very much important while investing.A Few points to be noticed-You will get … [Continue reading]

All about Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)-2014

Post Office

On 18th Nov 2014, Government of India re-launched one of famous Postal Savings Scheme called Kisan Vikas Patra or KVP. It was mentioned in a Finance Minister's budget speech also. So let us see its feature and feasibility.How much you can invest?There is no maximum limit specified. However, the minimum will be Rs.1, 000 and in denomination … [Continue reading]

How to teach kids about money?

Money and Kids

Today is children's day in India. So let us start this day to teach our kids about money matters. This is very much important to sow the seeds at the early age. This will bring the natural habit in their life. So let us discuss about this in today's post.These days kids normally believe that money grows in their father's ATM. Because whenever … [Continue reading]

5 unknown wrong beliefs about investments !!!

Mental Belief

Whether we are literate or illiterate, we have some mental blocks when it comes to investment. We simply follow those without knowing whether those beliefs are good or bad. Therefore, in this post I am trying to list a few of them.1) Sunk Cost Fallacy- Let us say you booked movie ticket for this weekend and suddenly on that particular bad day, … [Continue reading]